The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Eternal Mask

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A great defeat surged within his heart. Although he was strong, Su Yu was even stronger! Su Yu was the real King of the Heaven Rulers of the north continent! He was the real supreme king who governed all the geniuses!

“Yin Yu! This match is not over yet!”

The “Bing” word came, and the universe was silent. As the frequency of the destructive sound was too high, it had reached a level at which the ears of human beings could no longer capture it!

No one could hear the destructive sound. They could only see nothingness.

With Su Yu as the core, the arena, which had been torn into pieces, looked as if it had been turned to tofu. Then it disintegrated into dust silently and flew towards the sky.

The Earth beneath the arena collapsed as well, and a huge pit appeared. The battle preparation area everyone had stayed at previouslystairs, handrails, large doors, enclosing doors, the stone chairs they had sat on, as well as the battle observation stage that the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master had stayed at previouslyeverything dispersed like mist. In everyone’s eyes, everything disappeared bit by bit and became smoke and dust that drifted about.

In the blink of an eye, the 10,000-foot place changed into a 10,000-foot bottomless pit! Everything was destroyed, and nothing remained!

When the remaining destructive sound dispersed, what appeared in the eyes of everyone was a 10,000-foot bottomless pit, as well as a great expanse of ruins, which was filled with marks everywhere within 50,000 feet of them.

100,000 feet away, everyone spoke seriously. Their hearts were filled with terrifying waves. They were so frightened that they found it difficult to speak. Su Yu’s attack had overturned their cognition!

At the moment, everywhere was extremely quiet. There were only the slight sounds of dust settling. It was only after a long time that the noise of everyone gasping in succession could be heard.

“Yin Yu…” someone breathed between gasps. “Is he really only 16 years old?”

No one could believe that what had happened was caused by a young man who had yet to become an adult!

After some time, all the dust descended onto the ground. An expanse of ruins and a great void appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. The shocking and frightening scene caused everyone to tremble continuously.

Atop the deep pit, there was a silver-haired figure standing alone in the sky.

As everyone stared at his back, all of them felt respect for him from the bottom of their hearts. Comparing the past and present alike, when had the Phoenix Meet ever had such an incredible talent who could shake the world?

If geniuses like Wei Qilin and Zhong Luan, who stood at the peak, were placed in any other generation, they would have been the King of the Heaven Rulers. However, in the current Phoenix Meet, not only did both of them appear, but the legendary, undefeated Shen Kong, the supreme king who stood above the Heaven Rulers, had appeared as well.

He had created a generation where he stood at the peak. However, no one had expected was that a dark horse would appear out of the blue who could shatter Shen Kong’s legend of being undefeated and have such unprecedented achievements!

As a young man, he had reached the level of Heaven Master, and even the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master needed to retreat! With such a legendary person who shocked history, no matter how many generations went by, no one could surpass him. Moreover, everyone present had seen a legendary genius who had suppressed the geniuses of the current generation with their own eyes!

No matter how many years passed, they would be unable to forget it!

The audience of 10,000 focused on Su Yu. Su Yu looked as if he stood above hundreds and millions of living creatures and was being worshipped by all of them. After this day, Su Yu’s name would be comparable to that of the continent’s Heaven Masters. He would become a legend that would forever be difficult to surpass by the future generations.

“Have I won?” Su Yu’s voice was as hoarse as if solid metals were rubbing against each other. It was extremely ear-piercing.

His whole body was exhausted, as if all his spiritual energy and physical strength had been completely depleted. He descended while swaying continuously in the sky and stood at the edge of the bottomless abyss.

He did not care for his body immediately. Instead, his exhausted eyes burned with the light of hope, and he quickly swept his gaze past everyone to find the figure whom he had worked so hard up until this moment to meet.

As if everyone understood his gaze, all of them gave way quietly. The Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair, which was filled with a holy and pure aura, stood there silently.

Inside was Su Yu’s dreamlike woman!

“Xianer, I have won! Come out and meet me!” Su Yu endured the burn within his throat and spoke the sentence with difficulty.

He believed that even if he wore a mask, and even if he changed beyond recognition, Xianer would definitely recognize that Yin Yu was Su Yu. However, a gentle voice was heard only after the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair remained quiet for a long time.

The voice was splendid and pleasant to listen to, like the voice of a celestial being. When the voice was heard, one’s heart would feel free and engulfed by its holy aura. Sorrow, anger, and happiness. All negative feelings disappeared completely. Within one’s heart, only that exclusive holiness remained.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I will only marry Shen Kong. Please leave.”

The holy voice drifted naturally and was only dimly discernible. However, it did not contain the slightest hint of feelings. The indifference and arrogance caused the expressions of countless people to change. They looked at Su Yu with sympathy and felt that none of it had worth the effort.

His deathmatch was only for Xianer. Could it be that Feng Xian was not moved in the slightest bit? Why was she so heartless?

Su Yu was stunned on the spot. Although the voice from within was only dimly discernible, it was deep like Xianer’s voice. However, at the same time, it did not sound quite like Xianer. Su Yu was unable to ascertain whether that voice truly belonged to Xianer.

“Come out, I only wish to see you!” Su Yu repeatedly.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master sighed silently and felt sorry for Shen Kong. After which, her gaze drifted to the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair: “Feng-er, Shen Kong has died, please reconsider again.”

An apathetic voice could be heard from within the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair. “Shen Kong is not dead yet. Yin Yu has lost.”

Eh? Everyone was surprised.

Within that heaven-shaking destructive sound, Shen Kong’s body was nonexistent. He definitely had no way out.

Su Yu turned back and revolved his crystalline pupils. His expression gradually changed.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master turned her head and looked over. After feeling uncertain for some time, she said seriously: “That is”

Atop the bottomless abyss, a bronze mask floated in the void and ascended slowly. Although the whole place had become nothingness and dust, that bronze mask was safe and sound!


The sounds of space fluctuating could be heard from within the bronze mask. After which, as everyone cried out in incoherent alarm, a strange scene appeared! With a flash of a green light from the bronze mask, a figure appeared behind the mask from the void.

Shen Kong!

The legendary Shen Kong, who was undefeated! That figure was him, and it was definitely not fake! The only difference was that his handsome face was covered by the mask! He was not injured in the slightest bit!

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master glared at the mask, and her expression changed gradually. “Middle grade divine artifact! Eternal Mask!”

“What? Middle grade divine artifact?” countless people gasped.

Yin Yu possessed a middle grade divine artifact. However, Shen Kong actually possessed one as well! The difference was, everyone knew how Yin Yu’s silver bow came about. But where had Shen Kong’s divine artifact come from?

The Empire of Darkness’s Sub Palace only possessed a middle grade palace garrison divine artifact. How could they give Shen Kong another one?

Everyone now understood that during that sure-kill attack, the divine artifact had sucked Shen Kong within it. As such, he was able to avoid the danger and escape unscathed!

The hearts of countless people sank. Didn’t the fact that Shen Kong possessed such a divine artifact mean that Shen Kong stood undefeated? So long as any harm came his way, he could escape into the divine artifact immediately. Hence, in the entire world, who could touch him?

Looking at Su Yu instead, it was clear that the previous attack had completely drained his spiritual energy and physical strength. His throat was extremely affected as well. It could be said that he was depleted. He could not use his move a second time.

In such a situation, how could he fight with Shen Kong, who was not injured at allagain?

The person who had lost was Yin Yu! He had lost the match and lost his beloved woman. He had also surely lost his life

Shen Kong had a respectful expression, and murderous intents filled his chest. “As expected,” he said, “you cannot be left alive. You have actually forced me to such an extent! If I had known that this would happen, I should have killed you at any cost when we met for the first time!”

No one could stop him anymore! Su Yu would die for sure!

However, Shen Kong’s words filled everyone with doubts. Could it be that Shen Kong and Su Yu had a score to settle from long ago? When everyone looked at Su Yu, they realized that Su Yu was glaring at Shen Kong’s mask persistently and that Su Yu’s expression was extremely serious as it had never been before.

“So, it’s you!” Su Yu bit his teeth. He was both surprised and bewildered.

Bronze mask, bronze mask Su Yu would definitely never forget that mysterious and unpredictable leader of the Black Water Pirates within the Yinyu Area!

As the leader of the Black Water Pirates, after he had finished using the Black Water Pirates, he had massacred all of them. Moreover, he also pursued Tu Long and Su Yu. However, in the end, they had luckily escaped.

That time, in front of him, Su Yu was like an ant. He could not resist at all. Su Yu was only able to escape the first time because he had been extremely lucky.

Su Yu understood his motives well. He wanted to use the Black Water Pirates to unearth the underground pit in the Yinyu Area and acquire the so-called “door!” Moreover, from what Su Yu knew, that “door” was the objective of a group of mysterious plaited bamboo hat men.

Moreover, behind the plaited bamboo hat men, there was an unmatched individual who was comparable to the King of Darkness! The Nine Great Saint Masters! The leader of the Black Water Pirates was the Nine Great Saint Masters’ man! And that leader was actually Shen Kong! He was a traitor to the Empire of Darkness!

“It seems you have recognized me!” Shen Kong’s eyes were filled with killing intent!

It was no wonder that Shen Kong determined that Su Yu must be killed no matter what! And it was no wonder that he had sent people to provoke Su Yu!

Everything became clear at that moment. Shen Kong was that leader who was looking for that mysterious door. In his eyes, the treasures in the underground pit had been plundered by Su Yu, and that “door” should also be in Su Yu’s hands. That was the real reason why he wanted to kill Su Yu.

“Now you see why you cannot be left alive!” Shen Kong was filled with murderous intent, and he headed for Su Yu!

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s expression changed. However, as she was far away from Su Yu, how could she save Su Yu in time?

Su Yu was extremely exhausted. He had no spiritual energy left. How could he fight with Shen Kong, who was in tip-top condition?

He had lost the match! He had lost this great match and also lost his life! He had also lost Xianer

As he looked at the Snow Cloud Celestial Sedan Chair in front of him and looked at Xianerwho was within reach yet might as well have been as far away as the end of the worldwaves formed in his heart.

Originally, there had been a misunderstanding between them at the Twilight Mountains. Next, the second time that they met was during the marriage ceremony. Next, the incident at the Duke of Xianyu’s Palace. Next, they met again at the Fenghuang Valley. Finally, they were separated at the Xianyu prefecture.

He had originally thought that when they met this time around, he would take her away and flee to a faraway place. He had originally thought that after the current incident, they would forever be inseparable. He had originally thought that from this moment onward, he could promise to give Xianer a future.

However, the reality was that Xianer had transferred her affections to someone else!

Moreover, before Su Yu died, she was unwilling to even see him. She was only willing to marry Shen Kongto marry that person who wanted to kill him!

What was it all for? For whose sake had he undertaken this pursuit from Shenyue island all the way to Zhenlong continent? From the Liuxian faction, he had entered the Hundred Territories Alliance. From the Empire of Darkness, he had entered the north continent. He had raised his abilities step by step, as well. What was all of this for?

He only wanted to control his destiny and give himself and Xianer a future together that no one could interfere with! However, the reality was so cruel! He would die by Shen Kong’s hands, and Xianer would nestle in Shen Kong’s arms!

Dissatisfaction, grief, and indignation were like furious billows which surged within his heart. Why? He had already worked so hard, struggled so hard, and fought so hard. Yet God had given him such a fate! His beloved woman, nestled in someone else’s arms. As for him, he would die in front of her. And before he died, he was even stripped of the chance to even see her!

The hard work he had put in so far became empty hope in front of fate! God had played with him and treated him unfairly!

Su Yu’s heart changed from being at a loss to grievance, then from grievance to dissatisfaction, then from dissatisfaction to anger!

Why did fate hold him down with so many chains, give him such great hardships, and lower the curtain by landing him in a sorrowful state? His whole life had been contained to only three short years. However, he was constrained by destiny in every aspect, oppressed by unfairness in every aspect, and played with in every aspect.

Flames of fury burned within Su Yu’s chest. It felt like they would burn through his chest and burn all those unfair chains, the unfair destiny, and unfair Heaven all to ashes!