The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 404

Chapter 404 Finally Meeting Xianer

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In just a day, his physical body had reached the level of a Human King! This unexpected surprise made Su Yu incredibly excited. This meant that even if he was facing off against a Human King, the other party could not easily kill him. In fact, he might even be able to retaliate! He believed that if he met Lord Shen Ying again, it would not be so easy for the lord suppress him as it has been in the past!

With such a body, the chances of Su Yu returning alive from the Dragon Abyss was much greater. This created a beneficial circumstance for his breakthrough to Heaven Master. It also created a chance for him to break through to the Fairy Realm!


At that moment, above the island.

Two figures descended from the sky. One was handsome and suave with a fan in his hand. His Human King level abilities added to his charisma. Long Feiyu!

Beside Long Feiyu was a cute and petite lady. Her eyes were big like two gems. Her little nose was cute and pronounced, and her red lips were enticing. She had fair skin as soft as a newborn’s. Her entire being was like a beautiful porcelain doll.

“Xianer, don’t be nervous. I’m here.” Long Feiyu had a jovial expression, his face all smiles.

The cute little girl was Xianerthe very woman Su Yu had been searching for all this time!

Hearing this, Xianer creased her nose and raised her brows. “You need not have come!”

The Undead Phoenix Master had arranged for a female disciple, but Long Feiyu had been insistent on protecting her. The Undead Phoenix Master had to consider Long Feiyu’s reputation and had no choice but to agree.

Long Feiyu maintained his smile. “Sister Xianer, do not worry. I have been into the Dragon Abyss once and understand the situation within it. I can help you obtain more Dragon Abyss Fruits and break through to Heaven Master.”

Xianer glared at him, her expression serious. “I am not on close terms with you. Do not call me Xianer! Much less ‘sister’!” Saying this, she pouted a bit. “Even Brother Su Yu did not call me that”

Long Feiyu felt a little awkward but broke the tense moment with a laugh. “Wait here for a moment. I’ll take you somewhere. There is a vein in the earth below, and absorbing the energy there will greatly benefit your actions in the Dragon Abyss! This is a secret only known to the Heavenly Law Alliance. I have never told anyone else!”

Xianer was curious, asking, “If that is the case, why did you not take it all? Why leave a portion here? Are you not afraid of someone taking it all away?”

Long Feiyu was embarrassed. Qin Xianer looked small and petiteeven impish and mischievous at timesbut she was not stupid. In fact, she was perceptive and exceedingly intelligent!

“You misunderstand,” Long Feiyu said with a chuckle. “Everything on this island belongs to the elder that is guarding the Dragon Abyss. The elder only gave me a drop because I was a member of the Heavenly Law Alliance. Its effects were not bad. I will go and ask for two drops now. I believe he would permit me as much.”

Xianer had no rebuttal to this. Long Feiyu’s father was one of the Four Great Half Gods of the Heavenly Law Alliance. There weren’t many who did not give him respect on the continent.


The two of them descended to the island, in front of the cave. Waves of warm energy assaulted them.

“Xianer, wait here,” said Long Feiyu. “I’ll be back in a jiffy”

Long Feiyu was about to move when a stoic figure emerged from the cave. Long Feiyu’s expression changed. There were only two types of people who could stay in such an important ground of the Dragon Abyss. The first were people training here. The second were the people guarding this place! He knew that there was only one kind of person that existed in this cave!

“Senior, how are you?”

Su Yu had stored the rest of his spiritual serum, not leaving behind a drop. He was just walking out when someone called him “Senior.” He was a little shocked. Looking over, he realized it was Long Feiyu!

“Um, how are you, Long Feiyu?” Su Yu calmly said.

Long Feiyu suddenly lifted his head, surprised at the tone of voice. His expression changed. “You. It’s you The Black Snow Devil King?” Thinking back to how he addressed him as “Senior” and even bowed in respect, Long Feiyu turned green. “What are you doing here?”

“Do I need to report to you?” Su Yu said with disdain, brushing past him.

Bolts of warm and fragrant energy issued from Su Yu’s body. Long Feiyu’s expression changed.

“Wait!” Long Feiyu said. “You dare steal the earth energy channel’s spiritual liquid? What gall!”

But Su Yu disregarded him because his senses were in overload as he stood stock-still, staring at the girl before him. Her features were exquisite as cute as a pixie in the wilderness. Two large eyes with stories to tell flashed with an innocent and intelligent glow. Her figure was small, petite, and ageless. It was the girl Su Yu thought about night and day. His fiance, Qin Xianer!

Even though she had grown taller over the past year and her body was more developed, her childlike face maintained its youth. This was Xianer. The woman he could never forget. The woman he was always chasing after!

Even though his eyes were closed, his Soul Eyes could not shift away from Xianer’s figure. He had never expected to meet her again. But to be reunited so unexpectedly, this joy, this surprise, this excitement could not be put into words.

Xianer blinked with her large eyes, curiously looking at the motionless figure before her. She did not know why her heart shook when she saw the red-haired, bronze-masked figure. At that moment, she felt as though she had seen Brother Su Yu.

Looking at his closed eyes, Xianer walked forward, tiptoeing as she waved her little hands in front of his eyes. “You can’t see?”

Su Yu’s voice was raspy, saying in a daze. “I am blind”

Xianer retracted her hands, looking at Su Yu with her bright, large eyes, her expression that of sympathy. “You must be feeling really sad, unable to see sunlight, unable to see the blue sky, unable to see the people you love and respect”

Su Yu’s closed eyes were laced with tears. She was still so pure, so kind, so lovable.

“I still have my heart.” Su Yu choked, forcing down the urge to step forward, embrace her, and be reunited with her.

Logic told Su Yu that he could not disclose his identity as the Black Snow Devil King. He needed to use this identity to have a place on the Zhenlong Continent and break through to the Fairy Realm. Once it was exposed that he was Su Yu and Yin Yu, what awaited him was relentless pursuit by the Empire of Darkness.

Ling Xiaotian’s retribution, as well as the chance of saving him, would be lost. Xianer’s soul was strangely moved, looking up at Su Yu. She saw the tears in his eyes and could sense the grief in his heart.

“Don’t be sad,” Xianer said, taking out a handkerchief. She tiptoed forward and wiped the tears from Su Yu’s eyes. “I believe that the person you love and respect can feel your heart.”

Long Feiyu’s expression turned sinister as he watched from the side! The same Qin Xianer who had disregarded him was now being so passionate and intimate with a stranger!

“Xianer, leave him!” commanded Long Feiyu. “His hands are stained with the blood of countless people. His name had been forged by the blood of many!”

Qin Xianer could not shift her gaze away from Su Yu. She placed her right hand on her chest, her bright eyes laced with doubt and grief. For some reason, she felt a strange pain in her chest when she looked at the Black Snow Devil King.

Hearing Long Feiyu’s words, Qin Xianer looked up and stared at Su Yu, muttering, “A person with a heart can never be evil.”

Long Feiyu was frustrated, shooting an icy glare at Su Yu. “Black Snow Devil King, you kill the innocent and robbed them off their treasures, even daring to steal the elder’s item in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds! I will exact heaven’s punishment today!”


Bringing along a string of afterimages, Long Feiyu burned with killing intent!


A figure of light suddenly descended from the skies, accurately striking atop the afterimages. At that moment, Long Feiyu was kicked into the mountain with a pathetic wail, creating a tunnel a few hundred meters deep!

“Damn it!” The figure of light was Gang Dalei. “You dare attack in my territory? Not breaking 18 of your ribs would be a disgrace to my name!”


The haggard Long Feiyu crawled out of the tunnel with difficulty, coughing out blood. His robes were torn, his face filled with shock. He did not show any grief. Instead, he hurried over to bow and pay his respects, “Paying my respects to Senior Gang!”

Long Feiyu had grappled with the Half God level for a long time but was thus far unable to reach that level.

“So, it is you from the Heavenly Law Alliance!” Gang Dalei said, observing him and realizing that the person before him was a familiar face from the Heavenly Law Alliance.

Long Feiyu’s face was laced with injustice. “Senior Gang, this person secretly stole your spirit liquid. I tried to stop him after I realized, but Senior Gang, you misunderstood and”

Long Feiyu had suffered an attack from Gang Dalei, but he did not dare have any words of anger. Instead, he was all laughs! This made Xianer, watching from the side, crease her brows.

Unexpectedly, Gang Dalei let out a loud laugh. “Who do you think you are? Worthy of interfering with my affairs?”

Long Feiyu turned red, laughing as he said, “Senior, I really had not intended to strike, this is all a misunderstanding”

“Misunderstanding, my foot!” Gang Dalei had a hand on his hip, pointing at Long Feiyu’s nose as he scolded, “I have given the spirit serum for Brother Black Snow to use. When is it your turn to mind the business of others? And you thought about attacking? You should be thankful that I did not kill you with that kick just now! And you still dare to voice your grievances?”

Long Feiyu froze where he stood! Brother Black Snow Brother! The Black Snow Devil King was on such friendly terms with the Half God Gang Dalei? How? How could that be? Who could claim to be Gang Dalei’s brother, given his explosive personality?

“I’m sorry, Senior Gang,” said Long Feiyu. “I was too rash. Please forgive me!”

Gang Dalei grunted, “Scram!”

Long Feiyu’s expression was rigid as he said, “Senior Gang, this time, I am under orders of my father and the Undead Phoenix Master to bring Qin Xianer here to train. Can you please give me two drops of the earth energy channel’s spirit liquid to guard against the dragon breath?”

Gang Dalei opened his mouth, wishing to scold him, but the words turned into displeasure. “Who is your father? What does he have to do with me? Must I, Gang Dalei, show him respect? As for the Undead Phoenix Master Humph! Seeing as to how I still have friendly ties with her, I’ll allow it.”

Long Feiyu’s face contorted, showing the anger in his heart. But he had to lower his head in someone else’s territory. Turning to enter the cave, his jaw dropped when he saw the lake! The spirit liquid was all gone! Not just that, but even the mud at the bottom of the pond had been taken by someone!

Su Yu had not even left him a pile of mud! But what made Long Feiyu even more furious was that the Black Snow Devil King was casually stuffing a small jade bottle into Qin Xianer’s arms when he came out!

“Keep this for yourself,” Su Yu instructed, subconsciously stroking her forehead. “Pair it with this piece of frost leaf. You must remember to not be greedy, understand?”

Xianer froze where she stood. Only one person would do that to her!

Looking at the Black Snow Devil King, Xianer felt as though she was looking at Su Yu, involuntarily pointing at her forehead. “I’ll not sneak a bite, I will not”

But signs of tears could be seen in her large, clear eyes. Recognizing that she was losing her composure, Xianer looked down in a hurry. She ran away in a jog, saying, without turning back, “Thank you.”

Su Yu heard a faint sob. He felt pain in his heart. He had met her but could not be reunited.

“Sorry, Xianer” he whispered. “After I exact revenge, or when no one is around, I’ll be reunited with you!”

Clenching his fist, Su Yu took to the skies, once again stepping into the sky above the endless abyss. The training had officially begun!