The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 367

Chapter 367 Phoenix Woman Yu Ling

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Mu Tianfang was slightly shocked.

For a woman, he pledged to kill all the geniuses in the north continent? He had such strong feelings for Feng Xian!

“All right, I hope that you succeed,” Mu Tianfang sighed softly.

After hesitating for a long time, Mu Tianfang felt guilty: “I’m sorry. I had wanted to give you a surprise, but I caused you trouble instead.”

Su Yu had a dull expression. He then shook his head and consoled her: “This has nothing to do with you. In the end, I still have to face what I have to face.”

Regarding Xianer, he still believed that there was a reason behind everything and would find out about it after he met her.

“Yin Yu, let me bring you to a place. This place might be useful for your training,” Mu Tianfang said reluctantly, after hesitating for a long time.

Su Yu smiled and graciously declined: “Thank for your kindness. However, I cannot accept it.”

Didn’t she bring Su Yu to choose a woman, in hopes that Su Yu would forget the pain of being betrayed by Xianer?

For her to help Su Yu again, after discovering that he was in grief, she was indeed a good woman, cold on the surface but kind at heart.

Shaking her head, Mu Tianfang said, “Please don’t decline. Take it as a form of support from me. I hope that you can see Feng Xian successfully and make everything clear face to face.”

Su Yu was moved, his impression of Mu Tianfang becoming better.

“I will remember Leader Mu’s kindness.” Su Yu paid a courtesy call in gratitude and accepted her offer with pleasure.

Mu Tianfang smiled with her lips closed. Her delicate and pretty face was like a morning white lotus, extremely charming.

After a cup of tea’s time, at an unused courtyard.

Dilapidated walls, luxurious weeds, and traces of time could be found everywhere.

In contrast to the magnificent interior of the Phoenix Cabinet, this place was dilapidated and bleak.

“This place is a historical remains that was preserved by the first Cabinet’s Master with the intention of allowing the future disciples to train here.” Leader Mu respected the ruins even more as she stared at it.

Following Mu Tianfang’s pace, Su Yu stepped into the unused courtyard.

There was a small bridge over a flowing stream, green willow trees providing shade, the clear and melodious sound of spring water, and the whole area was filled with mist. The place looked as if it were a paradise of the human world.

In particular, that extremely old aura, existing since time immemorial, made the place even more mysterious.

If was as if they had entered a fairy land by accident.

After passing through the dense fog, Su Yu’s gaze landed on a simple pavilion sitting quietly on the surface of a lake.

It was as if a lonely and proud fairy had separated itself from the world and isolated itself at the middle of the quiet lake.

Suddenly, Su Yu’s pupils shrank and were fixed onto the horizontal, inscribed board.

A moist and rotted yellow wood hung on the pavilion. It was shaking left and right, as if it were about to fall.

However, Su Yu’s eyes were unable to look away from it.

“Forgotten Pavilion!”

The important place in the Phoenix Cabinet that Zhong Luan mentioned, Forgotten Pavilion!

If one were to train at that place, he would be able to comprehend the Great Way, completely understand himself, cleanse his soul and look into the past and future clearly.

At the moment when Su Yu saw those two words, his mind felt at ease.

All sorts of things that he was thinking disappeared, leaving his mind feeling weightless.

In no time, the mountain was empty and the lake was calm. The place became silent for a long time.

In the world, it was as if only Su Yu was left and was standing in front of the pavilion.

“Please enter. I shall give you this chance and hope that you can make a breakthrough.” Mu Tianfang’s eyes were filled with reluctance.

The Forgotten Pavilion was only open to Immortal Level Three disciples, and everyone only had a chance to enter once every half a year.

Since she had given the chance to Su Yu, she had lost the right to enter.

Su Yu was immersed in the place. He lost his thoughts and entered the Forgotten Pavilion.

When he entered the Forgotten Pavilion, his soul was cleansed by the divine light. His state of mind was somewhere far away, as though he had entered the distant starry sky and was chasing that Great Way outside the vast sky in a mystical world.

The world was empty and free of chaos. Su Yu was soaring in a world that seemed to go on forever without end.

He wandered about in the vast and deep sea, willfully, without any restraints.

How similar was that indescribable feeling, where he had no worries, as compared to the first time, where he managed to comprehend the Divine Decree?

“This is the Great Way? However, why is there nothing?” Su Yu’s mind had a question.

The sky’s Great Way gathered the world’s truth, such that one could see his mind clearly. However, why was it that Su Yu did not feel anything else, apart from freedom and being unrestrained?

Su Yu started to ponder this.

Dust landed on Su Yu’s body.

A cool breeze blew his long hair.

Birds flew over his head.

Darkness and dawn alternated between each other in front of the lake. The rising sun illuminated his body. However, his eyes did not blink in the slightest.

He was lost in thought, thinking about the Great Way of the world, which had nothing.

“Who are you?” Sneaking into my Phoenix Cabinet secretly and casting your greedy eyes on the supreme Great Way?”

Suddenly, a sharp berating voice pulled Su Yu from the free and natural world and back to reality.

The artistic ambience, which lingered on in his mind, dispersed abruptly.

“Is it already over? It seems like I have not gotten what I wanted,” Su Yu sighed.

Su Yu got up slowly and left the pavilion reluctantly.

“I am asking you a question. Who are you?” The woman who shouted at him stood at the shore with an unpleasant expression.

She wore an unlined long gown and had an oval face. Her face was supposed to look soft and graceful. However, due to her harsh words, she looked unreasonable.


Suddenly, Mu Tianfang rushed back hurriedly from outside the courtyard, her hands holding some spiritual fruits that she had prepared for Su Yu.

“Greetings to Phoenix Woman Yu Ling!” Mu Tianfang had a solemn and quiet expression. She knelt down with one knee on the floor and bowed in salute respectfully.

The unlined long gowned woman was the Phoenix Woman, ranked number two in the Phoenix Cabinet, Yu Ling!

Her abilities were only below the First Phoenix Woman, Feng Xian!

Immortal Level Four Lower Tier!

“Leader Mu, give me an explanation!” Yu Ling had an unpleasant expression. However, she did not flare up. After all, Mu Tianfang was the Cabinet’s Master’s unofficial disciple, and she needed to give her some respect.

Mu Tianfang stood up and was a bit apologetic: “Reporting to Phoenix Woman Yu Ling. He is Palace Master Yin Yu, the victor of the Bright Moon Banquet’s duels. I have given him my chance to enter the Forgotten Pavilion. If he has disturbed Phoenix Master Yu Ling, please forgive him.”

Eh? Phoenix Woman Yu Ling had a strict expression and berated: “Nonsense! The Phoenix Cabinet is a holy place, and for a long time, men were not allowed to stay overnight. By letting him stay here overnight, you have sullied the Phoenix Cabinet’s untarnished reputation!”

Mu Tianfang forced a smile and could only bow down: “Yes, Phoenix Woman Yu Ling is right. I have not thought this through clearly.”

“How is it only not thinking it through clearly? As a leader, you should set a good example with your conduct. Since you break the law deliberately, you are doubly guilty. Wait for me to report to the Cabinet’s Master and punish you for your crimes!” Yu Ling looked as if she was an especially inflexible person.

Mu Tianfang could only take it quietly.

“Now, go and face the wall immediately!” Yu Ling’s tone was strict.

After hesitating for some time, Mu Tianfang was a bit displeased.

After all, the Phoenix Women were the Phoenix Cabinet’s disciples and did not manage anything. However, as the Second Phoenix Woman, her position was high. Hence, Mu Tianfang gave her some leeway and allowed her to criticize her.

However, ordering Mu Tianfang to face the wall as a form of punishment was not within Yu Ling’s authority.

“I have understood my mistake and will turn myself in to the Cabinet’s Master.” Mu Tianfang was neither haughty nor humble.

Yu Ling’s phoenix eyes became narrower: “Have you regretted your actions at all?”

Su Yu looked on with cold eyes. Even though Mu Tianfang had let her have her way many times, she still continued to be aggressive.

“This Phoenix Woman, if you want to punish her, why not punish her together with Feng Xian? Late at night yesterday, who was the one who let Palace Master Shen Kong stay at the Phoenix Cabinet?” Su Yu said.

Yu Ling had a slightly dull expression. However, she regained her cold expression in an instant. As if she had not heard Su Yu’s words at all, she did not reply and said: “I have not given you the permission to speak. Keep your mouth shut.”

Su Yu sneered: “I had thought that, due to you being old-fashioned and inflexible, you were strict. However, it seems like you are a piece of trash who bullies the weak and fears the strong.”

“Even though you dared not offend Feng Xian, you used your position for private gains here, making things difficult for a leader?” Su Yu walked over and shielded Mu Tianfang behind him.

“I am the victor of the Bright Moon Banquet’s duels. According to the usual practice, I was invited to the Phoenix Cabinet. Hence, how am I at wrong? As for Palace Master Shen Kong, who appeared at the Phoenix Cabinet for no reason, you did not report Feng Xian. However, you purposely created trouble and made things difficult for Leader Mu?”

Yu Ling had a slightly grave expression. He ignored Su Yu and glared at Mu Tianfang: “Mu Tianfang, don’t think that, because you are the Cabinet’s Master’s unofficial disciple, you can do things unscrupulously! In the Phoenix Cabinet, you actually teamed up with an outsider to bully and oppress me?”

“This score will not be settled like this.”

What lame excuses!

It was clear that, ever since she came up, she went against Mu Tianfang intentionally. When did both of them bully and oppress her?

Even though she was in the wrong, she made a false countercharge and said that they were the ones who bullied her.

After her speech, she walked toward the Forgotten Pavilion. As she passed by Su Yu, she did not even look him in the eye at all.