The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 397

Chapter 397 The Dragon Abyss Of The Nine Underworlds

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The Wan clan was proficient in flying. The Short Distance Wings were the Wan clan’s garrison treasure, and they had actually given it away as a gift!

Everyone’s gaze fell on the Li clan’s elders. As the previous three clans were frightened of the Ninth Saint Master, they had handed over their clans’ most precious items. What about the Li clan?

The Li clan’s elders wore slightly unpleasant expressions. They could not accept the fact that they had been forced to hand over their clan garrison item. However, they could not help it, as the situation was threatening.

“Haha. Sir Yue Yao, please keep this Death Horn with you. It has come from ages ago. If it is given to an appropriate person, one can summon the souls of the dead. Its use is really shocking.”

The whole place became serious and extremely quiet. Even the dignified Long Feiyu could not help but examine that item carefully. His eyes burned with greed. The Death Horn was a rumored high-grade divine artifact!

No middle-grade divine artifacts could compare with this! On the whole continent, there were less than five high-grade divine artifacts. This Death Horn was one of them. However, it required someone with deadly energy to unleash the power of the Horn.

The Li clan consisted of people who possessed the deadly energy. However, they were unable to unleash even one-hundredth of the divine artifact’s potential power. Apart from the fact that they did not possess enough deadly energy, the seal of the divine artifact’s owner was still present and could not be removed.

“Young Master, this is a small token of my appreciation. Please accept it.” The Anyue City Master walked over and took out a bottle of blood. There were ten droplets of it!

10,000 Soldier Spiritual Liquid! It could remove the seal of a divine artifact’s owner! Everyone’s heart started to beat wildly. Even the Li clan’s elders’ eyes were filled with greed. That was like asking the Death Horn to descend upon the human world again!

Yue Yao breathed hurriedly. He was unable to conceal his joy. There were so many treasures! Every single one of them was an exceptional treasure that could shake the continent!

And as of this moment, all of it belonged to him!

However, what he was really looking forward to the last person’s gift. Long Feiyu! What congratulatory gift would the Heavenly Law Alliance give him?


Long Feiyu took out a token from his chest. It was dark black in color and emitted an icy cold aura. An extremely ferocious black dragon was carved on it.

“This is the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. If it’s possible for the Young Master, please raise your cultivation base to Immortal Level Four Peak. With that, you might be able to use this.”

When the token appeared, the whole place was shocked.

“What? It’s actually the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds!” someone uttered.

The elders of the Four Great Ancient Clans were shocked as well. The eyes of the youngsters that they had brought with them were filled with greed and eagerness.

The elder of the Shi clan gasped. “I did not expect Sir Long to bring such a great treasure”

The true meaning behind his words was that he had admitted defeat. The Heavenly Divine Water could poison a Heaven Master to death. However, the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds could result in the birth of a Heaven Master!

It was rumored that within the vast ocean, there was a place known as the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. It was a place created by the Heavenly Law Alliance. From ancient times until now, extremely vicious people of the continent who were suppressed by the Heavenly Law Alliance were sealed inside.

The weakest people were at the Immortal Realm and the strongest people were in the realm of Human King. It was also rumored that Half Gods were suppressed within it.

Since ancient times, countless people had been suppressed within, and no one knew how many of them were still alive. The only thing that people knew was that inside was a shocking secret territory.

Countless special secret treasures of the Nine Underworlds resided within the place. Most of them were nature-defying items that could allow a person to make a breakthrough to Heaven Master overnight. However, this place was sealed throughout the year. Only the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds created by the Heavenly Law Alliance could bypass the seal and allow the token’s owner to enter.

It was rumored that everyone who entered the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds and came out alive had all made a breakthrough to Heaven Master. However, the prerequisite was that one’s cultivation base must have reached the limit of Immortal Level Four. Only then would it be useful.

None of the treasures on site could compare to a chance to make a breakthrough to Heaven Master.

In the world, there were many Immortal Level Fours. However, Immortal Level Fives were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, such that the total number of them could be counted on two hands.

On the north continent, among the geniuses of the current generation, Shen Kong alone was blessed by Heaven with the resources and power to achieve Heaven Master. Apart from him, the rest of the Immortal Level Fives were the leaders of the super forces. Even the Ninth Saint Master would have been unlikely to be able to help Yue Yao make a breakthrough to Heaven Master. Yet the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds could absolutely do it.

Yue Yao took a deep breath. His eyes were filled with excitement.

“Thank you! Thank you, everyone!” Yao Yue cupped his fists as a form of salute and was moved to the point that he shed tears of gratitude.

As the guests stared at the congratulatory gifts on the table, everyone among them was filled with evil thoughts. However, as all of them were afraid of that mysterious and unpredictable Ninth Saint Master, none of them dared take any actions.

At that moment, a strong wind blew in from outside. With two thumping sounds, two round objects dripping with blood rolled onto the table. As they came to a rest, it was clear that they were two bloody human headsthe heads of the two persons who welcomed the guests at the entrance!

“For Young Master Yue Yao’s big wedding,” a cold voice declared, “I, Mister Su, have not given you my congratulatory gift yet. This is only a small token of my appreciation. Please accept it.”

Mister Su?

No one had not heard the name before. However, for him to kill the Yue clan’s clansmen and cause trouble on the spot, he must not have been an average guest! As everyone looked on, surprised and bewildered, a white-clothed young man carrying a coffin stepped into the room.

The man in white was about 17 years old. He wore a Moon White Long Robe and had a thin frame. His face wore a bronze mask. His hair was blood red in color, and an extremely evil energy was emitted from his body. Who was this person? Even the Anyue City Master, Han Jianglin, and Yue Yao were unable to recognize him!

After entering the room, Su Yu grabbed a cup of wine from a table. He drank it down and laughed loudly. “Good wine! Haha!”

Yue Yao’s face was overwhelmed with anger and he was extremely surprised! Who would dare to disrupt his wedding in front of the entire north continent? He had actually killed Huang Xianyan and Uncle Green!

Yue Yao flew into a rage and slammed the table abruptly. He was so furious that his whole body was trembling! “Guards!” he roared.

However, outside the door was deathly silent!

“Ah, look!” said Su Yu. “It is snowing outside. How strange. The snow is black in color!”

When everyone looked outside, the castle was surrounded by black snowflakes. There was so much of it that it covered the ground.

Such a surreal scene baffled everyone in attendance. A man with blood-colored hair and a bronze mask, carrying a coffin, had arrived while black snow fell from the sky. His strange identity and temperament caused everyone to tremble with unease.

Rustle, rustle, rustle

The guards who were stationed in the backyard rushed over.

“Capture him!” Yue Yao shouted, gnashing his teeth.

When ten guards came within 30 feet of Su Yu, something horrifying occurred. Su Yu sat quietly on the table in the middle but did not even move. However, his long, blood-red hair fluttered abruptly and swept past all the guards.


The guards whom the blood red long hair swept by were turned instantly to black ashes. A large number of ashes fell onto the ground! Ten grown men were turned to ash in the blink of an eye, and they could not even react.

All assembled finally understood where the black snow outside had come from.

The whole place was extremely silent! The elders of the Four Great Ancient Clans stood up seriously, their faces filled with fear. They clutched their youngsters to them and retreated continuously, even though the young man in front of them was an Immortal Level Four Peak and they were Heaven Masters!

Yue Yao’s pupils shrank to the size of needle points. He gasped, “You are Gui clan!”

Among the Eight Great Ancient Clans, it was the most mysterious, the most frightening, and the bloodiest clan! They would swallow the flesh and cultivation bases of all living things to make themselves stronger! The rest of the Eight Great Ancient Clans feared them.

“Gui clan!” The words spread through the room in a low hiss.

Rub, rub, rub

Previously, the people sitting around Su Yu had pretended to be calm, but now their expressions turned ghastly pale. They stood up quickly and retreated. In the blink of an eye, Su Yu sat alone at the centermost table of the wedding hall.

“What’s wrong?” Su Yu said indifferently. “Aren’t all of you here to congratulate the Yue clan on their happy occasion? What is the meaning of this?”

Yue Yao retreated in fear and said seriously. “Today is the day of my wedding. Why have you brought such death and horror?”

Su Yu had an apathetic expression. “Because between there is a blood debt that needs to be settled between myself and the North Continent’s Alliance.”

“I don’t understand,” said Yue Yao. “When have I ever offended the Gui clan?”

“You do not need to understand,” Su Yu replied nonchalantly. “You only need to know that today, the name of the North Continent’s Alliance will be removed from the history books!”

They had destroyed the Phoenix Cabinet and forced Su Yu’s hand to the extent that he had been fatally injured and on the verge of death. If not for that, Ling Xiaotian would not have needed to use his own flesh to prolong Su Yu’s life! For Ling Xiaotian’s sake, and for the sake of his woman, the Phoenix Cabinet’s Master, Su Yu needed to repay this blood debt!

“This is not the place for you to behave so atrociously,” Yue Yao said, brimming with horror. “Don’t be presumptuous!”

Su Yu wore an unreadable, almost causal expression. “If you are talking about the Ninth Saint Master, he is wounded. I am interested to know if he will dare to show himself!”

The Ninth Saint Master had fought with the Boundary King, and although Su Yu had not seen the results of the battle, he had managed to guess its outcome. In any case, the Ninth Saint Master was not in the Dark Forest, so there was no need for Su Yu to be afraid.

“As for them,” Su Yu said, surveying the assembled wedding guests with scornfulness, “anyone who wishes to interfere with the matter between me and the North Continent’s Alliance only needs to stay 10,000 feet within me. Those who do not wish to participate, I suggest that you move 10,000 feet away from me. I do not wish to kill indiscriminately, so don’t force my hand!”

Normal guests did not hesitate at all. They immediately fled and escaped 10,000 feet away. The Four Great Ancient Clans, however, hesitated slightly.

“Uncle Jian,” said one of the Shi clan’s youngsters. “Given his abilities, you should be able to handle him. Moreover, on that table” The youngsters pointed at the nature-defying treasures on the table.

The Shi clan’s elders shook their heads with resolve. They then pulled their youngsters along and retreated.

“This matter is of no concern to us. There is no need for us to use our lives to get involved in the disastrous bloodshed of the Yue clan! As for those treasures, there are so many people heredo you think we could monopolize all of them? We should just wait and see! Until now, that Ninth Saint Master has yet to show himself.”

Rustle, rustle

The Four Great Ancient Clans retreated. Long Feiyu used his folding fan to fan himself lightly. After pondering for some time, he wore a grim smile and retreated 10,000 feet away.

The Yue clan had manipulated everyone into handing over their most prized treasures, making the Yue clan was very unpopular at the moment. Moreover, no one was stupid enough to get themselves involved in a feud between the two clans.

Everyone had retreated. Only Yue Yao, Han Jianglin, and the Anyue City Master remained!

Su Yu casually played with the black gourd containing the Heavenly Divine Water. His face turned cold as the grave. “Han Jianglin. Anyue City Master. The score between us will be settled today!”

Su Yu and the two of them had a blood feud that could not be resolved. In particular, during the recent battle at the Phoenix Cabinet, Su Yu had been forced to overexert himself to the point that he had almost died. Such a debt could only be repaid in blood!

Han Jianglin and the Anyue City Master were shocked. How had they provoked the rumored Gui clan? The other party had obviously found fault with them for some reason. Hence, they could not show any impression of weakness.

Han Jianglin had a cold face and said, “Little brother of the Gui clan if I, Han Jianglin, have done something to wrong to you, I can apologize to you. However, if you are so aggressive as to press the matter, I am not someone who will take it lying down!”

The Anyue City Master glared at his own bottle of 10,000 Soldier Spiritual Liquid on the table. “Humph! At such a young age, you have learned to be impudent! If your elder were here, I would be a bit fearful, but a small child like youtrying in vain to threaten me? How reckless!”

Su Yu stood up quietly. Beneath his bronze mask, a pair of blind eyes overflowed with bone-chilling intensity. “I have been reckless many times. But this time around, I am not being reckless! All of you, prepare to use your lives to pay back the debt!”