The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Death

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The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet let out a bitter laugh. “You You try too hard.”

The others were not aware of Su Yu’s condition, but how could she not understand? Losing sight in both eyes and unable to use the Heavenly Eyes, how could he deal with the Heaven Masters? Furthermore, Su Yu was suffering from a great injury. It was still unknown whether he could even sustain an attack from them, much less fight themone against three.

Su Yu looked up and let out a sigh. “Do I have a choice?”

Han Jianglin and the Anyue City Master Which among them did Su Yu not hate with every fiber of his being? Which among them did not have a deep animosity for himdid not want to kill him?

Su Yu would die even if he did not fight. His only chance was to fight! And he would certainly die.

A bitterness welled up within him. He had thought that the Phoenix Cabinet was the place where he would be reunited with Xianer, but unexpectedly, it was where he would say his last goodbyes.

Observing the situation before him, Han Jianglin let out an angry laugh. “Haha! Yin Yu! Your day finally comes! Did you see this coming when you killed my son? Did you ever think of this when you killed my disciples? You had the protection of the Empire of Darkness in the past, and I had to suffer through the injustice, unable to deal with you. Now, your retribution has come!”

His words had just been said when the Anyue City Master beside him also let out a furious laugh. “To think that this little bastard also has a deep animosity with Brother Han! He also killed my child, as well as many of my clan members. I will definitely have my revenge!”

The two of them looked at each other, witnessing the flames of hatred burning in their eyes.

“You brought this upon yourself with your sins, Yin Yu,” said Han Jianglin.

“This is your death day!” said the Anyue City Master.

The Snow Listening Cabinet’s Master calmly looked down. “So, you are Yin Yu. You are the person who killed Zhang Xueyi and Wei Tianchen of the Snow Listening Tower? Humph! To commit so much evil using the Empire of Darkness as your backing! The cycles of karma and retribution have caught up to you. We shall capture you as an offering to the heavens to commemorate the establishment of the North Continent’s Alliance!”

Three Heaven Masters pressured Su Yu, all of them wishing to kill him!

Su Yu closed his eyes, laughing silently. Commit evil? Was he as evil as Han Jianglin, who betrayed Zi Donglai? Was he as evil as the Anyue City Master, who wished to kill him without reason? Was he as despicable as the two disciples of the Snow Listening Tower?

Everyone Su Yu killed was evil and guilty. He had no regrets!

Su Yu lifted his head, and his eyes emitted a fierce killing intent. “Come on, battle me! Kill me! Don’t expect your days to be easy after you have killed me!”

What kind of spirit did he have to be able to face three Heaven Masters alone? What kind of determination? What kind of courage?

Many female disciples were influenced by the shout of despair! They would die even if they did not battle!

“Come on! Battle! Kill!”

Female figures flew. Hundreds and thousands of afterimages took to the sky. Multiple shouts formed one, shaking the very land. Multiple weak female figures charged toward the Three Great Heaven Masters in the sky, even though they knew they were courting their own deaths and that there was no return!

“Come! Battle! Kill!”

Sounds of angry shouts charged to the heavens like a rising tide.

The Three Great Heaven Masters were buried instantly by multiple thousand battling figures. How magnificent! How powerful it was!

But three horrifying ripples swept through the surroundings. It was so colorful, so pathetically beautiful, yet so pitiful.

The eyes of Master of the Phoenix Cabinet almost ripped open as she let out a blood-curdling scream. “No!”

At that moment, those who perished, those who fell, those who withered were disciples who died for her!

Only three figures were left in the current. Han Jianglin, the Snow Listening Tower’s Master, and the Anyue City Master. Their expressions were merciless, full of disdain for the women’s futile efforts.

“You wish to fight for glory with your ant-like abilities?” jeered Han Jianglin. “Die!”

Han Jianglin waved his sleeves, piercing ten female disciples with his horrifying spirit energy. They fell like autumn leaves! But more female disciples replaced their positions as they fell.

“Master, run! Quick!” they shouted as they charged forward.


They had barely uttered these words when an ice sword pierced through them, extinguishing their life forces. But thousands of disciples, unafraid of death, continued charging forward like a raging current. But no matter what they did, they could not gain any ground against the Three Great Heaven Masters. The ten-zhang distance was the hurdle they could never leap past.

“Master, run! Quick!” said multiple fallen disciples, looking at their teacher with the last of their efforts just before they died. They used the last of their voices, the last of their life forces, to shout out the deepest desires in their hearts.

“Teacher! Run! Quick!”

They sacrificed their lives just to buy some time for the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet, the person they respected and loved. It was as if Heaven and Earth were moved, the world turning silent.

The only sounds left in this vast world were the voices of the fallen disciples. All that was left were the words “Teacher! Run! Quick!”

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet cried silently, her heart filled with pain and regret.

Su Yu was moved. He was moved by their disregard for death. He was moved by their charging forward! They were all females, but they had created such a grand scene. How could he, Su Yu, be inferior to a lady?

Su Yu calmed his shivering body with much difficulty. “Mu Tianfang, help me!” he said. He was seriously injured, his spirit energy and physical strength largely depleted. He did not even have the ability to take to the skies, much less engage in battle. “Bring me up to the sky!”

Su Yu’s silver hair danced wildly. Mu Tianfang trembled. The deaths of her partners had pierced into her heart. The idea of fighting to the death circled within her brain.

“Teacher, take care!” Mu Tianfang said. She supported Su Yu, releasing spirit energy behind her to form wings as they took to the skies.

Su Yu looked down with a smile, knowing it was perhaps his last smile. “Cabinet Master, take care!” he said. “Please convey my last wishes to Xianer and Palace Master Ling!”

After saying this, the two of them took to the skies like fireflies, moving in the opposite direction as the falling female figuresthe opposite direction of the lost lives. They charged into the sky, toward the Three Great Heaven Masters who were culling every living thing present!

“Everybody! Retreat!” Su Yu said, and he used the last of his energy and let out a roar.

The clouds shuddered, floating away. The female disciples looked over, their excitement doubling.

“Let me do it!” said Su Yu.

No matter how many of them there were, they would never reach the level of a Heaven Master. They were only contributing to unnecessary injuries and death. Only Su Yu stood a chance.


They held indescribable trust in Su Yu. This was a noble person who had rebelled against heaven.

Su Yu shivered as he extended his right hand, calling upon the spirit energy of Heaven and Earth with the support of Mu Tianfang.

“Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters!”

All the spirit energy within 100 miles heard the call of the ruler. It gathered at Su Yu’s head, forming a 10,000-zhang-wide “Bing”!

The killing voices of Heaven and Earth filled the word, enough to kill Heaven Masters!

The merciless expression of the Snow Listening Tower’s Master revealed a bit of surprise. “Impossible!” he said. “What kind of technique has this kind of power? Could this be a bluff?”

But at this moment, Han Jianglin’s pupils dilated violently. “Quick! Don’t let him use the technique!” he said. “That is a legendary-level technique! I have witnessed it before, and its power is extraordinary! I did not know of it then but only confirmed it after researching it in the history books!” Han Jianglin’s expression was serious.

The Anyue City Master’s expression changed, gasping as he said, “What? A legendary-level technique?”

“Quick! Kill him before he uses the technique!” Han Jianglin’s face was full of caution, turning into an afterimage as he charged toward him.

The word “Bing” had not fully formed.


A dull sound came from Su Yu’s chest.

Mu Tianfang looked down, her pupils dilating. “Your body is disintegrating!”

What kind of pressure would be exerted on the body by calling such an amount of spirit energy? Su Yu had used this technique once and had used all his spirit energy and physical strength. Now that he is using it a second time, he was practically defying the will of Heaven. The price to pay is the destruction of his body. It was no different than dying!


His stomach split open, revealing a visible bone.




His arms, thighs, back His body was being reduced to a piece of smashed tofu, continually disintegrating. Blood sprayed into the air, dying half the sky red.

Mu Tianfang was anxious, unsure what to do. “Stop!” she cried. “You are going to kill yourself!”

Su Yu had too many injuries. She could not save him.

Su Yu’s blind eyes were resolute. He replied with a stutter. “Deathextinguished light No need to mourn Let me fight, with the last of my life. Last of my will. Last of my blood”

The word “Bing” was complete! Killing voices filled the air, filled with an aura of destruction.


Su Yu’s body exploded at this instant. There was no complete body part except for his head.

His flesh was exposed, his bones broken, his nerves severed All that was left uninjured was his head, which was protected by the Nine Dragons Cauldron. His body had been destroyed, and he was left with his last breath. It was merely a second before he was going to die, but his lips formed a smile with difficulty. It was a smile of relief, of decisiveness, and of grief.

“Enjoy that!” he said. “Bing! Kill!”

The 10,000-zhang-wide “Bing” exploded, and a heavenly voice assaulted the land, reducing everything it touched to dust with destructive power. The clouds, the sky, the wind Everything was reduced to nothing.

The Three Great Heaven Masters charging toward him changed their expressions.

“Quick!” said Han Jianglin. “Defend using the divine artifacts! Otherwise, we wouldn’t even have our corpses left!”

With a shout, the Three Great Heaven Masters each took out their medium-grade divine artifacts with much fear.

Boom, boom, boom

When the intense impact had passed, the sky turned peaceful again. The horrifying heavenly sound had come quickly, but it also left quickly.

Everything in a 10,000-zhang radius had been reduced to dust. All that was left were three human figures!

Each of them had a divine artifact in their hands. Their robes were torn to shreds, their flesh charred, especially the Anyue City Master. His right arm had vanished. A smooth cut appeared where his arm had been severed without a trace of blood. Han Jianglin’s robes were torn to shreds, the flesh and blood in his body moved, and his injuries were deep enough for his bones to be visible. The Snow Listening Tower’s Master had lost all his hair, and his body covered with injuries and dyed red with blood.

The three of them were pale and weak, their breathing shallow. Even though they had used the divine artifacts to defend themselves and had avoided mortal injuries, they had exhausted a large portion of their stamina and spirit energy.

One person had done thisagainst the Three Great Heaven Masters! Even though Su Yu had not killed them, the fact that he had managed to exhaust them to this point was a battle record that would shock the world.

If Su Yu had been at his peak, he might have even killed all three of them. Unfortunately, Su Yu was at the end of his rope.

After using the technique, Su Yu’s body exploded. His flesh was ravaged. He was left with his last breath. Only his blind eyes looked at the heavens high above.

“Un fortu nate,” he said. “Unable to save you”

He had ultimately lost. Su Yu could not do anything about the medium-grade divine artifacts they had used to defend themselves. With a pitiful sigh, Su Yu felt immensely fatigued. It was as if a spiritual power was trying to pull him into the abyss. Was he going to die? It was his first time experiencing the chill of death up close.

The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet had suffered severe injuries and faced death. Now, Su Yu also faced death. The fate of the Phoenix Cabinet, the fate of all of them, the fate of the millions of female disciples, had been decided.

“Beast!” Han Jianglin’s eyes were bulging, his heart filled with hate.

A severely injured man in the brink of death had reduced the Three Great Heaven Masters to this state! A crime deserving of a million deaths!

“I want you dismembered!” With a low growl, Han Jianglin charged forward.

Mu Tianfang was in a state of grief, staring at him in fury with her last gaze, as if she wanted to remember his face. But at that moment


An air-crackling sound came from far away. The speed and power shook the sky.

The expressions of the Three Great Heaven Masters changed instantly. “This is Immortal Realm Level Five!”

Another Heaven Master had descended! It was a long spear releasing a destructive pressure, scattering the wind and cloud over a 10,000-mile radius.

Han Jianglin’s expression changed drastically. “Careful!”

That long spear was aimed at them!

The Three Great Heaven Masters used their divine artifacts again, defending in unison!



The Three Great Heaven Masters were unable to defend themselves against the blow. Their bodies were blasted open as they let out pathetic wails. The divine artifacts in their hands were sent flying! What kind of powerful divine artifact could deal with the three of them alone?