The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 384

Chapter 384 An Approaching Army

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“There’s a spell within the Phoenix Cabinet. If any outsiders had barged in, the disciples monitoring the spell would have noticed!”

Su Yu’s expression changed. “Cabinet Master, what I told you is the truth! The Anyue City Master is in the Phoenix Cabinet! I would advise you to quickly summon the disciples monitoring the spell! There’s definitely a problem with him!”

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet was incredibly surprised. In other words, there has been a betrayal by a disciple, allowing outsiders to enter the cabinet! Furthermore, it was an uninvited person as strong as the Anyue City Master.

As Yin Yu did not have a reason to lie to her, it was better to believe what he said!

“Mu Tianfang! Capture the disciple monitoring the spell, Li Weiguang!”

After giving the order, she quickly went to the hall of the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. The situation was urgent, and she had to treat it as such.

Su Yu also felt the urgency, coupled with the fact that he had some animosity with the Anyue City Master, following her despite the warnings. Under the orders of the master, the Ten Great Phoenix Women of the Phoenix Cabinet, as well as the core disciples, had gathered. In the blink of an eye, the main hall has been filled with people.

The atmosphere was tense and nervous. No one knew why their teacher had gathered them there. After a moment, a pair of Patrol Envoys entered with a fierce aura. Mu Tianfang was in front, escorting a female disciple. The female disciple had an expression of fear and unease. She was about 20, and her gaze darted everywhere. Her body trembled as she faced the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet.

Su Yu was perplexed. This person was clearly very respectful and fearful of the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. How could she have had the guts to allow an unknown powerful fighter to enter?

“Did you let the Anyue City Master in?” asked the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. She had a higher vantage point, and her expression was cold.


Li Weiguang’s knees slumped as she knelt on the ground, her face pale and dripping with cold sweat. “Spare me, Cabinet Master!”

So, it was true!

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet’s heart sank! A feeling of unease welled up within her. “I have always treated you well!” she said. “Why did you do it?”

Li Weiguang clenched her teeth as if she was struggling on the inside. She took a moment before raising her head and stating with determination, “Cabinet master, I was forced! I was poisoned by a person. If I did not follow orders, the poison would be activated, and I would die”

There was someone manipulating her!

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet slammed the table as she rose, her fury boundless. “Who?” she demanded.

Li Weiguang opened her mouth, but only had time to say a syllable before her body suddenly expanded like a balloon and exploded with a bang! Flesh and blood were sent flying through the airthe poison in her body had been activated!

Who did it?


At this moment, a faint laugh came from above the Phoenix Cabinet.

“The people I am most disgusted with are betrayers,” said the voice. “I helped you teach your disciple because I was too anxious, so please forgive me!”


The body of the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet was like an illusion as it flickered out of the hall. Su Yu also dragged his injured body, following the crowd out of the hall. A middle-aged man was floating in the air with a cold smile.

The Anyue City Master! How could Su Yu forget the Tu clan master who wanted him dead?

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet’s hair was dancing wildly, her gentle eyes filled with a fierce glow. “Anyue City Master?” she said. “You came uninvited and infiltrated the Phoenix Cabinet. Do not even think about leaving without an explanation!”

The Anyue City Master had his hands in his sleeves, his expression calm and mocking. “I came because I heard about the extraordinary talents of your female disciples. You, the Cabinet Master, are also an exceptional beauty. Thus I came here to invite all of you to help carry on the Tu family name.”

The Tu clan had nearly been exterminated in the beast tide. There were not many clansmen left other than the Anyue City Master and a few others. Continuing the family name was indeed a pressing issue. But he had other motives for humiliating everyone before him.

Su Yu observed the surroundings, his Soul Eyes looking through everything. Every mountain, house, and stoneany objects obstructing physical vision within a radius of 1,000 mileswere all seen through by Su Yu. There were no blind spots that could escape Su Yu’s eyes.

Suddenly, Su Yu’s pupils dilated. 500 miles away, in a primordial forest, hid a large army. There were about 20,000 people! Furthermore, there were two Heaven Masters! Su Yu recognized one of them!

Han Jianglin! It was him!

Following that, Su Yu also recognized several powerhouses of the Hundred Territories Alliance! The Lin family, the Feng family, the Zeng family, and even the Ouyang Long and the Ouyang Yuxin were in the army!

Su Yu was not familiar with the other Heaven Master. He had a head full of white hair that looked like floating snowflakes. His gaze was extremely cold. An air of frost circled three zhang around him.

There was only one white-haired person using ice amongst the Heaven Masters of the northern continent! The Master of the Snow Listening Tower! Behind him was an army 10,000 strong, every one of them disciples of the Snow Listening Tower! They were lying in ambush in the forest, preparing their army as they looked fiercely in the direction of the Phoenix Cabinet.

Suddenly, the Master of the Snow Listening Tower’s eyes turned fierce, looking in Su Yu’s direction.

Sensing the change in the Master of the Snow Listening tower, Han Jianglin asked, “What is the matter, Master of the Snow Listening Tower?”

The Master of the Snow Listening Tower looked on with squinted eyes, his tone cold. “It felt like there was a scouting gaze just now! We may have been exposed!”

Han Jianglin squinted. “If that is the case, we will have to act sooner! We will go there first. You can meet us at the Phoenix Cabinet.” Han Jianglin gave the order to the army behind him. “Kill anyone who dares to stop us!” After which, he flew over with the Master of the Snow Listening Tower.

At the Phoenix Cabinet.

Su Yu’s expression changed drastically. “Cabinet master, do not waste your breath with him. He is stalling for time! Han Jianglin and the Master of the Snow Listening Tower are on their way here, backed by an army of 20,000 people. They are here to destroy the Phoenix Cabinet!”

What? Han Jianglin and the Master of the Snow Listening Tower?

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet’s expression changed drastically. She swiftly ordered, “Listen to my orders, disciples of the Phoenix Cabinet! Prepare for battle!”

It was too sudden! This great battle had come without warning. The disciples were all shocked but were still relatively calm, gathering together for the defense of the Phoenix Cabinet as they waited. The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet released a merciless aura.

“I’ll kill you first! Anyue City Master!”

The Anyue City Master’s expression turned rigid, shooting a frustrated gaze at the person speaking. When he looked over, he realized that it was Yin Yu! The same person who had killed his son and members of the Tu clan before his very eyes!

“It’s you! Little bastard!” The Anyue City Master burned in fury, his eyes shooting out flames of hate.

First, it was the incident in Anyue City, when Su Yu had killed multiple members of his clan. Now, he was here to foil his plans again!

“I’ll kill you!” The Anyue City Master let out a howl, charging toward Su Yu with red eyes.


But a ball of radiant flame assaulted him, making the Anyue City Master retreat.

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet was holding a ring-shaped divine artifact, protecting Su Yu behind her. The ring-shaped divine artifact was the palace garrison divine artifact of the Phoenix Cabinet, the Giant Sun Flaming Phoenix Wheel! Coupled with the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet’s Fire Phoenix constitution, its power increased explosively.

“Phoenix Women, hear my orders!” said the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. “Kill this person with me! Use every advantage you can get!’

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet gripped the Giant Sun Flaming Phoenix Wheel as her body flickered with an attack.

A battle between Heaven Masters usually only lasted a brief moment. Normal disciples could only feel the immense power but could not see clearly everything that was happening.



Afterimages of the two fighters filled the sky as they exchanged blows. Ten moves later


A figure was sent flying back, spitting blood. It was the Anyue City Master, his chest charred and bloody. There was an air of shock in his words as he stammered, “Youyou are about to break through to Immortal Realm Level Five Upper Tier! You are riding on the level of Human King!”

The level of Human King, or Immortal Realm Level Five Upper Tier, was above every Immortal Realm Level Five Lower Tier. The difference between the two of them was like night and day. One was a Human King, the other a Heaven Master.

“You realize this too late!” said the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet.

Her killing intent peaked, turning into an afterimage as she attacked. The Ten Great Phoenix Women also surrounded him, preparing to attack.

The Anyue City Master was surprised. There was an error in his information. The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet’s abilities were much more powerful than he had expected!

“Blood Moon Elixir! Explode!” The Anyue City Master let out a loud roar, throwing a round, blood-red object.

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet’s expression changed. “It is an explosive divine artifact!” she cried. “Danger! Retreat!”

But it was too late! The blood-red object exploded in the air, the explosion not weaker than an attack from a Heaven Master.

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet was unharmed, but the Ten Great Phoenix Women were caught in the ripple of the explosion, flying back as they spat blood, their injuries severe. Only Feng Xian and Yu Ling had blood on the corners of their lips, their injuries comparatively minor.

Seizing the opportunity, the Anyue City Master broke free from the surrounding people, turning to escape.

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet caught up to him. However, two horrifying auras suddenly descended, bringing about a heavenly power! One was handsome and stoic; the other was cold as ice.

The three great superpowers of the northern continent and the Two Great Heaven Masters had descended in unison!

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet stopped, her expression unprecedentedly grave. “Do you wish to bring about a great uproar across the northern continent?” she said. “Battling without any announcement is akin to launching a sneak attack! Do none of you feel any shame?”

The three superpowers had always maintained a state of balance. But who could have imagined that the most powerful Snow Listening Tower would join forces with the Hundred Territories Alliance?

Han Jianglin grunted coldly, “It is you who is the stubborn one, rejecting the formation of a North Continent’s Alliance and blocking the way to the unification of the northern continent. You are the true sinner of this continent! Stomping out the Phoenix Cabinet is the will of every powerhouse!”

The North Continent’s Alliance involved three superpowers working together and forming a new overlord, lording over the northern continent.

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet scowled. “A load of nonsense! You wish to destroy the sub-palace of the Empire. Why would the Phoenix Cabinet participate in such a futile endeavor?”

Su Yu was shocked. The North Continent’s Alliance wished to eradicate the sub-palace of the Empire of Darkness?

He suddenly thought back to when Han Jianglin had gathered the families of the various powerhouses in the Alliance City for a private talk. Even the stoic Ouyang Long had worn a weird expression of unease after the talk. His expression had been extremely unusual. Could it be that Han Jianglin had been busy consolidating the powers of the Hundred Territories Alliance back then, all in preparation for today?

“It’s useless to say any more!” The Master of the Snow Listening Tower was extremely merciless, his icy eyes surveying all that was beneath him. “The Phoenix Cabinet will be eradicated today!”

“Strike!” Han Jianglin let out a low grunt.

He, the Master of the Snow Listening Tower, as well as the injured Anyue City Master, attacked together!

Three Heaven Masters against one, the outcome was without question! The battle did not last more than three seconds.


A female figure fell from the clouds, spitting blood along the way. There was an ice sword pierced through her stomach.

“Cabinet Master!” the disciples of the cabinet exclaimed in fury.

Feng Xian and Yu Ling took to the skies, intercepting the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. They realized immediately that the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet had suffered grave injuries. The ice sword in her stomach had nearly claimed her life!

Tolerating the intense pain, the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet had an expression of grief and fury. Would the Phoenix Cabinet really be eradicated today?

Above the clouds, Han Jianglin and the others were releasing killing intent, seizing the opportunity as they attacked. “Kill!” he shouted.

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet clenched her teeth. The Great Sun Flaming Phoenix Wheel in her hands turned into a burning sun, charging toward the heavens!

“Heaven Burning Nine Suns!”


The Flaming Phoenix Wheel exploded in an instant, turning into nine similarly sized balls of fire like nine suns.

Whoosh, whoosh