The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 378

Chapter 378 In Accordance With Their Fates

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“Life and death, in accordance with our fates Hehe. Hehe!” Shen Kong let out a cold, long laugh. “To be able to say such words, even in this situation! Yin Yu, if there was no reason to kill you, I really wouldn’t want to kill you!” His words could not mask his admiration.

The crowd was shocked. Life and death, in accordance with their fates? This wide disparity, this hopeless situation, this situation where he would definitely diebut Su Yu still stood straight and tall, even saying the words “in accordance with their fates”? Just what kind of spirit, what kind of courage, what kind of acceptance of death did he have?

Ripples formed in the master of the Phoenix Cabinet’s heart. She stared at the unyielding figure at the center of the stage, momentarily blinded. She thought she had experienced peace for too long, and that had seen everything the world had to offer. At this moment, she had an indescribable feeling in her heart: touched, as well as a sense of admiration.

“Shen Kong” the master of the Phoenix Cabinet sighed, standing up. “Retreat. I will protect Yin Yu. He should not die here.”

Her gaze was calm, her tone not fierce, but anyone could feel the will of the master of the Phoenix Cabinet. Even if she had to fight Shen Kong to protect Yin Yu.

Shen Kong paused his steps, looking up. His sinister expression was wavering.

“Shen Kong, I’ll officially betroth Feng Xian to you if you stop this right now,” the master of the Phoenix Cabinet compromised.

Shen Kong stared at Su Yu, his eyes filled with injustice and caution. Under this authority, Shen Kong nodded his head, though he clearly felt slighted. “Fine, but this is his only chance”

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet sighed a sigh of relief, shooting a benevolent glance toward Su Yu. This was all she could do for Su Yu. The hearts of the crowd finally relaxed as they took several deep breaths. The moment had gripped their hearts.

It was fortunate that the master of the Phoenix Cabinet was a person of principle and had feelings of admiration for Su Yu. Only in this way could Su Yu be saved.

But a cold sentence made everybody freeze: “You have not asked for my opinion!”

The tone was clear. It had come from Su Yu, who was at the center of the stage.

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet was confused. “What do you mean?”

Su Yu raised his head, his youthful features laced with determination. “I must complete in this battle! Even if I am to perish along with this world!”

The crowd was shocked. Why was he so insistent on dying, even after his life had been saved with much difficulty? He still wanted to fight? Even if it meant he would perish and be reduced to dust thrown about by the winds of time?

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet could not understand Su Yu’s determination. “Why are you so insistent on this battle?”

Su Yu laughed, his smile harboring his insistence, his determination, his warmth. His gentle eyes stared at the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair. “Because I came for Xianer! She is the woman I cannot bear even with my life! How can I look from the side as she married someone else?”

Even if he was going to die, he was going to battle!

“This battle is only for Xianer!”

The crowd was shocked. Su Yu’s reason for fighting was a single woman! Even if he knew that he was definitely going to die, even if he knew that it was hopeless, even if he knew that this was a predetermined battlehe still would only charge forward!

For Feng Xian. For one woman was it worth it?

“Is Xianer so important to you?” Shen Kong lifted his head and sighed, “I really do not wish to kill you”

It was not only the crowd who were touched; even his enemy was deeply moved. A battle to the death, just for Feng Xian! Countless people stared at the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair, looking at the saintly lady who still had not stepped out, nor spoken, their eyes filled with envy.

Many of them were touched by the idea of a person in their lives who would give it their all against everyone. Not for fame, fortune, life, or death, but instead for love alone. How blissful would this person be? Feng Xian was a person loved by the heavens if there was a man who would do that for her.

Even the master of the Phoenix Cabinet was shocked for a moment. He is fighting for Feng Xian? After a moment’s silence, a bitter smile formed on her lips. “You have made up your mind. I will not stop you again. fight to your heart’s content!”

It was as if she had been taken back to the time of her youth. Back then, she was also incredibly beautiful, incredibly radiant. She had everything Feng Xian had except for a person like Yin Yu, who would give anything for her. She had never had that. At this point, even she could not hide her envy for her disciple.

Without any other obstacles, Su Yu shifted his gaze from the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair, looking directly at Shen Kong.

“Start the battle!”

She Kong nodded, his eyes filled with a conflicted killing intent. “You are excellent. I am beneath you! Destroying your cultivation level and letting you struggle to survive is being merciless and disrespectful, so I have decided to grant you death!”

Death was the biggest respect he could give a genius like Su Yu.

Su Yu nodded. “You are the same! I would either kill you or free you. This is all I can do!”

In reality, Su Yu wanted to know why Shen Kong must kill him. They had no animosity between them, but Shen Kong had said that Su Yu had to die! Before this, Shen Kong had instigated Palace Master Xiao Guang to cause trouble at the Yinyu Manor. Their animosity had appeared out of the blue.

But this was not important anymore. Defeating Shen Kong was Su Yu’s only goal.

Shen Kong stood with his hands behind him. “Same rules. You only have one chance to attack! But this time, there will be no exceptions!”

Immortal Realm Level Fivean existence likened to a god on the northern continent. Any of Su Yu’s techniques would be useless before him. He only had one chance to attack. Su Yu understood this. Thus, he had no choice but to defeat Shen Kong with one attack.

Taking a light breath, Su Yu’s expression turned stern. Squatting down, Su Yu firmly planted his feet on the floor.


The stone under his feet shattered under the force, causing his feet to sink into the stage, burying half his calves. All of the nerves in his body was strung taut, his muscles shifting continually, clenched hard as a rock. His expression was unprecedentedly grave.

He had not even begun his technique when the crowd felt a strange aura. It was as if Su Yu were preparing to use an extremely horrifying technique.

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet raised her head to look at the sky, a shred of surprise forming between her brows. “The spirit energy around the Phoenix Fort is being disturbed What a heavenly power!”

But any immortal-level technique would bring about a heavenly power, be it strong or weak. But the power that Su Yu had invited had already surpassed that of an ordinary technique.

Suddenly, the moving spirit energy seemed to have heard the call of the heavens, gathering toward Su Yu! The violently moving spirit energy suddenly brought about wild winds. Many fighters were taken by surprise and were flung into the air! Even the roofs of several buildings were lifted and taken to the air by its shocking power.

The explosive spirit energy gathered around the top of Su Yu’s head, turning into liquid as if formed into a layer of cloud!

“A cloud layer of spirit energy!” The pupils of the crowd dilated as they lost their voices in shock.

To be able to gather such an amount of spirit energy!

“What What technique is this?” No one could understand what they were seeing.

Even the master of the Phoenix Cabinet had a ripple of an unreadable expression. Her eyes flashed with shock. “Could this be?”

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters! Bing!”

A low roar of the heavens reverberated in the earth. It was filled with an unknown rhythm as if obeying an order.

The horrifying spirit energy that had gathered at Su Yu’s head suddenly formed the word “Bing” 100 zhang wide! Boundless killing intent and a strange heavenly power shot out from the word “Bing”! This word was filled with an unparalleled killing intent, released into the earth from the word with every shout. It was as of the word contained 1 million soldiers roaring in unison.

The alarming killing intent was enough to kill even the heavensenough to kill every living creature on earth!


The teacup in the master of the Phoenix Cabinet’s hands suddenly shattered. Her calm and gentle eyes filled with seriousness. She let out a low mutter. “Legendary-level technique! How can that be?”

Beside her, Mu Tianfang heard the soft mutter of her teacher. It was like she had been struck by a million bolts of lightning, freezing on the spot. She stammered, “Leglegendary-level technique”

It was something that existed only in rumors! A technique only gods could cultivate! Su Yu had cultivated a legendary-level technique!

The 100-zhang word “Bing” was going to destroy everything! A magnificent killing intent was compressed in the word. If it were to erupt, it would definitely destroy everything!

The eyelids of the master of the Phoenix Cabinet twitched wildly as she came to her senses. Her expression changed as she ordered quickly, “Everyone, get out of the arena! Everyone is to stay 10,000 zhang from this place! Immediately! Retreat!”

Hearing this, the crowd sensed the severity of the situation. The killing intent compressed in the word “Bing” caused their skin to crawl. Once it was unleashed, they would be reduced to dust if they stayed to close!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Multiple figures took to the skies, evacuating in a hurry, They escaped to 10,000 zhang away, as ordered, to observe from a distance.

“We should leave, too!” The master of the Phoenix Cabinet looked at Mu Tianfang, also retreating 1,000 zhang away!

It was the first time Mu Tianfang had seen such caution in her teacher’s eyes!

“Teacher, just how powerful is his attack going to be?” Mu Tianfang swallowed, her eyes unable to leave Su Yu’s figure. This person whom she had nearly taken in as a thief had made her teacher cautions!

The master of the Phoenix Cabinet stared at the word “Bing,” her expression stern as she shook her head, “This is the first time I have personally witnessed a legendary-level technique! No one really knows exactly how powerful that attack is The only thing I know that there is no possibility other than death if I were to take it head-on. Even living through it with crippling injuries would be considered extremely lucky!”

“Shen Kong has lost!” the master of the Phoenix Cabinet said, her clear eyes looking at Su Yu without blinking. She had thought of Su Yu as a junior, but he had hidden such a terrifying ability!

Mu Tianfang’s brain felt as if it had been struck by lightning. Her mouth was dry. “He He would kill you, teacher?”

She had thought that Su Yu could only pose a slight threat to her teacher, but the reality was that this attack was more than enough to kill her teacher! Yin Yu was too powerful! So powerful that nobody could breathe in their despair!

Atop the stage, Shen Kong’s expression was rigid, his eyes filled with ripples of emotion. Deep in his eyes was fear. His confident, arrogant, domineering aura of a king had disappeared in an instant!

“Legendary! Level! Technique!” Shen Kong said through clenched his teeth, suppressing his trembling body.

The legendary-level technique was a technique of gods that disregarded any differences in level. How was Su Yu in possession of such a technique? A technique that should not belong to anyone on the Zhenlong Continent?

The threat of death circled in his brain. Shen Kong knew that he could not defend himself from this attack! But he still could not believe that Su Yu could possibly beat him, even after he exposed his true abilities!