The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Universal Stroke

The cultivation technique that earned him a place in the training institute would not be enough for him to pass the assessment six months later. Su Yu needed to learn a more powerful cultivation technique.

The first level of the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures only consisted of basic-level cultivation techniques. However, they could be classified as weak or strong.

Apart from the power of the cultivation technique, the practitioner also needed to figure out whether the cultivation technique was compatible with himself, and whether he could fully unleash the power of it.

For example, if a student excelled in leg techniques in general, a new leg technique would become very powerful after training. In contrast, for a student who had never practiced any form of leg techniques, a new leg technique he learned would only be average after training.

As such, Su Yu was not looking for a new and powerful cultivation technique, he was looking for one that complemented the current cultivation techniques he possessed.

Su Yu knew basic leg techniques and had a certain level of maturity in palm techniques; there were many cultivation techniques that he could choose from.

"Eh, Universal Stroke?" Su Yu found a book about the basic level cultivation technique.

It was one which mixed a combination of fist and leg techniques. It was more powerful and difficult to master compared to Continuous Jade Leaf Kick.

Among the many basic-level cultivation techniques, Universal Stroke was one of the most powerful. If it had to be classified, it would be considered the top cultivation technique of the basic level.

With great focus, Su Yu read the book. "Yellow springs refer to the Earth. Green void refers to the Heaven. Green void yellow springs means encompassing all of Heaven and Earth.

"This cultivation technique is a combination of fist and leg techniques staggered between one another. This is an airtight attack which is difficult to avoid. It is very powerful, meaning that no matter where you run, it is impossible to escape.

"There are basic requirements to learn this cultivation technique. The practitioner must be agile, have a certain level of maturity in both fist and leg techniques and have good coordination. In addition, he must be calm like the fallen dazzling leaves and move with the force of a thunderbolt.

"There are also core requirements to learn this cultivation technique. The practitioner must possess good eyesight, be able to sense the energy of all beings on earth and be able to control his each and every movement. Otherwise, it would be meaningless to practice this cultivation technique.

"Practice this cultivation technique wisely. Currently, not even one in 1,000 people have been able master this cultivation technique."

Su Yus eyes were burning with fighting spirit; it was as if this cultivation technique was made for him.

As Universal Stroke was a very powerful cultivation technique, many people desired to master it. These people might have met the basic requirements, but it was difficult for them to satisfy the core requirements.

Regarding good eyesight, Su Yus pupils were able to perceive a distance of about 100 meters away. He could see the leg of an ant as though he was looking at it up close.

"Great! I will practice this cultivation technique!" Su Yu was delighted.

When the old man saw Universal Stroke, he lightly shook his head. "Young man, do not be ambitious; choosing a suitable cultivation technique for yourself is the key to success; the power of the cultivation technique is secondary."

Su Yu bowed and expressed his gratitude. "Thank you for your advice."

Although the old man was cold hearted, every word he said was constructive and he deserved to be thanked.

After considering for a moment, Su Yu decided to temporarily put down the book about Universal Stroke.

As one could only enter the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures once every six months, how could he resist taking a closer look? After looking at more than half of the 101 assault cultivation techniques, he found that none of them were to his liking, as they were far less suited to him when compared to Universal Stroke.

Suddenly, when he came upon the book of the last of the cultivation techniques, his eyes shone.

"The Secret Book Of Hundred-Feet Piercing Arrow."

"This is a weapon suitable for a bowman. The power of this technique is dependent on the bowmans ability, his arm strength and accuracy. The weapons power will be different depending on how a person uses it.

"For the basic requirements, the practitioner must possess very good eyesight, being able to clearly see an insect at least 50 meters away. If this cannot be done, the practitioner should give up practicing this. If not, he will end up wasting his time and energy."

Su Yu was moved. His eyes were clearly able to see the leg of an ant that was 100 meters away, and this was way above the basic requirement of Hundred-Feet Piercing Arrow.

He restrained his desire to take the book and continued to look at others.

After skimming through the other 108 assault cultivation techniques, only Universal Stroke and The Secret Book Of Hundred-Feet Piercing Arrow appealed to him.

He was in no rush to leave, so he patiently continued to look at the auxiliary cultivation techniques. Within the 1,001 auxiliary cultivation techniques, there were many different types.

There were frightening poisoning techniques, alchemy, stratagem techniques, paper talisman techniques

As Su Yu was skilled in those auxiliary cultivation techniques, they did not interest him.

Suddenly, he found a book of a light-body cultivation technique named Cloud Shadow, and it was defensive in nature.

"This cultivation technique is suitable for someone with powerful insight. This book is difficult to understand, please choose carefully.

"For this cultivation technique, when Stage One is achieved, the practitioners speed will be as fast as sound; when Stage Two is achieved, the practitioners speed will be as fast as someone from a higher realm; when Stage Three, the peak, is achieved, the practitioners speed will greatly surpass anyone from the higher realm.

"The basic requirement of learning this cultivation technique is having very powerful insight. As of now, not even one in 10,000 people have mastered this cultivation technique. Please consider carefully."

Su Yus eyes were burning with fighting spirit. If not even one in 10,000 people mastered this cultivation technique, it meant that in the entire martial arts training institute, there was a possibility that no one had ever mastered it.

Su Yu was also mesmerized by the techniques power. If he succeeded in mastering it, combined with Hundred-Feet Piercing Arrow, his ability to attack from a distance would be considerably strengthened. However, it was a pity that he could only borrow one book.

As Su Yu did not want to return to Universal Stroke, he started to flip through the books. He thought to himself, Is it possible to memorize the whole book of one cultivation technique and then borrow another?

In his previous life, his memory was quite good. Although he did not have a photographic memory, one hour was more than enough for him to remember 3,000 words. When he roughly added up the total number of words in Universal Stroke, he became discouraged. There were at least 30,000 words, meaning he would need 10 hours to remember all of it.

Moreover, it was obvious that the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures would not allow students to stay for a full 10 hours.

As Su Yu flipped through the book, he found himself in a wonderful realm. He found that the old man next to him was completely still, not moving at all. The air also seemed to be at a standstill.

By coincidence, a student had come in at the same time. He was doing high knees and froze in his position.

"Space-time manipulation!" Su Yu was surprised, and he instantly thought about his ability.

While he was reading the book, his pupils activated the ability on their own and caused him to enter a space where time was moving faster. To him, 10 hours had passed. To others, only one hour had passed.

This had been different when he fought against Wu Song. When the world within him was in an excited state, time would flow thirty percent faster.

When his inner mind was at a calm and peaceful state, such as when he was reading, time would flow ten times faster.

Su Yu was delighted. He immediately started to read the book with great concentration. After 10 hours, Su Yus face turned pale. Having memorized 30,000 words, he was incredibly exhausted.

However, his expression was full of happiness as all the content of Universal Stroke was in his mind. Moreover, only one hour had passed in the actual world.

The old man was surprised. Su Yu had been looking at the same book for one full hour. Can it be that he is trying to memorize the whole book? Unless he had photographic memory, it would be impossible.

After that, Su Yu followed his previous pattern and spent another ten hours memorizing The Secret Book Of Hundred-Feet Piercing Arrow.

In the end, he borrowed Cloud Shadow.

Having memorized the books of the two cultivation techniques, he was incredibly exhausted. For Su Yu, three cultivation techniques was his limit.

The old man was stunned.

"Kid, I have told you again and again, avoid biting off more than you can chew, yet you dont listen to me. There have been many people who strive for Cloud Shadow, but only a few people have successfully mastered it.

"After six months of learning nothing, lets see what happens to you!" The old man was displeased. He said indifferently, "Remember, you are not allowed to go around teaching others the cultivation techniques that you have learnt in the Depository of Buddhist Scriptures! As soon as someone catches you doing it, you will be expelled from the training institute!"

"I understand!"

When he returned to the dormitory, Wu Song was lazily lying in the corridor, enduring the humiliation with composure as people stared at him. Seeing that Su Yu had returned, Wu Song expressions changed to one of aggravation.

"This place is indeed suited for you," Su Yu grinned to himself and paid no more attention to Wu Song.

Wu Song remained calm and laughed at the misfortune that would befall Su Yu. "You will not be able to stay long. In the end, the dormitory will belong to me alone."

Su Yus eyebrows started to twitch.

After Su Yu entered his dormitory, he found a black envelope on the table.

Brother Su, I heard that you have achieved Level Two and that your abilities have improved greatly. Please have a duel with me to allow both of us to learn from one another. In seven days time, at the training institutes silver arena, I would like to have a duel with you. -Chen Feng

Chen Feng? An image of Chen Fengs smiley face floated in Su Yus mind immediately.

Su Yu had heard about Chen Fengs reputation. Not only was she ruthless, her poisoning techniques were strange and incomprehensible. There had already been a few students who had been crippled by her in their battles.

"This must be Qin Feng again!" Su Yus mind was like a clear mirror. He had never met Chen Feng before; why did she want to have a duel with him?

Su Yus eyebrows wrinkled and his heart felt heavy. If this were a normal match, he would have paid no attention to it.

Seven days later, in the arena, was an event held once every six months in the Qiafeng training institute. If the challenger were of the same level as the challenged, the challenged student would be unable to decline the duel.

Su Yu had achieved Level Two Lower Tier of the Martial Path while Chen Feng had achieved Level Two Upper Tier. Since both their Martial Paths were at the same level, Su Yu was unable to decline the duel. If he declined, he would face disciplinary action, where he would be demoted and expelled.

Qin Feng was watching Su Yus actions. He was eagerly waiting for Su Yu to decline the duel, so that he could find an excuse to get Su Yu expelled.

"Haha, you should give up. Chen Feng is not an opponent that you can compete on equal terms, considering you only achieved Level Two not long ago," said Wu Song as he laughed at the misfortune that would befall Su Yu.

Su Yu kept his cool and went to the mountainous forest.

"I have no guarantee that I will be able to achieve the realm of Level Two Upper Tier in seven days. If there was anything that could increase my abilities, that would be the three cultivation techniques."

Firstly, Universal Stroke, a mixed combination of fist and leg techniques. This technique did not require many comprehensive skills, it was more focused on fundamentals. The practitioner needed a certain level of maturity in fist and leg techniques and must possess an agile body. Most importantly, they needed to have excellent eyesight.

Su Yu possessed all of these. Unbeknownst to others, Su Yu began to train in the open and spacious mountainous forest.

Two days passed.


A punch and a kick, staggered like a shadow and landed on the same spot of the tree. Su Yus blows landed on the exact same spot, with an accuracy that was incredibly high. The interval between the landing of the punch and kick were less than half a second.

Su Yus face was filled with excitement.

In his previous life, Su Yus abilities were average. However, he did not stop training. He continued to train every day, causing his body to become very strong. Combined with his crystalline pupils, it was only a matter of time before he would be able to master the technique. In a very short time, Su Yu managed to achieve Stage One of Universal Stroke!

In Stage One, the fist and leg would strike the same spot at the same time with a strong explosive power. Combined with the power of the cultivation technique itself, this was sufficient to win against most of the students who had achieved Level Two Lower Tier of the Martial Path.

However, this was still not enough! Su Yu wanted to defeat someone who had achieved Level Two Upper Tier of the Martial Path. Moreover, her abilities were strange and incomprehensible, making it difficult to avoid her!

With great focus, Su Yu continued to train.

Three days passed. There was only two days remaining before the duel in the training institutes arena.

The right punch landed on a certain spot of the tree, and immediately after that his leg moved as fast as lightning to land a fierce blow on the same spot. The technique was vigorous and full of explosive power.

However, this was still not enough. Su Yus left leg followed suit immediately after that and continued to attack the same spot. His left fist then proceeded to attack the same spot fiercely.

He continuously attacked the same spot with both his fists and legs. Every blow was fierce and consisted of frightening explosive power.

This cultivation technique consisted of four layers of attack, with every layer of attack being airtight, as though it came from every direction and was impossible to avoid.

This was the essence of Universal Stroke.