The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 373

Chapter 373 Being Defeated Again And Again

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An unfathomable smile finally appeared deep in Shen Kong’s pupils.

After the match ended, while everyone looked at Su Yu respectfully, Su Yu continued to absorb the thousands of thunderbolts systematically.

If one were to use an endoscope to observe, he would realize that Su Yu’s Dantian contained thousands of thunder dragons.

He had all colors of thunderbolts that he could wish for.

The dark clouds in the sky dispersed, and the Earth lit up again.

A layer of weak sunlight shone on Su Yu’s body, as a dazzling silver light was reflected off his gentle silver hair.

Beneath his silver mask, he had a natural expression that was indifferent to fame or gain.

Everyone stared at the Su Yu of the very moment, feeling an indescribable oppression.

Palace Master Yin Yu appeared in the north continent abruptly, becoming a legendary genius who controlled space and time. Alone, he fought two people and gave everyone an unforgettable memory.

“Liu Li, are there any more problems?” The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master turned her head and looked at Liu Li indifferently.

Liu Li was mortally ashamed. Looking at things now, how absurd was his dissatisfaction?

“N No.” Liu Li opened his mouth with difficulty and suppressed the indescribable humiliation in his heart.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master nodded her head slightly: “Alright, then we shall commence with the choosing.”

“Shen Kong, who do you want to marry?”

Everyone’s mind knew the answer. It had already been decided that Shen Kong and Feng Xian would be married to each other for life, that this very moment was just an interlude.

“Xianer.” As expected, Shen Kong answered as such.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master nodded her head expressionlessly. She then looked toward Su Yu and her eyes were filled with admiration that was not concealed: “How about Yin Yu? In my Phoenix Cabinet, there are millions of female disciples. Is there anyone whom you have taken a fancy to?”

Su Yu laughed at himself. Xianer was his fiance a long time ago. However, he still had to compete with others for her which was really ridiculous.

Seeing that Su Yu looked unconcerned, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master knew that she had touched Su Yu’s sore spot and she smiled: “However, let me say this as well. You can choose any of them, as long as it is a disciple from my Phoenix Cabinet. I will take responsibility for it, and even Yu Ling is fine as well.”

Her? The audience of ten thousand was shocked.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master had regarded Yin Yu too importantly, right?

Yu Ling, ranked number two of the current generation’s Ten Great Phoenix Women, was a girl favored by the gods in the north continent.

The only person with greater abilities than her was Feng Xian.

At the very moment, there were many first-rate geniuses who admired Yu Ling, who was only second to Feng Xian.

However, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master showed favoritism to Yin Yu and was willing to decide for him!

After hearing what was said, Yu Ling’s expression changed and she bit her red lips lightly. Although she felt dissatisfied, she did not dare to rebut against the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master.

Although Yin Yu was strong, he was not the best husband in her estimate.

Shen Kong and Wei Qiling were both incomparable to Su Yu.

Hence, she felt dissatisfied with marrying down to Su Yu.

“Thank you Cabinet’s Master for your kindness. You can let someone have Phoenix Woman Yu Ling. I already have someone else in mind.” Su Yu poured out the feelings in his heart.

Yu Ling was slightly stunned and put down her heart, which was lifted up. However, what came after that was unhappiness.

What did he mean? She still didn’t catch Su Yu’s eye?

She herself felt that she would have a lot of grievance if she married Su Yu. However, the thought of Su Yu thinking that she was not worthy enough did not cross her mind.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was slightly surprised: “Then, who is the person you have settled upon?”

If one were to observe carefully, she had frowned at some point in time and a worried expression had appeared.

“Xianer! I am only here for her!” Su Yu said unwittingly, without even thinking.

As expected! A thread of helplessness flashed past the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s beautiful eyes.

She had wanted to win over both Shen Kong and Su Yu.

However, there was only one Feng Xian.

“Understood, I will remember it. How about Wei Qilin?” The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master said.

The Snow Listening Tower’s strongest genius, Mister Qilin!

“Me? Of course it is Feng Xian!” Wei Qilin crossed his arms and stood coldly. He wore an expression which spoke volumes.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was not surprised. Wei Qilin had always been a good fighter and treated Shen Kong as his ultimate opponent. Hence, he would naturally fight with Shen Kong over any and every thing, including a woman!

“Why bother to fight with Shen Kong for no reason? The choosing of your spouse concerns your life’s biggest event,” the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master advised.

To one’s surprise, Wei Qilin’s eyebrows twitched: “Fighting with Shen Kong? That is not the case.”

His swift, fierce, and cold eyes swept past the area and landed on Su Yu, like a sharp arrow: “I only wish to know why this piece of trash is ranked above me!”

The real meaning behind his words was that he chose the same person as Su Yu in order to compete against Su Yu.

“The only person stronger than me is Shen Kong, and I don’t need a second person.” Wei Qilin nodded his head coldly: “I don’t agree with this ranking.”

So that was the case. The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master nodded her head: “Alright. I will remember your choice. How about Zhong Luan?”

Zhong Luan laughed nonchalantly: “I am only here for Shentian Manor’s glory and have not taken a fancy to any woman”

His gaze drifted past the three of them as he said: “Since all of them have chosen Phoenix Woman Feng Xian, then I shall join them.”

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master frowned slightly, there was nothing she could do: “Alright.”

The gaze of Su Yu flashed and swept passed Zhong Luan and Jiang Mufei, without leaving any traces.

He still had a question that he did not ask either of them.

According to Gao Cang, among the Shentian Manor’s Three Great Heavenly Kings, only he had surrendered to Han Jianglin.

However, Zhong Luan and Jiang Mufei would rather die than surrender to him. Hence, both of them were imprisoned.

So why would they represent Shentian Manor and appear at the Phoenix Meet?

Could it be that they had submitted to Han Jianglin?

“What about Liu Li? the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master questioned.

Liu Li plucked up some courage, with difficulty, and said, after hesitating for some time, “Phoenix Woman Yu Ling is to my liking. I hope that Cabinet’s Master would grant me my wish.”

Her? The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was not surprised.

As if she did not give it any thought, she answered bluntly, “If you can defeat Yu Ling, then I have no objections.”

To Su Yu, she took the initiative to betroth Yu Ling to him.

To Liu Li, she rejected his request indirectly.

Her treatment toward both of them was like the difference between Heaven and Earth.

As for Yu Ling herself, she curled her lips slightly and made obvious that she felt disdainful.

Having been rejected in front of everyone, Liu Li felt ashamed and furious. Noticing Yu Ling’s expression, he felt vexed abruptly. He then became a bit agitated: “Yu Ling, what is the meaning of this?”

Yu Ling sneered: “It’s funny! Even though you are inferior to others and have invited humiliation to yourself consecutively, you vent your pent-up frustration on me. Indeed, such a man you are!”

Liu Li’s chest was filled with anger that was about to make him explode.

It was fine, even though he lost to Su Yu in front of everyone. It was fine, even though he was turned down by the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master politely. However, even Yu Ling mocked him to his face!

When did he sink to such a level?

“Yu Ling! No matter how good-for-nothing I am, this is not something that you can blame me for!” Liu Li’s whole face was filled with anger: “Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, please make the decision.”

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was expressionless: “That’s good. Since all of you have chosen the woman that you have taken a liking to, then the Phoenix Meet will enter its last phase!”

“For the people who have chosen the same woman, among all of you, Feng Xian will be betrothed to the winner!” the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master said. “However, before that, we shall let Yu Ling and Liu Li settle their score.”

“If Liu Li wins, I will take the responsibility for my decision and betroth Yu Ling to him. If he loses, he will be banished from the Phoenix Cabinet!”

Banished? So strict?

“Understood! I’m fine with it.” Liu Li stood with his arms crossed and was extremely confident.

Within the realm of the Immortal Level Fours, he was considered above average. If not for that, Zhou Nianchen would not be fearful of him.

Yu Ling might not be able to defeat him.

“I am fine with it as well!” Yu Ling said coldly.

Rustle, rustle

With a flash of two figures, both of them flew onto the arena and stood facing each other.

With the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master order, both of them started to fight.

Liu Li was proficient in movement techniques. His figure moved swiftly, as if he were a ghost!

“Phoenix Dancing in Sky!” Raging flames came out from Yu Ling’s body and surrounded him on all sides.


However, all of a sudden, a big gap appeared at one part of the ring of fire.

A quick fragmentary shadow put out the raging flames and headed for Yu Ling in an attack.

Yu Ling was taken by surprise, her sweet-smelling shoulder struck by the attack. She gave a painful groan and retreated tens of Chinese feet away.

When they clashed for the first time, Liu Li had the advantage.

“With such abilities, you still dare to be so sarcastic toward me? You are too full of yourself!” Liu Li sneered. He exhibited his movement technique freely, circling around Yu Ling and attacking again.

Yu Ling rubbed her sweet-smelling shoulders. She remained calm and laughed even more grimly: “Do you think that I only have blood energy?”

Phoenix Dancing in Sky was merely the Bloodline of the Fire Phoenix.

Eh? Could it be that Yu Ling had learned something else powerful?

“According to the rules, I have only been given permission to use my blood energy to test your abilities. Since it is now a private duel between us, there is no need for me to hold back!”

Mu Tianfang’s eyes were filled with admiration that was different to conceal: “Is she finally going to use it? Phoenix Woman Yu Ling’s real trump card, Eight Trigrams Serial Palms!”

“Eight Trigrams Serial Palms!” Yu Ling had a solemn and quiet expression. Both her hands revolved around the air in front of her body. It looked marvelous and strange.

At once, her palm’s shadows superimposed on one another, resulting in there being layers of fragmentary shadows in a split second. It looked wonderful!

Liu Li took light precautions: “Humph! I shall break this technique!”


Liu Li disappeared again. When he appeared again, he was like mist that appeared behind Yu Ling without any warning. He then attacked her back cunningly.

However, a strange scene appeared.

Yu Ling was as if eyes had grown on her back, as she attacked behind her.


A soft-looking palm struck Liu Li’s chest, as if it were an extremely heavy mountain.

Liu Li spit out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying for a hundred meters.

His chest caved in, leaving the attacked spot with a palm print!

That palm caused everyone present to be shocked.

“What a strong palm technique!” Zhong Luan stood at Su Yu’s side. He then nodded his head and praised: “By coupling strength and gentleness together, she was able to attack and defend at the same time. By revolving her hands around her body, there were almost no loopholes for one to exploit.”

“If there were no restrictions on her just now, and she had used this palm technique, it would have been difficult for your arrow to defeat her easily.”

Against that, Su Yu did not deny: “Although my bow is strong and fierce, it still has an inborn weakness. There is only one way of attacking, and it is not surprising for a palm technique, which can attack and defend at the same time, to counter it.”

However, it was obvious that Su Yu had more than just the bow.

Liu Li was shocked. Although his chest was in extreme pain, he became even more dissatisfied: “Again!”



Without any suspense, every time Liu Li got close to her, he was sent flying by a palm and spit out blood as a result.

After ten consecutive moves, Yu Ling was not injured in the slightest.

As for Liu Li, his injuries became worse, leaving his whole body covered in blood.

“Do you still want to continue?” Yu Ling looked at Liu Li coldly, her eyes filled with contempt.

Liu Li had suffered defeats consecutively. His former pride went down the drain.

He who could not tolerate being defeated, and just like that, attacked his own heart with his own blood. In addition, his injuries were not light and he fainted on the spot. All of this was done while Yu Ling was mocking him.

“What a useless piece of trash!” Yu Ling was filled with disdain. She stood atop the arena and did not go down.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master opened her mouth apathetically: “Carry him down and throw him out of the Phoenix Cabinet! The duels will continue.”

“Now, it is the competition between all of you. According to the rules of the past, all of you will fight one to one. However, for this Phoenix Meet, I would like to change the rules!” the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master said.

Previously, she had mentioned that the present Phoenix Meet would be different to some extent, so everyone was mentally prepared for it.

“For the last competition, it will no longer be a one to one match. Instead, it will be a group battle that is a free for all! Shen Kong, Yin Yu, Wei Qilin, Zhong Luan and Yu Ling, the five of you will fight your own battles. The last person standing will be the victor!”

“I will then betroth Feng Xian to that victor personally!”