The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Deceiving Ones Master And Exterminating Ones Ancestors

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Nine Suns flew toward the sky and sealed the Three Great Heaven Masters quickly.

Han Jianglin was clearly afraid of the blazing hot sun that sealed them, as it contained a frightening energy which could burn them alive. “She self-destructed her own divine artifact to seal all of us!” he said. “How bold is that! However, how long can it seal us for? It will be difficult for you to escape death!”

When the middle-grade divine artifact self-destructed, its energy decreased. It would be unable to trap them for long!

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s beautiful eyes were filled with anger, and she shouted in a low voice, “Feng-er, bring me the elixir! Even if I die, I will fight them to the end!”

“Master, please escape quickly!” said Yu Ling. Her eyes were filled with sorrow, and she had an indistinct sobbing tone. Although she was a cold and arrogant person, the Cabinet Master was the person whom she respected most in her heart. “We, the disciples, will help you stop them! If one person is not enough, ten of us will do it. If ten of us are not enough, 100 of us will do it. If 100 of us are not enough, there are still 10,000 disciples who are willing to die for Master!”

A shout influenced the hearts of the 10,000 female disciples.

“We are willing to fight a deathmatch for Master!”

Rustle, rustle, rustle

Beautiful figures knelt down on one knee in succession. They then shouted bleakly and solemnly, “Master, please leave first!”

“Master, please leave first!”

“Leave first!”

Among the forces, the Phoenix Cabinet was the most harmonious force. Everyone inside and outside the Phoenix Cabinet united, and all of them stood aloof from worldly strife.

The Phoenix Cabinet was tolerant toward others to the point that her disciples adored her. During this critical moment, her disciples were willing to risk their lives to save her. The solemn and stirring voices that circled around the sky shook the Phoenix Fort.

“All of you are stupid!” said the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, her words wavering. “You only have one life. Do all of you understand that?”

The sorrowful atmosphere filled the sky. A number of female disciples sobbed continuously and silently cried their hearts out. Although they were afraid of dying, they were even more afraid of the Cabinet Master dying first.

“Orders to the disciples of the Phoenix Cabinet!” the Cabinet Master’s eyes were filled with resolve, and she wore a painful expression. “All disciples will escape immediately! From today onward, the Phoenix Cabinet will disband!”

As she said the last word in her half-conscious state, she instantly became ten years older. Feelings of loss, reproach, grief, and pain mingled within her heart. The Phoenix Cabinet, which had stood towering like a giant for hundreds of years, had been ruined while entrusted in her hands!

Yu Ling wept bitterly to the point that she lost her voice. “Master, I will not leave! If you die, I will die with you. If you fight, I will fight with you!” During this disastrous situation, Yu Ling revealed her true nature. Her eyes were filled with resolve. “Master took me in when I was young, when I had no one I could rely on. You are the only person I must protect! How can I disregard and abandon you?”

Her true feelings were like a mountain which was heavy but warm. The hearts of countless disciples were moved by her words. They looked at one another and were filled with resolve.

“We are willing to fight for the Cabinet Master!”

“Fight for the Cabinet Master!”

“If the Cabinet Master is present, we will be present as well. If the Cabinet Master dies, we will die as well!”

All the female disciples were determined! The willpower of 10,000 people fused into one, as if it were a powerful current of steel which shook the hearts of everyone. Even the Phoenix Cabinet Master, as well as the Three Great Heaven Masters, were shaken by that willpower!

Even Su Yu was shocked on the spot, and his heart was silently moved. He had never seen such unityan organization that was willing to protect their leader with their lives.

Looking at the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, Su Yu understood at once. “If you are here,” he said, “the Phoenix Cabinet will be here as well. You are the Phoenix Cabinet.”

As long as the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master continued to live, her disciples, followers, and residents would not surrender. The Phoenix Cabinet Master’s eyes glowed with waves. She was choked with sobs and could not speak.

“Master, the elixir is here,” Feng Xian said as she squatted down and took out a jade bottle.

Her expression was indifferent, as usual. It was still neutral even though her Master was in a critical situation. Her inappropriate temperament did not fit with the Phoenix Cabinet’s atmosphere. She took out an elixir. It looked like an elixir that was used frequently to treat injuries, and it contained a lump of holy and pure energy.

“Thank you Feng-er,” said the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master. She took the elixir, lifted her head, and swallowed it. She then caressed Feng Xian’s forehead kindly. “I’m sorry for asking you to use your Divine Decree to treat my injuries.”

The holy and pure energy would aid in the recovery of one’s injuries. However, it would require a bit of Feng Xian’s Divine Decree.

Feng Xian hung her head low and accepted the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s kindness. Her apathetic expression was holy and pure. “No need to thank me. After all, you are the Cabinet Master. Moreover”

Feng Xian wore a nonchalant smile, as before. However, her smile felt a bit unfamiliar. It was cold and suddenly contained a hidden, murderous intent.

“Moreover,” she said, “Master will die here today! Let this small part of my holy and pure energy be my repayment to Master for nurturing me!”

The sudden, swift, and fierce murderous intents caused the Phoenix Women around the area to be at a loss. What happened to Feng Xian?


Suddenly, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master gave a painful groan and clutched her abdomen. For a moment, she was speechless. Then she said in a shocked tone of voice, “My Dantian! What you gave me to swallow is not an elixir to treat injuries!”

Feng Xian’s indifferent face was filled with coldness and mockery. “That is obviously not an elixir to treat injuries. That is a Nine Death Elixir that was manufactured solely for Master!”

Everyone’s expression changed!

Nine Death Elixir? The rumored ancient elixir that could cripple the cultivation base of an Immortal Level Five?

It was a recipe that the Yao family kept! However, didn’t the rumors say that this kind of elixir lacked a mysterious energy that the Zhenlong continent did not possess? Hence, it was impossible to manufacture it? How? How could it appear in Feng Xian’s hands?

Su Yu felt as if he had been struck by lightning. His eyes were overflowing with coldness, and he said seriously, “The person who instigated Zhou Jing to steal the Yao family’s recipe was you!”

The real culpritthe ruthlessly cruel and vicious soul who killed people and manufactured medicine in the wooden housewas actually the world-famous Saint Lady, Feng Xian!

How could anyone have made the connection? One of them was fierce, cruel, and reeked of the blood on her hands. The other one was magnanimous, holy, and pure!

“Haha” Feng Xian laughed. Her holy and pure face became distorted as she sneered. It made her look hideous! “Knowing the truth now is too late! In order to manufacture this Nine Death Elixir, I have done many experiments over the years. Master, how do you feel? Are you satisfied with it?”

Feng Xian grinned hideously. She then lowered her head and looked at the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, whose cultivation base was crippled. Although Feng Xian had looked holy and pure on the surface, her heart was actually like a poisonous scorpion!

The Cabinet Master was in agony. Her facial features became distorted. “Why are you doing this?” she said.

Feng Xian sneered. “It is, of course, because you show no understanding of the times! The trend is that the north continent is unifying. However, you insist on stopping it. Although I am your disciple, I wish to stand on the side of justice!”

Her words were a load of nonsense!

Suddenly, the sky gave off a loud noise, as if something had crashed onto the ground. The Three Great Heaven Masters had shaken off the Nine Suns and were about to break free from their difficult situation.

Han Jianglin laughed loudly for a long time. “Feng Xian, well done!” he said. “After the north continent unifies, we will be able to set our minds at ease with you being in charge of the Phoenix Cabinet.”

Feng Xian laughed delicately. “Thank you, Alliance Master Han, Snow Listening Tower’s Master, and Anyue City Master for recognizing my worth. I will do my best. Now, I will acquire the head of this woman and end this pointless war!”

An unparalleled ferocity filled Feng Xian’s eyes. After sneering, she reached for the Cabinet Master’s throat with her hand.

At that moment, Su Yu and the Phoenix Women were beside her, but Su Yu was heavily injured and was 100 feet away. Moreover, his magical space powers were sealed, and he could not rescue her!

Although Yu Ling was closest, she was an Immortal Level Four Lower Tier. How could she match Feng Xian, an Immortal Level Four Peak?

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s cultivation base was crippled, and she was heavily injured. She gave a sad smile. “Although I have eyes, I was unable to see clearly enough to make a correct judgment. Hence, I can only blame myself for landing in such a situation”

As she laughed at herself, she closed her eyes in despair.


With a groan, blood splashed about everywhere.

When the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master opened her eyes, what she saw was Yu Ling standing in front of her. Her bloody face wore a sad smile.

“Master,” gasped Yu Ling. “I shall leave first”

Her back had been pierced through by Feng Xian’s palm, and her heart was shattered into pieces!

“Yu Ling!” the eye sockets of the disciples who had rushed over were about to burst. “Feng Xian! You slut! We will tear your body to thousands of pieces!”

The audience of 10,000 roared sorrowfully and converged on Feng Xian like tidewaters.

Feng Xian’s whole face was a mask of indifference. Combined with Yu Lin’s blood splashed onto her face, she looked especially cold. “Tch! Trying to be heroes? All of you have overestimated your abilities!”


Feng Xian kicked Yu Ling’s body away and reached for the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master’s throat again. With her dead, the people of the Phoenix Cabinet would lose their unity and disperse on the spot.

However, at that moment, a palm of wind silently attacked!

Feng Xian was taken by surprise and only had the time to create a layer of spiritual energy to block the attack.


A gloomy sound accompanied by a bloody arrow could be heard and then seen. Feng Xian’s face was slapped so hard that a large, bloody palm print appeared instantly on her face. The force was so great that she was sent flying, and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

Su Yu flew over furiously, his blood bristling with anger. His fatally injured body became engulfed with injuries due to the palm attack. A stream of dazzling blood trailed behind him, leaking from the corners of his mouth.

“You!” he shouted. “Enough! Slut!”

Su Yu had never detested a woman so much! She had defected to the enemy, betrayed her faction, deceived her Master, and exterminated her ancestors. Finally, she wanted to kill her Master, to whom she owed everything, with her own hands!

On the surface, she looked magnanimous, holy, and pure. Moreover, she had a Pure Divine Decree which fused holiness and purity! Underneath, she was truly fierce, cruel, and malicious. Everyone’s hair bristled with anger for this woman!

In both his lives, Feng Xian was the woman whom Su Yu detested more than anyone else! For such a woman, a word like “slut” was totally insufficient to express Su Yu’s detest for her!

“You hit me?” Feng Xian covered her boiling hot cheeks and glared at Su Yu viciously!

As a high and mighty Saint Lady, what man did not admire her? Su Yu was the only man who had embarrassed previously. And now, he actually dared to slap her in front of everyone! Due to her anger, her face became unusually distorted and ferocious.

Su Yu’s murderous intents swept across the area. “Hit you?” he growled. “What I really wish to do is kill a scumbag like you!”

Feng Xian’s heart clicked. She looked at Su Yu up and down. Su Yu’s expression was pale. It looked as if he was still in poor health. However, she was unable to discern how much fighting capability he had still had within him. When she recalled that Su Yu had killed Shen Kong, her body reacted instinctively. She screamed a bit, flew toward the sky, and escaped from Su Yu. She had thought that as an outsider, Su Yu would be like those geniuses from the various forces who participated in the Phoenix Meet, whereby they did not flagrantly interfere. But to her surprise

Rumble, bang

At that moment, the Nine Suns in the sky were completely shaken off. The Three Great Heaven Masters had freed themselves!

That frightening and imposing manner enshrouded an area of ten miles. The aura that they released alone was enough to make the Phoenix Cabinet’s disciples lose their confidence to fight.

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was fatally injured, and her cultivation base was crippled. Su Yu’s body was heavily injured. He was merely strong in appearance. Inside, he was actually weak.

A great army of 20,000 was about to bear down upon the border, and now the Three Great Heaven Masters had gotten out of their difficult situation. Could the situation have been more hopeless?

The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master tugged at Su Yu’s sleeves. Her gloomy eyes were filled with painful tears. “Yin Yu, this is none of your concern,” she said. “Please escape quickly.”

The faction was destroyed because of her. Her disciples were killed because of her. How could she live with this?

Su Yu’s body swayed left and right. Although his expression was pale, he still looked as firm as ever. “Cabinet Master, you rescued me when I was in a difficult situation,” he said. “Now, you are also in a difficult situation. How could I walk away from this situation? Stop talking and care for your body quickly. Before the effects of the elixir spread throughout your body completely, expel it from your body. With that, there might still be hope for your cultivation base.”

“What about you?” the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master asked subconsciously.

Su Yu raised his head and looked at the three figures of the Heaven Masters. They looked like three suns or moons in the sky. He urged himself to stabilize his body, and he laughed.

“Of course, I will fight to the end!” he said. “I, alone, will fight against the three of them!”