The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 403

Chapter 403 Training His Body With Ice And Fire

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Across the vast sea of clouds lay a landform which looked like a dark green island atop the sky-blue ocean.

Demonic beasts wandered about the dark green island. A deep ravine stretched all the way from the southern end to the north, dividing the island in two. The ravine was extremely deepa crevasse whose bottom could not be seen, such that its depths looked as if they could swallow even the gaze of any who dared peer inside. A barbarous, remote and old aura could be felt.

It was an ancient island with a long history, and its deep, mysterious ravine had been present throughout the ages.

A red-haired figure passed through the clouds. His back had a pair of wings that were as light as mist and 10,000 feet long. When he flapped his wings, he traveled 10,000 miles instantly. He was Su Yu, who had been continuously rushing to this destination for days.

Su Yu descended to a spot on the island overlooking the ravine. He held the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds, and his eyes were marked with uncertainty.

“Is the so-called Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds referring to this ravine hundreds of thousands of feet deep?”

Su Yu used his Soul Eyes to survey the situation at the bottom. His Soul Eyes peered 10,000 feet. Then 100,000 feet. Then 100,000,000 feet! In fact, even reaching his Soul Eyes 100,000 miles, he had still had not reached the bottom! Su Yu was shocked. Exactly what kind of abyss was this?

Suddenly, Su Yu’s shoulders became stiff. A wizened and old palm rested on his shoulder.

Su Yu’s whole body trembled and became numb on the spot. His pupils shrank to the size of needle points. There was someone behind him!

How was that possible? He had used Soul Eyes a moment ago, revealing the whole island. Apart from a few demonic beasts that were not very dangerous, there were no signs of any other living beings. But even if he had missed them, he remained vigilant; Soul Eyes allowed him to keep track of any movements and actions nearby.

However, one person had somehow escaped his Soul Eyes’ detection and had appeared behind him! Droplets of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Su Yu cast aside his fright and opened his mouth calmly. “Elder, do you have something for me?”

As he spoke, he turned his head slowly. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw that it was an old man with disheveled hair and an unkempt body. He reeked of the smell of alcohol, and he looked at Su Yu with a smirk.

“Haha!” he laughed. “Little brother, you are the one who stole my wine, right?”

Stole his wine?

Su Yu shook his head slightly. He turned his body around and said indifferently, “No, I did not.”

The sloppy old man moved closer and sniffed at Su Yu’s breath. He then whispered disappointedly. “You don’t have it. You really don’t have it! Could it be that small, evil creature?”


At that moment, a light shadow took on the shape of a human being! It was the Half God realm’s Thousand Miles Clone Technique!

“Old bastard!” said the shadowy figure. “You came out to create trouble again!”

The blue veins on the shadowy man’s forehead twitched, and he kicked the sloppy old man’s buttock while swearing. The old man staggered and fell. His head landed against a giant rock.


The old man’s head was not injured in the slightest bit. Instead, the giant rock he had hit turned into nothingness on the spot! Yes, nothingnessnot broken to pieces or blown to dust, but simply nothingness!

This scene caused Su Yu’s gaze to harden. His hands trembled. What a frightening body!

And when Su Yu recalled that the old man had rested his palm on his own shoulders, it frightened him all the more! That palm surely could have turned him into a lump of ashes!

“Old bastard, how difficult it is to be your disciple!” rambled the shadowy young man as he supported the old man by his shoulders. “I have to clean up your mess all the time! Damn it! I must have extremely bad luck to have a master like you!”

As Su Yu looked at what was happening, he became stupefied. That man with the light shadow was actually the sloppy old man’s disciple! However, if the disciple was at the realm of Half God, then the Master must be

Fairy Realm!

Su Yu gasped. This old drunk was actually a strong martial artist of Fairy Realm!

The light shadow rushed toward Su Yu. “Brother, please excuse us,” he apologized. “This old bastard has frightened you. Sorry to have bothered you.” He then prepared to leave while supporting the old man.

“Wait!” Su Yu took out the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. “Brother, may I ask, how do I use this token?”

The other party raised his eyes to take a look. His eyes widened at once. “Damn it! That group of bitches from the Heavenly Law Alliance have issued this stupid token again!”

As if he were extremely furious, the shadowy man threw the old man, tossing him away almost casually.


The sloppy old man fell to the ground. Like a meatball, he rolled down the path of the narrow mountain slope. His momentum did not decrease, and he continued to roll forcefully down the mountain.


Thump, thump

Thump, thump, thump

His wizened body crashed into everything, including trees and rocks, as it made its way down the mountain.

As Su Yu watched, his eyelids twitched with every impact.

“Don’t worry,” the lightly shadowed man said, curling his lips. “That old bastard has thick skin.”

Without even turning his head, he allowed his own Master to roll down from the peak of the mountain into the oceanic trench.

Within the sea, the old man was not injured in the slightest. He hugged a big rock and grinned drunkenly. “Hehe. I have caught you. Wine. My wine”

“Brother, what is your name?” the lightly shadowed man asked casually.

Su Yu touched his nose. “Your Excellency, how do I address you? Also, why are you and that elder on this island?”

The lightly shadowed man suddenly understood, and he touched the back of his head embarrassingly. “Haha! Look at me! I am Gang Dalei. My Master and I live on this island to keep watch over the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.”

Keep watch over the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds? Su Yu was slightly surprised.

“I am Black Snow Devil King,” Su Yu said with a smile. “Greetings to Brother Gang.”

Gang Dalei opened his eyes wide. “What? ‘Heixue Mojun’?” said Gang Dalei, reciting the translation of Su Yu’s title. “Your surname is Heixue? Damn it! Why can’t I have such a good name? But of course, I can’t have itit’s already been given to you!”

Su Yu’s mouth twitched. Didn’t the average people understand that ‘Black Snow Devil King’ was a title and not a name?

“Heixue Mojun. Heixue. Mojun. Hmm. This name is good. I like it!” Gang Dalei patted Su Yu’s shoulders. His eyes were glowing. “I absolutely love people with great names. I hereby recognize you as my friend. In the future, you will be my brother!”

Su Yu’s eyeballs nearly popped out of his head! This person was almost as eccentric as his strange drunkard of a master! Although Gang Dalei was a bit rough, he was straightforward and apparently big-hearted, which gave Su Yu a positive impression right away.

“I am grateful to Brother Dalei for thinking highly of me,” said Su Yu. “Please call me Black Snow.”

Gang Dalei laughed heartily. “Haha! Brother Black Snow! If someone makes things difficult for you in the future, you can look for me. I will help you settle it. If I am unable to settle it, there is still that old bastard, my master. In the world, there is nothing that he cannot resolve. All right, I will not disturb Brother Black Snow’s amusement Oh, wait.” Gang Dalei tapped his head at his own stupidity. “Look at me, I have almost forgotten!”


Gang Dalei moved like lightning. He brought Su Yu to the foot of the island’s mountain. There, an underground cave emitted an extremely warm energy. It blew out from beneath the earth like a strong wind.

“You should enter this place to cleanse yourself first before entering the Dragon Abyss,” said Gang Dalei. “With this, you will feel more comfortable inside the Dragon Abyss.”

Su Yu did not understand. “Brother Dalei, what do you mean?”

Gang Dalei said, “Oh, alas! This is the dragon breath of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. A Demonic Dragon is suppressed at the deepest part of the Dragon Abyss, and the entirety of the Dragon Abyss is filled with the gas that it spews out. If normal people went in, the dragon breath would seep into their bodies easily, contaminating their physical strength and their spiritual energy as a result. This is true even for me. If you charge in recklessly, you will be choked by the dragon’s breath in less than half a day, forcing you to come out!”

Even a Half God could not go in recklessly?

A Demonic Dragon. One that required a strong martial artist of the Fairy Realm to keep watch. How frightening must its cultivation base be?

“This was a Half God Demonic Beast Emperor’s nest,” said Gang Dalei. “Until I roasted and ate the Demonic Beast Emperor that resided here. There is an earth energy channel inside. Absorbing the earth energy is good for strengthening your body. Moreover, it can prevent some external demonic energy from entering your body, which is useful for helping you resist the Demonic Dragon’s dragon breath. In the past, I used up half of the energy pool, but there is still the remaining half left. You can have it. No need to stand on the ceremony.”

The veins in Su Yu’s forehead twitched. A Half God Demonic Beast Emperor had been roasted and eaten by this guy!

However, now was not the time to be surprised about that. Long Feiyu had never mentioned the so-called dragon’s breath in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. Su Yu elated that he had met Gang Dalei, even though Gang Dalei’s friendliness toward Su Yu was a bit of an anomaly.

After thanking Gang Dalei, Su Yu went into the cave.

The cave was not deep and there were still remnants of an extremely strong aura of a Demonic Beast Emperor!

A curved pool with blood-red water lay peacefully at the end of the cave. The warm energy it emitted caused his whole body to feel extremely comfortable.

Su Yu breathed in a small mouthful of the energy. At once, a pure, warm energy entered his body.

Thump, thump

To Su Yu’s surprise, he discovered that after the warm energy entered his Icy Heart Core, his Icy Heart Core actually became stronger and started to beat violently! The flesh at various parts of his body seemed to swell with unnatural strength and wriggle continuously. And he had only breathed in one mouthful of the gas! Exactly what was this so-called earth energy channel? Its effects were beyond terrifying!

Gang Dalei spoke about it so casually that Su Yu had paid little mind. Who could have guessed that it would be so frighteningly powerful?

Out of vigilance, Su Yu used his finger to scoop up a droplet of the water and swallowed it.

At once, Su Yu’s expression changed greatly! Although it was a warm liquid, the moment it entered Su Yu’s body, it burned crazilylike inexhaustible, raging flames! A boiling hot feeling spread throughout his body hastily, and he was suddenly in danger of being burned to ashes!

Not good! He had been too careless! To Gang Dalei, that liquid was not even worth mentioning. However, to Su Yu, it could definitely kill him!

Even though Su Yu was anxious, he forced himself to remain calm as he thought about how to deal with the situation.

He quickly took out a jade box. It contained a divine herb that was icy cold and emitted freezing energy so powerful that it could take a life!

In the past, Su Yu once swallowed a root fiber the size of a strain of hair and had almost frozen to death as a result. Since then, Su Yu was still unable to reach a level where he could swallow it, so he kept it on his person. Now that he was in such danger, this was the only idea he could think of that might save him!

Su Yu took out the icy cold divine herb, removed a single root fiber, and swallowed it.

At once, a lump of shocking, ice-cold energy entered his body and froze the raging flames within his body.


Su Yu freed himself from the extreme pain and he took a very deep breath. However, he immediately realized that the cold energy was too strong. After suppressing the raging flames, it started to take Su Yu’s life by freezing his abdomen into ice!

How could this happen? Su Yu thought.

He wanted to cry, but no tears welled up in his eyes. The energy of the icy cold divine herb was too strong. Su Yu had no way of knowing if he had swallowed the right amount. If he swallowed even a small bit more, the cold energy would endanger his body.

No! This cannot go on!

Su Yu grabbed a droplet of the earth energy channel’s spiritual liquid hurriedly and used the heat energy to suppress the remaining cold energy within his abdomen! But now, there was too much heat energy, and Su Yu had no choice but to swallow some of the divine herb again!

With such a cycle, Su Yu’s face turned black. Although he wanted to cry, he had no tears. Su Yu continued to mingle with the heat and cold energy, painfully and joyfully. One moment, his body was extremely icy cold. The next, he was burning with raging flames that threatened to burn his life away. His body was being continuously cleansed by two kinds of extreme energies!

A whole day passed, and more than 90 percent of the spiritual liquid within the pool had been drunk by Su Yu! As for the divine herb in his hands, he had eaten most of it and only two leaves remained!

Su Yu lay on the floor feebly, as he was extremely exhausted. After going through one day and one night of torture, Su Yu finally managed to save himself!

With the two kinds of extreme energies tampering with his body, his body was gradually transforming to be able to adapt to them. Hence, excessive earth energy and icy cold energy were no longer able to affect Su Yu’s body.

Although it was still life-threatening, it was no longer immediately dangerous. Su Yu heaved a long sigh of relief. With his right palm on the ground, he tried to push himself up.


A surprising scene ensued! The stone surface below his path actually turned into a pile of ashes! Moreover, a small part of it turned into nothingnessjust like that unkempt old man had done!

“This” Su Yu was shocked.

He clenched his fists, and to his surprise, extremely terrifying energies burst forth from both his fists at once!

“My body” Su Yu stared, tongue-tied. “This is a strong body that only Heaven Masters could achieve! No, it might even be not too different. More like a strong martial artist of Human King level!”