The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 365

Chapter 365 Leads Of The Divine Decree

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By shooting sixty arrows continuously, the overlaying of the sounds of the arrows was so frightening.

Imagine how powerful it would be, if one were to overlay the arrows?

Su Yu’s mind was clear and a spark flashed through it.



In the sky, sounds of annihilation could be heard for a short while.

The remaining sixty vortexes were all destroyed.

In just one breath’s time, the sixty vortexes were all destroyed!

The Full Moon Stage was deathly silent.

Everyone stared at Su Yu and all felt afraid.

An attack of an Immortal Level Four was actually taken care of!!

Exactly how strong was Palace Master Yin Yu?

Liu Li’s expression turned grave. He stared at Su Yu’s silver bow and was unable to divert his attention elsewhere.

Su Yu had actually succeeded in blocking Zhou Nianchen’s attack!

Zhou Nianchen’s pupils shrank until they became a needle. He could not believe that the attack that he gave his all within was unable to defeat a little kid of Immortal Level Three!

Su Yu stood at his position and did not move in the slightest bit.

The wind blew against his clothes and also made his silver hair messy. However, it was unable to form any waves amidst his calm expression.

“I have given you two moves. Now, it should be my turn, right?” Su Yu’s voice was dull. It was neither happy nor sorrowful, and it was unknown whether Su Yu was happy or furious.

Everyone’s mind flashed, and they realized that Su Yu had never taken the initiative to attack. All along, he was on the defensive.

That was the case for the past two attacks.

Unconsciously, Su Yu had given his opponent two moves!

Zhou Nianchen had stopped underestimating Su Yu. He glared at Su Yu’s silver bow and was extremely fearful of it.

That bow was too frightening!

“Even though you can block my attack, that doesn’t mean that you have the ability to fight me!” Zhou Nianchen berated coldly. Spiritual energy had already surged around his body, becoming a reverberating vortex and protecting his body.

The Devouring Vortex had changed from attacking to defending.

“Is that so?” Su Yu had a nonchalant expression. He drew the bow and aimed for Zhou Nianchen’s chest.


Draw the bow and shoot an arrow!


Shoot an arrow, draw the bow, shoot an arrow again!


Su Yu exhibited shocking archery skills.

He shot ten arrows at one go. The tip of every arrow shot was right behind the tail of the previous arrow. Impressively, the ten arrows were like a chain of pearls!

The ten spiritual arrows were perfectly straight and connected to become a thread, which was shot toward the same point on Zhou Nianchen’s chest.


The first spiritual arrow was devoured just as it was ten Chinese feet within the spiritual vortex.

However, a thread of ripples was formed on the spiritual vortex.

Without waiting for the ripples to recover, the second spiritual arrow hit.


The spiritual arrow was annihilated, but pierced through the ripples by one inch.

Before the opening could close, the third spiritual arrow came.


This time around, the ripple was pierced through by three inches!


Five inches!


Just like this, the ten consecutive arrows followed the same path and managed to break through the absolute defense of the Devouring Vortex!

Until the last arrow…

Rumble, bang

The spiritual energy pierced through the defense and struck Zhou Nianchen’s chest.

The strong energy tore open his chest and went into his flesh.

Zhou Nianchen was forced by the strong power to retreat by nine steps and crashed into the railing.

A lump of blood flowed down from the corners of his mouth.

Having seen such a scene, everyone could no longer use words to describe how they felt.

Su Yu had won!

An Immortal Level Three actually fought against an Immortal Level Four and won!

If everyone had not witnessed it personally, they would have found it difficult to believe that such a nature-defying thing could happen.

That arrow did not pierce through Zhou Nianchen, but did give him light injuries. However, the fact that it was a duel meant that Su Yu was victorious.


However, Su Yu had no intentions of stopping and pulled the bowstring again.

Zhou Nianchen’s expression turned serious. He was both embarrassed and furious: “Do you think that I am afraid of you?”


At that moment, Mu Tianfang flew between the both of them.

“The Bright Moon Banquet is not a place for both of you to kill each other.” Mu Tianfang’s face was filled with respect.

Su Yu hesitated for some time and kept his silver bow.

After all, the current location was the Phoenix Fort and he naturally had to show some respect.

Zhou Nianchen’s nose gave a light hum. He felt ashamed to stay on and left in a huff: “Humph. Yin Yu, in three days, we shall have a match again!”


Zhou Nianchen turned into a fragmentary shadow and disappeared into the sky.

“Is there anyone else who wants to have a duel?” Mu Tianfang held Feng Xian’s handkerchief high.

The whole place was quiet.

Having seen Su Yu’s fighting capabilities, who would dare to invite misfortune to himself?

Su Yu stood with his hands clasped between his back in the middle and his gaze fixed on Liu Li: “I have made you disappointed. I was unable to create an opportunity for you to show off your abilities. If you think that this is not enough, you can stand out and have a match with me. With that, you might still have a chance to show off.”

Before the fight, Liu Li was cynical and believed that Su Yu would definitely lose. Hence, he requested for Su Yu to persevere to the end, so that he would take back the Empire of Darkness’ glory later on.

However, it was a pity that Su Yu did not lose. Instead, he won.

Liu Li had a nonchalant expression: “I am not interested in the handkerchief. Moreover, your abilities are only at this standard and are still not worthy enough for me to fight you.”

“Winning against Zhou Nianchen is not a big deal. He has been defeated by me many times in the past. You are not worthy enough for me to fight you.” Liu Li was extremely confident. However, his words were also true. Zhou Nianchen had indeed been defeated by him many times!

Su Yu sneered: “Even though things have come to this, you still feel complacent? For you, winning against Zhou Nianchen means that you are way above everyone. But for me, winning against him is not a big deal. Why, is there any difference between the Zhou Nianchen that you defeated and the Zhou Nianchen that I defeated?”

Liu Li stood up slowly and shook his head apathetically: “You don’t understand my realm.”

“No problem. By having a match with me here, wouldn’t we be able to determine who is superior? Or could it be that you are scared and are unwilling to have a match with me?” Su Yu said.

To one’s surprise, Liu Li ignored Su Yu. He called for his Blue Illusion Eagle, jumped onto its back, and flew up the sky.

After flying to a high level, he shook his head indifferently and disdainfully: “You are not worthy enough for me to fight you!”


After finishing his speech, he left the Full Moon Stage swiftly, fiercely, and tyrannically.

Although the geniuses on-site resented Liu Li for his arrogance, none of them felt that he was escaping, because Liu Li was so strong to the point that it was unusual.

According to the rumors, Zhou Nianchen found it difficult to withstand just three moves of Liu Li’s.

The both of them were definitely not at the same level.

Only Su Yu realized Liu Li’s intention.

It was not that Liu Li felt disdainful to have a match. Instead, he was unwilling to have a match.

If Su Yu were still the martial artist with low abilities in his heart, he would have chided Su Yu a long time ago, so that he could show off his mighty name and become even more prideful.

However, he discovered that Su Yu was extremely proficient in his archery skills and this was a bit troublesome. Hence, he was unwilling to waste his own physical strength and also risk being severely injured before the Phoenix Meet.

Hence, he left dignified, proudly.

“If no one else wants to have a match, this handkerchief shall be given to Su Yu.” Mu Tianfang smiled with closed lips and placed the handkerchief on Su Yu’s hands. She then said mysteriously: “You had better treasure this handkerchief, as there is another meaning behind it.”

When the handkerchief was placed on his hands, a holy and pure feeling, which was accompanied by a woman’s delicate fragrant, could be felt.

Su Yu was as if he had seen Xianer, who waved at him smilingly.

They had been apart for one year, Xianer might have become more mature.

Su Yu kept the handkerchief carefully. He then returned to the table and continued to exchange his training experiences with Zhong Luan and the others.

“Yin Yu, your level of comprehension is so high that it is shocking!” Zhong Luan praised again and again: “In my memory, among people of our generation, only Feng Xian alone has managed to comprehend her Divine Decree to divine-grade!”

“However, it seemed as though your Divine Decree is still lacking something.” Zhong Luan had a thinking expression.

Su Yu was shocked. His Divine Decree had met with an unprecedented obstacle.

Undoubtedly, he had made a breakthrough to divine-grade. However, he still felt that he lacked something.