The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Making Things Difficult For Himself

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The onlookers watching from many miles away gasped. Su Yu had killed another Heaven Master! Moreover, it was a clansman with the pure blood of the Yue clan!

After giving a shriek of fright, Yue Yao fled frantically. Without thinking, he escaped into the bridal chamber.

Rumble, bang

The sound of thunder could be heard. Unconcerned, Su Yu charged into the bridal chamber.

Yue Yao had no other place to escape to. Su Yu took a glance at the bride. His Soul Eyes did not see through the bride intentionally. However, looking at the bride’s figure, she was really unique. She felt slightly familiar to Su Yu, as though he had met her before. She gave off a pure and holy aura.

Su Yu shook his head. It would not be such a surprise that Wu Yaoyue’s bride was someone who he knew.

Su Yu turned to see Yue Yao crashing headfirst into a painting of mountains and lakes that hung on the wall.

A strange scene ensued. The painting, which was clearly used as a form of decoration, began to transfer a strange layer of fluctuation that was visible to the naked eye. The layer of fluctuation contained extremely strong space energy.

Yue Yao was enshrouded in an instant. His body disappeared so quickly that there was no time for parting words. Yue Yao only managed to glare at Su Yu with hatred. After which, he disappeared completely.

Space Transportation! Su Yu was extremely familiar with space energy. He hurried over in a flash, hoping to reach the last bit of Space Transportation. But when he rushed over, the painting of mountains and waters started to disintegrate out of the blue. In a moment, it had turned to ashes!

When Yue Yao left, he removed the transportation at the current location. Su Yu’s eyes were cold as frost. That meant it was a short-distance transportation. Yue Yao could not have gotten too far away!

Su Yu was about to leave to pursue him when a gust of fierce wind assailed his back!

Su Yu’s expression turned cold. A surprise attack? This person had a death wish!

Without any regard for who was behind him, Su Yu launched a punch in the direction of the attacker. According to Su Yu’s expectations, even if the punch did not heavily injure the attacker, it would frighten them enough to inspire a retreat. What he did not expect was that the other party had extraordinary body techniques.

With a clever bodily technique, the attacker quickly avoided the punch and moved closer to Su Yu. Su Yu became serious. He exerted strength on the tips of his toes with the intention of distancing himself from the other party. However, at that moment, an unusual fragrance entered his nose. The blood within his body seethed with excitement at once. Some sort of drug, he realized. He was quickly losing his reasoning!

“What kind of poison is this?” Su Yu was surprised and bewildered.

Clatter, clatter

Light footsteps could be heard gradually approaching from behind him. The person then stepped in front of Su Yu. It was the bride dressed in red!

This stupid woman! thought Su Yu. She has mistaken me for the groom!

Feeling that his reasoning had become unusual, Su Yu found it almost funny but was furious at the same time.

“Yue Yao, do you still not understand my feelings? Which part of Mo Wu could compare to me?”

Feng Xian was filled with complaints. In order to prevent herself from being exposed, she could only use such a plan.

“I am a Saint Lady of the north continent, and many people have yearned to be with me. I will give you my first time completely tonight. Could it be that you are still not satisfied?”

Feng Xian, still under the red bridal veil, led Su Yu on systematically. Su Yu’s heart shook abruptly!

This voice Feng Xian!

That woman. She had deceived her Master, exterminated her ancestors, and was as venomous as snakes and scorpions. She had poisoned her Master and had wanted to kill the Cabinet’s Master with her own hands. She was to the blame for the countless female disciples of the Phoenix Cabinet who had been killed! Su Yu had not expected to find her here!

With a lump of murderous intents, a lump of anger, and a wicked idea to let her have her way, Su Yu turned around and pulled her red bridal veil away. “Open your eyes and see,” he said. “Who am I?”

When she heard those words, Feng Xian’s expression changed abruptly. She pushed Su Yu away as if she had gotten an electric shock. It was a blood-haired white-clothed masked young man who was blind. “You are not Yue Yao!” she gasped. “Whowho are you?”

Feng Xian was extremely ashamed and resentful. She had thrown herself into the arms of a stranger she had never met before!

Su Yu laughed for a long time with a hoarse voice. “You have forgotten about me so quickly!”

His right hand removed his mask and revealed his true face. Feng Xian still did not recognize him. However, as Su Yu’s blood-red hair gradually changed to silver, she screamed in terror.

“Youyou,” she stammered. “You are Yin Yu!”

During the match at the Phoenix Cabinet, he had killed Shen Kong with his eyes. Moreover, he had fought three Heaven Masters alone and was as frightening as one who could kill a god. How could she forget such a frightening figure?

“Seems like you remember me” Su Yu laughed. His smile was especially dark. “Tell me, where is Mo Wu?”

What Su Yu was more shocked about was that the real woman Yue Yao wanted to marry was Mo Wu! Mo Wu, who had disappeared after the match at the Hundred Territories Alliance, was the bride of this big wedding!

For her whole life, Mo Wu had been working hard to get An Yurou’s face to recover. How could she give up halfway and stop to marry someone? Su Yu knew without a doubt that she was being forced to marry. Flames of fury burned within Su Yu’s chest at the very idea.

Feng Xian’s horrified expression gradually calmed. She gained a grim smile. “So, you know Mo Wu, as well! Do you wish to know where she is? Haha! Do you think I will tell you so easily?”

The truth of Mo Wu’s whereabouts was her leverage to stay alive!

A crazy thought came to Feng Xian’s mind. If she could control Mo Wu, didn’t that mean she could order Yin Yu around? Such a legendary genius. Such an unmatched, powerful martial artist. If she could use him for her own purpose

However, Su Yu wore an evil smile.

Compared to Su Yu’s usual countenance, his smile looked as if it belonged to another person! The drug, some sort of love potion, was overriding his good senseoverruling his reasoning.

“Are you forgetting something?” Su Yu laughed grimly. His smile was remarkably evilas if he were an entirely different person.

Have I forgotten something? Feng Xian wondered.

She was stunned. When she looked into Su Yu’s eyes, her face grew pale. Finally, she felt hopeless and fearful. The drug’s effects were unfailing. No one could fight it, once it took hold.

She realized, too late, that had made a terrible mistake.