The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Training In The Dragon Abyss

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The level of difficulty of making a breakthrough to Heaven Master was higher than Su Yu had expected!

If he was still unable to make a breakthrough even after swallowing four Heaven Masters, the difficulty of overcoming this obstacle must have been extreme. Moreover, even after he had swallowed tens of thousands of people and massacred all the forces of the North Continent’s Alliance, he was still unable to make a breakthrough.

By now, Su Yu felt hopeless. This gap was impossible. If slaughtering the whole north continent wasn’t enough, what would he have to do to break through successfully?

However, he did feel that he was very close to making a breakthrough. His only hope seemed to be to go to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds and rely on chance to make a breakthrough!

Standing atop the ocean, Su Yu looked back. He shot his cold eyes toward Long Feiyu and the Four Great Ancient Clans, who were only 10,000 feet away.

“All your congratulatory gifts are with me,” Su Yu said and walked slowly toward them. “If you wish to get them back, go ahead and come to me.”

He drew the silver bow in his palm. Its world-destroying power was shocking.

The elders of the Four Great Ancient Clans clenched their teeth. They had followed Su Yu for such a long time, waiting for him to become weak enough to kill him and get back their clan garrison treasures. Plus, they could snatch a few other treasures from him.

However, Su Yu’s Evil Ghost Energy swallowed his enemies continuously. No matter how severely injured or weak Su Yu became, as long as he was still breathing, he could recover. Now, the massacre was over, and they had lost their chance.

“Black Snow Devil King, we will remember this score!”

The Four Great Ancient Clans retreated. Only Long Feiyu of the Heavenly Law Alliance remained.

“You wish to have a match with me?” Su Yu asked, glancing at him apathetically.

Long Feiyu wore a joking smile. “A match? You have overestimated yourself! I admit that I cannot massacre the north continent. I could never be like you, fueling war with more warfare! However, if we fought one-to-one, you would be too weak for me! The gap between a Human King and a Heaven Master is not something you can understand.”

Su Yu understood. He had seen how strong Lord Shen Ying was. That was a level that was much higher than a Heaven Master.

“What do you propose, then?” Su Yu said.

Long Feiyu’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Do I need to spell it out for you? If you hand over the four items, I will spare your life! First, the 10,000 Soldier Spiritual Liquid. Second, the Death Horn. Third, the Short Distance Wings. And last, the remnant of the legendary-level cultivation technique! As for the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, consider it a reward from me! Hand them over!”

A reward? Had he just treated Su Yu as a beggar?

“What if I say no?” Su Yu asked, silver bow in hand behind his back.

Overflowing murderous intents could be found deep inside Long Feiyu’s pupils. “Then, die!”

Rumble, rumble

However, at that moment, an earth-shaking roar could be heard from the sky. Suddenly, a 10,000-mile long ancient warship appeared in the previously empty sky. It blotted out the sky and was extremely frightening.

“Long Feiyu, return to your position quickly!” a majestic shout reverberated from all directions.

Long Feiyu’s expression faltered. Although he wanted to take action, he did not dare to go against the orders. Long Feiyu gritted his teeth and shouted coldly, “Consider yourself lucky! I advise you to not use all those items. Those are items that I have left in your care. If you dare to use my propertyhumph! You will pay!”


Long Feiyu changed into a fragmentary shadow and entered the warship. When he lowered his head to look again, Su Yu had disappeared without a trace. However, Su Yu’s nonchalant voice could still be heard, saying, “I hope that you can honor your promise. I will be waiting to see how you get me into a situation where I have no way out.”

Displeasure lingered in Long Feiyu’s eyes.

Within the warship, a light shadow appeared. It was the Thousand Miles Incarnation that people of the Half God realm possessed.

“Feiyu, why did you not return even after so long?”

Long Feiyu’s expression turned serious. “Father,” he said, “have you all heard about the north continent’s great change?”

The light shadow turned blurry. Its real face could not be seen clearly; only a cold temperament could be observed. “Yes. Black Snow Devil King, a descendant of the Gui clan, appeared out of the blue and massacred the North Continent’s Alliance. It is quite an anomaly.”

“Then does father also know that he possesses the Death Horn and the 10,000 Soldier Spiritual Liquid?”

The shadowy figure nodded slightly. “I know about it. I will send someone to get the divine artifact back, as it is too dangerous. Our Heavenly Law Alliance will take care of it on his behalf.”

After hearing what was said, Long Feiyu calmed down. “Understood, father!”

“Ready yourself. The disciple of the Undead Phoenix Master, Qiu Ningshui, is about to enter the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds for training to make a breakthrough to Heaven Master. Someone needs to follow her to protect her throughout the training. Prepare yourself quickly.”

Long Feiyu wore a delightful expression. “Qin Xianer is going to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds? This task belongs to no one but me! I will help Xianer make a breakthrough to Heaven Master!”

The shadowy figure laughed. “Go ahead. If you complete the task properly, I may consider asking the Undead Phoenix Master to play matchmaker to the two of you.”

Long Feiyu laughed deeply. “I understand. Leave everything up to me!”


At the Empire of Darkness. Below the divine peak, on a flight of stairs.

A beautiful shadow grew long as the sun set, creating a picturesque scene.

Xia Jingyu sat slumped on the flight of stairs, her chin resting on her soft white hands. She looked toward the distant sky in a daze. Her beautiful face continuously cycled through expressions. One moment she smiled. The next, she grew somber. Then worried. Then agitated.

Lord Qing Zhu stood behind her, looking surprised. Ever since Lord Yi Yu had come to the headquarters, he had never seen her portraying so many expressions before!

Lord Qing Zhu became jealous for no reason. He was unable to understand what it was about Yin Yu that had made Xia Jingyu become so obsessed with him.

“Yi Yu,” he said. “This Yin Yu. Is he actually Su Yu, the bosom friend of yours from Shenyue Island that you mentioned?”

Yi Yu regained her senses and managed to don an indifferent face. However, her eyes could not conceal her agitation at being reminded of Su Yu.

“Yes,” she said. “He is my bosom friend. There is a promise between both of us where I would use my eyes on his behalf to see all the beautiful things in the Zhenlong continent!”

Among the Seven Lords, only Lord Qing Zhu had a gentle character. Yi Yu was the only friend he could talk to. He alone knew about Su Yu’s existence.

Lord Qing Zhu said, “Who could have expected that he who was judged to have no talents would actually enter the Zhenlong continent with an identity of one with the Abnormal Spirit Constitution. Moreover, he climbed higher, step by step Incredible.”

From a barren island, he had actually climbed to the level of Deputy Palace Master Yin Yu. Lord Qing Zhu knew that Su Yu was extraordinary, but in his eyes, he was still unworthy of Xia Jingyu.

Xia Jingyu was a celestial beauty, and Su Yu was an ordinary person. Just one more average person in the universe. As for who was worthy of Xia Jingyu, in Lord Qing Zhu’s eyes, Su Yu did not come close. In particular, after Yi Yu found out that Su Yu was Yin Yu, the great change in her had caused Lord Qing Zhu to make up his mind with resolve.

“At the very moment, Lord Shen Ying is pursuing him personally, and the situation is not good,” Lord Qing Zhu said profoundly.

However, Xia Jingyu revealed a smile so beautiful that it could stir a soul. Her smile was filled with a dazzling confidence. “He will be all right. I believe in him. I believe in him even more than I believe in myself!”

Believe him even more than you believe in yourself?

Flames of jealousy flashed past Lord Qing Zhu’s eyes. He had thought before that it would be best if Yin Yu died! He felt that Su Yu was unworthy to be a bosom friend of Xia Jingyu. At the very least, he did not feel that Su Yu was stronger than him.

“All right,” Lord Qing Zhu said, deciding to change the subject. “We should set off for the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds for training to help you make a breakthrough to Heaven Master.”

Xia Jingyu stood up slowly. Her expression was apathetic, betraying no feelings. “Indeed. We should make preparations. However, I wish to make a trip to the north continent.”

“What are you going to do?” But Lord Qing Zhu frowned, as he knew Xia Jingyu’s motive.

Xia Jingyu’s nonchalant expression was a cocktail of murderous intents rarely seen in her. “I am going to do something that I dislike the most kill people! Many people! Anyone who is stained with his blood has to pay a price for it!”