The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 396

Chapter 396 Fragment Of A Legendary Level Technique

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“That is” the green-robed elder looked at the figure gradually getting clearer. A head of silver hair and a silver mask, wearing a long, white robe. “Could that be?”

The green-robed elder was in disbelief. According to the Heavenly Law Alliance, Yin Yu had been taken by the Empire of Darkness and had died along the way. There was no way he could still be alive!

Huang Xiaoyan also froze at that moment, exclaiming with hatred, “I remember this person. It is the handsome lad from the Alliance Meet, Yin Yu! He is Brother Yaoyue’s enemy”

It was indeed him! The expression of the green-robed elder turned sinister. “What guts he has to dare come here! Xiaoyan, inform the guards of the city immediately!”

The incident of Su Yu killing Heaven Master Shen Kong with just a gaze at the Phoenix Cabinet had been spread all over the world. How would the green-robed elder dare to dally here?

“There is no need,” Su Yu said as he descended. His face was all smiles, but there was a merciless glow in his eyes. “I’ll naturally show myself to the guards, but I am in a hurry and did not bring any presents. I’ll need to borrow the two of you.”

The green-robed elder scolded with a deep voice, “Flee quickly, Xiaoyan!” He was holding a crutch in one hand and coldly staring at Su Yu. “Unfortunately, you have not been invited by the Yue clan. We do not need your gift. Please go!”

Su Yu stood at his original position, staring at the green-robed elder before him. How could he forget that it was him who wanted to kill Su Yu back at the Hundred Territories Alliance? Back then, he was merely an ant in his eyes. But now, they had the same cultivation level.

“It is unimportant whether you need my gift or not,” said Su Yu. “What’s important is that I want to give it to you!”

I want to give it to you! These few words were incredibly overbearing. How insolent must one be to utter these words in front of the North Continent’s Alliance?

“Yin Yu! Do you really want to force your way in? How can a deputy palace master of the Empire be so impolite?”

Su Yu could not help but laugh. “Impolite? Were you respectful to me back when I was still in the Dragon Realm? Were you respectful to me when I nearly died of severe injuries at the Phoenix Cabinet! Now you are forcing me to respect you! What a joke!”

The heart of the green-robed elder sank. He clenched his teeth and had no choice but to tolerate Su Yu. He had to wait until reinforcements came before he could kill this dangerous person.

“I truly wish to see just how powerful the fabled, legendary genius of the northern continent is!” the green-robed elder said. He gripped his clutch as he looked at Su Yu with a fierce glow.

Su Yu stood at his original location, but two sharp arrows appeared at his chest. The blood-red color was akin to fresh blood spilling from Su Yu’s body, strange and mysterious.


The two arrows shot out. The green-robed elder felt his skin crawl. He felt as though this evil power was about to cause his flesh to disintegrate.

“Ugh!” With a loud grunt, the green-robed elder flailed his crutch, blocking the arrows.

But this mysterious blood arrow was a living thing! It made its way around the crutch and struck his chest.


A shocking scene ensued. The elder’s body turned to black ash, scattering into the sky. Only his head remained intact.

It all happened so quickly that the elder never felt any pain before being reduced to a disembodied head.


The blood arrow brought back a bolt of essence, making Su Yu’s body feel a sense of satisfaction.

The other blood arrow struck Huang Xiaoyan with the power of lightning, also turning her body into ash. But her essence was too weak; Su Yu felt nothing.

“I wonder how long it would take me to reach the level of Heaven Master if I use this skill to steal the cultivation level of others,” Su Yu muttered, idly glancing at the two heads without expression as he stepped into the castle.


Deep within the castle.

There were colorful decorations and a jovial atmosphere.

Wu Yaoyue was Yue Yao. He was dressed in a long, red robe, looking incredibly energetic. He had a longing expression as he decorated his room, staring at the bride on the bed, also dressed fully in red.

She had an aura as frigid as a glacial mountain. Her figure was slender, accentuated by her bridal gown. At the moment, she was still, her expression icy.

“Wu-er, you become my bride today,” said Yue Yao, unable to mask the happiness in his heart. “I will love you with all my heart in this life.”

Mo Wu’s expression showed deep fury, but she could not even move her body, much less open her mouth.

“Wu-er, you need not worry,” Yao Yue said. “I shall certainly dispel the restraining technique after the ceremony.”

With the help of the Ninth Saint Master, they had managed to take the sword out of Mo Wu’s body, making it impossible for her to claim her own life. When all was said and done, Mo Wu would gradually submit to him in the future.

“You should understand my intentions,” said Yu Yao. “I love you with all my heart. Otherwise, I would not have waited such a long time without laying a finger on you. I hope that you understand my heart.” After saying this, Yue Yao rose to leave. “I’ll go entertain the guests first. There will be people to bring you to the hall later.”

There were flames of fury in Mo Wu’s eyes! Why did Yue Yao really refrain from touching her? It was because Yue Yao was cautious, fearing that he would be injured if she used the sword aura in her body. The reason he gaveloving her with all his heartwas ridiculous.

Thinking back to her fate over this half a year, Mo Wu felt bitter. But she was much more worried about her teacher’s fate. Was she rescued? Had her face recovered?

Also Mo Wu thought of a handsome face, and a light tear filled her eyes. She did not have the face to meet Su Yu anymore.


At this moment, the door opened. A beautiful lady in a white robe silently entered the room, her body emanating purity.

Mo Wu felt ashamed when she looked at the lady. How could there be such a beautiful lady in this world? Her appearance, cultivation level, demeanorall of these were top-notch.

“You are Mo Wu?” The lady’s expression was friendly and incredibly pure. “You are being forced to marry Yue Yao, aren’t you?”

Mo Wu blinked in affirmation.

The pure lady smiled. Her smile was like the summer breeze, incredibly beautiful. Even Mo Wu, a lady, was dazed.

“I have been instructed by someone to save you,” the lady said. “After you leave through the back door, don’t look back. Understand?”

Saying this, the pure lady took off her white robes, exchanging it with Mo Wu’s bridal gown.

“Go first,” the pure lady said as she released Mo Wu’s restraining technique. “I’ll deal with the people outside and look for an opportunity to leave.”

Mo Wu opened her mouth, anxiously saying, “Who sent you here to save me? This will put your life in danger.”

The pure lady calmly shook her head. “It only matters that I have been instructed. Leave quickly. I naturally have the ability to escape. Go.”

Mo Wu felt elated now that she was freed. She hesitated for a moment before shifting her feet. “All right. Please be careful!”

Saying this, she silently left.

The lady in the bridal gown had a cold smile on her lips. “Yue Yao. Ah, Yue Yao! It is not so easy to push me aside! To conduct the wedding in the presence of everyoneI do not believe that you can still reject me!”

This person was Feng Xian!

She felt injustice at the idea that Yue Yao was going to marry someone else, and so, she had resorted to this!

Yue Yao’s abilities were average, but Feng Xian was longing for his status! The descendant of the Ninth Saint Master, how noble was that?

“As for that Mo Wu” Feng Xian let out a low grunt. “You sure are lucky! If I was not worried that Yue Yao might explode if I killed you, do you think you would still be alive?”

Grabbing her red veil, Feng Xian covered her face with anticipation.


The guests were silently waiting in the hall.

Four Great Ancient Clans, as well as the Heavenly Law Alliance, had come to congratulate them. Other than the Empire of Darkness, who was not on close terms with them, the powerhouses of the continent had all arrived.

The revival of the Yue clan had come as a huge shock to the powerhouses of the continent. From this day forward in the North Continent’s Alliance, the name of the Yue clan would spread all over the world.

“Many thanks to all of you attending this wedding. I, Yue Yao, am incredibly grateful.”

Yue Yao paid his respects to the crowd, surveying the surroundings. The Four Great Ancient Clans sat beside each other. The representatives of the Heavenly Law Alliance sat on the other side.

The Four Great Ancient Clans had all sent seniors. With them were a few youths of the clan. For example, the Shi clan had sent a Heaven Master, bringing along with him an Immortal Realm Level Four Peak junior. The other three clans were not much different. Only the Heavenly Law Alliance had sent one person to represent thema youth of about 20 years old. More importantly, his cultivation level was terrifyingly powerful! He was a true Human King!

The elders of the Four Great Ancient Clans could not hide the caution in their eyes. Even Yue Yao felt a shred of respect, secretly surprised. The Heavenly Law Alliance was indeed the revered object of legends. To harbor a genius not paling in comparison to the Seven Lords of Darkness! What kind of potential did this person have to be a Human King at just 20 years old?

Observing him closely, this person was not only young, but he also had a handsome appearance, his demeanor generous. His cultivation level and demeanor were extraordinary and much more powerful than the average fighter. They stood out among the guests.

“That is Long Feiyu of the Heavenly Law Alliance,” the elder of the Shi clan praised with a smile. “He truly is a magnificent being! I wonder what surprises you have brought along for Yue Yao?”

In other words, he wanted to know what gift Long Feiyu had brought. Those words seemed like praise, but the intention was to let Long Feiyu present his gift first.

Long Feiyu waved the fan in his hand, not backing down. “Do not worry. Your gift can never match up to mine.”

This impolite words enraged the people present.

The Shi clan elder maintained his smile. “Haha! It is a good thing to be confident! If that is the case, I shall go first!”

After saying this, he took out a black gourd from his robes. The gourd was made from an unknown material. It seemed quite heavy for even a Heaven Master like him to have a little difficulty holding it up. Furthermore, the gourd was sealed rather tightly, hiding its contents.

“Yue Yao, I have nothing else to give you. This bottle of Heavenly Divine Water expresses my intentions.”

These words brought up waves in the hearts of many.

“Heavenly Divine Water? Out of the eight clans, the Shi clan is famous for administering poison. The Heavenly Divine Water was the water that brought the Shi clan their fame. It is rumored that one drop of it can kill a Heaven Master. It would never have been given to anyone outside of the Shi clan. To think that it is being used as a gift today!”

The other guests realized why this was the case. It looked like the Ninth Saint Master had quite the reputation. The powerhouses had come to congratulate them, not daring to dawdle.

“Since that is the case, I shall also show my gift. Yue Yao, this is the treasured fragment of a technique of the Ming clan!”

Fragment? The crowd did not understand. Out of the eight clans, the Ming clan was famous for their mastery of various techniques. Why would they bring only a fragment of a technique?

“This is a fragment of a fire-based technique, as for its level it’s legendary.”

What? The crowd’s expressions change! A fabled legendary-level technique! Even if it was only a fragment and had merely a few sentences, it would definitely shake the continent! Amazing for the Ming clan to take out such an item!

“Hehe! Then I shall also express my congratulations to Yue Yao. This is the Short Distance Wings of the Wan clan. After you purify this, you will be able to teleport a distance of 10,000 miles.”

The crowd was shocked. Even the previous two Great Ancient Clans had a change in their expressions.