The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Black Snow Devil King

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Outside the house, a group of guests stopped to look. Even they could not see what was happening in the house, they could hear the sounds coming out of the house.

“It is rumored that people of the Gui clan have an unusual reasoning due to the effects of their bloodline. Now that we have seen it for ourselves, that is indeed the case!”

Long Feiyu licked his lips. There was a strange flicker in his eyes. It is said that Yue Yao’s wife was an exceptional beauty. To think that a member of the Gui clan would take advantage of her!


When the effects of the drug faded, Su Yu’s face became green. The drug had caused his blood to boil and his reason to crumble. Now, it was like he was waking from a dream, and he couldn’t believe what he had done.

He had made such a foolish mistake. And with a wicked woman like Feng Xian!

Even though Feng Xian was the most wicked woman Su Yu had ever known, it did not justify what had just happened to her. Feng Xian had a wicked heart, and her mistake had caused someone to steal her first time. Su Yu was disgusted by his actions, but he had not been himself when he committed the act.

Closing his eyes, Su Yu let out a long sigh. How was he going to punish Feng Xian now? After thinking for a long while, Su Yu looked down on the shuddering Feng Xian. Her eyes were closed, her body laced with signs of the act. There was killing intent in Su Yu’s eyes, but it turned into a sigh.

“Don’t commit any more evil from today on,” he said. “If you kill any innocent person, I will personally kill you no matter where you are! My women None of them are evil people!”

This was Su Yu’s only compromise!

Feng Xian did not move. Her chest was heaving at a stable rate, showing the peace in her heart. She had kept herself chaste for 20 years, all for attracting nobility and increasing her status. Now, it has been all for naught.

Feng Xian felt like she had lost everything. She had once imagined herself aligning with a top-notch figure. She had once imagined herself standing above everyone. That wonderful future she had imagined had been destroyed today. Her body was her most valuable resource.

Hearing Su Yu’s decision to spare her life, Feng Xian let out a pitiful laugh. “Your woman”

She had become Yin Yu’s woman! This ironic end made her feel even more ridiculous. But she could not hate him. She had asked for this to herself by scheming to become the young mistress of the Yue clan. In the end, she had only harmed herself.

Su Yu slowly got dressed, deeply looking at her. “A human’s life is not long. Wouldn’t using your own abilities to reach the peak be more meaningful? You set your sights on subverting others. You might have reached the peak, but you have lost your life.”

She had heard this lecture many times. But now that Feng Xian was at her lowest point, these words imparted a new understanding. She thought back to all the people she had harmed because of her schemes. She had become accustomed to killing, yet presented herself as a Saint Lady. When had she ever truly been happy?

A shred of fatigue gripped her soul. Thinking about her past, she realized her entire life had been one struggle after another. She had become a Saint Lady who garnered the attention of everyone. She had obtained the longing of a million men. She had reached the peak, but when had she ever been satisfied by this or relaxed by this?

The desire in a person’s life was like a huge pitendless and never satisfied. When she entered the Phoenix Cabinet, she wanted to lord over the Phoenix Cabinet. When she lorded over the Phoenix Cabinet, she wanted her name to spread all over the continent. What was next, after her name had spread? What kind of desire would she have then?

After thinking for a long while, a huge door seemed to have opened in Feng Xian’s depressed heart. Su Yu lightly covered her slender figure before turning to leave. This was a minute action, but it made Feng Xian’s eyes ripple with emotion. Her eyes welled with tears.

“I let Mo Wu escape,” she said. “You need not worry.”

That faint mutter entered Su Yu’s ears as he was about to leave.

“Thank you,” he said softly with his back to the door.

The crowd’s expression changed when Su Yu appeared. Without bothering with them, Su Yu took to the sky, opening his Soul Eyes. He could see everything unobstructed in 10,000 miles, be it the mountains or the rivers. A figure that was escaping toward the direction of the Snow Listening Tower entered his field of vision.


Su Yu’s figure was like the wind, calmly pursuing that escaping figure.


Days later.

The Yue clan Heaven Master who had taken over the Snow Listening Tower had been killed with one arrow. Those who fought against him were all killed!

Multiple days later.

Black snow descended on the Phoenix Cabinet, spreading for 1,000 miles. Those who were connected with the Yue clan were all killed!

Multiple days later.

A river of blood extended 10,000 miles. Multiple families of the Hundred Territories Alliance had been exterminated.

The black snow had fallen for a full three days, from the northernmost Snow Listening Tower, to the Phoenix Cabinet in the central region, to the Hundred Territories Alliance. Su Yu had massacred them along the way. Anyone who harbored Yue Yao was killed without mercy!

All the powerhouses that were in close contact with each other in the North Continent’s Alliance had been massacred! Fresh blood laced a million miles of mountains and rivers, and black snow spread all over the northern continent as if a black mountain range stood above the Wolong Snowfield.

No one knew how many people Su Yu had killed. All they knew was that the Heaven Masters of the northern continent were nearly exterminated. All they knew was that one manalonehad bathed the northern continent in blood. He brought about fresh blood everywhere he passed. But what fell was black snow. Everyone in the North Continent’s Alliance other than the Ninth Saint Master had been killed. Only their name yet survived. This month was already being called “the twilight of the northern continent”!

And the Heaven Masters were truly awash in blood on this evening. The North Continent’s Alliance that had unified the northern continent had dissolved overnight, reduced to a mere footnote in the history books. But the figure with blood-red hair, a bronze mask, and white robes this man had grown into an unforgettable, horrifying legend akin to an asura.

He did not leave behind any name, but there was an undisputed title for this person. The Black Snow Devil King!

A person and his bow had painted 10,000 miles with blood, taking away countless lives. He represented death, destruction, and the descent of fear.


One day, at the border of the vast ocean.

Yue Yao, who had been chased after over a million miles, kneeled on an island in the ocean.

He was dispirited. His eyes were dazed. The North Continent’s Alliance was destroyed, and the Yue clan had been eradicated. The only reason Su Yu had not killed him, too, was because he wished to extract from him the information on how to find the remainder of the Yue clan and their partners.

Finally, Yue Yao regained a shred of energy, completely giving up on escape.

“Black Snow Devil King!” he shouted. “You violated my wife, exterminated my clan, and killed my partners. I, Yue Yao, will not forgive you, even as a ghost!”

Su Yu’s expression was cold. Lightly moving the silver bow in his hand, he nocked an arrow and fired, killing Yu Yao instantly.

“Whatever,” Su Yu growled.

From this day on, the Yue clan had been exterminated. The powerhouses of the entire northern continent had been exterminated. He had avenged the Master of the Phoenix Cabinet. And he had avenged himself!

All that was left was Ling Xiaotian’s vengeance! Lord Shen Ying and Lord Bai Luo They needed to pay for their sins with blood!

But before he went to the Empire of Darkness to exact revenge, he needed to find a way to breakthrough to Heaven Master.