The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 383

Chapter 383 Divine Transparent Eyes

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After her speech, she pretended to remain calm. She then moved her legs leisurely and left unhurriedly.

Jiang Mufei’s jade-like nose wrinkled with a frown. “What an extremely hypocritical woman! I was really worried that Brother Yin Yu had taken a liking to such a woman!”

Su Yu smiled. Even though they had not known each other for long, Jiang Mufei addressed him as “Brother Yin Yu.” Although it looked nice, in actual fact, she was a shrewd person who was good at establishing relationships.

Before the great match, when Su Yu did not exhibit extraordinary fighting abilities, she was not so intimidated by him. However, Zhong Luan was honest and kind-hearted. As such, he needed a woman who was good at making plans by his side.

“Brother Zhong Luan, both of you can leave first,” Su Yu said.

“See you later.” Zhong Luan smiled gently and left with Jiang Mufei side by side.

Su Yu saw them off with a smile and retreated to the shadow of the ruins quietly.


Suddenly, Su Yu’s whole body shook. He placed one of his arms on the ruins for support, lowered his head, and spat out a huge mouthful of blood.

His countenance quickly changed from his normal skin color to as pale as a piece of paper. There was no color to himas if all his blood had been drained and none was left.

A careful observation would have revealed that Su Yu’s pupils were darkening gradually. It was a sign that he was going blind! Moreover, within his body, his internal organs were shaking violently, creating a sound that reverberated with a dull pit-a-pat.

His heart was like the beating of a horse’s hooves. It pounded frighteningly fast, as if it would jump out of Su Yu’s chest at the next moment. Su Yu’s eyes turned blurry, but it was not a loss of consciousness. Instead, his eyes were gradually going blind!

He spat out another mouthful of blood that he could not hold back from his mouth.

“My eyes” Su Yu waved his hands and found that everything in front of him was dim and extremely blurry. He was about to go completely blind.

A thread of agony showed on his lips.


Suddenly, a fierce wind came by and swept him away.

When everything had stabilized, he found himself in a girl’s room filled with fragrance. He could hear a gentle voice.

“Why, could it be that you finally cannot hold on anymore?”

It was the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, and they were in her bedroom.

Su Yu wiped away the blood at the corners of his mouth and forced a smile. “How could you tell?”

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master supported Su Yu with her arm such that he could sit down. Her fingertip tapped on the space between Su Yu’s eyebrows and inserted spiritual energy into his body. Her face was filled with admiration, and she sighed with emotion.

“You acted in place of the Heaven and exhibited the Heavenly Wrath forcefully,” she said. “How could there not be any cost?”

The greater the strength, the greater the cost. The strength of a martial artist was accumulated over the years, and the price that one had to pay was to train day after day. Moreover, Su Yu had exhibited the Heavenly Wrath, Divine Heavenly Eyes, forcefully. With that kind of power of the universe, without paying the price of training step by step, he needed to pay the price in some other way. And that price was his body.

Even though he had damaged his enemy by 1,000, he had injured himself by 800.

“I will give it to you that you managed to remain composed and forcefully endured all the way till this moment,” the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master said, giving him some slight credit.

Su Yu coughed once, expelling a great amount of dark red blood. He then forced a smile. “If I had not endured, what does the Cabinet’s Master think would have happened to a severely injured genius who carried two middle-grade divine artifacts and is also able to kill a Heaven Master?”

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was speechless. The result would have been far worse than being heavily injured! She sighed silently and examined his injuries. After a long time, she had a serious expression.

“Your body is strong and healthy,” she said. “You must have trained your body before. Hence, although your internal injuries look serious, in actual fact, it is not life-threatening. However, your eyes”

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master wore an unpleasant expression. When she looked at Su Yu, whose eyes had lost their focal distance, she felt as if her chest was blocked by something. She could not say anything. Su Yu’s eyes were destroyed! The price that he’d had to pay for exhibiting Heavenly Eyes was the loss of his eyesight!

Su Yu had used his own eyes in place of the Heavenly Eyes to forcefully exhibit the Heavenly Wrath. His eyes were implicated by the Heavenly Wrath and had been fatally injured as a result. The rest of his entire life might be spent in darkness, reducing him to the level of a blind person!

By losing his eyesight, he had lost more than 80 percent of his fighting capabilities. If he went through the Phoenix Meet again, he might not even be able to defeat Liu Li.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master felt sorry for him. He had finally crashed his way through the front door of life and death. However, he had ended up as a blind person. His status as legendary king had only lasted briefly in the end.

“I’m blind, right?” Su Yu said.

He smiled. Although his smile was indifferent, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master saw the reluctance, pain, sadness, and fear within his smile. How could a blind person compete with the world? How could he wander around the human world, which was filled with such powerful currents? How could he protect Xianer?

The darkness, which refused to disperse, would accompany Su Yu for the remainder of his life.

“I will inform the Empire of Darkness and get Palace Master Ling to pick you up personally.”

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s chest felt uneasy, and she left of her own accord. Fate was too unfair to Su Yu.

Su Yu sat quietly within the darkness, alone. He had gone blind. The magical space and time powers, which he relied on his eyes to exhibit, were gone. Not to mention that Divine Heavenly Eyes. Would he now be blind for his entire life? Would he ever see Xianer’s face again? A sorrowful feeling surged deep within his soul.

Suddenly, a bit of light appeared in Su Yu’s dark field of vision. It was as if a single sesame seed existed within Su Yu’s dark world.

“Are my eyes recovering?” Su Yu was surprised and bewildered.

As he waited for some time, the weak light of the size of a sesame seed gradually expanded and became as big as a broad bean. Within that bean-sized window, Su Yu could see the world again.

However, the strange thing was that what appeared before Su Yu’s eyes was not the original look of the world. Instead, it was a kind of see-through world.

Within the room, for example As for the table in front of him, Su Yu did not merely see the surface of the table; he actually saw through the inside of the table! The table’s entire structure and its interior were plainly visible!

As for that jade box atop the makeup table, Su Yu’s vision passed through it. He saw rouge, hairpins, combs, and many other things that were arranged neatly inside.

As for the wardrobe, which was closed tightly in front of the bed, Su Yu also managed to see through it easily. He saw many skirts of various colors that belonged to the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, as well as other clothing. Even the secret items that she had placed at the bottommost part could be seen by Su Yu easily.

In Su Yu’s eyes, the whole room was as if it had become a transparent world, and everywhere was plainly visible.

As the light covered his eyes, he regained his eyesight. Its effects made it even more obvious! His eyes had become transparent eyes!

However, when Su Yu observed carefully, he realized that his eyes were still blind and severely injured. But why could he see through everything in front of him?

With a flash in his mind, Su Yu looked inside his soul. The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron and that palm print stayed within his soul quietly like before. However, the Nine-Dragon Cauldron had undergone changes at some point! A crystallized Violet Dragon and a crystallized Scarlet Dragon were at one side. In addition to that, a three-inch-long White Dragon was crystallized as well!

The third dragon had crystallized!

Su Yu was shocked! The Nine-Dragon Cauldron had remained quiet for a long time. However, the third crystallized dragon had appeared without any warning!

When had it happened?

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed through Su Yu’s mind. The cauldron would only have a reaction when the soul shook vigorously. That had been the case for both the Violet and Scarlet Dragons.

When Su Yu had advanced by defying the natural order and forcefully conceived the Heavenly Eyes, his soul could certainly be said to have been shaken vigorously. However, Su Yu was facing Heaven, which had tried to suppress him, and he had not noticed the change in the Nine-Dragon Cauldron!

The Violet Dragon represented time while the Scarlet Dragon represented space. Then the White Dragon represented the soul!

A message appeared in Su Yu’s mind. “The Soul Eyes are commonly known as the Heart Eyes. You will use your soul to see the world and have insights into the essence of the world”

When Su Yu recalled the time when he had exhibited soul waves to check whether there were unusual items within the substances, he understood immediately. The Soul Eyes allowed him to observe all things on Earth through his soul, such that he could see through the essence of everything on Earth. Although it was different from the soul waves, it provided satisfactory and wonderful results.

The Soul Eyes’ field of vision allowed him to see everything as transparent and was completely different from a normal field of vision. However, being able to identify the object clearly would not really affect the battle.

Su Yu’s heart, which had sunk, could not help but become much more relaxed. Time, space, and Heavenly Eyes were sealed, as his eyes had been destroyed. However, obtaining Soul Eyes could be considered as making up for it to a certain degree.

Clatter, clatter

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master returned. “I have already contacted the Empire of Darkness to pick you up,” she said. “You can rest in my room with ease. No one will harm you.”

Su Yu was grateful. He then turned his head and looked toward her. “Thank you, Cabinet’s Master”

His words ceased abruptly, and his whole body felt as if he had been electrocuted. Within his field of vision, the form of the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master changed gradually.

At first, the outermost layer of her magnificent clothes was able to be seen through. Next, it was her underclothes. Finally, it was her whole body. From the inside out, he could see everything clearly. The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master appeared in front of him as if she wore no clothes!

As he was taken by surprise, the scene was embedded in his mind. He adjusted his focus such that he could choose which part to see through, and he avoided looking at her. With that, when he saw the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master again, he could only see her normal physical form and did not see through her clothing again.

However, at that moment, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master stared at Su Yu with suspicion. She raised her right arm and covered her chest. Her eyes became narrower, and she glared at Su Yu. For an instant, she had the illusion that Su Yu had seen through her body. However, after confirming that Su Yu’s eyes were still blind, she whispered to herself, “Am I too skeptical?” After thinking, she shook her head and put down her arm. She then consoled him with a gentle voice. “I believe that Palace Master Ling will think of a way to treat your eyes.”

Su Yu hoped so as well, so that he could open his eyes again and exhibit the Heavenly Eyes. Then, no matter how big the world was, was there anywhere he could not go? The Heavenly Wrath of the Heavenly Eyes was not weaker than the destructive power of the ancient tower.

Using Heavenly Eyes to kill Shen Kong was an injustice to it. Its power had surpassed the Immortal Realm! If he could open his eyes again, on the entire continent, only unique people could stop him!

After calming down, Su Yu stood up and paid a courtesy call sincerely. “Thank you, Cabinet Master, for your kindness toward me and Xianer. I will definitely repay you for your kindness.”

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master smiled. “No need to stand on ceremony. It is more important for you to nurse your injuries. Considering the extent of your injuries, you will be unable to move around for the next ten days.”

Su Yu looked at the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master and was grateful to her from the bottom of his heart.

Suddenly, Su Yu thought of something and said seriously, “Also, Cabinet Master, can I ask you a question? Are you acquainted with the Anyue City Master?”

The Anyue City Master? The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master shook her head slightly and said with a frown, “I have never met him before. Why do you ask?”

Su Yu’s pupils dilated. “You mean you are not the one who allowed him to enter the Phoenix Cabinet?”

“What? He is in the Phoenix Cabinet? Impossible!” The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was shocked and denied it vehemently.