The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 368

Chapter 368 The King Shen Kong

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Mu Tianfang bit her lips, silently dragging Su Yu away.

“Her personality is like soyou need not mind her,” Mu Tianfang consoled.

Su Yu’s expression was calm. “Causing trouble for others to satisfy her own feeling of superiority? Why do I have to bother myself with someone like that?”

“That’s great! What do you intend to do in the future?” Mu Tianfang asked.

Su Yu still had a trace of the vision he had in the Forgotten Pavilion. “I’ll look for a place and cultivate silently for three days in preparation for the Phoenix Meet.”

“Why not stay in the Phoenix Cabinet? You can enter the meet immediately after you cultivate.”

Su Yu cupped his fists. “Thank you, Leader Mu.”

With a smile, Leader Mu brought Su Yu to a dilapidated area in the Phoenix Cabinet. This was an abandoned garden for medicinal herbs, barren and desolate.

“This place is peaceful,” she said. “No one has come here in multiple months. You can relax and cultivate here.” Mu Tianfang let out a faint smile. “I can only do this much for you. Whatever happens in three days will depend on your luck.”

Su Yu thanked her again, taking to the air to survey the surroundings after she left. Utilizing his crystalline pupils, he took in every detail of his surroundings. There was truly no one within a three-mile radius of the garden.


Suddenly, Su Yu’s gaze turned serious. He had spotted someone five miles away. The person was dressed in red, his appearance solemn.

“The Anyue City master, Tu clan master!”

Su Yu was secretly surprised. Anyue City had met with a beast tide and had fallen under the control of a powerful demonic beast emperor. The Anyue City master had fled for his life. But why would he appear in the Phoenix Cabinet? Now, he was stealthily exiting the Phoenix Cabinet!

There was a cold glow deep in Su Yu’s eyes. In Anyue City, he had schemed and coerced Su Yuin the end not even hiding his intentions of killing Su Yulanding Su Yu in a dangerous situation. How could he forget this debt?

Suppressing his urge, Su Yu looked in the direction the Anyue City master was fleeing toward. When he confirmed that no one would interrupt him, Su Yu sat silently in the garden, calming his heart as he cultivated.

Three days passed in a flash. Su Yu was immersed in his cultivation and never once stopped. The path that had been unclear to him became clearer and clearer. It felt that he could grasp it at his will, but it was still small and far away, without any traces.

A breeze blew, blowing back a strand of silver hair from Su Yu’s face. Two deep yet clear eyes slowly opened, harboring a meaningful expression. It was as if those eyes were the sky, the galaxy, the spring that harbored every living creature on earth.

Su Yu softly muttered, “Ultimately, there is still a bit further to go.”

After cultivating for three days, he seemed to have understood what he lacked about his Divine Decree, but it also felt as if he did not understand anything.

“I need a miracle.”

He sighed lightly, leaving the garden. There was no one present. All that was left was Su Yu’s slowly disappearing afterimage.

The Phoenix Stage.

This was a place for disciples of the Phoenix Cabinet to spar. It could hold 10,000 spectators. At this moment, the stage was filled with people.

Youthful girls filled the spectator seats, observing the 100 men at the side of the stage with different expressions. 100 people. The most exceptional, most powerful people from the northern continent. They represented the new generation of the northern continent geniuses. They were about to show their abilities on the Phoenix Stage and convey their affection to the female disciples who had caught their fancy. This way, they could find the love of their lives. Be it for the matchmaking or the sparring, this was an extremely meaningful event.

Mu Tianfang was maintaining the order of the venue, standing high up in the air and observing the situation.

“Leader Mu, the geniuses of this generation far surpass that of the previous generation. The Snow Listening Tower sent the First Son Wei Qilin and the Second Son Zhou Nianchen. The Hundred Territories Alliance sent the Sword Demon Zhong Luan and Peach Blossom Rain Jiang Mufei. There is also Palace Master Shen Kong, Palace Master Liu Li, andoh, Palace Master Yin Yu from the Empire of Darkness. They are all dragons and phoenixes amongst men.”

Beside her, a lady was all smiles.

“Especially Palace Master Shen Kong. He is the unparalleled legend amongst people from the same generation on the northern continent!”

The female disciple was visibly excited. Mu Tianfang scanned the crowd. At this moment, a silver-haired figure entered the arena alone. Her eyes lit up.

“It is rumored that Palace Master Shen Kong had only used one move, be it strong or weak, to defeat his opponents.”

Mu Tianfang’s gaze on Su Yu suddenly tightened. She, being the disciple of the master, knew of the battle six days prior. It had been between the two palace masters of the Empire of Darkness and the Two Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower. The battle of Shen Kong was incredibly shocking!

It was not without reason that the master of the Phoenix Cabinet had immediately betrothed Feng Xian to him. Shen Kong was beyond terrifying!

“Yin Yu, it is up to your luck,” Mu Tianfang said, letting out a sigh, her gaze full of sympathy.

Su Yu had arrived. His silver hair and mask captured the attention of many.

“Eh? Is that Palace Master Yin Yu? The rumored legendary genius of the northern continent?”

“He truly is a dragon amongst men! He is a genius, has a handsome appearance, exceptional aura”

At this moment, a cold wind assaulted the venue. A roar could be heard in the clouds.

The female disciples broke into excited squeals. “Ah! Look, it’s the Blue illusion Eagle, Liu Li! Liu Li has arrived!”

Their attention rapidly shifted from Su Yu to the sky, then to the indifferent Liu Li atop the blue eagle.

One youth was blushing, her eyes filled with admiration. “Liu Li! To think that I can see Liu Li in person!”

An older girl looked gravely at Liu Li, silently muttering, “Even though Yin Yu is a genius, he cannot catch up to Liu Li. His talents are wasted.”

Liu Li released the blue eagle, stepping on air as he made his way beside the stage. His handsome figure once again invited excited squeals. Under the gaze of countless girls, he silently stood beneath the stage not far from Su Yu. But the attention being paid to them was not at all comparable.

Jiang Mufei did not think about it too much, revealing a cute, crafty smile as he chuckled, “Hehe! Jealous?”

Su Yu smiled, silently shaking his head.

“Mufei, don’t be impolite!” Zhong Luan said as he approached them with a smile. “Yin Yu obtained fame too late. This comparison is unfair to him. If Yin Yu had been born a year earlier, Liu Li’s name would not even be known.”

The three of them came together, smiling at each other.

“Humph! You sure do not hold back your words!” a slightly familiar voice entered Su Yu’s ears. “How can he be compared to Liu Li?”

Su Yu turned to look. The person who was speaking was Phoenix Woman Yu Ling! Her quail’s egg-shaped face stared at Zhong Luan with a cold arrogance.

Zhong Luan did not seem to mind this. “A good person would see the good in someone else. Why should Phoenix Woman Yu Ling mind?”

“I was merely reminding you to think about what you say!” said Yu Ling, not bothering to hide her intentions. “There are many people in the Phoenix Cabinet who adore Liu Li. I do not wish for confusion to occur because of the slip of your tongue!”

Upon closer observation, a few female disciples of the Phoenix Cabinet did indeed give them unfriendly looks. Zhong Luan’s words discrediting Liu Li had invited the unfriendly stares of those who adored him.

Zhong Luan maintained his smile. “Thank you for your reminder, Phoenix Woman Yu Ling. My apologies.”

Yu Ling grunted, turning to leave. When she walked past Su Yu, she had a look of disgust. “Why must there be you every time? Don’t cause trouble for me!”

After saying this, she stepped forward to leave.

“Wait!” Su Yu shouted at her, his expression unfriendly. “What’s with your strange warning? Did I break any of the Phoenix Cabinet’s rules?”

Yu Ling stopped in her tracks, but she did not bother to turn her head. “You did not break any rules, but you offended me! I, as a Phoenix Lady, am responsible for the safety of the cabinet. Warning you is a part of my job.”

Su Yu laughed as he shook his head. “That is under the jurisdiction of the Patrol Envoys. In other words, Leader Mu. Why would a Phoenix Lady like you interfere?”

Yu Ling turned back coldly. “I do not need an outsider to comment on whether I have the right to interfere or not! If you have the energy for that, then prepare for the spar later!” Yu Ling used the sarcasm in Su Yu’s voice, taking a step as she tried to leave, but she added, “Also, you had best pray that you do not meet me later! I can clearly tell you that I am disgusted by you!”

Saying this, she arrogantly made her way through the crowd.

Su Yu froze. “She will also go up on the stage? Why? Does she fear that she cannot get married and personally enter the fray to snatch a man of her liking?”

Jiang Mufei covered her mouth as she bellowed with laughter. “How can that be? The amount of people who have taken a fancy to Yu Ling is just second to Feng Xian! Why would she need to snatch a man for herself? This is the rule of the Phoenix Cabinet. To prevent youths to try fooling everyone present, the Phoenix Cabinet would personally send a female disciple to test the abilities of those present.”

So, that was it. Su Yu looked at the back of Yu Ling, feeling unhappy. “You should also wish that you do not have to face off against me.”

At this moment, the rowdy crowd suddenly turned silent!


A deep yet resounding roar could be heard, as if lightning had struck the ground. Su Yu could not help but shudder. When he looked back, he squinted. There was a large, white tiger at the entrance, slowly entering the arena. It took broad strides with its head held high, arrogant and overbearing. A pair of spirit-like eyes were filled with arrogance. It lifted its head high as it entered the Phoenix Stage.

Su Yu locked his gaze on the forehead of the white tiger, on the clear lightning seal. Su Yu recognized it in an instant.

It’s that tiger! The immortal white tiger guarding the Ice and Fire Herbs at the Ancient Xianyun Temple!

Back at the Ancient Xianyun Temple, this white tiger had nearly killed Su Yu. Back then, Su Yu was merely at the level of Holy King, but this white tiger was at the Dragon Realm. If not for the little phoenix, Su Yu would have met with misfortune.

His gaze shifting, Su Yu looked at the back of the tiger. A short-haired youth was sitting royally on the back of the tiger. His expression was cold and fierce. A blade scar ran across half his face. He was naked from the waist up, his body carved with incredibly lifelike tattoos. A person and a tiger arrogantly and wildly entered the arena under the silence of 10,000 people!

After a while, the crowd broke into whispers: “The First Son of the Snow Listening Tower! Wei Qilin!”

“It is rumored that his abilities are enough to put him in the top three of his generation! He is a true genius!”

Wei Qilin! Was that him? Su Yu observed him seriously. For some reason, the feeling of danger this person gave off was quite high.

Leader Mu raised her voice as she asked. “Is everyone here?”

“There is still one more!” a raspy reply floated in the arena.

Leader Mu looked over, her gaze full of respect. “Sir Wei, why has Sir Zhou Nianchen not arrived yet?”

“I am not talking about that trash!” Unexpectedly, Wei Qilin was incredibly heartless. The person he was talking about was not Zhou Nianchen, who had not arrived yet.

Leader Mu was a bit nervous. “Might I ask who Sir Wei is talking about?”

Wei Qilin stood up atop the white tiger. His fierce aura was alarming. He shot his cold gaze to the horizon. “My only opponent! Shen Kong!”

Him! No one could forget Shen Kongthe most powerful fighter in the northern continent and the king of the geniuses.

A laugh reverberated around the arena, faint and sudden. But none of the 10,000 people in the arena could not discern where the laugh was coming from.

“I arrived long ago.”

Up in the sky, amongst the clouds, a white sedan chair gently spiraled down like a falling leaf. The pure aura spread to the surroundings, intoxicating those present. That sedan chair seemed to be the purest thing in this world, causing the people present to feel incredibly peaceful. A Unicorn followed the sedan chair, happily running through the clouds.

“Ah! It’s the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair of Feng Xian! There is also her mount, the Unicorn!”

The pure aura, Feng Xian…


Su Yu suddenly lifted his head, his gaze piercing through the clouds to the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair, wishing to pierce through the curtains veiling the sedan chair. His heart thumped wildly, unable to suppress his anticipation. Was Xianer in there?


The Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair descended onto the arena. An incredibly handsome man stepped out from within. He had a noble aura, and his personality was serene. What was most important was that his abilities were too high to be determined! No one present could see just how powerful he was! Palace Master Shen Kong, the true king of geniuses! The most glaring genius in the northern continent!

His appearance, aura, abilitiesnone of it was a feat of heaven. He was so perfect that he did not seem human. He felt like a god!

The collective breathing of the crowd was audible. Everyone had turned their heads to him. Everyone was excited for him, and everyone admired him. He was the legend of the northern continent. He was the figure every genius on the northern continent pursued. He was the most powerful genius, unparalleled on the northern continent! He was the king!

And the person Su Yu had to challenge was this king!