The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Defeating His Opponent With Five Moves

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Yu Ling, who was beneath the stage, could not help but shake her head. “Forget it. You might not even be able to defeat me, let alone Wei Qilin.”

She acknowledged that Su Yu had surprising talents. His silver bow’s aid was as a god’s aid. Even a strong person like Liu Li had been defeated by a single arrow. However, having experienced how frightening Wei Qilin was for herself, Yu Ling did not have any hopes for Su Yu.

Most of the people agreed with her words. In the end, a weapon and its power played only minor roles in martial arts. If Su Yu wanted to defeat Wei Qilin, he still had a long way to go.

Su Yu, however, wore a calm expression. He then swept his eyes past Yu Ling expressionlessly. “Even though one has lost in terms of his martial arts, he might still be able to catch up if he works many times harder. However, if one’s mind determines that he will lose, then he will lose forever.”

In Yu Ling’s mind, Wei Qilin was an individual she could never hope to defeat. Having lost the will to fight, she would forever be behind Wei Qilin. Not only was Yu Ling unable to mock Su Yu successfully, she had been taught a lesson instead. Hence, she sneered coldly and said in a low-spirited voice, “No need to try to make yourself look calm. After fighting with him atop the stage, then you will know that you are merely an armchair expert!”

“You are beyond redemption.” Su Yu shook his head lightly and could not be bothered to make her realize her mistakes.

Wei Qilin stood with his hands crossed and was unconcerned with Su Yu’s “arrogant words.” Although he gave a long face, he was calm and extremely indifferently. “Since you wish to fight me,” he said, “come at me, then.”

Su Yu stood with his hands clasped behind his back in his original position and did not attack straight away.

“Replenish your spiritual energy and physical strength,” said Su Yu. “It is not my style to take advantage of someone’s difficulties and fight a one-sided battle.”

After fighting with Zhong Luan, Wei Qilin’s expression was a bit pale, as he had exhausted a fair amount of his energy.

“No need. It is obvious that my current spiritual energy and physical strength are more than enough to defeat you.” Wei Qilin shook his head apathetically and took the initiative to attack. “Armor Break!” He swung his hand casually and a one-zhang fist’s shadow headed for Su Yu.

His very first attack was the Heaven Breaking Nine Styles second style. It was as if he wanted to get the fight done and over with quickly.

Su Yu did not have any unusual expressions. He drew his silver bow, and a three-inch long spiritual arrow appeared magically. As Su Yu released his fingers, the arrow was like a rainbow which passed through the void, causing the sky to shake as a result.


The shadow of the one-zhang fist dispersed, and Su Yu’s arrow was annihilated as well. The arrow techniques that Su Yu relied on were more or less equivalent to Wei Qilin’s second style.

“I shall consider you as being able to withstand two moves of mine,” Wei Qilin said and lifted his palm. “Now, it will be the third move, and you can retire from the stage.” He waved his sleeves lightly. “Evil Break!”

The shadow of extremely powerful and fierce two-zhang palm was formed. It was far from being comparable to Armor Break, the second style, and the silver bow did not have the power to deal with it.


Without hesitation, Su Yu put away his silver bow.

Wei Qilin said nonchalantly, “Three moves. I can only say that you are not too bad.”

Just like him, many people thought that Su Yu had given up on the match.

Buzz, buzz

At that moment, everyone heard the sounds of lightning bolts abruptly taking form. Purple arcs of lightning seeped out from Su Yu’s pores and covered his body, forming what looked like a purple suit of armor. There were also 300 tiny lightning bolts dancing rapidly on his fingers. This continuously emitted aura made everyone feel uneasy.

“Thousand Thunder Finger!”

Su Yu lifted his finger and aimed. 300 thunderbolts appeared while roaring furiously. Within 1,000 meters, all the martial artists could feel the weak thunder, which had spread into the air, and it caused their bodies to become paralyzed.

Apart from being extremely shocked, everyone revolved their spiritual energy to block the thunderbolts trying to enter their bodies through every possible opening.

“What a frightening thunderbolt!”

“Could this be the immortal-level lightning cultivation technique that he made a breakthrough to just now? This is a bit too absurd!”

“When did a normal immortal-level cultivation technique of Stage Two ever have such power and influence?”

The multicolored lightning glittered as if it were an illusion and illuminated the whole place. As Su Yu aimed with his fingers, the thunderbolt on his fingertips became a ring of light with five colors and flew over.


The two-zhang palm shadow was dispersed in an instant! The force of the five-colored ring of light did not decrease. Instead, it headed straight for Wei Qilin’s face.

“This looks quite strong!” Wei Qilin’s face had a slightly serious expression. “So, eat one more attack of mine! Demon Break!”

The fourth move! A four-zhang palm shadow, looking like a small mountain, headed for Su Yu.

The two attacks collided. However, the sound of the thunder could still be heard and the palm shadow dispersed with a thump! The five-colored ring of lightning became slightly dimmer, but it still had 70 percent of its power!

Wei Qilin’s expression became more serious than ever before, and he was a bit shocked. Even though the five-colored ring of lightning had dispersed two styles of his, it still maintained such power!

His expression returned to being calm, and he said indifferently, “The power is indeed acceptable. However, this is the end! Fifth style, God Break!”

The shadow of an eight-zhang palm’s shadow, looming over Su Yu like a lofty mountain, covered half of the arena. The palm’s shadow descended on Su Yu as if it would bury him alive.

In front of the palm’s shadow, the five-colored ring of lightning was extremely tiny, such that it appeared negligible. However, when both attacks collided, the lofty mountain of the palm’s shadow stopped!

After which, the palm’s shadow crashed onto the ground, shook violently, and split into five segments! The five-colored ring of lightning, which had become a lot dimmer, came out from between the segments and headed for Wei Qilin.

Wei Qilin was extremely shocked, and he blocked hurriedly. However, he absolutely did not expect that his fifth style would be broken so easily! As he was close to the attack, he was taken by surprise! The five-colored ring of lightning struck his chest.

At that moment, the five-colored ring of lightning changed into a lump of fiery lightning and quickly burned his chest. This caused his chest to be charred black and his flesh to become blurry. At the same time, the thunderous explosion that came with the attack caused him to retreat.

With a horrible shriek, Wei Qilin felt vomit at the top of his throat. He retreated by nine steps continuously and almost fell off the arena. His face was filled with pain and shock. He had actually lost! He, who had always defeated his opponents with five moves, had actually lost at the fifth move!

Among the current generation’s geniuses of the north continent, apart from Shen Kong, no one else could defeat him. Su Yu was the only person. Moreover, Su Yu had defeated him within five moves of his!

The whole place was deathly silent! Apart from the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master smiling with her lips closed as she had expected it, the remaining people were all shocked. The north continent’s second genius, Wei Qilin, who defeated his opponents with five moves, had lost!

Yu Ling’s pupils shrank until they became as small as the points of needles. Her chest rose up and down with extreme shock! In her eyes, Su Yu, who might be inferior to her, had actually defeated Wei Qilinwho had defeated her with two moves! This gaping disparity caused Yu Ling to be unable to accept the reality for a moment.

Jiang Mufei’s beautiful, big eyes opened extremely wide. “This brat has hidden his abilities too deeply, hasn’t he? Is he actually stronger than Brother Zhong Luan?”

At that very moment, the way everyone looked at Su Yu changed completely. When the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master had ranked him higher than Liu Li, they had not understood! Higher than Zhong Luan? How could that be? Higher than Wei Qilin? They had found it even harder to understand! But now, they finally understood how insightful the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was!

Among the five geniuses who stood at the peak, Su Yu was worthy of being ranked number two. Their impression of Su Yu had changed from that of a ridiculous candidate for a legendary genius to respect from the bottom of their hearts. On the north continent, apart from Shen Kong, the strongest genius had been born! Moreover, he was only 17 years old! The legendary genius had lived up to its name! No one could imagine how frightening he would grow into in the future!

With the audience of 10,000 focusing on him, Su Yu had a nonchalant expression. His eyes swept past Wei Qilin, and he said apathetically, “Two moves only.”

The first move was the silver bow, while the second move was the Thousand Thunder Finger. Su Yu had only used two moves to defeat Wei Qilin!

Wei Qilin regained his senses from the shock. His heart felt that he had suffered a great defeat. In all his life, he had only treated Shen Kong as a formidable opponent. However, he was caught up to by a junior and defeated in two moves!

Withdrawing his gaze, Su Yu’s expression turned swift and fierce abruptly. He looked toward Shen Kong, who stood with his hands clasped behind his back, observing the battle with composure.

“Shen Kong, you are the only one remaining!” Su Yu called out, filled with thick fighting intentions.

Shen Kong was a legend who stood above hundreds of millions of Heaven Rulers in the north continent. He was a monument that was difficult to erase from countless geniuses’ heartsan exceptional king who was above all the geniuses!

Shen Kong, the King of the Heaven Rulers! The monarch that was impossible to surpass! Hundreds of millions of geniuses had tried their best to chase after him, but there was no one who was able to surpass him.

Being born in the same generation as him was a sorrowful thing for countless strong martial artists! A strong person like Wei Qilin who was unmatched and known for defeating his opponents with five moves. A strong person like Sword Demon Zhong Luan who initiated and created a Heart Sword. If either of them had been placed in any other generation, they would have been individuals who illuminated time and space. However, when placed in the same generation as Shen Kong, they were dim and indistinct.

That was a sorrowful thing that they could not describe with words. And the person whom Su Yu wanted to compete with and defeat was this king, the king of the geniuses!

Mu Tianfang was moved. Su Yu had really come before Shen Kong! However, when she saw her Master, she became silent. Her Master had extremely good judgment, and she could see far ahead. She could determine Su Yu and Zhong Luan’s ranking without making any mistakes.

This meant that Su Yu’s match would not have any suspense. Before even fighting, he had already lost. It was destined that Xianer would not be his. The wish of seeing her personally turned into mist and dispersed.

Everyone held their breaths and waited for the King of the Heaven Rulers to attack. Would he defeat his opponent with one move, like the rumors said?

Shen Kong laughed. It was laughter filled with indescribable arrogance and indifference. It was as if he were a monarch who sat at the peak. He looked down on all living things and observed the transmigration between life and death of ordinary people with a smile. That boundless, imposing manner of a king gradually influenced the hearts of everyone.

“Is it that funny?” Su Yu asked, breaking the silence.

In many people’s eyes, Shen Kong was simply laughing, and Su Yu was overconfident.

Shen Kong shook his head and continued to laugh. “No,” he said. “I am only laughing at the fact that all of you are so slow! Boring and uninteresting fights. The time that all of you have taken is too long!”

Had the fights been slow? Absolutely not! The fights between the four of them had been determined with only a few moves. It had not been slow at all.

In Shen Kong’s eyes, however, it was still too slow. Because, to him, those duels had been meaningless and utterly worthless.

Su Yu had an unusually calm expression. “Don’t worry. It’ll be quick!”

Not many moves were needed to fight with Shen Kong. Within a few moves, the results would be seen!

Shen Kong wore an apathetic smile. “It will, indeed, be fast! However, it can still be faster! The three of you can team up. This will then end quickly.”

No one considered those words to be savage; it was as if it were natural. Shen Kong had the right to say those words.

Team up?

Wei Qilin remained quiet for some time. He who was ambitious and proud actually did not decline. He turned his head and looked at Zhong Luan and Su Yu. “If we don’t team up,” he said, “no one can last longer than one move of his. If we team up, we still have a chance to withstand one move!”

Wei Qilin, who was below, Shen Kong was respectful of his abilities.

Zhong Luan laughed gently. “I am fine with it! I also wish to see for myself the legend of defeating his opponents with one move!”

The two of them looked toward Su Yu. However, they saw that Su Yu had retreated by one step.

“I only wish to fight with him one to one!” Su Yu said nonchalantly with a firm tone.

If he was to win, he would want to win openly. He was unable to accept the notion of teaming up to win in front of Xianer.

“Haha! What fearless self-esteem,” Shen Kong laughed and shook his head. He then took one step forward. “Then the both of you can start first.”