The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 369

Chapter 369 A Clash With Shen Kong

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Shen Kong smiled and looked around the area. He appeared graceful and dignified.

Suddenly, when his eyes swept past Su Yu, he smiled indifferently: “Whom did you come for?”

The place became extremely quiet.

The audience of ten thousand followed Shen Kong’s eyes and looked Su Yu up and down.

Feeling that thousands of eyes were looking at him, Su Yu remained calm. He was neither haughty nor humble and looked at the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair gently. He then kept his speech short but firm: “I came here for Xianer and am only here for her.”

He came from extremely far away and bypassed many mountains. All of this was to see Xianer.

That was it.

The pupils of the audience of ten thousand shrank. In the matchmaking session six days ago, Feng Xian was betrothed to Shen Kong for life, and this was decided by the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master herself. Hence, there was no longer any suspense.

At that very moment, Shen Kong was just going through the motions.

Feng Xian was Shen Kong’s woman.

The fact that Shen Kong walked out from the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair that belonged to Feng Xian had explained everything.

Moreover, didn’t Feng Xian allow Shen Kong to come by the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair intentionally? With such a method, she told the world that she would not marry anyone else besides Shen Kong.

Su Yu revealed his intentions of competing with Shen Kong in front of everyone, leaving them startled!

“Is he crazy? He is actually fighting with Shen Kong over a woman!” A female disciple opened her eyes big, unbelieving.

“He is only going to embarrass himself. In every Phoenix Meet, there is always a person who cannot see the big picture.” An old female disciple shook her head calmly.

“Is that so? For me, I feel that the fact that he dared to challenge Shen Kong in front of everyone shows that he is extremely courageous. His courage alone has surpassed all the geniuses on-site!”

Shen Kong smiled slightly and opened his mouth casually: “Change to someone else. You are not worthy of her.”

Although it looked like a suggestion with a smile, his tone did not sound like he was giving a suggestion in the slightest. Instead, it felt more like an order.

He took Su Yu’s fiance away forcefully and ordered Su Yu to not snatch her back?

Su Yu’s expression was as calm as an autumn lake with no waves: “Xianer is my woman.”

Although it was only a sentence, it was tyrannical, firm, swift and fierce.

That courage that was known throughout the world, that calmness and that dominating manner that regarded Shen Kong with disdain, shook the hearts of everyone greatly.

In the world, there was actually someone who had intentions of going against Shen Kong!

“Meaningless perseverance.” Shen Kong shook his head and smiled. He then walked pass Su Yu.

Within his gentle eyes, he could not see Su Yu’s or anyone’s figures. He could only see the Heaven and Earth.

That was him considering everyone beneath his notice.

Among all those present, there was no one who could fight him. The only thing that could stop him was the universe.

The short clash between both of them caused the atmosphere in the whole place to become more solemn and quiet abruptly.

“Actually, Su Yu is a prominent talent among the people. His looks and natural endowments do not lose to Shen Kong.”

“However, it is a pity that he was born a bit later, and it is impossible for him to catch up to Shen Kong now, for his whole life.”

A few female disciples were moved by Su Yu, but took pity on him secretly.

At that very moment, outstanding young men from every part of the north continent had arrived.

They were only awaiting the arrival of the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master. After she arrived, the outstanding young men could choose the female disciples who they had taken a fancy to.

If more than one person had taken a fancy to a particular female disciple, they would use their martial arts to determine who was more superior. The person who was more superior would then be able to obtain the woman he wanted.


Suddenly, a graceful cry of a phoenix resounded across the sky.

Four-colored divine light shone upon the universe from deep inside the Phoenix Cabinet.

Everyone cast sidelong glances.

“Welcome, Cabinet Master!”

Suddenly, over ten thousand female disciples on-site made obeisances.

With ten thousand people paying a courtesy call, the prestige and power that it displayed was shocking. Moreover, the sight of it looked magnificent.

The outstanding young men also revealed respectful expressions, because that divine light represented the supreme Phoenix Cabinet and was also the most dazzling divine light in the north continent.

The divine light represented one person and also represented a matchless and elegant strong martial artist who stood at the peak.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master!

Suddenly, the four-colored divine light burst forth. An incredible amount of four-colored light rose slowly from deep inside the Phoenix Cabinet.

The light shone toward all directions and covered the light of the sun and moon.

It was as if that light were the only light in the universe!

The dazzling divine light caused everyone to be unable to look at it directly. Su Yu narrowed his eyes. By revolving his crystalline pupils, he barely saw through the divine light.

The light was actually a dignified and beautiful middle-aged woman who was married.

Although her age was over forty, her skin was smooth and clear. Moreover, she also had a great figure.

If not for the eyes, which did not lose to young women in terms of going through many vicissitudes of life, it was impossible to match the dignified and beautiful woman to a married woman.

She wore four-colored embroidered clothes that were magnificent, simple, magnanimous and graceful.

Every action of hers was dignified, refined, calm and magnanimous.

At the moment when Su Yu saw her, his heart was moved.

What a great woman! Her elegance was unparalleled!

She was not as beautiful as a celestial beauty, like Xia Jingyu, and not as beautiful and youthful, like Xianer. However, it was rare to find a woman like her, who was dignified and refined with a distinguished air of elegance and coquetry.


The divine light dispersed, only a fragmentary shadow was left. The universe returned to being clear and bright.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master disappeared.

However, her voice could be heard in the visitors’ stand.

“There is a slight change in the rules of the Phoenix Meet this time around. Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm!”

So fast! Everyone was shocked!

Su Yu did not even sense any aura that was released, it was as if she moved to the visitors’ stand instantly.

So strong! Su Yu was shocked.

“Change?” The geniuses within the crowd turned serious: “We will abide by the Cabinet’s Master’s arrangement.”

They had come for the matchmaking session. How would they dare to give the Cabinet’s Master the cold shoulder?

“Then, prepare for a match. The first phase, elimination competition.”

“Among the hundreds of you, only the top hundred have the chance to choose the woman that they have taken a fancy to. Once you have chosen your woman, no change is allowed.” The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s voice was gentle, like a breath of fresh air.

The geniuses were all itching to fight.

This was a place where the north continent’s geniuses clashed.

Even if they were not doing it for the sake of the women, they still needed to display their true strengths, so that they could make a name for themselves within the continent.

“Tianfang, I will leave it to you,” the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master instructed.

“Yes, Master!” Mu Tianfang followed her instructions respectfully and took out a hundred and fifty jade butterflies. A beautiful phoenix and a number were carved on the jade butterfly.

The jade butterflies were given to every genius successively, numbered at a hundred and fifty geniuses.

Su Yu’s number was a hundred and fifty.

“Ten persons to a group. Anyone who wins two matches will get into the top hundred. The higher your ranking, the greater your priority of choosing the girl that you have taken a liking to.”

In other words, in the competition within the small group, if one were to attain a perfect score, he would minimally be the top fifteen and be given more priority to choose the woman he liked.

However, if one were not in the top fifteen, what would happen? How would the ranking be determined?

“Divide into your groups now! First group, please prepare,” Mu Tianfang directed.

Su Yu looked over and realized that Zhong Luan was in the first group.

Sword Demon Zhong Luan. Where was his sword?

The Hundred Territories Alliance was desolate and out-of-the-way. Hence, it was difficult for Zhong Luan’s name to be made known in the north continent.

As for which field he excelled in, outsiders had no way of learning it.

They only knew that he was named the Sword Demon.

However, he never carried a sword with him.

Filled with anticipation, Su Yu observed the fights quietly.

“First match, Zhong Luan of the Hundred Territories Alliance versus Liu Kang of the Hundred Territories’ Haoran faction.”

Liu Kang was an Immortal Level Two.

Zhong Luan gotten onto the stage with a pleasantly warm expression. He looked Liu Kang up and down. He then nodded his head and praised: “I have heard your name before. You are the strongest genius within the Hundred Territories Alliance, but outside the Shentian Manor.”

The Shentian Manor had taken in all the geniuses in the Hundred Territories Alliance. However, there were a few outstanding people who were unwilling to join the Shentian Manor for some reason.

Liu Kang was one of those people.

Liu Kang had a respectful expression and felt extremely flattered: “Mister Zhong Luan, you flatter me!”

For anyone who lived in the Hundred Territories Alliance, Sword Demon Zhong Luan was a legend that all geniuses looked up to.

At that very moment, he was about to fight with Zhong Luan and felt anxious.

“Since we came across each other by chance, show me your moves.” Zhong Luan smiled apathetically.

Liu Kang was excited: “Pardon me, Mister Zhong Luan. Please have mercy on me.”

Zhong Luan stood with his hands clasped behind his back. As if he were looking at the younger generation, he was modest and amiable: “Give it your all. This is a duel, you need not hold back.”

Liu Kang took a light breath and attacked openly.

“Big Stone Tablet Palm!” While he gave a light shout, he exhibited an immortal level cultivation technique of Stage One Upper Class. Its power was not weak.

Zhong Luan stood with his hands clasped behind his back at his original position and did not fight back.


The palm struck Zhong Luan. The powerful and unyielding palm resulted in a vigorous blast and also lifted up a lump of dust.

However, Zhong Luan was absolutely still. Nothing happened to his long hair or clothes.

It was as if Liu Kang attacked a stone man.

Many geniuses marveled at the scene.

Even if he were an Immortal Level Four, he would definitely be affected by an Immortal Level Two’s attack in an unguarded situation.

What was with Zhong Luan? He was not affected in the slightest!

When the audience stared at him, they realized that there was a transparent air current around Zhong Luan’s body.

Liu Kang’s attack was cancelled out by that air current.

“He had used his spiritual energy to protect his body!” someone recognized.

“As is expected of an Immortal Level Fourr, his spiritual energy alone had absolute power to suppress attacks, and it is difficult to bypass it.”

Su Yu looked up and down. His expression then turned serious: “What a Sword Demon Zhong Luan! What frightening spiritual energy!”

In the eyes of outsiders, Zhong Luan only released the spiritual energy of an Immortal Level Four. However, when Su Yu observed in detail, it became clear to him.

That was only Zhong Luan releasing a portion of his spiritual energy.

An even more frightening spiritual energy was hidden in his body.

The spiritual energy that he released was not even one third of the hidden spiritual energy within him!

Among Immortal Level Four Lower Tiers, such a vigorous and firm spiritual energy was considered nature-defying.

It was unexpected that Zhong Luan, who looked gentle, actually hid his abilities so deeply.

“Your cultivation technique is strong and fierce. However, the way you use it is not very skillful. You have only displayed eighty percent of its power. After you get down, strengthen yourself more and you will definitely improve,” Zhong Luan commented.

Liu Kang was excited and saluted with respect: “I will keep Mister Zhong Luan’s advice in mind.”

“Then, I shall send you down.” Zhong Luan swung the sleeves of his robe lightly.

A strange scene appeared.

Even though Zhong Luan’s hand had no weapon, he released a lump of sword energy and sent Liu Kang down the arena gently!

Where was his sword?

For the next few matches, there was no suspense at all.

Zhong Luan only exhibited one move. As he waved his hand, he released a lump of sword energy and sent his opponents down the arena.

Be it Immortal Level Twos or Immortal Level Threes, there were no exceptions.

He defeated all his strong opponents with one move!

There was a gap that was difficult to conquer between an Immortal Level Four and an Immortal Level Three. The gap was too huge!

“First group, Zhong Luan has won all matches!”

“Second group, get ready!”

With such a system, the duels carried on in an orderly way.

The matches between Immortal Level Threes were brilliant. These matches appeared, one after another, and they were worth seeing. From time to time, screams of female disciples could be heard.

However, whenever there was an Immortal Level Four, the matches would end quickly, like the first group.

Suppressive matches had no suspense at all.

Su Yu observed every Immortal Level Four closely.

However, it was a pity. When they fought, they defeated their opponents easily with just one move.

It was the same for Shen Kong, Wei Qilin, and Liu Li.

In particular, Shen Kong did not make any moves, because no one was willing to fight him. Everyone who went onto the stage conceded defeat.

As Shen Kong was unmatched, who could fight him?

“Last group.”

It was Su Yu’s group’s turn.

“First match, Su Yu of the Empire of Darkness versus Li Shanming of the Snow Listening Tower.”

Li Shanming was twenty years old and was an Immortal Level Three.

Comparing cultivation base, he was on par with the Fourth Son, Zhang Xueyi.

They only differed slightly in their abilities.


Su Yu and Li Shanming flew onto the arena.

“Is there a need for us to have a match?” Su Yu stood indifferently,his hands clasped behind his back.

With cultivation base alone, Su Yu could suppress him.

“Why don’t you want to fight? Do you think that you are Shen Kong? Who can cause me to stand down without fighting?” Li Shanming took out a weapon from his back. Impressively, it was also a bow!

His face was filled with confidence, and he said proudly: “I have heard that you are good at archery. I am dissatisfied and want to have a fight with you!”