The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 372

Chapter 372 Defeating The Enemy With An Arrow

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The angry roars of the thunder dragon could be heard from 100 miles away. Lightning of different colors illuminated the sky, covering every inch of the sky in an opulent splendor like a fantasy world. Only the deafening roars of the lightning shook the earth, scaring away every living thing in the area. The imposing presence startled everyone present.

The crowd was shocked, their hearts full of fear and respect as they heard the roar of the lightning. “Such a heavenly phenomenon could be observed from Stage Two of an immortal-level technique!”

At this moment, the lightning was gathering around Su Yu wildly. Su Yu was about to succeed in his breakthrough and would be able to completely control the Thousand Thunder Finger.


Su Yu pointed at the sky. Suddenly, the dark clouds began spiraling manically with the tip of Su Yu’s finger as the center. It formed a tornado. Thousands of bolts of lightning were being gathered within the large vortex. It followed the path of the tornado, entering Su Yu’s body through his finger.

“He has reached the most critical stage, collecting the lightning of the heavens for his own use!” The master of the Phoenix Cabinet had praise in her eyes. “Only by collecting 1,000 bolts of lightning and storing them in his body could he be able to harness the power of 1,000 bolts of lightning in the future.”

Leader Mu’s expression was filled with shock, muttering as she lost her voice, “The lightning-based immortal-level technique is overbearing indeed!”

She had also cultivated an immortal-level technique to Stage Two Lower Class, but in comparison, its power is far weaker than Su Yu’s!

“But teacher, what would happen if he failed to gather enough lightning?” Leader Mu asked out of curiosity.

The gaze of the master of the Phoenix Cabinet turned serious. “There would be dire consequences! How much lightning he absorbs now would represent the power he could use with his Stage Two immortal-level technique. If he cannot fully absorb the 1,000 lightning bolts that he called upon, the power of this immortal-level technique would be greatly discounted. His past efforts in cultivating this technique would be wasted, and all he could do from there would be to choose a new immortal-level technique to cultivate.”

Leader Mu was shocked. “Let’s hope that he can achieve the breakthrough successfully. This would affect his future prospects.”

In the air, Su Yu was visibly excited, an unspeakable feeling of happiness welled up in his chest. This day had not come easy for him! He felt the bolts of lightning entering his body. The lightning was so powerful it made Su Yu shiver, much to his surprise.

He could conjure nine lightning dragons at the peak of his Thunder Star Finger. But the Thousand Thunder Finger would allow him to conjure 1,000 lightning dragons! The terrifying power was unimaginable!

Suppressing his excitement, Su Yu tried his hardest to absorb the bolts of lightning, enjoying the process of the delayed breakthrough.

One bolt!

Two bolts!

Three bolts!

Ten bolts!

Su Yu was extremely excited.

This was his momenthis moment to be admired by the thousands of people in the crowd. This was the moment when the geniuses of the northern continent observed him breaking through to Stage Two of an immortal-level technique!

But at the critical moment of Su Yu’s breakthrough


A deafening screech could be heard from the sky. A blue afterimage pierced through the air, flying toward Su Yu at an unimaginable speed. Its merciless aura was like that of a wild beast. What was most important was how fast it was!

“Evil bird! Stop!” Mu Tianfang only had time to exclaim.

Zhong Luan’s expression also changed drastically as he witnessed the incident. How did Su Yu have the time to deal with this bird when he was in the most critical moment of his breakthrough?

Once his breakthrough was interrupted, the effort Su Yu had spent in this lightning-based technique would have been for naught! The blue bird was too sinister! But its speed caused Zhong Luan to lose hope! He did not have enough time to help Su Yu!

He was looking at the focused Su Yu about to be sent flying by the blue bird. But at this moment, the focused Su Yu calmly opened his eyes. He had a cold smile!

“I had anticipated this attack!”


Su Yu pointed to the sky, continuing to absorb the lightning of the heavens. He retrieved the Mountain River Dragon Bow with his other hand!

“It has appeared!” a member of the crowd exclaimed in surprise. “His most powerful trump card, the medium-grade divine artifact! Zhou Nianchen had lost to this divine artifact!”

But Su Yu only had one hand; how was he going to shoot the arrow?


A shocking scene ensued. Su Yu grabbed the bow with his right hand, then lowered his head and opened his mouth, biting on the bowstring with his teeth. He pulled the string back to form a slight arc! Could he really shoot the bow like that?


Loosening his bite, a fingernail-sized arrow of spirit energy pierced through the air with blinding speed, racing toward the blue afterimage of the giant bird.


The blue bird seemed to have let out a cry for help, its ten-zhang body appearing in the air. A hole had been pierced through each side of its body under its wings, a large piece of flesh blasted away by the powerful arrow. Its life force was immediately depleted. It could not have been a more lethal shot.

The bird tumbled down from the air, falling like a stone. It finally landed on the stage with a loud thud. Looking at it, the crowd finally realized the identity of the uninvited guest!

“It’s the Blue Illusion Eagle!”

“Furthermore, it’s the one that belonged to Palace Master Liu Li!”

Su Yu absorbed the bolts of lightning greedily as he looked calmly at Liu Li. “It suits your style, so I have long been prepared.”

How could he believe that Liu Li would simply watch as he achieved his breakthrough? Without a doubt, he must have commanded his Blue Illusion Eagle in secret. How would Liu Li admit to his lowlife acts in front of such a crowd?

“Yin Yu! You went too far!” said Liu Li. “It was merely untamedwhy did you have to kill it? With your abilities, it would be more than enough to just drive it away!”

Su Yu remembered these words, as they were quite familiar. Back then, Liu Li had ridden the Blue Illusion Eagle. It was this beast that had injured many innocent fighters with its screech. Liu Li’s explanation back then was that the wild nature of the Blue Illusion Eagle was difficult to tame. Furthermore, no one had died, so the people of the Yinyu Area should feel thankful!

What a joke! When the Blue Illusion Eagle was attacking Su Yu, Liu Li had not said a word to stop it but was now seeking redress for his Blue Illusion Eagle.

Su Yu let out a cold laugh. “Hard to tame? Since you can’t control your own demonic beast, I shall help you control it!”

“You!” Liu Li stared at him angrily.

“What you? Keep your grievances and scram!” Su Yu was beyond disgusted.

Liu Li could not help but let out an angry laugh. “Do you think you can look down on people just because you are about to break through to Stage Two of an immortal-level technique? What a small-hearted man! Humph! It is no wonder that you would dare fight the two of us alone. So, you have long expected that you would enter this state of breakthrough and thought that we would be cowardly enough to not attack you!”

But Liu Li did not finish his sentence. He noticed the disruption of spirit energy around Su Yu. He only saw Su Yu pull back the bowstring again with his mouth.

But this time, Su Yu did not pull the bowstring back a mere inch. He pulled it back a full three inches!

He had successfully refined 10 percent of the bow using a drop of Tu Long’s blood and could pull the bow back three inches! This was the first time Su Yu was using the full power of his silver bow! An inch-long arrow of spirit energy could faintly be seen on the silver bow. The surprising aura of the arrow was that of destruction.

Zhong Luan, Wei Qilin, and even Shen Kong’s expression changed. The glow of that arrow gave them a cold feeling in their hearts!

Liu Li’s words abruptly stopped, his pupils gradually dilating. “How could it be like this? Why is the power of your silver bow so different from the past? Wait, have you been hiding your abilities all along?”

Su Yu could clearly have used this arrow at any time, but he had always tolerated Liu Li. Liu Li, on the other hand, had always sought trouble with Su Yu!

Being targeted by the silver bow, Liu Li’s heart thumped wildly, his facial muscles twitching uncontrollably. Every nerve in his body was strung taut, his mouth dry.

“Wait!” he cried in desperation. “You are at the most critical juncture of your breakthroughyou should not move!”

At this moment, he finally understood that the person that did not bother to fight was not him but Su Yu! His words now were an attempt to buy time. He was not willing to lose to Su Yu in witness of so many people. His reputation would be lost!

Unfortunately, Su Yu had seen through his thoughts. The disgust in his eyes grew deeper as he said, “There’s no need. I can worry less about my breakthrough if you scram!”


At that moment, a tornado shot through Liu Li with an unimaginable power.


Liu Li could not even put up a defense. Instantly, he was shot 1,000 meters back into a wall. The arrow had pierced through his stomach. Blood could not stop flowing. It dyed the wall red. His two arrogant eyes were bulging like those of a dead fish, filled with fear and pain.

As the arrow of spirit energy dissipated, his body fell to the floor like a burlap sack, ravaged. The injury was neither fatal nor serious, but anyone would have understood that this was only because Su Yu had no intention of killing him. The unjust Liu Lithe Liu Li who had overestimated himself, the Liu Li who thought that he was better than Su Yucould not hold up against a single move from Su Yu.

The stark difference in their abilities shocked everyone. This was the true power of Palace Master Yin Yu! At that moment, everyone was filled with fear and respect.

Su Yu glanced at Yu Ling. “What? Do you wish for me to invite you down?”

Yu Ling bit her lips. She had fear in her heart as she looked into Su Yu’s eyes. She froze for a moment before walking down from the stage with her head hung low in shame. She had lost even her will to do battle. Furthermore, Su Yu only had one free arm left. At this moment, no one doubted Su Yu’s ability to fight them single-handedly!

Without any other interruptions, Su Yu finished absorbing the lightning.

Jiang Mufei’s jaw almost hit the ground. “Yin Yu is this powerful?”

He had obtained an easy victory fighting against two Immortal Realm Level Four fighters alone!

Zhong Luan smiled but did not speak, his eyes filled with thought.

Wei Qilin grunted, his cold gaze scanning past Su Yu as he muttered, “He is all right.”

Shen Kong licked his lips, shaking his head in disappointment. “I had thought that you would surprise me. It seems that I have overestimated you, Yin Yu.”