The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 388

Chapter 388 Descent Of The Demonic Beast Emperor

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“Lord, no!” Ling Xiaotian’s expression changed.

How could he expect that Lord Shen Ying would find Su Yu guilty without even questioning him, wishing to execute him on the spot?

“Why? You question my decision?” Lord Shen Ying looked down on Ling Xiaotian.

Ling Xiaotian found no words. The disparity of status was too wide. Within the Empire of Darkness, Lords held the most authority, topped only by the King of Darkness. They controlled the lives of their subordinates, and once they deemed that someone had to die, they could kill that person before reporting it to the king.

Ling Xiaotian had been favored by the King of Darkness, and his status was extraordinary. This was why Lord Shen Ying did not dare kill him in public. But as for Su Yu

Ling Xiaotian clenched his teeth. He was currently under the suspicion of betraying the Empire. Receiving a trial was the only way he could survive. If he defied the lord at this moment, his crimes would be set in stone.

“No,” said Ling Xiaotian. “I only wish for you to consider. Yin Yu has alarming potential. Even if he has committed some mistakes, executing him now would mean that the empire loses a valuable resource! It would make the geniuses of the world who wish to pledge loyalty to the empire lose faith.”

His words were reasonable. Lord Shen Ying glanced at Yin Yu, seeing that he was moments from his last breath. He was already half dead.

“I do not understand,” said Lord Shen Ying. “This person is going to die. He will still die, regardless of whether it is now or later. Why are you so insistent?” Shaking his head, Lord Shen Ying was cold and impartial. “Yin Yu has committed heinous crimes, harming his brethren and killing an inspector. He cannot be forgiven. According to the laws of the empire, he is to face immediate execution! Men, execute him!”

At Lord Shen Ying’s orders, the two elderly inspectors behind him stepped forward coldly.

Ling Xiaotian struggled. If he obeyed now and returned to the headquarters of the empire, he might be given a chance to exonerate himself of his crimes. If he resisted now, everything would be over.

There was no relationship between him and Su Yu. They were not teacher and student, nor were they friends. Ling Xiaotian only wished to help Su Yu.

He could observe from the side and not do anything. He was, after all, facing a crisis himself. No one in this world would blame him.


The two elders stormed forward. The winds they produced fluttered Ling Xiaotian’s robes, as well as on his heart. Looking at Su Yu, who was near death, his heart filled with self-blame and remorse. He had used big words at the Hundred Territories Alliance and had made a promise in front of all the geniuses. As long as he was alive, he would not allow anyone to harm Su Yu.

Now, Su Yu was not only severely injured and near death but was also facing execution. His promise seemed pale and laughable, weak and powerless.

“Hand him over!”

The two inspectors reached for the injured Su Yu.


But just as they tried to grab him, Ling Xiaotian moved. He shot a palm forward, pushing back the two inspectors.

“Yin Yu cannot die,” said ling Xiaotian. “Even if he only has half his life left, he is the life that I, Ling Xiaotian, cannot disappoint!” Ling Xiaotian slowly rose, standing up from his kneeling position. In his eyes was a decisiveness, as well as a sense of freedom. “How could I have forgotten my promise to him? As long as I am alive, I shall not let him die!”


The World Destroying Spear pinned in the cliff returned to Ling Xiaotian’s palm with a buzz.

Lord Shen Ying’s expression turned cold. His tone fierce, he said, “You are really trying to betray the empire?”

Ling Xiaotian grabbed his World Destroying Spear, concentrating as he readied for battle. “It is not a betrayal. It is the fulfillment of a promise.”

“They are one and the same.” Lord Shen Ying shook his head, his gaze cold.

Ling Xiaotian said, “Please give me some time. Yin Yu needs to be saved!”

Lord Shen Ying laughed. “Ling Xiaotian, I had thought that you were a benevolent man. Now I see clearly that you are a hypocrite! Who else other than the king and his divine powers can kill Su Yu? You invent an excuse of healing him, but in reality, you are providing yourself with an excuse to escape!” Lord Shen Ying’s eyes were full of disdain. “Follow obediently, or do not blame me for attacking!”

Ling Xiaotian let out a long sigh. “Do not stop me! Let me save him!”

“I have given you a chance.” Lord Shen Ying lost his patience. “Jin!”

Lord Shen Ying opened his mouth, releasing a breath. The breath formed the word “Jin,” a powerful commandment of restraint. The word was filled with a mysterious energy as it shot toward Ling Xiaotian.


Ling Xiaotian raised his long spear in splendor.


The word “Jin” was blocked, but multiple cracks could be heard from Ling Xiaotian’s body. His veins popped, his facial muscles strung taut. He clenched his teeth as his eyes showed signs of pain. It was as if his body was under massive pressure.

The seemingly casual attack had Ling Xiaotian completely overwhelmedeven with the palace garrison divine artifact! This was a Human King level fighter! Even if a Heaven Master was wielding a divine artifact, even if his abilities were nearing a Human King, he ultimately could not hold a candle to Lord Shen Ying.

“You overestimate yourself!” said Lord Shen Ying. “Since ancient times, there is no good outcome for those who dare go against a lord! Fire! Jin!”

Suddenly, the word “Jin” turned into a ball of fire, erupting with a boom. Ling Xiaotian was instantly engulfed in the raging flames. But the raging flames did not hurt him. Instead, they turned into a net of fire, sealing Ling Xiaotian.


The long spear escaped his hands, called to the palm of Lord Shen Ying.

Ling Xiaotian was sealed and his divine artifact taken from him. Everything had happened in a split second. The difference in ability between these two was like Heaven and Earth.

Be it the Three Great Heaven Masters or the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet, every one of them was shocked. This was the power of a Human King! He had restrained a Heaven Master with a single action.

Su Yu was falling from the sky, about to become minced meat. Lord Shen Ying looked at him and let out a cold laugh. “He deserves his death! Let’s go!”

“No!” Ling Xiaotian looked at the falling Su Yu, his eyes bulging as he let out a fierce roar.


Ling Xiaotian forcefully freed himself from parts of his restraint with a low roar. He flew toward Su Yu and grabbing him despite being engulfed in raging flames.

“You still dare retaliate!” shouted Lord Shen Ying.

A fierce grunt followed. Ling Xiaotian turned and shot out a palm.

“Futile struggle!” Lord Shen Ying’s expression was cold as he pointed a finger forward.


Blood splattered into the air. Ling Xiaotian’s palm was blasted open. His body felt like it had been struck by lightning. He fell like a star to the ground even faster than Su Yu!


Dust and debris were sent flying, surrounding a large crater. Ling Xiaotian was covered in injuries, his robes soaked in blood. His bones could be seen from his deep injuries. A single attack had covered Ling Xiaotian with major injuries.


Su Yu also hit the ground at this moment. With the attraction of spirit energy, Su Yu floated down onto Ling Xiaotian’s body.

A pitiful smile of relief appeared on Ling Xiaotian’s lips. “I’m glad that you’re okay”

He did not care about himself but was worried for Su Yu.

Lord Shen Ying descended, creasing his brows. After thinking for a moment, Shen Ying coldly said, “Whatever. Take Yin Yu, too. We shall return to the headquarters to interrogate them!”

With Yin Yu in their hands, Ling Xiaotian might be more truthful. When they returned to headquarters, Ling Xiaotian might consider Yin Yu, being held hostage, and fall into their trap. In just a short moment, Lord Shen Ying had changed his mind.

Without further resistance, they were grabbed by the two inspectors as they took to the skies. Ling Xiaotian was extremely bitter, his palm secretly propped on Su Yu’s lower back as he released a blood-red energy into Su Yu.

Suddenly, Lord Shen Tian lifted his hand and grabbed, imprisoning the injured Master of the Phoenix Cabinet.

“There needs to be a witness to this incident,” he said. “Master of the Phoenix Cabinet, follow us.” He wanted the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet to tell everyone that Ling Xiaotian had used the divine artifact and meddled in affairs not related to the empire, as well as how he had betrayed him in front of everyone.

A row of female disciples’ expressions changed, and they charged forward with a roar.

“No!” the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet said, stopping them. With their battle abilities, they were just asking to be killed in the hands of Lord Shen Ying. “All of you retreat quickly, far away from the Phoenix Cabinet. If I can survive, I will rebuild the Phoenix Cabinet!”

The disciples became calmer. The Cabinet Master was being sent to the headquarters of the empire. Without any special reason, the empire might not kill her. Conserving their energy now would help their comeback in the future.

Understanding this, with Mu Tianfang and the Eight Great Phoenix Women in the lead, the paid their respects to the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. “We shall await your return!”

After saying this, they turned into beautiful afterimages as they escaped to the horizon.

Even though Han Jianglin and the others felt a deep sense of injustice, they had sustained severe injuries. Coupled with the presence of a lord, how could they act recklessly? As for Lord Shen Ying, he would not kill a bunch of average fighters.

“Let’s go!” Waving his sleeves, Lord Shen Ying and his group vanished into thin air, not even leaving behind an afterimage.

The Phoenix Cabinet was ravaged and filled with corpses. All that was left was silence.

Han Jianglin grabbed his chest, his heart filled with fear as he coughed hoarsely. The situation had indeed been dire. He had almost died. His face filled with caution, Han Jianglin turned his head as he scolded, “Feng Xian! The Phoenix Cabinet has been eradicated, and the North Continent’s Alliance has been established. When will the person you mentioned come?”

The Snow Listening Tower’s Master and the Anyue City Master looked at Feng Xian at the same time.

“According to the promise, the Empire of Darkness would be quick to notice the formation of the North Continent’s Alliance,” said Han Jianglin. “If they feel threatened and attack us and we are in grave danger, you are to contact that person immediately!”

It was no wonder they dared challenge the empire. There was actually someone backing them.

Feng Xian had a saintly aura, her body oozing purity. Her lips wearing a mocking smile, she said, “Don’t you feel that this is laughable? If the empire wishes to eradicate you, Lord Shen Ying would have made his move. Why wait for the future?”

The three of them wore looks of frustration. “Insolence! Is this how you speak to us?”

Han Jianglin’s expression was ferocious. “Merely a small Phoenix Womana middleman between us and that legendary person. Do you really think that you can stand toe to toe with us?”

The small Phoenix Woman laughed. “At least my status is nobler than yours.”

“You are asking for death!” the Anyue City Master grunted.

Before colluding in this scheme, they had received the approval of a powerful fighter. Even though that person had not shown himself, the aura he released caused them to feel as if the world had been destroyed. It was due to this person backing them that they had the guts to attack today.

As for Feng Xian, she possessed the Pure Divine Decree and understood the laws of Heaven and Earth, meaning she was able to receive the instructions of that person from a million miles away. Thus, she became that person’s mouthpiece. But they had not expected Feng Xian to be so insolent, belittling them.

“The person asking for death is you!” she said.


Suddenly, a 10,000-zhang divine light shot toward them from far away. It was a giant yellow bird, its body radiating an aura of destruction.

“Demonic beast emperor! The greatest demonic beast emperor!”

The yellow bird in the divine light grabbed casually with its claws. A body slumped onto the ground. The Snow Listening Tower’s Master had been reduced to pulp.

The Snow Listening Tower’s Master did not even have the time to retaliate! A Heaven Master had been killed just like that.