The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 366

Chapter 366 News Of Xianer

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To think that Zhong Luan would have some clue as to what it was!

“Please enlighten me, Brother Zhong Luan,” Su Yu sincerely pleaded.

Zhong Luan waved his hands, smiling humbly. “I gave up cultivating my Divine Decree when it reached the Saint Level. How am I qualified to teach you? But I have had the honor of seeing a powerful Immortal Realm Level Five fighter use his Divine Grade Divine Decree and thus had this understanding.”

A powerful Immortal Realm Level Five fighter that cultivated the Divine Grade Divine Decree? Su Yu was secretly surprised. Could that fighter also know that the Divine Decree was a path to godhood?

“Your Divine Decree is filled with a natural scene, but that’s about it. You have not incorporated something that belongs to you.”

Su Yu slipped into deep thought. Something that belongs to me? Recalling his cultivation process, Su Yu realized that his Divine Decree had been focused on fusing himself with the environment and adopting the natural powers of ice and lightning. He had never once thought to incorporate something personal. But what did he need to incorporate?

“If you really wish to obtain a breakthrough, you need to make your way to the Phoenix Cabinet,” said Zhong Luan. “There is a mysterious pavilion by the name of the Forgotten Pavilion there. You would be able to forget everything that you learned by sitting in the pavilion, allowing you to become one with the heavens. You can use this opportunity to learn the exact thing your Divine Decree is lacking.”

Forgotten Pavilion? Su Yu nodded deeply. “Thank you for the information, Brother Zhong Luan.”

The moon had reached the center of the sky. It was late, and the geniuses had all started to leave.

“Yin Yu, stay,” Mu Tianfang said, stopping Su Yu.

Su Yu was lost, but he saw Zhong Luan giving him a meaningful smile.

Even Jiang Mufei was blushing, scolding, “Don’t go cross-eyed!”

A moment later, only Su Yu was left in the building.

“I’ll bring you somewhere,” Mu Tianfang secretly said.

Su Yu was shocked. “Where?”

Mu Tianfang smiled as she said, “The Phoenix Cabinet!”

Su Yu did not understand. “Why must I go there?”

Mu Tianfang was blushing slightly. “There is your reward! The winners of the previous Bright Moon Banquets all received this treatment. You need not ask any further. You’ll know when you reach there. I guarantee that there will be something good.”

Su Yu rubbed his nose. Something good? Connecting that to the strange expression and the words of Zhong Luan and Jiang Mufei before they left, he had a feeling of unease.

An hour later, they had passed through several levels of guards before successfully entering deep into the Phoenix Cabinet. They stopped in front of an opulent mansion. 12 beautiful female disciples of about 16 years old were sitting silently in the pavilion. Some of them were cute and playful, some graceful and elegant, some petite and beautiful, some noble and silent

All 12 disciples were extremely beautiful, their loveliness one in a million. Furthermore, they were about Su Yu’s age. They not only had exceptional beauty, but they all had differing auras. The choices were unlimited. It was a sight to beholdso many beautiful ladies gathered together.

When the 12 ladies looked at Su Yu, their faces had a slight blush, visibly shy. They whispered to each other, and their eyes shone with excitement.

“The 12 of them are the most likely candidate for the next generation of Feng Xian,”Mu Tianfang explained. “Their appearances are the cream of the crop. You carry the status of the most powerful fighter of the Bright Moon Banquet and have the right to choose a person before the Phoenix Meet. Might I ask who has taken your fancy?”

Su Yu was shocked. They were playing matchmaker for him in advance?

“You need not worry about their attitudes,” Mu Tianfang went on. “They are merely 16 and are not fated to join the meet and matchmaking. The next generation is ten years later. By then, they would already be 26. They are more than willing to find an excellent husband at the age of 16! Furthermore, you are truly exceptional! The legendary genius of the northern continent, 17 years old, with an exceptional appearance. All of your qualities are the cream of the crop. They are more than willing to have you. Feel free to choose any of them.”

Hearing this, the 12 beauties became even shier. Other than two, who appeared gutsier, none of them dared to lift their heads to look at Su Yu’s eyes.

But Su Yu let out a light sigh. “Are you testing me, Leader Mu? You clearly know that I am already engaged.”

It was no wonder that Zhong Luan and the rest would give him such a warm expression.

Leader Mu sighed. “This is for your own good. There truly is no way for you to meet up with Feng Xian. You should back down and settle for second best. Choose someone from here.”

“Thank you for your goodwill, but I do not have the habit of giving my fiance over to someone else,” Su Yu calmly said.

Leader Mu sighed, wishing to retort but stopping herself. “Yin Yu, I do not wish to hide things from you. Do you really understand your fiance?”

“What do you mean?” Su Yu asked, raising his brows.

Leader Mu hesitated before she said, “I have heard that Palace Master Shen Kong has taken a fancy to Feng Xian. And Feng Xian seems to have also taken a liking to Palace Master Shen Kong. The two of them have grown fond of each other and are a great pairing. There are female disciples who have seen them embracing each other!”

Leader Mu felt that this reality was too cruel for Su Yu. He had traveled here from far away, but what he got was the betrayal of his fiance.


An earth-shaking lightning could be heard. Su Yu could not differentiate if it was lightning from the real world or his inner world being shaken.

At that moment, his body froze, his eyes turning as lifeless as a doll. The truth before him was too shocking. He had never considered the possibility that Xianer would betray him. The same mischievous, cute, petite, and lonely Xianerwho would not marry anyone else but himhad entered someone else’s embrace?

He had withstood much hardship, traveling from Shenyue Island to the Zhenlong Continent just to see Xianer again. When he finally got news of her again, she had another lover? This blow produced waves of strife in Su Yu’s heart. He could not find peace for the longest time.

Rationally, he knew that Xianer was not this kind of lady. But the cruel truth was that she had another person whom she loved. Could it be that Su Yu not being by her side had caused her feelings to dull, and thus, their engagement to dulltheir oath to dull? Could it be that with Xianer’s growth and exposure to the opulence of the outside world, the vast world, the limitless future, had caused her to forsake the past? How was she any different than Jiang Xueqing in the past? How many times would he be forced to suffer the betrayal of the person he loved?

Was Feng Xian really Xianer? A person’s appearance could be changed. But could someone’s personality change so drastically?

“I want to see Xianer!” Su Yu said in a low voice.

Mu Tianfang sighed, “Now that it has come to this, why must you persist on whether you can meet her or not?”

Su Yu disregarded her. “I only wish to know if it is possible to meet her now.”

Thinking for a moment, Mu Tianfang said in frustration, “Feng Xian does not meet outsiders so readily, but you are an exception.”


Mu Tianfang took the handkerchief from Su Yu’s robes. “This is your privilege. This handkerchief represents your right to meet Feng Xian! This is the special privilege as the victor of this Bright Moon Banquet. Write down your words. There shall be someone to pass it on to her. But whether or not she wants to meet you depends on your will. If she is not willing to, you cannot go against her wishes.”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Su Yu wrote a short line of words, “I am waiting for you, Xianeryour fianc.”

Mu Tianfang nodded, sending the handkerchief away.

“All right,” Mu Tianfang told the female disciples, “return, all of you. Leave this place for Feng Xian and Yin Yu.”

Mu Tianfang led the 12 beauties away. Only Su Yu was left in the pavilion. At this moment, Su Yu was nervous. He had never had such a feeling of fear for losing Xianer.

A while later, a series of footsteps could be heard. Su Yu turned back. It was a handsome man. Yes, a very handsome man. In fact, he was so handsome he almost looked like a lady! He had bright eyes and white teeth, his facial features neat. His wide sleeves billowed in the air like a bright moon, intoxicating to any who saw him. Even Su Yu could not hold up to his looks.

His cultivation level was far above Su Yu’s; it was too high to be determined! He was even more terrifying than Inspector Bai He at full power! Merely below Ling Xiaotian! Su Yu would not even have a chance to attack facing off against him.

“It is you who wishes to meet Xianer?” The youth had a gentle aura, calm and unhurried.

Su Yu gravely asked, “Yes, and who are you?”

“Shen Kong, Xianer’s fianc.”

He was Palace Master Shen Kong! The only deputy palace master that Su Yu had not met! The rumored most powerful deputy palace master of the northern continent, his abilities just below Ling Xiaotian!

Su Yu’s pupils dilated. This was the person Xianer had taken a fancy to?

He could not deny the fact that Shen Kong was unbelievably exceptional. No one in the northern continent could surpass him!

“You are Xianer’s fianc?” said Shen Kong. “I do not know why you call yourself that, but regrettably, she does not wish to meet you.”

Shen Kong calmly delivered Xianer’s words. Su Yu froze. Was Xianer not even willing to meet him? Otherwise, why would she have to send someone she loved to convey her words? Was she hoping that Su Yu would give up?

“Also” Just as Shen Kong was about to leave, he turned his head. “Do not come bother Xianer again. Otherwise, no one will be able to save you.”

Flicking his finger, a creak could be heard. The pavilion Su Yu was at instantly, silently turned to dust.

Su Yu froze where he stood, his fists tightly clenched. This man had stolen his woman and now had the cheek to warn him to not bother them?

Fury or jealousy, mixed with injustice, filled his heart. Su Yu felt that his soul had been dug empty. His spiritual pillar of support, the goal that he had been fighting toward, had suddenly collapsed.

He was furious. He felt like a ship lost at sea, without a home to return to. He stood dazed amongst the rubble. The moon was bright. A breeze blew slightly. But Su Yu was like a wooden puppet, standing there till morning. His dry eyes were bloodshot, losing their past splendor.

Su Yu turned his head, looking at a corner outside the yard. “Leader Mu, how can I see Xianer?” he asked.


A robe billowed as a human figure came from the corner of the wall. It was Mu Tianfang, who had silently accompanied Su Yu through the night.

“Even though it has come to this, you are still not going to give up?” Mu Tianfang let out a sigh.

Su Yu shook his head, his dry eyes laced with signs of loss. “Given Xianer’s personality, even if she changed her mind so drastically, she would not be so heartless. Is Feng Xian really the Xianer I am looking for?”

Su Yu had been in deep thought over the night. After he had calmed down, he finally realized that there were many doubts about the issue. In particular, Su Yu could not let go of his doubts about her identity. Xianer was pure and kind. No matter how much she had changed or loved someone else, how could she be this cold and heartless?

This was unlike her. Other than Feng Xian, was there a second Xianer in the Phoenix Cabinet? Just what was going on? The only way to confirm this was to see Feng Xian with his own eyes!

Mu Tianfang let out a sigh of frustration. “You have to get first place in the Phoenix Meet. This way, you can definitely meet Feng Xian. She would not be able to reject you. Other than this, there is no other way.”

Su Yu lifted his legs and made his way out of the rubble. His eyes were filled with fierce flame. “Then I shall get first place! I’ll kill anyone who tries to stop me, even if it means killing every single genius on the northern continent!”