The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Heavenly Law Alliance

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“The Phoenix feather! You, you are” The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet lost her voice in shock as she stared at Su Yu in disbelief. “You are the person at the Ancient Xianyun Temple, Su”

She had already forgotten Su Yu’s name. Back then, Su Yu had only been a Holy King, not powerful enough to warrant her attention. Why would she remember his name?

Back then, at the Ancient Xianyun Temple, Su Yu had taken three feathers from the Phoenix in order to save Xianer. After that, the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet had pursued the matter but had discovered Xianer’s Phoenix of Death Constitution, thus not punishing Su Yu. The three feathers were the proof of Su Yu’s identity.

“Cabinet master,” said Su Yu. “Thank you for your mercy back then. Also, thank you for taking care of Xianer over the past year. I cannot express my gratitude enough.”

It is him!

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet felt as though the world was spinning like she was living in a dream. The nameless rookie back then was now standing before her in such powerful fashion! The contrast between then and now was like night and day.

She suppressed the surprise in her heart after a while and managed to say, “To think it is you, Yin Yu I am really surprised by you!”

The two of them recognized each other. Su Yu smiled, his eyes full of anticipation as he asked, “Might I ask if you can let me meet Xianer?”

Back then, Su Yu had been unable to protect Xianer. But with Su Yu’s abilities now, who on the northern continent dared offend him?

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet let out a sigh. “You came too late.”

Su Yu turned anxious. “What happened to her? Where is she? How is she doing?”

“Don’t be distressed!” the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet hurried to console him. “She is fine. I’ve sent her away. I sent Xianer away on a battleship three months after I took her to the Phoenix Cabinet. That is Xianer’s final destination.”

A battleship? Su Yu was shocked. “Didn’t you take Xianer away because you took a fancy to her potential and wanted to nurture her? What is the meaning of sending her to a battleship?”

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet waved her hands. A screen enveloped the both of them, obstructing them from the outside world.

“I did want to nurture Xianer,” she said, “but unfortunately, even I, as the cabinet master, did not have the credentials to teach her! The Phoenix of Death constitution will only be wasted in my hands.” The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet let out a bitter laugh.

Xianer had been sent away! It was no wonder that there were no rumors about a Phoenix of Death constitution in the northern continent in this half a year.

Su Yu was anxious. “Where is she? What kind of place is the battleship?”

Seeing how anxious Su Yu was, the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet had a gentle expression. She had personally witnessed Su Yu overcome all tribulations to reach this point and had a good impression of him. This kind of man was incredibly rare.

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet felt relieved for Xianer. That cute, playful lass was indeed favored by the heavens, having the Phoenix of Death constitution. Even her love life was to be envied.

“It is an antique battleship passed down from ancient times,” she said. “It has experienced the vicissitudes of life yet has continued to stand tall. It is not owned by any powerhouses but is a gathering place for many hidden powerful fighters. They call themselves the Heavenly Law Alliance. They consist of many powerful fighters. In terms of battle ability, they could hold their own against any clan from the Eight Great Ancient Clans. It is even rumored that they are not weaker than the Empire of Darkness! But they do not involve themselves with the conflicts of the continent, instead choosing to hide and bury their names. They would only show themselves on the continent when there is a crisis.”

Su Yu raised his brows. “A crisis? What crisis?”

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet rubbed her ears, shaking her head. “I do not know, but from the records of the historical books, they would always appear when a huge change was happening on the continent. The last time they appeared was when the King of Darkness came out of his meditation and gained control of all the land, destroying two Great Ancient Clans in the process. That battle had wiped out many, and many powerhouses were destroyed. The northern continent slipped into instability. But the northern continent was not completely destroyed. Do you know why?”

Su Yu said gravely, “Could it be because of the Heavenly Law Alliance?”

“You are right!” The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet nodded. “It was the Heavenly Law Alliance. They had predicted that the northern continent would face extermination, thus they appeared on the northern continent and fetched the uninvolved powerhouses away. They sent them back after the crisis was over. This was how the powerhouses that were ravaged managed to rise up again. The Phoenix Cabinet was born in that era.”

Could there truly be such a hidden, ancient powerhouse on the Zhenlong Continent?

“They only have one motive,” said the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. “To escape tribulations! To save the excellent bloodlines of the continent and proliferate life, sailing past the tribulations of the continent.”

Su Yu understood. To think that there existed a powerhouse that protected the continent.

“The northern continent has several people within the Heavenly Law Alliance.”

Su Yu was surprised. “Who?”

“The Northern Star Sword Saint Zhao Wuji. Lightning Gazing Reverend Fu Cangshan. Undead Phoenix Master Qiu Ningshui. And Master Craftsman Lin Yunhe. the last time they met, it is said that they inducted a new powerful fighter: the housemaster of the Shentian Manor, Zi Donglai.”

“What? They are there, too?” Su Yu was shocked. “Senior Lin Yunhe and Senior Zi Donglai are also members of the battleship?”

Zi Donglai had disappeared for so long and had joined the Heavenly Law Alliance! Also, Lin Yunhe was clearly a famous craftsman in the Hundred Territories Alliance. How could he be a member of the Heavenly Law Alliance?

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet had respect in her eyes. “You are right. Many leaders of large powerhouses chose to enter the Heavenly Law Alliance after giving up their positions in the factions, hiding themselves from the world to cultivate in peace. The amount of powerful fighters there is more than you can imagine! For example, the Undead Phoenix Master Qiu Ningshui, whom I know the most about, was the previous Master of the Phoenix Cabinet and also my teacher! Her cultivation level is too deep to be fathomed. I have not seen her for a long time, which makes it even harder to predict her cultivation level. She might even have broken through the barrier of the Immortal Realm and reached a realm closer to god! Furthermore, my teacher possesses the bloodline of the Undead Phoenix. As long as she has a breath within her, she cannot die. A drop of her blood can save any living creature that is on the verge of dying.”

Su Yu was incredibly shocked. Breaking past the Immortal Realm? That was the realm that even Heaven wanted to suppress. Could the fighters of the continent truly break through such a barrier?

“I handed Xianer over to my teacher,” said the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. “Only she has the right to nurture the Phoenix of Death constitution.”

Su Yu took a deep breath. It seemed that only when one’s abilities were on par with Heaven could one understand the truth about the Zhenlong Continent.

To think that there is not only the Empire of Darkness and the Eight Great Ancient Clans that exists in this world, but there is also a massive entity sailing in this world called the Heavenly Law Alliance.

“Then how can I find the Heavenly Law Alliance?” Su Yu urged, quite impatient. Even though he knew Xianer was safe, he wanted desperately to rejoin her.

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet let out a bitter smile. “The Heavenly Law Alliance does many things in secret. How is it possible for me to discover their traces? They are perhaps nearby, or they could be sailing on the boundless ocean.”

Unless the Heavenly Law Alliance decided to show themselves, no one would be able to find them. Su Yu was disappointed. Even though he had confirmed that Xianer had not loved someone else, he still felt deep regret that he could not see her with his own eyes.

“Do not worry,” said the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. “When Xianer’s cultivation level has improved or the so-called crisis had passed, they will definitely come out and meet you. All you have to do is protect yourself until then.” The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet waved her hands to dispel the barrier.

“Thank you,” Su Yu said. He shook his head, working hard to collect his feelings of disappointment.

At this moment, a fragrance accompanied by a pure aura assaulted them. It was Feng Xian, who walked toward Su Yu’s back after hesitating for a moment.

“Mister Yin Yu,” she said, “I need an explanation.”

Su Yu acted as if he had not heard her. “Oh, right. Cabinet Master, can I take shelter in the Cabinet for a day?”

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet nodded. “Of course you can. You came from 10,000 miles away to the Phoenix Cabinet to spar, so the cabinet is naturally obliged to treat you well. We shall try our hardest to heal the injured. The rest of the people can recover their energies before leaving.”

If that was the case, Su Yu eased his worry.

“Yin Yu!” said Feng Xian. “I need an explanation!” Her calm and noble expression had turned slightly rigid.

Su Yu disregarded her, walking to Zhong Luan’s side. “Brother Zhong Luan, the meet is over. What plans do you have?”

Zhong Luan was not severely injured. At least, Su Yu could sense that Zhong Luan had only used about 30 percent of his rich spirit energy reserves.

“I’ll of course stay here to recuperate,” Zhong Luan replied with a smile.

Eh? thought Su Yu. His instincts told him that Zhong Luan was hiding something.

At that moment, Feng Xian approached him again, her tone cold. “I am asking you a question! You owe me an explanation!”

Su Yu raised his brows, turning his head as he coldly said, “What explanation do I owe you?”

Feng Xian’s expression gradually turned cold, and her unfriendly face was uncomplimentary to her pure aura. “What do you think?”

Su Yu was even colder than her. “I don’t know. You are acting very strange!” After saying this, he turned to leave.

“Wait!” Feng Xian said. “I will ask you. You misunderstood me as the person you loved and reduced me to a joke in front of everyone. Do you think that you should at least say something?”

Feng Xian stood at her original position. Even though she was angry, her actions and tone were still incredibly pure, making it hard to detect her flames of fury.

Su Yu thought for a moment. He had indeed mistaken her for someone else and was responsible for creating a misunderstanding. He cupped his hands in respect and said, “I mistook Feng Xian for the woman I love, and I damaged your reputation. I hope that Feng Xian will forgive me.”

After saying this, Su Yu turned to leave together with Zhong Luan and the rest. But a cold scold came from behind him. “Is that all?” Feng Xian demanded. “A complete lack of sincerity! It is all right if you mistook me for someone else, but to ridicule me in front of everyone, how can I face anyone in the future?”


Su Yu was confused. When had he ridiculed Feng Xian in front of everyone? From the beginning, all he had done was mistake Feng Xian for Xianer, never so much as raising his voice to her. In fact, he suspected that Feng Xian had been trying to demean him in order to raise her status. This made Su Yu a little upset.

But when he considered it from her point of view, Su Yu understood. Feng Xian had thought that Su Yu was thoroughly in love with her and thus rejected him continually, wishing to show this to the world. Yet, to her surprise, Su Yu was thoroughly in love with someone else. Her actions now made her look more misguided and laughable. But she was the one who thought of herself as a proud and noble person. What did Su Yu have to do with this?

Jiang Mufei was all smiles as she said, “Dear fairy, how unfortunate that the person Brother Yin Yu loves is not you. Acting unreasonably would not change Brother Yin Yu’s heart.”

Hearing this, Feng Xian’s appearance showed traces of shame and anger! In Jiang Mufei’s eyes, it was Feng Xian who regretted her actions and was using this unreasonable means to ask for Yin Yu’s heart! Feng Xian glanced around, realizing that there were many disciples still in the spectator seats, watching this scene with meaningful eyes. Some of them were disgusted, and some were gloating. Others wore looks of ridicule.


Feng Xian blushed, clenching her teeth as she glared at Su Yu. “It is not over!”