The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 398

Chapter 398 Killing All Around Him

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Su Yu slapped open the black gourd. A refreshing fragrance assaulted them.

The Anyue City master’s expression changed drastically. “No! It’s the Heavenly Divine Water!”

Han Jianglin’s eyelids twitched, reacting faster than the Anyue City master, turning to escape. The Heavenly Divine Water was the fabled poisonous liquid that could kill even a Heaven Master. Who in the world could stop this?

“You really wish to kill us?” The two of them were in the middle of their escape, roaring in anger.

Su Yu flicked his finger, shooting out two drops of Heavenly Divine Water. It was azure and transparentlike jade beats. The heavenly water turned into a jade afterimage, chasing after the two of them.

At the critical moment, they each took out their medium-grade divine artifacts.


But a startling scene ensued. The two medium-grade divine artifacts started to decompose. The divine artifacts were instantly destroyed! If even a divine artifact suffered such a fate, a human would surely turn into ash in an instant?

What was even more unexpected was that after disintegrating the divine artifacts, the Heavenly Divine Water did not stop. The remnants of the divine water sprayed onto the two of them.


The two of them let out pathetic howls at the same time, and their bodies began decomposing at a visible rate! Especially Han Jianglin, whose bones were nearly visible in an instant. His body was being reduced to an acrid smelling ash.


A red, ghastly face suddenly struck forward, surrounding Han Jianglin. With a creak, Han Jianglin’s pathetic wails stopped, gray soot falling from where he had stood a moment before.

A massive essence assaulted Su Yu like a current. Su Yu had completely absorbed the cultivation level of a Heaven Master. His Immortal Realm Level Four Peak cultivation level was rapidly pressing closer to Immortal Realm Level Fivemerely a step away from Heaven Master!

Su Yu was shocked. His expression was elated. Was he going to break through to the level of Heaven Master so easily?

With immense anticipation, the Evil Ghost Power struck toward the Anyue City master. The Anyue City master let out a futile struggle, roaring in fury, “Ah! I will never forgive you, even if I become a ghost”


His words were interrupted as his body turned to dark ash and scattered across the surroundings. Su Yu felt like an immortal being as another shocking essence flowed into his body. He felt as if he was about to step into the mysterious level of the Heaven Master.

But Su Yu was torn from his euphoria. The rush the essence had brought him died down quickly. His cultivation level remained at the limit, unable to enter the realm of the Heaven Master.

How was he unable to make it into Immortal Realm Level Five even after absorbing two Heaven Masters? Just how big was the gap between Level Four and Level Five?

Yue Yao’s expression was pale, his stomach quivering. Two Heaven Masters had died just like that! In this moment of danger, Yue Yao let out a shout to the heavens, crying, “Where is the demonic beast emperor? Protect me, quickly!”


Two shrill calls came from two Lower Tier demonic beast emperors on the sky, charging downward with a merciless aura. It was equivalent to two Heaven Masters at their peak!

How could Su Yu deal with this without the Heavenly Divine Water?

But with a splash, the Evil Ghost Energy turned into a ghastly face, spitting out a drop of blood essence from its mouth. It was the blood essence of the Tu clan master, the Anyue City master, and the true form of the 10,000 Soldier Liquid.


There was a flicker in Su Yu’s other hand. A huge bow appeared in his hand with a set of arrows covered with a thin veil of blood.

“Huh? A medium-grade divine artifact that is a bow? When did the Gui clan have such a medium-grade divine artifact?”

Su Yu had a calm expression, pushing his own blood essence and the 10,000 Soldier Liquid into the silver bow. A bolt of blood from the previous owner was dispelled. A drop of Su Yu’s blood essence entered the silver arrow, refining it by another 10 percent.

Su Yu had refined 20 percent of the bow, finally able to release a power corresponding to his abilities!


Su Yu operated the bow with both hands. He was now able to forcefully pull the bow back six inches, improving from three inches in the past!

A finger-long azure arrow of spirit energy was formed. The horrifying power spread through the surroundings.

“What a powerful medium-grade divine artifact,” Yue Yao said in awe. “The power of this arrow is not weaker than a Heaven Master!”

Whoosh, whoosh

Two arrows were shot out consecutively. A rumble could be heard in the sky before two pitiful caws sounded from the clouds. The two demonic beast emperors could not defend themselves and were blasted half to death by the arrows! Two Heaven Masters had fallen!

The onlookers watching from many miles away were shocked. In just a brief moment, he had killed four Heaven Masters. It seemed impossible. Heaven Masters were a rarity on the continent, but they were being killed off like weeds.

watching Su Yu, the hearts of the onlookers thumped, unable to recover from their shock. The Gui clan was more horrifying than they could have imagined.

A bolt of Evil Ghost Energy took to the skies, rapidly devouring the two demonic beast emperors, and at that moment, Su Yu once again felt the sensation of a breakthrough coming on.

But it was still not enough for the breakthrough. Even when both had been absorbed, it was still not enough!

As the two bolts of essence gradually receded within Su Yu’s body, he felt confused. He had rapidly devoured four Heaven Masters, but he was still unable to breakthrough to Immortal Realm Level Five!

Long Feiyu had his arms behind his back, his expression that of disdain. He seemed to sense Su Yu’s thoughts. “If you could break through to Heaven Master just like that, the Immortal Realm Level Five fighters of this world might as well be considered worthless.”

The elders of the four Great Ancient Clans understood.

“The difficulty of breaking through to Immortal Realm Level Five is not lower than the combined effort it took for all your previous breakthroughs,” Long Feiyu. “It is the ultimate hurdle for a fighter. It takes a few hundred years of accumulation before one can break through. And this was for people with great potential.”

Su Yu heard what was said, his expression turning dull. If that was true, then the difficulty of obtaining Heaven Master was ungodly!

Glancing sideways at Long Feiyu, Su Yu once again shifted his gaze, locking it on Yao Yue.


Yao Yue fled without thinking.

A black light flashed in Su Yu’s robes. Everything on the tablethe Ming clan’s fragment of the legendary level technique, the Wan clan’s Short Distance Wings, the Li clan’s high-grade divine artifact Death Horn, as well as the Heavenly Law Alliance’s token to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworldsdisappeared into thin air under the lustful eyes of the onlookers, absorbed into Su Yu’s ring of space.

Then Su Yu closed his eyes and stepped toward Yue Yao.

Long Feiyu’s gaze flickered, following far behind him. The elders of the four Great Ancient Clans followed suit.

“Uncle Li, save me!” Yao Yue cried as he fled to a stone door in the backyard, screaming in fear.


The stone door opened as a middle-aged man in gray robes stepped out. His expression was weary.

“What’s the matter?” the gray-robed man asked. He released a terrifying aura. He was a Heaven Master, and his eyes were cold and fierce as he gazed at the layers of black ash.

“Uncle Li! It’s the Gui clan!” sniveled Yao Yue. “The Gui clan wants to exterminate the northern continenttwo Lower Tier demonic beast emperors, Han Jianglin, and the Anyue City Master have all been killed! Save me, quick!”

The gray-robed man squinted. “By who?”

“Me!” a cold, short reply floated over.

Su Yu, his blood-red hair flowing, walking over with his bloody bow in his hands.

“A blind man?” the gray-robed man scoffed. But he was not scoffing at Su Yu; rather, he scoffed at how useless his allies were for being unable to deal with a blind man. “To kill within my Yue clan’s territory and the Empire of Darkness, you really disregard my presence!”


He hardly got the words out before an arrow of spirit energy pierced through the center of his brows. Following which, the Evil Ghost Energy consumed his flesh and cultivation level.

“That makes five,” declared Su Yu.