The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Taking On Two People Alone

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Su Yu did not take out his bow and arrow. Instead, he flicked a finger.

A spark of purple light surrounded by lightning arcs flew over quickly. Li Shanming did not even have time to react, maintaining his bow-grabbing posture. He was hit in the chest by the lightning, flying off the stage. His chest was charred.

Li Shanming was incredibly shocked. There was a metallic taste in his throat, and his chest was in great pain. He had been utterly defeated with a stroke! Nomore accurately, he did not even have the ability to retaliate!

According to the rumors, Yin Yu had used his bow and arrow to forcefully tie with an Immortal Realm Level Four. But how could Su Yu be like an Immortal Realm Level Four now, defeating his opponent with a strike?

Su Yu coldly walked down from the stage. As he was walking past Li Shanming, he coldly shook his head. “It looks like you do not have the ability to warrant me taking out my bow.”

Li Shanming was filled with injustice, but he had brought this humiliation upon himself.

At that moment, the crowd broke into a commotion. Su Yu had managed to defeat his opponent with one move, something only the Immortal Realm Level Four fighters could do!

“It seems he is more powerful than what the rumors say!” There were many with this thought.

The graceful master of the Phoenix Cabinet also showed a faint smile of approval. Her peaceful gaze showed some light. “Stage One Peak of an immortal-level technique. Only a step away from Stage Two! He is merely 17. What a terrifying level of perceptionwhat terrifying talent!”

Leader Mu, who respectfully stood beside her, had a smile of relief.

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet who rarely praised anyone had used the word “terrifying” twice in a row!

Su Yu used only one move for his subsequent battles: the Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder that he had cultivated to Stage One Peak, merely a step away from Stage Two.

“The elimination matches are over. Five people with ten consecutive wins have been born!” These words were personally announced by the master of the Phoenix Cabinet. “The five of you have the right to choose the female disciple of your choosing. According to the abilities you displayed just now, the rankings are as follows. Shen Kong first, Yin Yu second, Wei Qilin third, Zhong Luan fourth, and Liu Li fifth.”

The right to choose was personally arranged by the master of the Phoenix Cabinet.

“If there is no dissent, you can start choosing.”

“Wait!” a voice suddenly rang. It was Liu Li, his cold face laced with an unpleasant expression. “I have no objections for placing Shen Kong first. But why is a nameless person like Yin Yu placed above me? Also, Zhong Luan’s abilities are but average. What right does he have to be placed above me?”

They all had ten consecutive wins, but a person as reputable as him had been placed after Su Yu and Zhong Luan. Liu Li could not accept such a strange arrangementespecially Su Yu’s placement, being not only above his, but directly placed into second place! This arrangement was absolutely ridiculous!

He was not the only one who felt this way. Liu Li could not understand. Mu Tianfang could not understand. Zhong Luan could not understand. Wei Qilin could not understand. Even Shen Kong raised an eyebrow. No one could comprehend why the master of the Phoenix Cabinet would arrange them this way! What was going on?

Su Yu’s performance just now was merely approaching the battle power of an Immortal Realm Level Four. Not to mention Wei Qilin, he was not even comparable to Liu Li. But strangely, Su Yu had been placed second.

“Because he is stronger than you, that’s all,” the master of the Phoenix Cabinet said, unsurprised.

Liu Li glared at Su Yu, unable to accept this situation. The Su Yu he had looked down on was now riding above his head in such an important occasion. In his eyes, this was a humiliation that could not be wiped away. In his heart, there was only one person stronger than him, and that person was Shen Kong! No one else could even enter his sights.

Liu Li let out a cold grunt. “I cannot! Accept this!” Liu Li directly confronted the master of the Phoenix Cabinet. “How is he stronger than me? A spar is needed to determine who is strongernot just the comments of some outsider!”

Hearing these words, Su Yu let out a mocking smile. “You have not sparred with me even once but keep insisting that you are stronger than me. Weren’t you also depending on your mouth? Why is it, now, that you highlight that your strength has to be proven through a spar?”

Liu Li did not bother with him, letting out another cold grunt. “That is because you do not understand my level! You are not worthy of me fighting you!”

Hearing this, Su Yu replied with a cold smile. “Keep your useless pride. From the start until now, you have simply thought too highly of yourself, thinking that I am weaker than you.”

Liu Li growled, ignoring Su Yu’s words, only looking at the master of the Phoenix Cabinet. What he wanted was for the master of the Phoenix Cabinet to settle this.

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet wore a calm expression, her emotions unable to be discerned. “You are weaker than him. It’s useless to feel offended. Start choosing the female disciple of your liking”

“Wait!” This time, it was Su Yu who spoke up.

“Yin Yu, what matters do you have?” the master of the Phoenix Cabinet asked, looking at him.

Su Yu calmly said, “Master, why not grant him his wish? A person who cannot accept reality can only be made to accept this fact with fists.”

He had longed to battle Liu Li, but there had never been a chance. Liu Li had thought highly of himself, ultimately not bothering to battle Su Yu. Today, he was now forced to come into direct conflict with Su Yu.

“What a joke!” said Liu Li. “Make me accept reality? Who do you think you are?” There was a rare measure of agitation in Liu Li’s words.

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet thought for a moment but shook her head slightly. “There is no need for the two of you to spar!” And the master of the Phoenix Cabinet clapped her hands together.


A cold face appeared before the master of the Phoenix Cabinet: Phoenix Woman Yu Ling!

“Phoenix Woman Yu Ling will spar with the both of you separately and test your abilities,” the master of the Phoenix Cabinet said. “The stronger fighter shall be made clear in the spar. This is to prevent you from being injured before the contesting phase begins.”

There would still be a round of sparring later. If the two of them got injured in this scuffle, it would definitely affect the sparring later.

Phoenix Woman Yu Ling stared coldly at Su Yu, letting out a meaningful expression.

Liu Li thought for a moment, unwillingly nodding his head. “I guess that works.”

But Su Yu decisively shook his head. “I do not agree!”

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet creased her brows. “Why? Do you worry that Yu Ling is too strong and is not suitable to spar?”

“No,” Su Yu said, shaking his head.

“Then what do you mean?” The master of the Phoenix Cabinet was doubtful.

Su Yu had his usual faint smile. “I would just like to say that challenging them separately would be a waste of time!”

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet could not help but feel shocked. “Could it be that you wish to challenge Yu Ling at the same time as Liu Li?” Thinking about it for a moment, the master of the Phoenix Cabinet nodded. “That is not impossible. The two of you sparring against her at the same time can directly make clear who is stronger. But” The master of the Phoenix Cabinet looked at Yu Ling. “She is definitely no match for the both of you together. You must remember to hold back.”

Liu Li grunted. “Whatever method is fine, as long as I get to compare my abilities against his!”

Yu Ling lifted her brows, feeling angry. Two against one? She had no winning chances. Instead, there was also a high possibility that she might get injured. “Bullying people together is indeed your specialty!” Yu Ling said, letting out a grunt of disgust. She was still angry about the incident outside the Forgotten Pavilion three days earlier. “But I do not fear a cowardly man like you! Bring it on!”

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet said, “Yin Yu, do you still have any objections?”

“Yes!” Su Yu said without hesitation.

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet was visibly displeased. “What other matters do you have?”

Su Yu lifted his head, his gaze gradually turning cold. “Master of the Phoenix Cabinet, you misunderstood me. I was not requesting to spar Yu Ling together with Liu Li. What I was requesting was for me, alone, to spar the both of themto save time!”

One against two! An Immortal Realm Level Three requesting to fight two Immortal Realm Level Four at the same time.