The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 374

Chapter 374 Heaven Breaking Nine Styles

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He had to win? Su Yu secretly clenched his fists. He not only had to defeat Shen Kong, but also the top-notch geniuses of the northern continent. He could not afford to lose.

“If the person who wins in the end is Yu Ling, then there would be no winners in this Phoenix Meet. Understand?”

The five of them nodded, looking at each other. There was only one way to finish this so-called mixed fight the fastest, and that was to form alliances!

Yu Ling did not hesitate, her lips forming a cold smile as she glanced at Su Yu. “Shen Kong, Wei Qilin, I am willing to lend you a hand!” She did not hesitate to side with them.

The only ones left were Su Yu and Zhong Luan. Shen Kong was the number-one genius from the sub palace of the Empire of Darkness in the northern continent. Wei Qilin was the First Son of the Snow Listening Tower, the number-one genius there! Each of their names had shaken the continent, their fame having spread far and wide.

Not least of all, Shen Kong. The legend of him defeating his enemies with one move was an unparalleled story in the northern continent. And Wei Qilin was the second most powerful fighter, just below Shen Kong! No one could last more than five moves in Wei Qilin’s hands! If the two of them worked together, who in the northern continent could stand a chance against them?

Coupled with Yu Lingwho could incorporate offense and defense together with one technique, as well as having a battle power close to Immortal Realm Level Four Upper Tierthe three-man group would undoubtedly drive Su Yu and Zhong Luan out of the circle.

But unexpectedly, Shen Kong smiled but did not speak. He only stood at the side with his hands behind his back, never once moving.

As for Wei Qilin, he calmly said, “Work together? Who are you talking to? Do I need to team up with a woman like you for me, Wei Qilin, to teach these nameless people a lesson?” Wei Qilin shot her a cold glance.

Yu Ling’s face turned rigid, her expression becoming awkward. “I was merely making a suggestion!”

Wei Qilin let out a cold grunt. “Your suggestion is also a humiliation to me!” As proud as he was, he told Yu Ling seriously, “I think that your presence is but an obstacle. Before I deal with them, I’ll send you down!”

Yu Ling’s expression changed to one of fury! She had failed to curry their favor. She had not only failed to meet Wei Qilin’s satisfaction, but she had instead angered him.

Yu Ling laughed at herself. Then, quickly using her Eight Trigrams Serial Palm, her entire body filled with caution.

“Wind Break!” Wei Qilin let out a casual fist.

They were ten zhang apart. A figure of a fist half a zhang in size was released. Yu Ling protected herself with her Eight Trigrams Serial Palm, leaving no gaps in her defense. She did manage to absorb the fist. But she could not completely dispel the power the fist harbored.


Opening her mouth to spit out a mouthful of blood, Yu Ling retreated multiple steps, her palms turning numb. Her face was filled with an angry intent, but more so, traces of fear and respect. That fist was beyond terrifying! Compared to him, Liu Li’s attack was like a child flailing his fists.

“Armor Break!” Wei Qilin stood at his original position, once again casually releasing a fist.

A zhang-wide black fist was sent assaulting toward her with a rumble.

Yu Ling’s expression changed drastically, how could she hesitate? She used her Eight Trigram Serial Palm to its extreme. When the figure of the fist assaulted her, she had already continually launched ten palms, dispelling the power of the fist. But a cracking sound could be heard from both of Yu Ling’s palms. Her bones were broken!

The fist connected with her chest!


The cloth around her chest was blasted into shreds, the flesh at her stomach burned and bloodied. A stream of blood fountained from her lips into the air as she crashed onto the stage.


Yu Ling slipped into unconsciousness after a heavy landing on the ground.

Wei Qilin retracted his fist without expression, coldly saying, “Two moves!”

Yes, Yu Ling had been thoroughly defeated in two moves. Su Yu could not help but feel grave after seeing Wei Qilin’s techniques for the first time.

Wei Qilin turned to look at Su Yu and Zhong Luan, focusing his sights on Su Yu. “It is your turn,” he said. “Shen Kong’s opponent can only be me. There cannot be a third person. You do not have the ability to be ranked above me!”

Su Yu was calm. “Abilities are determined by actions, not words!”

“Then I’ll beat you till you agree!” Wei Qilin said directly.

There was a faint layer of lightning around Su Yu’s body. “Then we shall fight!”

But Wei Qilin suddenly shifted his gaze, glancing at Zhong Luan. “I do not like someone obstructing my field of vision when I attack. Go down.”

Zhong Luan was not angered. Instead, his lips formed a faint smile. “I had heard that Sir Qilin of the Snow Listening Tower had obtained an ancient immortal-level secret technique, the Heaven Breaking Nine Styles. I have longed to see it. Since we hardly meet, I wish to stay to observe.”

Heaven Breaking Nine Styles! Wind Break and Armor Break were just the two most basic styles of that technique.

Wei Qilin was expressionless. “I have always enjoyed granting the wish of someone seeking his own humiliation,” he said. “Wind Break!”

A half-zhang fist appeared, charging toward Zhong Luan. But Zhong Luan stood with his hands behind him, his gaze calm. His eyes were filled with a piercing, divine glow.

“Vision Sword!”


A surprising scene ensued. Two bolts of sword aura shot out from Zhong Luan’s eyes! Yes, sword aura being shot out by a person’s eyes! The mighty sword aura sliced through the air, causing massive sonic booms.


The half-zhang fist was instantly destroyed!

Su Yu’s pupils dilated. What a powerful sword aura! But where was Zhong Luan’s sword? How could he release sword aura out of thin air?

Wei Qilin was indifferent about his move being dispelled, following it up with a second fist.

“Armor Break!”

The horrifying fist was double the power of the first, ripping through the air toward Zhong Luan. Zhong Luan slowly set down his right arm behind his back, his expression finally serious.

“Finger Sword!”

With a low grunt, Zhong Luan lifted his right hand, pointing out his middle and index fingers and pointing them in the air.


At that moment, a sword-shaped current shot out from his fingers. This sword sliced even the air in half, sending dust and debris flying back. A spark could be faintly seen! There were flames erupting from the friction between the sword aura and the air.


The one-zhang palm was instantly destroyed.

The indifferent Wei Qilin finally showed a ripple of an expression. “You are all right. Take my third attack! Evil Break!”

At that moment, a giant, two-zhang fist assaulted Zhong Luan like a small mountain. The terrifying pressure made it difficult to breathe. Zhong Luan’s expression turned even more serious, taking a deep breath. He lifted both his palms, releasing the air-trembling sword aura.

“Palm Sword!”

Su Yu stood at a corner, his eyelids twitching involuntarily. The sword aura of this sword was even more powerful than the silver bow! An Immortal Realm Level One Lower Tier taking this attack would definitely die.

Whoosh, whoosh

Two swords were sent out, causing the surrounding space to shudder. It produced a trail of flames as it pierced through the air.


The mountain-like fist was reduced into spirit energy as it dissipated! The rest of the sword aura was sent charging toward Wei Qilin’s body!

This time, Wei Qilin’s indifferent expression turned serious for the first time. “Sword Demon Zhong Luan!” he cried. “I have to admit that I underestimated you! But it ends here. The fourth style: Demon Break!”

Rumble, rumble

Rumbles could be heard even before the fist descended. It was as if a large mountain had crumbled. The crowd watched in awe as a full four-zhang black fist appeared, surrounded by black flames like the summoned palm of a demon!


Slight cracking sounds could be heard from deep under the stage, unable to withstand the power of the demon palm.

Su Yu was shocked. The power of this attack was already incredibly close to Inspector Bai He’s!

Zhong Luan had a stern expression, his long, black hair billowing even though there was no wind. His entire being released a startling sword aura! Su Yu looked at him, shocked to realize that the sword aura was being released from all over Zhong Luan’s body! His hair, nails, skin, flesh, eyes Every part of his body was releasing sword aura!

“As long as your heart wills it, anything can be a sword!” Zhong Luan opened his mouth, the terrifying sword energy circling his body. At this moment, it was as if he had become the sharpest sword in the world! “Human as a sword, sword as a human, human and sword as one!”

Human and sword as one!


Leaving behind an afterimage, Zhong Luan exploded with a shocking sword aura, his body transforming into a sword as he took to the air!

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet had a look of approval in her eyes. “It is rumored that Zhong Luan had been obsessed with swords all his life, succumbing to his inner demons nine times because of swords, cultivating a Heart Sword never before seen in the continent, earning him the title of the Sword Demon.”

Mu Tianfang’s expression was full of shock. “Teacher, what is the Heart Sword?”

“The sword is hiding in his heart, turning the sword formless. That is the Heart Sword! He had long freed himself from the shackles of a physical sword, turning himself into a sword. Any part of his body is a sword! As long as he wills it, anything can become a sword!”

“Zhong Luan is a startling genius of the sword!”

Mu Tianfang’s comments on Zhong Luan were no less than the compliments paid to Su Yu.

Atop the stage, Wei Qilin was shocked. “What?” he cried.

This ungodly sword technique had finally filled him with emotion. To become one with the sword. The mighty power that could cut anything made Wei Qilin feel the threat of death!


The Demon Break did not even stand a chance. It was utterly destroyed by Zhong Luan as he struck toward Wei Qilin.

Wei Qilin’s eyelids twitched manically, his heart trembling. He clenched his teeth, then called out, “You forced me into this! The fifth style! God Break!”

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Suddenly, the surrounding spirit energy shook violently, forming a vortex in the sky.

A huge, eight-zhang tall fist crashed down from the clouds, as if it was the very hand of the heavens! Seeing this palm, the crowd exclaimed in shock. They could all feel an unfathomable, heavenly authority from the huge fist! A power that could destroy everything in existence filled the hearts of everyone present, causing their skin to crawl.


The obscured stage finally formed a huge crack, splitting it into two halves.

At this moment, Zhong Luan struck. A huge fist was called upon from the heavens, and the other was the incarnation of a demon sword. The two of them collided, creating an unprecedented impact.


Following the sound of the impact, the stage was reduced to dust, debris filling the air. The resulting ripple of energy assaulted the surroundings, inundating several female disciples. The sounds of panic came from all directions as they felt the pain from the energy. But no one could shift their gazes from the stage. The abilities shown in this fight were too shocking!

Everyone had a newfound impression of Zhong Luan. Zhong Luan, who had a lesser reputation, was able to hold up against the genius that was Wei Qilin.

When the dust scattered, two figures entered their field of vision. Wei Qilin stood at his original position, his face slightly pale. But Zhong Luan had taken several steps back, blood flowing from the corner of his lips. It was clear who was stronger. Ultimately, Zhong Luan was a bit weaker.

Coughing out a streak of blood, Zhong Luan cupped his hands as he retreated. “You are stronger than me. I admit defeat.”

Despite Wei Qilin’s arrogance, he did not speak any haughty words. Instead, he showed a rare shred of respect. “You managed to last five moves against me. You can be proud of yourself.”

Zhong Luan had nearly dispelled the legend of Wei Qilin defeating everybody with five moves or less. How could he not show respect?

Taking a deep breath, Wei Qilin looked at Su Yu. “Is there still a need for us to fight?”

In other words, after seeing five of Wei Qilin’s attacks, Su Yu should know to retreat.

The crowd stared at Su Yu, secretly nervous for him. Wei Qilin was too strong to beat. Even the genius of the continent, Zhong Luan, had been defeated. How could Su Yu have the power to surpass Wei Qilin?

Battle intent raged in Su Yu’s eyes. “Why now? Your record of beating everyone in five moves will be broken by me!”

It had been a long time since he had fought seriously. Wei Qilin was a strong enemy that he could not get enough of. No matter who won this fight, Su Yu would benefit greatly! Especially considering the training it would give his Divine Decree!