The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 39

Chapter 39: An Unexpected Turn of Events

That was the only explanation for the terrifying Heavenly Finger. Also, Su Yu noticed that the elder's Holy Decree that he had gained insight to was a little different.

The saint level technique Purple Star Thunderbolt had only become clearer after he gained insight into the elder's Holy Decree.

But there were other demon students that have gained insight into the Holy Decree. Zheng Yilin, ranked first of the Xianyu prefecture's demon students, was one of them.

But he had not mastered the Purple Star Thunderbolt. From this, Su Yu could deduce that the Holy Decree he had gained insight to was not ordinary.

Su Yu clenched his fists. He felt very confident about the future of his Martial Path. As long as he was given enough opportunities, he would definitely shine.


The Nine-Dragon Cauldron entrenched in his mind suddenly started vibrating. A drop of spirit serum dripped out from the cauldron. Some of the purple dragon etched on the cauldron transformed into a crystalline state after a cleansing.

Su Yu unexpectedly found out that his space time manipulation had reached a higher level. Previously, when he was silent, he could speed up the time around him to be 20 times faster. Now he could do it up to 30 times. When he was in a state of frenzy, he could only speed up time by 40 percent, but now he could do it up to 50 percent.

His eyesight had also become superb. He could now see the feathers of a bird on a tree two miles away.

Su Yu was elated. The understanding of the Holy Decree had resulting in the accelerated development of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

Suddenly, Su Yu felt that there was a cleansing deep within his soul. His soul became clear and ethereal, more natural and smooth compared to the past.

The souls of both Su Yus fusing together would often lead to repulsion. But after the cleansing, the two souls showed signs of merging. A refreshing feeling welled up within him. Su Yu reopened the page for the Demonic Eyes technique.

In the past, he could only see seven of the words clearly. Now, he could see eight! This was the effect of the preliminary merging of the two souls. His power as a Prodigy of Souls had increased.

Su Yu calmed himself and started cultivating the Demonic Eyes technique. He had been stuck at Stage Two Top Class of the technique for a period of time, always unable to progress.

Now, he had taken the opportunity to try again. Time passed quickly. Su Yu had spent the entire night cultivating the technique.

Soon, it was dawn. The sunlight was warm, and the birds sang. Su Yu slowly opened his eyes, which flashed with a look of surprise. With the increased powers of his Prodigy of Souls, he had cultivated the Demonic Eyes to Stage Three Lower Class.

At this point, his eyes could manifest a diabolic sword, capable of splitting the very souls of his enemies. The technique could kill without a physical form was very dangerous indeed.

As long as the enemy's cultivation level was not more than two levels above Su Yu, he could kill them with a mere strike. He was a terrifying and powerful killer indeed.

"Consort, please try on your bridal attire," a servant shouted from outside the door.

Su Yu let out a small smile. Was it really his engagement ceremony?

When he was in his purple robe, Su Yu was handsome as a deity. In his current celebrative red robe, he felt booming and successful.

Under the guidance of the servant, Su Yu met up with Xianer in the yard. Xianer's petite body was dressed in red, bearing a resemblance to a fiery hot chili. Her babydoll like eyes was excitedly taking in the dress she was wearing.

"Haha, Brother Su Yu!" Xianer ran over to Su Yu, visibly elated. "Is Xianer beautiful?"

Su Yu became dazed for a moment. Her little face was exquisite, her eyes pure and innocent. She was petite and adorable. Was this really his fianc? Am I, Su Yu, worthy of this?

Squatting down, Su Yu began intimately rubbing her forehead, lovingly saying, "Xianer will forever be the prettiest."

Xianer lifted her chin, proud as a peacock. "Hehe, to be able to take me as your wife is your blessing."

Su Yu did not know whether to laugh or to cry, "Yes, my princess."

"Hehe." Xianer joyfully hugged Su Yu, and in high spirits said, "Let's go. Let's go get engaged." Her eyes were filled with excitement.

Su Yu had no choice but to laugh. Xianer was like a child, perhaps not knowing what engagement means to a lady. Instead, she treating it like a fun game.

Shaking his head, he made his way to the hall with Xianer. The hall was decorated in red, and the sound of fireworks was never ending. It had a very joyous atmosphere.

In the hall, many of the empire's most influential people were in audience, with smiles on their faces. The guests looked over as the pair walked in.

The man was suave, handsome as a portrait of a deity. He had a noble air and incredible grace.The lady was cute and petite, as if a fabled genie. She was innocent and pure, much to the liking of others.

"Haha, they are a couple made by heaven!"

"The Duke of Xianyu's choice of a son-in-law is impeccable indeed. I really have to hand it to him."

Amongst the joy and laughter in the hall, Su Yu and Xianer completed their engagement ceremony.

"Father-in-law, please enjoy this tea." Su Yu and Xianer presented the tea on their knees.

Seeing his most beloved daughter get married to such an incredible Su Yu, the duke felt an unexplainable jubilation. A tear fell from the corner of his eye. His voice shuddered, "Great! Great! My daughter has finally found a husband!"

The Duke of Xianyu accepted the tea and finished it in one gulp.

The audience was smiling, silently giving their blessings.

The Duke of Xianyu teared in happiness. This was one of the rare moments in his life where he was extremely elated.

As a parent, who wouldn't want the best for their child? The Duke of Xianyu was no exception.

Wiping away his tears, the Duke of Xianyu stood, bringing Su Yu and Xianer to their feet. Grabbing onto Su Yu's hand, the Duke of Xianyu choked as he laughed, "Su Yu, help me take good care of Xianer."

Su Yu's heart was touched. He would never forget the favors the duke had done for him. Su Yu bowed in respect. He lovingly held Xianer's hands, speaking from his heart, "If the entire world is the enemy of Xianer, then my enemy will be the entire world."

These words struck a chord in everyone's hearts.

Xia Jingyu had a blissful smile. She gazed at Xianer with envy in her heart.

Jiang Xueqing felt as though she had been hit by a hammer, but forced a bitter smile. In the past, they had been a couple. Su Yu had also promised that his feelings would never change even if the world was ending.

Xianer angrily flailed her tiny fists, "The entire world is your enemy. I don't have any enemies. Hmph!"

The Duke of Xianyu let out a laugh, "Great! Great! Great! I have not judged you wrongly.

"In my life, there are three things I am most proud of," the Duke of Xianyu was laughing heartily, "First, It was marrying Xianer's mother. Then, it was giving birth to Xianer. And now, it is gaining you, Su Yu, as a son-in-law!"

Su Yu was humbled. The Duke of Xianyu held him in such high regard? The duke's kindness was even heavier now.

The audience happily gave their blessings.

"I now officially announce, that from this point on, Su Yu, you are the fianc of Xianer!" the Duke of Xianyu announced to the audience.

The guests got to their feet, clasping their hands in congratulations. An air of joy lingered in the surroundings.

However, there were three people that did not stand up. They instead remained seated, their expressions grave. They were seated at the very front, and were the center of attention. Their status was very high, causing the joyful audience to gradually quiet down.

The joyous atmosphere quickly became cold. In a blink of an eye, the entire hall was silent and a strange atmosphere enveloped the surroundings.

A feeling of uneasiness crept up to the present nobles. They, who frequently dabbled in politics, could smell something amiss.

Su Yu's heart began beating wildly. He had felt uneasy ever since he saw the green robed guard. Today, the weird situation presented by the three royal princes had confirmed his suspicions.

The smile on the Duke of Xianyu's face gradually subsided. He sternly spoke, "Three royal princes, what is the meaning of this?"

The three royal princes slowly stood up. The first royal prince was unfeeling. He withdrew an edict from his sleeve, holding it in both hands. He spoke with a deep voice, "Duke of Xianyu, receive the edict!"

The guests' expressions changed. They all kneeled to hear the edict.

What is happening? The three princes had brought an edict from the king. What was the purpose of this?

The Duke of Xianyu, Xianer and Su Yu all knelt to receive the edict.

"As per the Holy King, the Duke of Xianyu deceived the Holy King and is betraying the empire by colluding with the Fenghuang Empire. His crime is unpardonable. He shall be escorted to the capital and shall await further news. Receive the edict!"

The Duke of Xianyu was appalled. He became furious, "I am betraying the empire? I want to see the Holy King. I want to ask him personally."

The First and Second Princes were unfeeling, "Hmph! This is an edict given directly by the Holy King. Follow us to the capital and you'll definitely get a fair trial."

The Third Prince's face was calm, quietly watching the events unfold.

The Duke of Xianyu laughed in anger, "The moment I get thrown into jail, my innocence entirely depends on your decisions. Where is the fair trial in that?"

In truth, the Duke of Xianyu was doubting the legitimacy of the edict. The Holy King had a grave illness. There were rumours that he had already been locked away by the First and Second Princes.

Even though he had wished to save the king, he had no concrete evidence to do so. The two princes are trying to get rid of him by passing on a fake edict.

This was similar to the case of the Duke of Jiuchuan. His entire family was executed under the name of treason. Everybody above the age of 10 was executed.

The Duke of Xianyu did not care if he died. But Xianer was only 14. How could he drag her down with him?

The First Prince sternly shouted, "Insolent, Duke of Xianyu! You did not receive the edict and are planning a rebellion. Guards, surround the Duke of Xianyu. Kill anyone who dares to stop you."

The heartless command echoed across the hall. Outside the duke's manor came a flurry of heavy footsteps.

A large group of green robed guards, camouflaged as ordinary citizens, dropped their disguises. They quickly surrounded the manor, searching for the family members of the duke

The Black Armor guards from the manor engaged in battle with the enemy.

The group of green robed guard was exceptionally strong.They fought off the Black Armor guards with ease and made their way into the hall.

The leader of the group was Bai Qixiong, a powerful Level Six. Five days ago, he was ordered to gather the green robed guards from outside the city and camouflage them as ordinary citizens. They were to infiltrate the Xianyu prefecture and when the opportunity arose, capture everyone from the Duke of Xianyu's manor.

Currently, 10 Level Five green robed guards stood behind Bai Qixiong, sealing the exit of the hall.

"Do not move, or it will be seen as a rebellion against the empire, and you will be executed." Bai Qixiong's aura as a Level Six blanketed the surroundings.

The frantic guests immediately stopped moving.

"Capture them!" the Second Prince ordered, "The Duke of Xianyu, the princess and the son-in-law."

As he glanced past Su Yu, a cold smile broke out from his lips, his eyes were visibly elated.

The edict had suddenly changed everything.

It was supposed to be a joyful engagement ceremony, but now it had become a scene of bloodlust.

Xia Jingyu sensed something was wrong. She wanted to step forward, but was stopped by Xia Linxuan.

"Yu-er! Calm down!" Xia Linxuan's expression was grave. "Let us observe for a little while longer. We cannot directly defy the edict, for everything in these lands belong to the ruler. We cannot be rash."

Xia Jingyu was anxious, but she could only bear with it and observe further. Xia Linxuan was strong, but not strong enough to be enemies with the empire. The two princes held the edict in their hands. Xia Linxuan's rebuttal would mean defying the edict.

Qin Feng, who was always downcast, let out an expression of immense joy. He could not stop laughing. "Haha! Su Yu, you thought that you learned how to fly. You thought that you had become a phoenix. But to think that you would be brought down by the Duke of Xianyu and would die even faster."

Outside, the howls of the dying reverberated. They all came from the Black Armor guards, Level Five of the Martial Paths cultivated by the duke himself. Without their resistance, the party that barged into the hall would merely be 10 people.

Thankfully, the duke had cultivated a batch of experts. Otherwise, the situation would have been even more dire.

The duke felt that a crisis was awaiting him from the royal family, but he did not think that the day would come so quickly. He had yet to see his daughter get married. He had yet to see his grandchild be born. He knew that the moment he submitted, he would never see the light of day ever again. He would share the fate of the Duke of Jiuchuan.

His expression showed grief and fury. The Duke of Xianyu developed the intent to kill. He would never submit! "You two royal princes. You issued a fake edict! I will not spare the both of you!"

The Duke of Xianyu struck, going for the first royal prince.

A cold smile surfaced on the lips of the first royal prince. He retreated.