The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Half God Realm

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Only an Immortal Realm Level Five Peak could sense Heaven. This was the realm of a Half God that even Human Kings could not approach! Upon reaching such a level, no one amongst the Immortal Realm fighters could hope to defeat him.

Rumble, rumble

Suddenly, a pressuring authority blanketed the surroundings. Some of the lords did not expect that, staggering and falling from their chairs as if waves had crashed onto their bodies. Only Yi Yu had vapor around her, not moving an inch.

“He has broken through to Half God!” Lord Qing Zhu’s expression changed, turning to unease.

Before this, Bai Luo was only infinitely close to Half God. They could still match up to him if they worked together. But now, he had reached Half God!

“Indeed, I have broken through, and I am projecting my voice.” Lord Bai Luo was still in his secluded meditation.

Lord Qing Zhu’s expression continued to change. “Bai Luo, you suddenly projected your voice. What is the matter?”

“I am participating in the trial, of course!” Lord Bai Luo said. “In my eyes, Ling Xiaotian is indeed under suspicion of rebellion. He might become a threat if he is freed! The king is in secluded meditation, and the situation on the continent is mysterious. The Heavenly Law Alliance has even descended upon the earth! In such a situation, it is safer to kill him. So, Ling Xiaotian should be executed according to the rules of betrayal! Palace Master Yin Yu shall also be executed on the same premise. Since he is missing and his location unknown, he shall become a fugitive of the Empire of Darkness from this day on. Anyone may execute him if he is spotted! Who declines?”

Lord Qing Zhu was furious. It was supposed to be the seven lords discussing this matter together, but now, Bai Luo had decided on things for himselfas if he held the authority of a king!

But thinking back to the horrifying aura just now, Lord Qing Zhu was incredibly cautious, choosing to remain silent. It was not worth it to be at odds with Bai Luo just for sake of Ling Xiaotian.

“Yi Yu, do you have an opinion?” Bai Luo asked Yi Yu.

Yi Yu looked down at Ling Xiaotian. “He has contributed to the Empire. It is too upsetting to just execute him immediately. I would suggest locking him up for the time being and executing him some other day.”

“Hehe!” chuckled Bai Luo. “We shall do as Yi Yu says. We’ll execute him some other day! Send him away!”

In the blink of an eye, several Heaven Masters entered and took Ling Xiaotian away.

Ling Xiaotian shot a look of gratitude to Yi Yu. In such a situation, Yi Yu did not have the ability to save him. All she could do was buy him some time. Back then, Yi Yu had been taken in by the northern continent sub palace. She owed Ling Xiaotian a favor.

“All right, the matter is over,” Bai Luo said with the authority of a king. “Dismissed!”

But Yi Yu suddenly said, “There is something I need to announce!”

The crowd looked at her.

“By the king’s orders”

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Everyone, including Lord Shen Ying, got down on one knee, listening to the orders.


A projection of light gathered in the hall. It was the materialization of Bai Luo’s will, representing that he was here. Everyone else was kneeling except him.

Yi Yu looked at him as she said, “By the king’s orders, the Heavenly Offering Ceremony will be conducted three months from now. The seven lords are to prepare for the ceremony. There are to be no delays.”

“Yes!’ Five of the lords replied.

Only Lord Bai Luo coldly nodded his head, his projection of light scattering.

At this moment, the Zhenlong Continent was shaking. The northern continent was undergoing a huge change. The Phoenix Cabinet had been destroyed in a dayits disciples scattered and its master imprisoned. The three great superpowers of the northern continent, the Snow Listening Tower, the Hundred Territories Alliance, and Anyue City, had formed the North Continent’s Alliance!

What was even more shocking was that the Yue clanone of the Eight Great Ancient Clans that should have been eradicatedhad shown itself once again! The young master Wu Yaoyue, as well as the alliance master, the Ninth Saint Master, lorded over the northern continent. This news shook the hearts of everyone.

The situation on the northern continent had changed drastically since the King of Darkness first swept across the land. Yin Yu had rebelled against heaven and cultivated the Pure Divine Decree, creating the Heavenly Eyes. Using Heaven’s Wrath, he had killed the legendary Shen Kong with a glance, creating a new, unparalleled legendary genius. He had then used his injured body to fight against the Three Great Heaven Masters single-handedly, dealing massive damage to them.

Such a powerful battle record shocked everyone. The name of this legendary king had swept across the entire continent. No one would forget this genius among legends.

Another matter had caused the people of the continent to rejoice. The young master of the Yue clan, Yue Yao, had invited the heroes of the world to attend his wedding. It was said that the bride was a lady named Mo Wu. To be arranged at the same time as the arrival of the Yue clan, this banquet was set to be extremely insignificant.


At the Empire of Darkness.

The Jail of the Abyss was where the Empire of Darkness kept all its prisoners. It was heavily guarded, and no one had ever escaped.

Deep within the jail, the cell Ling Xiaotian was locked in was extremely sturdy. Not even a Heaven Master could break it open.

Taking out the Eternal Mask, Ling Xiaotian injected a trace of spirit energy. Su Yu and the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet were released.

Su Yu’s body released a rotting odor, but the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet was relatively fine. Only her cultivation level had been destroyed.

“Yin Yu!” said Ling Xiaotian. “Do not speak from now onward, time is of the essence!” He placed his palm on Su Yu’s back. Bolts of red current entered Su Yu’s body. It made Su Yu regain a little of his color, releasing a weak glow. His body was slowly repairing itself.

“This is” The Master of the Phoenix Cabinet touched her lips as she looked at Ling Xiaotian, her expression a complex blend of surprise and shock!

Su Yu said, “Palace Master, what are you giving me?”

The body that should have perished had been preserved until now. Su Yu had long sensed that this was unusual.

“You need not know,” Ling Xiaotian said. “Do not worry. Just absorb the energy I am giving you. This is the only thing I can do for you.”

Su Yu opened his mouth, wishing to say something, but was unable to form any words. Just like that, Su Yu’s body was covered with a weak, blood-red glow after six hours. A weak trace of vitality had finally returned to the destroyed body.

At this moment, there were footsteps outside the door. Su Yu immediately activated the Eternal Mask, entering it once again.

The footsteps shifted slightly, bringing about a fragrance. The woman was dressed in a red cloak. Who else could it be but Lord Yi Yu?

“Palace Master Ling, I have arrived late,” Yi Yu said.

She stood at the door, the vapor around her face scattering. Her face was as beautiful as a spirit, like a fairy from a painting. She had a gentle demeanor beyond that of an earthly lady.

Ling Xiaotian was relieved. “It was indeed you. You really became a lord!”

“Thank you for recommending me back then,” Yi Yu said. “I was unable to voice your injustice just now. Please forgive me.”

Ling Xiaotian shook his head and laughed. “No need to apologize. I may understand the internal strife of the empire even more than you do. Bai Luo had the authority. Even if you had challenged him, it might not have changed anything. It might even have landed you in trouble.”

“Do not worry, Palace Master,” Yi Yu said. “I will extend the date of the execution, then think of a way to save you.”

Unexpectedly, Ling Xiaotian declined. “You must not! Extending the date of my execution once has already made clear your attitude toward me. How would Bai Luo not be wary of you? In fact, you visiting me is also according to his plans. You would not be able to save me. You would only implicate yourself.” Ling Xiaotian understood this point, how could Yi Yu not be clear of this?

“But Palace Master,” Yi Yu said. “I know that you would not betray the empire. You were wronged!”

Ling Xiaotian let out a chuckle. “No matter. It is fine as long as my conscience is clear.”

Yi Yu felt even more apologetic. “The king is in secluded meditation and I cannot report this to him. I can only rely on my best efforts.”

With gratitude in his eyes, Ling Xiaotian stood up. “You need not save me. To flee for my life bearing the name of a rebel, my heart would be dead long before my body. I only wish for you to help save two people.”

“Who?” Yi Yu surveyed the surroundings.

Ling Xiaotian said. “One of them is Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu, he arrived at the sub palace after you. I am in his debt. I only hope that you can release him secretly. The other is the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. Now that her cultivation level has been destroyed, I hope that Lord Yi Yu can look after her.”

Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu? Yi Yu raised her brows, her heart beating hard despite it being the first time she had heard this name.

Su Yu, Yin Yu, and Yi Yu. There was the difference of only a single word.

“All right!” Yi Yu promised.

Ling Xiaotian said, “If that is the case, I have no more regrets. I would have no more longing for this world if you can give me another half a month’s time.”

Yi Yu stubbornly said, “I will find a way to save you.” She left after she finished saying this.

The Eternal Mask shuddered as Su Yu appeared. He was afraid of being detected and thus had not observed the situation that had occurred in the outside world.

“Who came?” Su Yu asked, curious.

Ling Xiaotian smiled. “My benefactor. All right, now close your eyes and stay silent. We should hurry.”


Half a month passed in no time. Ling Xiaotian grew more haggard by the day, and his expression withered like that of a dried up corpse.

As for Su Yu, the vitality had gradually returned to his destroyed body! Now, his flesh was plump and robust, his injuries more or less recovered. But the nerves in his body were still severed, his bones still shattered, and his organs on the verge of destruction. His body still could not feel anything.

“Finally, all that is left is the last step!” Ling Xiaotian let out a long sigh.


At this moment, a string of sounds came from outside. It was Lord Shen Ying.

“Ling Xiaotian, follow me,” Lord Shen Ying said as he appeared at the door to the cell. “This is the day of your execution.”

Ling Xiaotian’s expression dulled. “I was clearly scheduled to be executed in one month’s time. Why now, when it has only been half a month?”

Lord Shen Ying laughed. “You should understand why!”

To prevent any complications? The act of Yi Yu visiting him had agitated Bai Luo and thus, the execution had been brought forward.

“Please give me another half a day,” begged Ling Xiaotian. “I only need half a day! There is still something I must do.”

Ling Xiaotian was anxious, Su Yu was one step away from recovered.

Lord Shen Ying let out a cold laugh. “You don’t even look human anymore, yet you still wish to struggle on? Come with me!”

Opening the door to the cell, Lord Shen Ying disregarded Ling Xiaotian’s retaliation and quickly captured him. Ling Xiaotian had grief and fury in his eyes. There was only one step left! Only one step!

Bai Luo had disregarded the rules of the empire, pushing forward the execution date. Was he not afraid of the King punishing him after he came out of meditation?

Lord Shen Ying brought him to a dilapidated corner of the mountaintop.

Ling Xiaotian looked around. “You wish to execute me in secret?”

“Hehe! Did you think otherwise?” Lord Shen Ying looked around, his smile cold and deep as he laughed. “Did you really think we would take the risk of pushing the execution date forward officially? As far as the people will know, Ling Xiaotian attempted to escape during his trial, and the person who captured him, Shen Ying, executed him in accordance with the law!”

He was going to have Ling Xiaotian bear the name of a jailbreaker! Under such a situation, killing Ling Xiaotian would be within reason.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Ling Xiaotian felt a mixture of surprise and fury.

“Accept your fate, Ling Xiaotian,” Lord Shen Ying said and let out a cold laugh.

Ling Xiaotian was greatly grieved. Not only was he going to die, but he was going to die wrongfully accused!

A decisivenessa sudden insanitysurrounded him.

“Fine, fine, fine!” he blurted out. “So be it! I’ll use the last of my life to help Yin Yu! I’ll use the last of my blood to forge a new future for him!”