The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 377

Chapter 377 The Clash Of The Legends

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Shen Kong sneered, and a ray of dangerous light was glowing in his pupils! He was about to launch a heavy blow!

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master frowned. Her red lips opened slightly, and she felt a strong desire to stop them. However, suddenly, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master felt as if she had discovered something, and she closed her mouth.

“A futile effort? Maybe not!” Su Yu suddenly revealed a mocking smile.

A red light glowed in his eye abruptly and there was a small lump of space fluctuation. He had actually made preparations beforehand to accumulate power and launch his attack!

“Space-time Manipulation!”


A scene transpired which no one could have foreseen! Suddenly, the five-colored ring of lightning which had not hit Shen Kongbut had been shot far awaywas enshrouded by a lump of space energy.

Shen Kong was slightly stunned. After which, his expression changed. There was only time for him to tell himself that his situation was not good. After which, a space fluctuation appeared silently behind him!

That five-colored ring of lightning that had missed appeared from the void!

“You!” Shen Kong’s expression finally changed.

He gave a furious shout and wanted to dodge the attack again! However, he had no chance!

There was only time for him to realize the terrible mistake he had made. Immediately after that, his back was ferociously struck by the five-colored ring of lightning!


The five-colored ring of lightning was accompanied by tens of feet of raging flames which could soar up the sky. After which, the sound of thunder reverberated through the whole place!

The dust which was lifted up flew hundreds of meters high, blotting out the sky, and its imposing manner was shocking. The heat waves carried the remaining lightning arcs, which spread and shot in all directions.

The whole place was deathly silent! Su Yu had actually actually succeeded in landing an attack on Shen Kong!

Before Su Yu, no geniuses had ever managed to last longer than a single move from himlet alone land an attack on him! However, at this very moment, someone had managed to do it! He had shattered Shen Kong’s legend by remaining undefeated after one move!

That legend which was like a curse that had finally been broken!

At that moment, no one could describe their astonishment. The audience of 10,000 breathed crazily and began to roar continuously!

“Hehe has done it! Yin Yu has done it!”

“The legend is shattered! Shen Kong has failed to defeat Yin Yu with one move!”

“I have seen a miracle! I have seen a new legend!”

The audience of 10,000 seethed with excitement like never before. Their voices of excitement and loud cries became a heaven-shaking noise which headed straight to the clouds.

However, a few people felt completely different. Many of the women who were deeply in love with Shen Kong covered their mouths in disbelief. Their eyes were filled with shock, as well as a sense of loss. They were unable to accept the reality in front of them. A few women even could not accept what they had seenthat the legend of the god-like Shen Kong, who could defeat his opponents with one move, was shattered. The cruel reality caused them to shed tears on the spot!

That legend which had stood in the sacred altar had collapsed with a bang!

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s eyes wore a gratifying expression. “Yin Yu is really a rare genius! However, it is a pity that there is only one Feng Xian!”

A shred of sympathy flashed in her clear eyes quietly.

As the audience of 10,000 seethed with excitement, the dust on the arena descended gradually. The situation atop the arena gradually became clear. Everyone held their breaths in concentration and stared at the arena without blinking.

With that kind of attack, even with Shen Kong’s real cultivation base of Immortal Level Four Peak, he would surely be unable to escape unscathed. Moreover, he might even be heavily injured!

Within the fuzziness, a figure stood amidst the dust, and it was Palace Master Shen Kong! He did not fall!

No one felt surprised that he had not fallen.

The fact that Shen Kong was strong was deeply embedded in their hearts. What Su Yu shattered was merely his legend of defeating his opponents with one move. No one questioned the legend of him being unmatched and undefeated. Moreover, no one had thought that this single attack alone would defeat Shen Kong.

However, when the dust dispersed, everyone gasped in succession! The ground that Shen Kong stood on had been torn into pieces by the five-colored ring of lightning. Not a single part of it was in one piece.

The ground was completely destroyed. Everywhere the attack had touched was in a state of devastation. No one could deny the fact that attack was frightening.

Even more frightening was the sight of Shen Kong, standing at his original position like before. He was not injured in the slightest bit! His black hair was fluttering, and his clothes were neat, without a speck of dust. It was as if that frightening, thunderous explosion did not affect him in the slightest bit!

“How can this be?” Mu Tianfang was in disbelief. “With that kind of attack in an unguarded situation, is it even possible for him to be severely injured? How can he be not injured at all? Master, what is going on?”

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master stared at Shen Kong and said profoundly, “This is the reason why I am willing to betroth Feng Xian to him! Apart from Shen Kong, no one else is worthy of Feng Xian. Even Yin Yu is unworthy, as well.”

Mu Tianfang murmured, “Could it be that he is really unparalleled?”

The wind blew past the hearts of everyone. However, it was unable to put their trembling hearts at ease. Exactly how strong was Shen Kong? With that kind of attack, how could he possibly suffer no injuries at all? It was illogical!

Even Su Yu himself wore a surprised expression. “Your cultivation base is not only Immortal Level Four Peak! Instead, it is Immortal Level Five!”

Lumps of destructive aura encircled his body! He had been able to escape unscathed because he had released his spiritual energy completely at the critical moment! That was a destructive spiritual energy that Immortal Level Fives possessed!

Moreover, it was an aura that Su Yu had felt before!

“Immortal Immortal Level Five!” The audience of 10,000 was deathly silent!

Immortal Level Five. That was a realm that many martial artists found difficult to attain in their entire lives. It was rumored that it was a realm that was close to gods. Their actions had unimaginable destructive power.

Such abilities were only possessed by the Faction Masters of the various super forces of the north continent. For example, Han Jianglin, Immortal Level Five Lower Tier! The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, Immortal Level Five Lower Tier! The Snow Listening Tower’s Master, Immortal Level Five Lower Tier! The Anyue City Master, Immortal Level Five Lower Tier!

Immortal Level Five. That was a realm that the north continent looked up to! However, Shen Kong, a Deputy Palace Master of a force, had actually achieved such a frightening realm! He was not weaker than the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master! It was no wonder that the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was willing to betroth Feng Xian to him!

Winning over a strong martial artist of Immortal Level Five. How frightening was such a hand?

Su Yu was shocked as well! Shen Kong was unexpectedly strong! When everyone thought that he was only an Immortal Level Four Upper Tier, in actual fact, he had already shaken off all geniuses and could match most of the Heaven Masters. In his eyes, the so-called geniuses of the north continent were perhaps a joke.

Su Yu took a deep breath. How would he have suspected that the opponent he had to face was actually an individual at the level of Ling Xiaotian?

“Haha!” An indescribable laughter was heard from Shen Kong’s mouth. He hung his head low, and his expression could not be seen clearly. However, that laughter terrified everyone present.

Shen Kong was furious! A supreme existence at the level of a Heaven Master of the north continent was enraged! Everyone trembled and kept quiet out of fear.

“Haha! You have actually forced me to this extent!” Shen Kong raised his head. That calm and pleasantly warm expression had disappeared a long time ago. What replaced it was an extremely cold expression! In particular, that pair of eyes was overflowing with an extreme coldness that could freeze a person’s heart. “Yin Yu! I admit that I have underestimated you!” Shen Kong said menacingly. “You are strong. You are stronger than I expected! If you are given time, there is no doubt that you will climb even higher than me one day!”

No one questioned those words. Su Yu had surprised the talents of the current generation, and this had no doubt announced a fact: Yin Yu would be unusually strong in the future.

“Hence,” said Shen Kong, I will not give you time to grow! You are too frightening!”

Shen Kong revealed his murderous intents. Exceptional murderous intents, accompanied by the frightening destructive aura of an Immortal Level Five, engulfed the whole place!

“No!” The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master spoke quickly to stop him. “You are not allowed to kill anyone here!”

Many geniuses were invited by the Phoenix Cabinet. If they died at the current location, it would be difficult for the Phoenix Cabinet to claim that they were not responsible.

“Moreover,” the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master added, “both of you are Deputy Palace Masters of the Empire of Darkness. Killing each other is going too far.”

However, Shen Kong had extremely strong murderous intents. “No!” he flatly refused. “You cannot understand how frightening he will be! Do you know, when he entered the Empire of Darkness, what cultivation base he was? Dragon Realm Level Five! In just half a year, from a nobody, he became a legendary genius whose name shook the continent. This was a frightening individual who was enough to shake the Immortal Level Fours. Could you imagine, if he were given a few years, what kind of cultivation base he would have?”

Undoubtedly, his words resulted in terrifying waves. Many people had heard of Yin Yu’s reputation. However, no one knew his background. In just half a year, he had grown from a Dragon Realm Level Five to an individual who could match an Immortal Level Four. Such training talents were unheard of in all of history!

“Even if I do not kill him today, I must cripple his cultivation base! Even if the Palace Master comes personally, I will still do it!” Shen Kong was determined!

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was scared. As an Immortal Level Five Lower Tier like him, she might not be able to stop him!

With a flash of her eyes, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s words changed. She directed her sentiments to Su Yu. “Yin Yu? Are you still not going to admit your mistake and ask for forgiveness? Feng Xian was originally Shen Kong’s fiance. You only landed yourself in your current plight because you insisted on fighting for her.”

At the critical moment, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master spoke. She had hoped that Su Yu would admit defeat so that Shen Kong would compromise.

Mu Tianfang, who was at the side was anxious as well. Only by doing this could Su Yu save his own life! The audience of 10,000 was silent, witnessing this rapid turn of eventsfrom a duel, it had become a situation in which Shen Kong was furious enough to kill.

Su Yu’s life would be decided with a thought of Shen Kong.

Shen Kong shook his head stubbornly. “It’s useless. Even if he lowers his head and admits his mistake, I have no intention of letting him go! Today, he will either die or suffer a crippled cultivation base!”

That was Shen Kong’s threat. It was also the threat of a Heaven Master of the north continent! Everyone felt worried for Su Yu, as no one could stop Shen Kong!

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master stood up. The most pressing matter at the moment was to save Su Yu’s life. As for cultivation base Compared with his life and future, it was no longer important. “Yin Yu, please admit your mistake first”

However, what they did not expect was that after Su Yu’s surprise at Shen Kong’s cultivation base, he quickly calmed down again. After hearing the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s advice, Su Yu laughed sardonically. “What a joke! It is clear that he wants to harm me. Why must I apologize to him for no reason? Could it be that after I have apologized, he would let me go?”

The two questions in reply made the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master anxious. The situation at hand was not something that she could control. Su Yu’s actions would only make the matter worse!

“Putting my life in the hands of another person and letting him decide whether I should live or die. How deceiving is that to myself?” said Su Yu. “How sad and regretful is that? How cowardly is that?”

Su Yu’s eyes were glowing with a swift and fierce light. He raised his head and looked at the boundless underworld. His gaze was deep, and he fixed his eyes on the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair in the end. Gentleness and determination merged within his eyes.

“My life belongs to meit does not belong to anyone else!” Su Yu shouted at the top of his voice! “It does not belong to Heaven. Moreover, it absolutely does not belong to Earth! I shall control my own destiny!”

His words were rhythmic and sonorous, as if his voice were a sound from a large bell and it cleansed the hearts of everyone. The audience of 10,000 unconsciously sat up straight to watch this hopeless figure whose life had been filled with up and downs. He was unwilling to go in a forbidden direction atop the arena. It was obvious that he was thin. However, at the very moment, everyone felt that he was tall and sturdy. It was as if he was a war god who could even defy Heaven Earth!

“Shen Kong! You and I will have a final showdown! Our life and death will be decided by God’s will!”

Su Yu’s swift and fierce eyes were burning with unprecedented fighting intentions. The raging flames caused his blood to boil, caused his determination to surge. And all of this was merged with his soul-stirring resolve.

He had not lost! He wanted to have a death match with Shen Kong!

Between the two of them, one was a legendary genius of the north continent. He had risen to that level like a comet, ripped open the void, and shocked a whole generation.

The other was an undefeated king of the north continent. He was an unmatched legend who was extremely strong and had suppressed all the Heaven Rulers of the north continent.

Among them, who would be the new legend?

Would it be Su Yu, who rose abruptly in defiance of the natural order, such that he had shattered the legend and created a new legend that belonged only to him? Or would the outstanding Shen Kong crush Su Yu beneath his foot and laugh at the current generation?