The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Teaching the Holy Decree

There were a few small dishes on the stone table in the yard. Xianer pounced forward and gobbled them, without a care for her image. Her active nature made her very adorable.

Xia Jingyu took small bites, her actions proper and graceful. After the meal, Xia Jingyu glanced towards Su Yu, gently saying, "Let's discuss our ideas about cultivation."

"Okay! Okay!" Xianer was excited. "Haha, Sister Jingyu, you do not know how hard I trained to achieve this much. The three princes were so shocked that their eyes were falling out of their sockets."

Xianer was praising herself, proud as a peacock. Xu Yu laughed, but remained silent. Xia Jingyu also gave the occasional smile. The atmosphere was jovial and warm.

They were immersed in their discussion, and when it was over, the moon was already high in the sky, illuminating the surroundings.

At the thought of everyone going back to their respective rooms, Xia Jingyu lightly bit her lip. A blush formed on her snow white skin, completely visible under the moonlight. In that lighting, Xia Jingyu looked even more pristine and beautiful.

"Su Yu, can you let me see your Holy Decree? I will repay you as best as I can." Xia Jingyu felt her face turn hot; her heart was all over the place.

She knew that her request was absurd. To ask to observe the Holy Decree was the same as attempting to steal the technique. Unless they had blood ties, it was improbable that Su Yu would agree.

"Of course, no problem. There is no need to repay me." Su Yu readily agreed, much to Xia Jingyu's surprise.

Su Yu had Xia Jingyu to thank for his successful insight into the Holy Decree. Without her help in trying to understand the wall paintings, Su Yu would never have known that they were not made from ordinary material. He would never have thought to use space time manipulation to fully gain insight into them.


Su Yu entered the zone quickly, his brain recalling the Heavenly Finger of the elder. An ordinary finger, filled with unexplainable mysteries. Once someone was immersed he would find it hard to free himself. It was as though the finger hid the mysteries of nature's rhythm.

Su Yu shot out a finger. It was as though he was no longer man, but a component of nature.

Xia Jingyu's eyes sparkled. Observing the technique up close made it even more mysterious. A bright light shone in her heart. Xia Jingyu felt that she had understood something. She dragged her thin finger across the air.

Bu thereafter, Xia Jingyu laughed bitterly. While she had understood a small part of the technique, it was not enough to replicate it.

The air was dancing. Su Yu moved towards Xia Jingyu. "Senior Xia, please look at it again." Su Yu, in close distance, displayed the Heavenly Finger again.

Xia Jingyu's eyes were sparkling, completely absorbed in the technique. This time, she had gained an even deeper understanding.

But, what was frustrating was she could not fully gain insight into the technique. That feeling of awe flashed past too quickly for her to etch anything into her memory.

"Forget it. Maybe I'm still not fated to learn the technique," Xia Jingyu gave up.

Su Yu gave it some thought, the muttered, "If Senior Xia doesn't mind, I can guide you by the hand. Maybe then you'll have a more complete understanding of the technique."

By the hand?

Xia Jingyu's heart was beating wildly, subconsciously declining the offer.

Xianer, who was observing at the side, widened her eyes, then shook her head with glee, "Sister Jingyu, do not do that with Brother Su Yu."

I am not being polite, but there has to be a degree of separation between genders, Xia Jingyu thought. She did not know what to feel.

Thinking about it further, she realized Su Yu was being a gentleman. Her indecisiveness made her feel inferior to him.

She bit her lip slightly, then turned beet red and begrudgingly agreed, "Okay"

Su Yu made his way behind Xia Jingyu, his strong hands enveloping hers.

"Senior Xia, let's begin," Su Yu whispered in her ear. Su Yu's eyes were clear, and he had no stray thoughts in his mind.

Xia Jingyu shuddered. She felt her body turn rigid, not responding to her commands. Su Yu lifted her right hand, then gracefully brought it down.

"Senior Xia, consolidate your heart and spirit, and free yourself of any stray thoughts," Su Yu had sensed Xia Jingyu's fluctuating feelings and gently reminded her.

Xia Jingyu bit her lips, trying her hardest to calm herself down, placing her attention onto her finger. As she gradually relaxed, Su Yu once again led her hands through the motion. Xia Jingyu felt her understanding grow.

It was as though she had found the key to becoming one with nature. She was able to place herself amongst the moonlight, the pear flowers and the yard. Under Su Yu's guidance, her fingertip started to display traces of the mysterious energy. A feeling of unbelievable comfort welled up within her.

Unknowingly, Xia Jingyu was in a complete state of relaxation, totally immersed in the feeling of wonder, to the point that her entire body was leaning against Su Yu's without her realizing. Her right hand followed Su Yu's, slicing the air together. With every stroke, she felt herself getting closer to nature. Xia Jingyu felt that she was laying down on something warm, safe and dependable. She imagined herself flying across the starlit sky, over miles of grassy plains. She had no distractions, no sorrow, no worries. All she had was unlimited warmth and comfort. At that moment, she really wanted to be with the warmth forever.

Outside the yard, both the Duke of Xianyu and Xia Linxuan were walking in together. In their eyes, Xia Jingyu had laid herself in the embrace of Su Yu, and was dancing under the moonlight. They were obviously just sliding fingers across the air, but it was full of grace and beauty.

The two figures seemed to have merged into one, as if they were intimate lovers.

The Duke of Xianyu wore an awful expression. Su Yu was his son-in-law, but to think he would be this intimate with another man's daughter prior to his engagement!

He was even more angry at the fact that his own daughter was okay with observing from the side, even admiring the scene with delight. But quickly, the Duke of Xianyu realized something was wrong.

It seemed like Su Yu was helping Xia Jingyu gain insight into the Holy Decree, and Xia Jingyu was already very close to understanding the technique!

While the Duke of Xianyu was secretly shocked by the level of insight Xia jingyu possessed, he also blamed Su Yu for passing on the Holy Decree, even if it was for repaying a debt. This was making light of the Holy Decree.

Xia Linxuan was immensely happy. His daughter had managed to understand traces of the Holy Decree. Even though her technique was not as refined as Su Yu's, once she broke in the realm of the Holy Decree, she could only improve with more practice. If not for the fear of interrupting his daughter, he would have rushed forward with incredible joy. There was hope for the Xia family!

With deep agitation, he looked at the two figures as if they were a match made in heaven. Xia Linxuan involuntarily let out a sigh, "How great would it be if Su Yu was my son-in-law?"

Hearing this, the Duke of Xianyu regained his composure, then with a laugh said, "Haha, I'm afraid, Lord Xia, that you have missed your chance. Tomorrow, Su Yu will become my son-in-law."

The more exceptional his son-in-law was, the more proud the Duke of Xianyu felt.

At that moment, the young princess was not content with merely watching anymore. She happily skipped towards them and pulled on Su Yu's sleeves, then sweetly cajoled, "Brother Su Yu, Xianer wants to try too."

An external disturbance broke Su Yu out of the technique. Xia Jingyu also suddenly returned to reality from that incredibly comfortable state. A deep disappointment filled her heart as Su Yu freed himself from her body. She could not feel any trace of the enveloping warmth left.

Su Yu was naturally more willing to help his future wife! Squatting, Su Yu rubbed Xianer's forehead, "Of course, but you have take this seriously and not be naughty."

Xianer let Su Yu rub her forehead, visibly enjoying the process, then laughed, "Yes, yes, Xianer is the most obedient person out there."

Su Yu brought Xianer into the wondrous zone. Xianer did not have any reservations. She laid her body directly into the embrace of Su Yu, freely letting Su Yu control her movements, slicing the air with her finger. Feeling the interesting movements, Xianer let out a huge smile.

Xia Jingyu silently observed from the side, looking at the intimacy of the pair. Her feelings of comfort and joy in understanding the Holy Decree subsided greatly, and a shred of dejectedness welled within her.

Time passed by quickly, but Xianer could not integrate herself into the realm of the Holy Decree. She began to lose her interest, pouting her lips, saying, "I'm not playing anymore. This is not fun at all!"

Su Yu rubbed her forehead, wishing to criticize her, but noticed a mark on the back of her neck. The mark was fiery red, taking the shaped of a nine-tailed phoenix. It was very mysterious indeed. Su Yu curiously attempted to touch the mark.

"Xianer is being mischievous again." The Duke of Xianyu walked over, halting Su Yu's attempt.

Su Yu had to stop, then said, "Xianer is smart by nature, but she doesn't seem to be too interested in the Martial Path."

Xianer angrily stared at Su Yu, hitting his chest with her small fists, "That is not true. I am smart, I don't have to practice to achieve a breakthrough."

"Alright. It is getting late, go and rest with Xianer. You have an engagement ceremony to conduct tomorrow. It will be even more tiring." The Duke of Xianyu patted Su Yu's shoulders in relief. He observed that the both of them had been getting along well, and his heart relaxed a great deal.

Watching the backs of the pair, the Duke of Xianyu was relieved. "Su Yu is a sentimental man, he will not let Xianer down in the future."

"Yu-er, come with father!" Xia Linxuan could not wait, calling for his daughter.

To understand the Holy Decree came as a great surprise.

"Okay," Xia Jingyu smiled a little.

In the house, Su Yu finally found some free time. He rushed to practice. While helping Xia Jingyu and Xianer understand the Holy Decree, he had gained further insight into the technique.

Previously he had only caught a glimpse of the elder's Heavenly Finger, but now he may have entered the beginner level.

He did not have the opportunity to try out the technique for there was too many people around. He slowly closed his eyes, once again immersing himself into the elder's Heavenly Finger.

A dark cloud stretched on for miles, with a mountain piercing the highest point. The elder emanated a holy aura, looking up at the sky. An extended finger sliced the air. The mountains and valleys, and every living being bowed with respect. The finger had split the sky, traces of wonder enveloping his fingertips. It was as though it harbored the endless mysteries of the universe.

Su Yu followed the feeling in his heart, subconsciously moving his finger.


A mere movement of his finger had caused a stone door, which was one zhang think, develop a deep crack.

Su Yu regained his senses, looking at the crack on the stone door. He was deeply awed.

"Who is that elder? I had merely copied him to the beginner level and have already achieved such terrifying power. A Level Five Lower Tier of the Martial Path would be defeated with just this stroke!" Su Yu thought deeply.

An unbelievable idea sprung up in his mind. "Could that elder be a Holy King?"