The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 40

Chapter 40: An Ungodly Deadly Intent

Bai Qixiong, the guard at the first royal prince's side, taunted, "I heard that the Duke of Xianyu was the strongest duke in the empire, with great abilities. I looked up to you for a long time. Today, I shall see for myself how powerful you truly are! Song of the Breeze Sword!"

With a swipe to his waist, he drew a graceful, flexible sword. An quiet aura enveloped the sword; it was immensely cold.

With a flick of his wrist, the sword moved like the breeze. It's path formed an impenetrable wall. The sound of the sword slicing the air was like the songs of the deceased. It was dazzling.

The Duke of Xianyu's expression turned grave, "Song of the Breeze Sword? And your surname is Bai? Could you be the one who placed 11th at the Holy Meet 15 years ago? The genius of swordplay, Bai Qixiong?"

15 years ago, a genius of swordplay, at a mere 16 years of age had reached a cultivation level of Level Six Lower Tier. He had advanced quickly at the Holy Meet, defeating his enemies until he reached the rank of 11, shocking the empire.

After that, he disappeared without a trace. To think that he had pledged allegiance to the First Prince and became his personal bodyguard. His cultivation level had broken through to the peak of Level Six of the Martial Paths, even higher than the Duke of Xianyu.

Bai Qixiong thrust forward with his sword, letting out a slight laugh, "A genius of swordplay? Haha, compared to those placed in the top 10, I'm just trash!"

Just how terrifying was the Holy Meet? A Level Six Lower Tier of the Martial Paths was placed outside of the top 10!

The entire Xianyu prefecture had only a few people who had achieved Level Six Lower Tier of the Martial Paths.


The two came into contact, and the Duke of Xianyu was immediately at a disadvantage. The past Holy Talent had terrifying abilities indeed.

Bai Qixiong taunted, "The strongest of the dukes has but average abilities!"


He lifted his sword, once again engaging in combat with the Duke of Xianyu. Both of them were Level Six of the Martial Path, with considerable vital energy. Their every stroke and stance harbored a terrifying power.

A guest who could not dodge in time was injured by a ripple of power, immediately spitting blood and falling into a coma.

Su Yu observed that the situation was dire, then immediately held Xianer in his arms, bringing her to safety.

Xianer was dazed, not recovering from the shock of the sudden disaster. She hit Su Yu's chest, "Brother Su Yu, someone is bullying my father. Let us go and help him."

"It's no use. They are two powerful individuals locked in combat. We are too insignificant to help." Su Yu's fingernails dug into his palm.

Once again he was feeling insignificant. He could not do anything to stop Jiang Xueqing from being taken away from the Duke of Qin. He could not do anything to help the duke who had shown him kindness during his perils against the empire.

A deep feeling of guilt welled up within him. It was to the point where he did not realize that his palm had been lacerated, fresh blood oozing out of the wound.

The air shimmered. The second royal prince brought along three green robed guards of Level Five Lower Tier of the Martial Path, blocking Su Yu's path.

"Hmph! Rebellious vermin, surrender now!" The second royal prince's tone was cold. Deep in his eyes flashed signs of a smirk.

He gave a lustful look towards Xianer.

Qin Xianer had the title of the most beautiful lady in the royal family. He had wanted her for the longest time. He had asked the Duke of Xianyu for her hand in marriage multiple times, but had always been rejected.

Today, the Duke of Xianyu was in peril. After he captured Qin Xianer alive, he would toy with her. As long as the Duke of Xianyu was captured, Qin Xianer, in an attempt to save her father, would do anything. She would strip, crawl on his bed and follow everything he said, much to his enjoyment.

"Go! Kill anybody who resists!" The second royal prince licked his lips, while keeping a stern face and issuing the order.

The three green robed guards were his pride and joy. They knew his every intention and thus would only deal killing blows to Su Yu, leaving Qin Xianer relatively unharmed. Qin Xianer had to be tossed onto their master's bed tonight.

"Father..." Xianer's face was covered with tears. She was angry but helpless as she looked towards her father, who slipped into a bitter battle with Bai Qixiong.

That adorable, happy-go-lucky face of hers was no more. Now, there were only tears. Su Yu felt heartbroken. He wanted to slap himself. How could he let his fianc, his woman, cry?

The three green robed guards mercilessly advanced. "Surrender, you vermin!"

"Coiling Dragon Finger!"

"Water Splitting Palm!"

The two Level Five green robed guards at the side made the first moves.

Su Yu's gaze was cold, his killing intent apparent. Why must they come to destroy a perfectly good duke's manor?

The duke should have been enjoying his later years. The princess should have been bubbly and adorable. The manor should have been peaceful and harmonious. This was supposed to be Su Yu's warm and loving home.

Why, to fulfil their selfish desires, to contest for power and influence, must they be so lawless?

A thick deadly intent burned in Su Yu's chest. The attack of the two guards was approaching.

"Die!" Su Yu howled. A furious howl.

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" Su Yu unleashed his limitless killing intent, attacking with all his might.

The purple shadow of his fists were like legendary thunder dragons, flipping the seas. It came into contact with the Coiling Dragon Finger.

The arm of the first guard was split open by the purple thunder. He vomited fresh blood, flying back six meters and going through the thick wall. His heart exploded on impact and died. With a fist, Su Yu had killed a Level Five of the Martial Paths.

The guests gasped.

The second royal prince's gaze turned even colder, "Advance together! No matter how strong someone is, they can't deal with so many people at once."

After giving the order, he went somewhere further away to hide, observing the fight with a cold smile as he straightened his robe, as if watching wild animals battle each other.

His occasionally gave lustful gazes to the petite Xianer, and said with a perverted laugh, "Xianer, you shall be mine tonight!"

"Water Splitting Palm!!" From Su yu's side came a green robed guard, taking advantage of the fact that Su Yu had not retracted his fist and could not counter. He struck at Su Yu's back.

Su Yu could not block it in time, and as if struck by a heavy ship, spewed blood on the spot. The blood splattered onto the face of the young princess in his arms. The warm liquid caused Xianer to subconsciously raised her head, witnessing the bloodied Su Yu.

"No Brother Su Yu" Qin Xianer let out a shriek of fear.

Her father was being surrounded and her fianc had been severely wounded.

The princess, who had been innocent and pure all her life, felt utterly helpless for the first time.

Su Yu hugged Xianer even tighter, heavily slamming into a stone pillar. His organs had been damaged. He swallowed a mouthful of blood, forcefully squeezing out a hint of a smile, "Be good, Xianer. I will not die. Your father will not die either" Su Yu coughed.

Xianer's cries made Su Yu sad and furious. His eyes were like those of a wild animal, a deadly intent seeping out.

"I want all of you dead!" Su Yu howled in fury, as if he was a wild animal who had been cornered, and yet he was unwilling to accept his fate.

A strong wind blew on his black hair, causing his red robe to sway. His jet black eyes showed an unbelievable killing intent.

"Diabolic Sword! Die!" Su Yu's eyes rapidly turned pitch black. A sword of black light materialized before shooting out as a beam.

The green robed guard using the Water Splitting Palm let out a pathetic howl before dying of severe internal injuries.

At the verge of dying, the guard looked as though he was in deep pain, his body contorted.

Xia Linxuan gasped.

"Stage Three of the Demonic Eyes! Diabolic Sword! How could that be? Could Could he also be a terrifying Prodigy of Souls?" A shiver spread across Xia Linxuan's body.

A Prodigy of Souls was the most special of the martial artists. They possess mysteriously attacks the target's soul, and can kill without a physical form, which is very terrifying indeed.

They were virtually undefeatable!

To think that Su Yu had hidden the fact that he was a Prodigy of Souls, with terrifying potential, so well...

From afar, the second royal prince, who thought he was safe, had a change of expression. He hurriedly tried to find a place to hide.

A shred of panic gripped his heart. He shrieked, "Quick! Quickly kill him! He is a Prodigy of Souls!"

A Prodigy of Souls could kill without a physical form. Distance did not matter to them. The last of the green robed guards was charging towards Su Yu. But, after witnessing the situation, he quickly halted, wishing to escape.

"Diabolic Sword! Die!"

The green robed guard died of internal injuries, pathetic as a worm. The Diabolic Sword was unfathomably dangerous. It kills without form, and was an evil move.

Under normal circumstances, Su Yu would never use it against his enemies. But the two royal princes had forced him to an ultimatum, sparking his insatiable killing intent.

The last of the guards had died.

The second royal prince grew cold feet, manically escaping towards the direction of the first royal prince. A ladylike shriek escaped his mouth, "Save me brother! Quick, save me!"

At this moment, his mind no longer contained the charms of Qin Xianer, but was instead filled with hysteria and the instincts of survival. Even though the first royal prince was locked in combat, he was also observing the situation from the side of the second royal prince.

"Stop! Killing a member of a royal family is a crime unpardonable by the heavens." the first royal prince sternly warned.

Su Yu had lost all sense of reason.

Outside the hall, a cold wind blew, causing his red robe to billow. His robes danced wildly in the wind. His flowing black hair made him look like a god of death. His starlike eyes burned with fury. The words of the first royal prince fell on deaf ears.

"Diabolic Sword! Die!" This was his killing intent speaking.

A small black sword shot out from his eyes, piercing through time and space, and with unstoppable force, pierced into the body of the second royal prince!

The second royal prince let out a pathetic howl, his body contorting. He foamed at the mouth and died.

No matter how much influence he held when he was alive, no matter how much power he held as a member of the royal family, after his death, he still returned to the dirt.

"Brother!" The eyes of the first royal prince opened wide.

The second royal prince was his twin brother. They had grown up together and he had always helped him secure the throne in the court. Who would have thought that he would be killed by Su Yu?

"You killed a member of the royal family, an unpardonable crime! Go! Exterminate him where he stands!" The first royal prince's eyes were red, fury igniting in his heart.

He had thought that the Xianyu prefecture would definitely fall under him. He did not expect that Su Yu would have the guts to kill a member of the royal family.

"Haha Yu-er, that was a good kill! I have indeed not judged you wrongly!" The Duke of Xianyu let out a long laugh, his heart relieved.

Should they have willingly surrendered, they would have definitely been killed. They would rather resist, killing them as they came.

Su Yu's rebellious battle, killing the second royal prince, pulling down a pillar of support, had immensely relieved the duke.

"Kill them!" The first royal prince was furious, charging in first.

The terrifying aura of a peak of Level Five of the Martial Path spread throughout the hall. The first royal prince had been hiding his abilities. If not for the fact that he was completely enraged, no one would have known that he was actually a powerful man of the peak of Level Five of the Martial Paths.

Seven green robed guards, full of bloodlust, charged forward without any fear of death.

Amongst them, six were Level Five Lower Tier, and one was Level Five Upper Tier of the Martial Path! Under their combined attack, even a Level Six of the Martial Path would have to fear, much less Su Yu?

Su Yu, in the face of this, did not fear, but instead manically laughed. "An upright man should never fear death." Holding the trembling Xianer in his arms, Su Yu displayed an incredible will.

"Diabolic Sword!"


He killed with every gaze. He slayed an enemy with every step. Su Yu had completely lost all sense of reason.