The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 387

Chapter 387 The Lord Arrives

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One might not have needed to rely on his spiritual energy to use the divine artifact. For not only did this spear manage to fight against three people and strip them of their divine artifacts, but it also tore open the flesh of the owners of the divine artifacts!

Han Jianglin was astonished. “World! Destroying! Spear! Thisthis is the north continent’s Sub Palace’s palace garrison divine artifact!”

The Anyue City Master’s pupils shrank, and his face was filled with fear. “It’sit’s Ling Xiaotian! He has come!”

The Snow Listening Tower’s Master had an extremely serious expression. “Why would he come?”

The trembling sound of the spear came from an oncoming, distant fragmentary shadow which stood atop the spear. He was elegant, charming, and handsome and had dashing eyebrows. Who else could it be but Ling Xiaotian? However, compared to the Ling Xiaotian who had always projected a natural dignity and power, this Ling Xiaotian had a face as cold as frost.

Ling Xiaotian shouted coldly with a low voice, “Massacring women and bullying the injured! Is that the justice and ideology of the North Continent’s Alliance? What a great prospect!” His voice was so sonorous and forceful that it reverberated across the world.

In order to take over the north continent, they had launched a surprise attack on the Phoenix Cabinet. That alone was bad enough. However, they had colluded with Feng Xian to poison the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, and they believed that such actions were righteous.

Han Jianglin was surprised and bewildered. “How did you know about the North Continent’s Alliance? And why did you come here?”


Suddenly, two figures flew out from the great army of 20,000 which rushed over from outside the city. It was Ouyang Long and Ouyang Yuxin.

They stood behind Ling Xiaotian with respect and bowed down with their fists cupped. “Greetings, Palace Master!”

They addressed Ling Xiaotian as Palace Master, a form of address that people from the Empire of Darkness used. The implication was clear: They were actually members of the Empire of Darkness!

“The Ouyang family are traitors? How dare you!” Han Jianglin was burning with flames of fury!

It was now clear that all their plans were known by Ling Xiaotian long ago!

Ouyang Long responded slowly. “We are unwilling to massacre people for no reason. “Alliance Master Han, please stop your evil deeds.”

Han Jianglin had a gloomy expression. “I will definitely remove your Ouyang family’s name from the scrolls”

Ouyang Yuxin remained calm. “It is a pity, but our Ouyang family has defected over secretly.”

Ling Xiaotian said indifferently, “Both of you, leave this place quickly and find a place to take refuge.”


The Ouyang father and daughter glanced at Su Yu and left quickly. Both of them were spies for the Empire of Darkness! It was unimaginable!

When Su Yu thought about it, the Empire of Darkness had taken charge of the north continent. How could they turn a blind eye to what was happening? Perhaps it was not only the Hundred Territories Alliance. The Snow Listening Tower and the Phoenix Cabinet probably also contained spies who had been planted by the Empire of Darkness.

With a grab of Ling Xiaotian’s palm, the World Destroying Spear on his feet appeared on his hand. His whole person looked like a Heaven Breaking Divine Artifact that could destroy everything.

“Let’s withdraw for now,” said Han Jianglin. “The World Destroying Spear is considered one of the best middle-grade divine artifacts. In the hands of Ling Xiaotian, it makes him comparable to a martial artist of the Human King. Let’s not fight with him.”

Han Jianglin and the rest of them turned their bodies and were about to leave, but Ling Xiaotian flicked his wrist. The spear came out of his hands.

“There is no need for all of you to leave!”

The spear pierced through the sky, and the expressions of the Three Great Heaven Masters changed in astonishment.

“Ling Xiaotian!” said Han Jianglin. “Do you wish to fight? Even at the risk of mutual destruction?”

“Even if the three of you die, I might not!” Ling Xiaotian shouted lightly and apathetically.

“Be careful!”

The three of them could only brace themselves and try to block the attack.


As they had been stripped of their divine artifacts, the spear pierced through their bodies, pinning the three of them in a line onto a cliff!

This scene caused the whole Phoenix Fort to fall deathly silent. It was too frightening! Although they were all Heaven Masters, Ling Xiaotian’s abilities were a lot higher than theirs! In front of Ling Xiaotian, the three of them could only be oppressed! They were dealt with casually as they had killed the female disciples of the Phoenix Cabinet.


Ling Xiaotian moved beside Mu Tianfang and received the fatally injured Su Yu, who was at death’s door.

Looking at his completely destroyed flesh, Ling Xiaotian’s eyes were filled with icy coldness. “They actually injured you to such an extent For injuring you, I will pay them back ten times the favor!”

Ling Xiaotian was extremely furious, to the point that his whole body was emitting a frightening aura of anger. Su Yu knew for the first time that Ling Xiaotian knew how to be enraged and that the results would be extreme. However, he did not know about the reproach and remorse within Ling Xiaotian’s heart.

Su Yu was on the verge of death. When he heard Ling Xiaotian’s voice, he wore a gratifying smile and his consciousness gradually became blurry. He was about to die. His human body was withering away, and everything would be gone after his death. From then on, Yin Yu’s name would become history, as well as a quietly glowing memory over the years in time and space.

No one would forget about the match in the Phoenix Cabinet, in which Su Yu defied Heaven, shook time and space, and became a legendary king who suppressed countless generations. No one would forget about the great calamity in the north continent, when alone, he fought against the Three Great Heaven Masters. And with the last bit of his life, he had unleashed an astonishing attack.

No one would forget that in this generation, in this very year, and on that very day, a young king disappeared from the time and space.

Ling Xiaotian carried Su Yu’s body. His hands were trembling slightly. His dignified and deep eyes were slightly moist.

“I’m sorry I’m late” came the bleak and shivering words came from his mouth.

Ling Xiaotian was filled with deep sorrow. Thinking back to that year in the Hundred Territories Alliance, how elegant and brilliant was Su Yu? He should have a world all his own. However, Ling Xiaotian had brought him into the Empire of Darkness, had brought him to the north continent, and had also led him to his death. That year, if Ling Xiaotian had left him alone, even if his cultivation base remained low, his life would certainly not have been in danger.

Reproach, guilt, anger, and hatred changed into crystal-clear remorse which made Ling Xiaotian shiver. It was like he had lost a junior whom he had taken great care of.

“I want all of you to repay your bloody debt with blood!” Ling Xiaotian’s moist eyes looked bloodshot, and he glared at the Three Great Heaven Masters from afar! “Die!”

Ling Xiaotian was like an angry male lion, and his heart was filled with vengeance!

However, at that moment, the universe roared and a few figures descended from the sky. Two of them were wearing red and wide robes. They looked old and cold. Their cultivation bases were Heaven Masters! However, what further set them apart was the young man standing between the two of them.

He was about 25 years oldthe prime of his life. He had an aquiline nose and long and narrow eyes, as well as pale skin which gave off a slightly gloomy feeling to others. He wore a black cloak. His head wore a sun and moon imperial crown. He was stepping on a flying divine artifact. He looked imposing, forceful, and elegant.

What caused everyone’s minds to ease even more was that his cultivation base was at Immortal Level Five Upper Tier!

Han Jianglin and his group of people spoke speechlessly and astonishingly, “Human King!”

The level of Human King was above that of Heaven Master! It was absolutely impossible at such a young age!

Ling Xiaotian’s expression changed slightly, and his eyes glowed. He took a step forward and knelt down with one knee on the ground. “Greetings to Lord Shen Ying! I am the north continent’s Palace Master.”

When the three Heaven Masters heard what was said, their faces turned beet red. Deep parts of their pupils were filled with fear. “Lord? The second Lord of the Empire’s Seven Lords, Lord Shen Ying!”

The Seven Lords of Darkness were rumored to be legendary figures. They were geniuses personally nurtured by the King of Darkness. Every single one of them was an unmatched talent who had shocked the continent. It was rumored that every one of them had impressive power to destroy the super forces and that the seven of them could wipe out the whole Zhenlong continent and dominate the world.

Apart from the King of Darkness, no one could suppress them. And now, such a mythological and legendary figure had actually appeared in front of everyone. Moreover, it was Lord Shen Ying, who was ranked number two!

The imposing manner of a Human King, as well as the trembling aura that it gave off, caused Han Jianglin and his group to dare not even breathe deeply. They were deathly pale as well.

In front of Ling Xiaotian, they still had hopes of escaping. Against a Lord, their only path was to die!

“Palace Master Ling, it seems like you still have the Empire in your mind!” Lord Shen Ying descended, and his nonchalant eyes did not look at anyone at all. This was not because he was ignoring everyone; instead, it was due to him holding a high position for a long time, which caused him to despise everyone.

Ling Xiaotian’s heart sank. “I have always been loyal to the Empire, and I have never neglected my duties.”

Lord Shen Ying touched his nose. His long and thin eyes then became narrower. “Is that so? Is killing Inspector Bai He also considered being loyal to the Empire?”

As expected, he had come due to that matter!

Ling Xiaotian bowed down and said, “As an Inspector, he violated the laws and tried to kill the Sub Palace’s Deputy Palace Master. He was guilty of a heinous crime, and in accordance with the law, I used my divine artifact to injure him severely!”

“You could have reported Inspector Bai He’s crimes to the Empire,” said Lord Shen Ying. “Taking care of the matter privately is considered defying your superiors! Moreover, you used the palace garrison divine artifact at will. Are you trying to rebel against the Empire?” Lord Shen Ying glared gloomily. “The palace garrison divine artifact is used to protect the Sub Palace! Firstly, you used it to kill an Inspector. Now, you use it to fight with various forces! From my point of view, you already have intentions of rebelling against the Empire!”

Ling Xiaotian said respectfully, “Lord, please make a judicious judgment. I was forced to severely injure Inspector Bai He due to the circumstances. At the very moment, I received a secret report that traitorous forces teamed up secretly to establish the North Continent’s Alliance. As this is detrimental to the Empire of Darkness, I used my divine artifact!”

Lord Shen Ying then looked at all quarters carefully. His expression was empty and unfeeling. “How could a motley crowd go against my Empire! This excuse of yours is poor!”

The fact was that the Three Great Forces had formed an alliance a long time ago. There might be a mastermind behind them! If not, it would be illogical. Even though the three of them had teamed up, they were unable to match Ling Xiaotian, let alone the whole Empire of Darkness!

“Ling Xiaotian,” said Lord Shen Ying, “you have used the divine artifact privately, which means that you have intentions of rebelling against the Empire. Allow yourself to be taken into custody without putting up a fight immediately and follow me back to the headquarters to face Lord Bai Luo’s judgment!”

So, he was sent by Lord Bai Luo!

Ling Xiaotian was calm. He had already predicted that such a day would come. “May I request that my Lord wait for a moment?” Ling Xiaotian implored. “After I have killed these three traitors, I will return to the Empire with my Lord to be trialed.”

However, Lord Shen Ying swept his eyes scornfully past Han Jianglin and his group of people who were in dire straits.

“It will be difficult for such a motley crowd to become powerful,” said Lord Shen Ying. “Hence, is there a need to deal with them? If you wish to use this as an excuse to escape, then you are too nave! Follow me and return to face the judgment!”

Ling Xiaotian’s expression changed. “But Lord, if we do not kill these three traitors today, it will be a disaster for the Phoenix Cabinet! It will be difficult for the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, as well as the 10,000 disciples, to escape from their ill fate of being massacred!” Ling Xiaotian knelt down and implored, “I hope that Lord will have mercy so that we can spare them later trouble!”

Lord Shen Ying sneered. “Ling Xiaotian, as a Palace Master of the Empire, you are so concerned about the survival of a force, yet you still said that you have no intentions of rebelling!”

His cold eyes took a glance at the female disciples of the Phoenix Cabinet. They had suffered heavy casualties. He looked at the severely injured Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, who was in imminent danger, as well as the great army of 20,000 bearing down upon the border.

Lord Shen Ying wore a cruel smile. “Moreover, they are undergoing a dog-eat-dog struggle in which they kill each other. To my Empire of Darkness, this is a good thing! Why should I stop them?” Lord Shen Ying ordered, “Bring him away!”

Then, incidentally, he noticed the dying Su Yu who was carried by Ling Xiaotian.

“Silver-haired and silver-faced,” said Lord Shen Ying. “Yes. He is that treasonous traitor who killed his fellow Deputy Palace Masters and also killed Inspector Bai He in the end, right?” Lord Shen Ying had a cold expression. “Men! Kill Palace Master Yin Yu on the spot!”