The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 376

Chapter 376 Destroying The Legend

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Even women were jealous of his handsome face. His face had a radiant confidence, his lips hanging a faint, constant smile. “Attack!” he commanded. “You only have one chance!”

If Shen Kong so desired, they would not have had the chance to attack him at all, even together.

“All right!” Wei Qilin and Zhong Luan had never been more serious.

“Fifth palm of the Heaven Breaking Nine Styles, God Break!”

“One with the Sword!”

The two of them used their most powerful techniques!

One shot out a figure of an eight-zhang wide palm; the other turned into a longsword and sliced through the air.



With them as the center, the stage formed multiple, spider-webbing cracks. The horrifying power assaulted the stage, resulting in the rise of a wave of energy! In the flickers of light, the two of them speedily attacked.

Shen Kong stood at his position with his hands behind him, his smile still hanging on his handsome face. The wild winds blew on his long hair and robes but could not shake Shen Kong.

Only when the two of them had closed in did he slowly put down a hand, extending a finger!

Zhong Luan’s One with the Sword had a powerful aura and was indefensible. The sword was as fast as lightning and unstoppable. But it was as if Shen Kong knew where the sword would land. He took a step and pointed his finger in that direction!

A normal person could never have noticed this action, but Su Yu, using his visual prowess to its extreme, could clearly notice Shen Kong’s slight action.

He had the power of prediction!


A dull thud followed a shocking scene! The extremely fast One with the Sword suddenly stopped! A finger was casually pointed on Zhong Luan’s forehead. The owner of the finger, Shen Kong, had not moved an inch! It was as if what Zhong Luan had collided not a finger, but a 10,000 zhang wide mountain!

“You lost!” Shen Kong smiled, flicking his finger.


Zhong Luan’s body formed an afterimage as it was sent flying 1,000 meters back, crashing directly into the audience!

With the intense impact, Zhong Luan’s organs shook as he violently spat out a mouthful of blood. He propped himself up out of the debris with much difficulty. Zhong Luan wiped the blood off the corner of his lips, cupping his hands in respect, and said, “The legend of defeating every opponent with one move. Thank you for teaching me! I thank you for not killing me!”

That finger could definitely have crushed his skull! If Shen Kong had wanted to, he could have easily killed him.

Shen Kong had a faint smile. Not bothering to answer Zhong Luan, he instead shifted his finger toward the eight-zhang palm figure currently assaulting him. Ignoring the horrifying power, he swiped his finger over the palm.

At that moment, the palm seemed no more formidable than a light fog. It was sent flying back with Shen Kong’s casual action, turning into multiple afterimages as it struck toward Wei Qilin!


Wei Qilin did not even have the time to evade! The afterimage was too fast, directly striking his body.


Spitting out a mist of blood, Wei Qilin was sent flying back. He landed in the spectator’s seats, destroying an entire building. In the debris, Wei Qilin was covered in blood, his face pale as he struggled to breathe.

Defeating an enemy with one move! The crowd had witnessed this legendary miracle! One move, no matter the enemy!

After being silent for a moment, the crowd erupted into maniacal shouts, their waves of excited cries were like a tsunami.

“Defeating the enemy with one move, Shen Kong!”

“Too strong! The legend of beating an enemy with one movethe undefeated Shen Kong!”

“Too shocking! I will never forget this battle as long as I live!”

“To be born in the same generation as this person is the grief of the other geniuses!”

The crowd had never been this excited. Shen Kong’s two fingers had shocked everyone. Everything they thought they knew had been turned upside down.

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet’s proper expression showed a rare look of satisfaction. “Honing for all this time to take the top. But all for naught when he meets the one who defeats all with one move.”

Beside her, Mu Tianfang was equally awed. Hearing the comments of the master of the Phoenix Cabinet, she once again looked at Su Yu with pity.

What the master was saying was that a fighter could train for the longest time to reach the peak of humanity, but when they met with Shen Kong, who could beat anyone with one move, it was all for naught. Meaningless. For before Shen Kong, their only fate was to be defeated with one move.

Similar to the reputable Wei Qilin, his achievements in battle were prominent. There was no one in his generation who could last more than five moves against him. The person who stood above everyone in his generation, a rare, absolute genius, was destined to be defeated in only one move by Shen Kong.

A strange genius like Zhong Luannot dying even after succumbing to his inner demons nine times, gaining an inhuman level of perception, and developing the never-before-seen Heart Swordeven this strange genius, when faced against Shen Kong, could only thank him for not killing him!

Shen Kong was too strong! He was so strong that he dulled the geniuses born in the same generation as him. All the other geniuses merely served as a foil for him.

Under the attention of the crowd, Shen Kong continued standing with a hand behind him, his faint smile unchanging. It was as if he was a god that had descended, smiling as he observed the human world with an air of authority.

“You only have one chance to strike,” said Shen Kong, smiling as he looked over at Su Yu. “No one can snatch my woman, even if she used to be your woman.”

A ripple formed on Su Yu’s calm expression.


Su Yu turned back to look at the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair. Xianer had not said a word since she had arrived. Could she not recognize Su Yu’s voice? Did she forget Su Yu’s voice in the year they had been apart?

Retracting his gaze, he calmed his agitated heart. Su Yu regained his composure. The more powerful the opponent before him, the calmer Su Yu was.

“Won’t we know after we try?” There was a cold light in Su Yu’s eyes.


Su Yu took out his silver bow, immediately shooting out an arrow of spirit energy.

Shen Kong shook his head. “Didn’t I tell you that you only had one chance to attack? You use an attack that even Wei Qilin can stopagainst me? Are you too nervous?”

Extending two fingers, Shen Kong causally grabbed the arrow. “I have already given you the chance to attack,” he said. “It is over.”


Flicking his finger, Shen Kong sent the arrow flying back at Su Yu. The arrow was fast as lightning, shooting toward Su Yu much faster than when it had been shot from his bow at Shen Kong! Under this circumstances, Su Yu wouldn’t even have the time to react!


Su Yu’s chest was pierced through by his own arrow!

“Ah!” Mu Tianfang let out a shrill scream.

The audience also exclaimed in surprise! Without a doubt, he had been defeated in one move! No matter the attack, no matter the opponent, they could only last one move in front of Shen Kong!

Striving for all this time to take the top! But it was all for naught to meet the one who defeated all with one move. When their opponent was Shen Kong, all their abilities would become nothing. In the end, Su Yu, this person who had risen through the ranks after defying all oddsthis shocking dark horsewas no exception.

But Shen Kong lifted his brows. He noticed something amiss when the arrow of spirit energy pierced through Su Yu’s body. This arrow should have sent his body flying after it pierced through Su Yu.

But other than the hole in Su Yu’s body, he did not move an inch!


Suddenly, Su Yu’s body became a blur, dissipating into spirit energy.

“This is” Shen Kong’s unchanging smile turned rigid for the first time. “Second Grade Clone Technique!”

Even if the outsiders were unclear, how could Shen Kong be unclear about the technique used by Bai He, their inspector, being in the sub palace of the northern continent? To form a clone using spirit energy was the Second Grade Clone Technique!

“Correct!” a cold grunt came from beside Shen Kong.

Shen Kong squinted. How could that be? When had he made his way beside him without him realizing it?

A close observation would have revealed that the time around Su Yu was three times faster than that of the outside world! Using time manipulation, Su Yu had quickly used the Second Grade Clone Technique, using the clone to capture Shen Kong’s attention as he rapidly made his way to the other side of Shen Kong’s body. When Shen Kong shot out the arrow, Su Yu was already prepared to launch his attack!

“Thousand Thunder Finger!”

With a low grunt, 300 bolts of lightning wrapped themselves around Su Yu’s fingers. A five-colored ring of lightning struck toward Shen Kong’s forehead with the power of thunder! No one could defend themselves facing such a sudden, prepared strike at such an awkward angle.

The crowd held their breaths as they witnessed this scene! If Shen Kong was really struck by that, his legend of defeating everyone with one move would be overturned!

Battling Shen Kong and dispelling his legend! Could Su Yu, a genius who had risen from rock bottom, defeat this legendary genius who until now had posed as a barrier to all? Too many geniuses of this generationtoo many who grieved for this fact. They had been repressed for too long by Shen Kong! That legend of defeating everyone with one move had made them unable to rise up. They were doomed to look up to Shen Kong. But Shen Kong was about to do it! The historic moment was before them!

“Yin Yu! Battle Shen Kong and destroy his legend!” someone screamed in excitement.

This set off an uproar. This sentence was filled with the frustrations and desires of many fighters.

“Battle Shen Kong!” others shouted.

“Destroy his legend!”

“Battle! Battle! Battle!”

The crowd was roaring. Their boiling blood, their excitement, their agitation, and their desireall of it was poured into the six words: “Battle Shen Kong, destroy his legend!”

They could not face off against Shen Kong, but they had placed everything they had onto Su Yu!

The crowd was in an uproar, their shouts shaking the heavens. Even the deafening roars that hurt their own ears could not suppress their insanity.

Feeling the will of the crowd, Su Yu’s finger became even more merciless!

“Break!” he said with a low growl.

The five-colored ring of lightning turned into a radiant, divine glow, piercing through Shen Kong! At such a close distance, he had no chance of avoiding it! At least, hebeing Immortal Realm Level Four Upper Tiercould not do it!


But what was heard was not the sound of the blasts of lightning, but instead the sound of a body being destroyed!


The roar of the crowd was quickly silenced! Lost, bitter laughs, disappointment, and complicated feelings were all visible on their faces! He had failed!

The move was a failure, and Su Yu had lost his only chance! The undefeated legend was still before them, no one able to defeat him.

Zhong Luan and Wei Qilin were looking on nervously, their hearts poured into Su Yu’s attack. But the sudden scene deeply impacted them.

Zhong Luan sighed in frustration. “He ultimately still can’t do it? But I finally understood why we as Immortal Realm Level Four Upper Tier like him cannot last more than a move in Shen Kong’s hands!”

Wei Qilin looked at Zhong Luan, a bitter laugh forming on his face. “That is because he is not Upper Tier. Instead, he had long broken through to Immortal Realm Level Four Peak!”

The difference between every tier in Immortal Realm Level Four was like heaven and earth. This was why the Immortal Realm Level Four Lower Tier Yu Ling could be undefeated amongst people in the same cultivation level as her, yet could only last two moves against Wei Qilin, who was Immortal Realm Level Four Upper Tier. The difference between every tier in Immortal Realm Level Four and Five were like night and day.

Shen Kong had long broken through to Peak and thus was able to be so powerful as to suppress every genius in the continent. This was also why Shen Kong could surpass everybody’s expectations and avoid that unavoidable strike!

Su Yu had underestimated him. Everyone had underestimated him. That attack was fated to miss Shen Kong!

Immortal Realm Level Four Peak? It was beyond Su Yu’s expectations!

Su Yu’s body was still in the air when cold words could be heard from beside him. “You are the first one to force me to show my hidden cultivation level! But unfortunately, your struggles are all for naught!”

Even if Su Yu could dodge the attack that followed, he had already angered Shen Kong!