The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 389

Chapter 389 The Yue Clan Returns

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The eyes of the yellow giant bird were glowing with scornfulness as it looked down on the great army of 20,000. In its eyes, the great army was no more powerful than ants.

“Master is occupied,” the yellow bird said. It was indifferent and spoke the human language. “Hence, all of you will listen to the instructions of the Young Master.”


Lumps of clouds flew over from the horizon and a few graceful figures could be seen. It was a young man who carried a sword. His bloody sword also gave off frightening blood energy. His face looked daring, energetic, and arrogant. Although he only had a cultivation base of Immortal Level Three, the green-robed old man who followed behind him had a cultivation base of Immortal Level Four Peak.

“It’s you!” the Anyue City Master gasped. His eyes were filled with hatred and anger.

Wasn’t that yellow bird the demonic beast that had destroyed the Anyue City? Moreover, wasn’t that young man with the bloody sword the Wu clan’s Young Master who accompanied the yellow bird?

There were a number of human forces deep inside the Dark Forest. In particular, the most mysterious force was the Wu clan.

Wu Yaoyue wore a mocking expression. “Haha! Anyue City Master, I trust that you have been well since we parted! I did not expect you to be under the command of my forefather as well. If I had known about this, I would have saved you face and preserved Anyue City.”

The Wu clan had wiped out the Tu clan to declare that the Wu clan had come into the world! This was meant to shake the north continent. However, that was only the first act. What the Wu clan really wanted to shake the continent with was this

The Anyue City Master had no choice but to keep his resentment to himself. Han Jianglin also kept quiet out of fear. With the Demonic Beast Emperor, no one dared to resist.

Wu Yaoyue looked down on the earth. His eyes swept past the destroyed Phoenix Cabinet, the great army of 20,000, and the land of the north continent.

“Haha The world belongs to my clan!” Wu Yaoyue rejoiced within the clouds. “After hundreds of years, my clan has returned to the continent to govern the world!” After his speech, he bowed his head and laughed. “I hereby officially declare that the North Continent’s Alliance is established! My forefather will assume the role of the Alliance Master, and the rest of you will be his subordinates!”

The audience of 10,000 was frightened.

The Wu clan, Wu Yaoyue, and his forefather. Who were they? Where did they get the confidence to take charge of the north continent and cast their covetous eyes on the world?

Moreover, what was the meaning of “My clan has returned?” Could it be that the Wu clan once had a good reputation on the continent?

Wu Yaoyue raised his head and sighed for a long time. “At the same time, I would also like to make another announcement! And that is, my clan’s name will return completely! We have borne the surname ‘Wu’ for too long. It is time for us to use our original surname and show ourselves on the continent!”

Original surname? Wasn’t their surname Wu?

“I, Yue Yao, the descendant of the Yue clan of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, hereby say my prayers to my forefather. The Yue clan has returned!”

What? The Wu clan was actually the exterminated Yue clan? Of the Eight Great Ancient Clans!

Back then, when the King of Darkness stopped training in seclusion, he destroyed the world, exterminated the Yue clan, and confined the Tu clan. Although it was something that happened hundreds of years ago, at the very moment, strong martial artists of the continent could still remember it vividly.

That Yue clan, which had been exterminated had actually appeared again! Moreover, as soon as it appeared, it took control of the North Continent’s Alliance and looked down on the world!

Wu Yaoyue was Yue Yao! The Wu clan was the Yue clan! An Ancient Clan that had been exterminated hundreds of years ago! They had hidden deep inside the Dark Forest and concealed their identity. Hence, they lived an isolated life, hid their identity, and increased their might quietly. Now, they appeared out of the blue!

“Is there anyone who is unhappy?” Wu Yaoyue was high-spirited and vigorous like a monarch who controlled the world.

As he looked scornfully everywhere, everyone had the jitters. Hence, who dared to go against him?

Han Jianglin and the Anyue City Master were the same as well. The two of them looked at each other and then kneeled with one knee on the ground, saying, “Congratulations to the Yue clan for leaving your secluded place!”

To Han Jianglin, being able to rely on the Yue clan as well as the Yue family’s forefather, who possessed unusual powers, was a good fortune he could never have wished for. As for the Anyue City Master, although he was unwilling to lower his head to another clan of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, if he dared to go against them in the slightest bit now, he would end up like the Snow Listening Tower’s Master.

Feng Xian gave a charming smile. She wore a slightly ingratiatory expression and drifted to the side of Wu Yaoyue. She then saluted delicately and thoughtfully. “Greetings to Mister Yue Yao.”

After she spoke, she glanced at him frequently and charmingly with gazes that contained a holy and pure aura. When her holiness, pureness, and charm combined, it was especially captivating.

Yue Yao laughed for a long time and took advantage of the opportunity to embrace Feng Xian. “Where is Shen Kong? You and he plotted this great change in the north continent together. Why is he not here?”

Feng Xian’s face turned slightly red, and she said flatly, “He was a useless piece of trash and was killed by Yin Yu.”

Yin Yu? Yue Yao’s pupils shrank, and his expression turned cold. “It’s him!”

He pushed Feng Xian away. His eyes glowed with icy, murderous intent. Feng Xian was stunned, as she did not understand. She became greatly grieved.

After remaining silent for some time, Yue Yao said coldly, “I still have one more thing to announce! I will be married one month from now, and I hereby invite the outstanding figures of the world to participate in my wedding.”

The green-robed old man behind him took out two invitation cards and threw them to Han Jianglin and the Anyue City Master respectively.

Finally, Yue Yao took out an invitation card and gave it to Feng Xian, stating, “Feng-er, you must come as well.”

Feng Xian’s whole body turned stiff. As she held the invitation card, she felt dissatisfied. Mo Wu. It was that woman again! The woman Yao Yue wanted to marry by hook or by crook!

What woman was more beautiful than her? More magnanimous than her? Or more talented than her?

“Thank you, Mister Yue Yao,” said Fen Xian. “Feng Xian will definitely attend your wedding.” Feng Xian responded with a laugh. However, a deep part of her eyes was filled with maliciousness.

After hesitating for a moment, Han Jianglin questioned, “May I ask Mister Yue Yao, your forefather Oh, where is the Alliance Master?

Yue Yao frowned. “He left ahead of us. It is said that he is pursuing a nature-defying man.”


Lord Shen Ying was speeding to his destination. In half a month, he had flown 1,000 miles. At the same time, he was very close to the edge between the north continent and the middle continent. The middle continent was a piece of land that the Empire of Darkness took charge of.

“We will stop here and take a rest,” he said. After rushing for half a month continuously, Lord Shen Ying was very exhausted.

The group of them landed on a giant rock. Lord Shen Ying shot a glance toward the three of them and sneered, “Even though it’s been so long, you are still not dead. What an ill-fated life.”

Half a month ago, Su Yu should have died tragically on the spot. However, he was, remarkably, still alive even after half a month. Moreover, his life force was getting stronger. At the very least, his breathing was currently smooth, and he was partially conscious.

Ling Xiaotian, on the other hand, had languished and was exhausted. Within half a month, he seemed to have aged ten years. The Phoenix Cabinet’s Master was exhausted as well. The three of them remained silent and lay down quietly on the giant rock.

Lord Shen Ying raised his head. He then looked far away as that vast sky. “It’s time.”

No one understood his actions.

Suddenly, an inspector took out a bottle with a dark green liquid from his sleeve and walked toward Ling Xiaotian.

“Palace Master Ling,” the inspector said expressionlessly, “you must be tired after so many days. This bottle of spiritual liquid replenishes your physical strength and spiritual energy. Drink it, as it will be good for your body. With this, you can then defend yourself at the headquarters. That way, it will not become a situation where we have to extort a confession by torturing you.”

Ling Xiaotian received the bottle. However, he did not use it.

Su Yu was slightly conscious. However, his body was numb like a puppet. His body had died. His injuries were too serious, and too much of his flesh had been torn open. Within the half a month, most of his flesh died, and he now emitted a discreet rotting smell.

However, what Su Yu was unable to understand was how, with his body in such a condition, he was actually still alive.

Suddenly, Su Yu looked toward the jade bottle. His expression changed slightly. He then tugged at Ling Xiaotian’s sleeve secretly and said softly, “Don’t drink it.”

Ling Xiaotian nodded his head. He then lifted his head and looked at Lord Shen Ying. “Have you finally decided? Putting it in another way, has your plan finally successful?”

With his back against Ling Xiaotian, Lord Shen Ying sneered expressionlessly. “Ling Xiaotian, don’t blame me. Lord Bai Luo has requested for you to devote yourself to him many times. However, you would rather die than obey him. Hence, for you to get yourself in such a situation, you cannot blame anyone.”

Ling Xiaotian wore a sad smile filled with loneliness and persistence. “That’s right! I have indeed brought trouble to myself. Indeed, I cannot blame anyone. However, I have no regrets. I, Ling Xiaotian, have only ever pledged myself to the King of Darkness. This is my way of repaying him for his recognition and appreciation of me. Lord Bai Luo is merely a Lord. What right does he have to request me to serve him instead? Does he think he can match the King of Darkness?”

Lord Shen Ying laughed as nonchalantly as before. “Ever since the King of Darkness destroyed the world, frightened the masses, and restored the Empire, he has hidden himself for many years and has not shown himself at all. All the matters are handled by the Lords. Hence, what’s wrong with becoming a retainer of Lord Bai Luo?” Lord Shen Ying shook his head apathetically. “To put it in less pleasant terms, it is unknown as to whether the King of Darkness is still alive. During those hundreds of years, among the Seven Great Lords, only Lord Yi Yu could meet him face to face. Other than that, there is no other proof that he is still alive!”

Ling Xiaotian’s gaze suddenly turned swift and fierce. “A bunch of nonsense! The King of Darkness’s martial arts are so magical that he can be known as the Nature. Hence, he will not die even after 1,000 years. What are mere hundreds of years to him?” Ling Xiaotian was unusually respectful toward the King of Darkness.

However, Lord Shen Ying laughed grimly and shook his head. “Whether you believe it or not is up to you. However, I can tell you that we are not the only ones who are suspicious. The other Lords also suspect that Lord Yi Yu is a pawn controlled by some other force whose motive is to give fake intentions of the King of Darkness via her and control the Empire of Darkness!”

Against that, Ling Xiaotian was speechless. The King of Darkness had not left his secluded training area for hundreds of years, and no one knew whether he was dead or alive. There had been instances where people passed on fake orders of his.

As for Lord Yi Yu, this mysterious woman, she abruptly became a new generation of Lord. Moreover, the King of Darkness regarded her highly. She was the only one who could enter and exit the King of Darkness’s secluded area to pass on his’ will. Hence, the Six Great Lords were all suspicious of her.

As such, Lord Bai Luo had set his mind to stand on his own feet. He drew over the authorities of the Empire of Darkness to observe Lord Yi Yu’s reactions. Once he had confirmed that she was passing on fake messages, he would crown himself King of Darkness and control the Empire.

At the moment, more than half of the matters in the Empire were handled by Lord Bai Luo, including ordering Lord Shen Ying to take action and bring Ling Xiaotian back.

But no. The plan was to assassinate him secretly along the way.

“Lord Bai Luo has given you a chance to choose before,” said Lord Shen Ying. “It is a pity that you chose the other path. As you are the King of Darkness’s trusted subordinate, the only thing that he can do is kill you. Before I came to catch you, you must have expected what your fate would be, right?”

Ling Xiaotian nodded silently. When Lord Shen Ying appeared, he knew that the claim of handling matters fairly was just an illusion. Lord Bai Luo had disallowed him to continue living. That was it.

Lord Shen Ying revealed a forlorn expression. “Since you already know, please go to the afterlife now. I do not wish to take action against you.”

However, Ling Xiaotian laughed lightly. “It’s not that you do not wish to take action against me. Instead, you cannot take action. You might leave evidence behind, resulting in people tracing it back to you. Am I right?”

Lord Shen Ying’s face hardened, then a joking expression appeared. “Since you have discerned the truth, drink this down obediently!”

If Ling Xiaotian died on the north continent, everyone would suspect that it had been done by Lord Shen Ying. He could only die at the common boundary between the north continent and the middle continent. This place was dangerous, as there were a number of ferocious people who hid within it. Lord Shen Ying could claim that evil people had appeared and launched a surprise attack on them. As a result, Ling Xiaotian had accidentally been sacrificed. This was the best explanation that they could use.