The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Messy Rocks Ruins

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Atop the abyss, Su Yu, Xianer, and Long Feiyu waited with serious expressions while Gang Dalei spoke in a sonorous voice.

“The Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds is sealed,” he said. “There is only one way to pass through the seal and enter the Dragon Abyss. Use the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds that all of you possess. By triggering the token with your blood, a space energy will be generated and it will transport all of you inside. The Dragon Abyss Fruits that you need to make a breakthrough to Heaven Master exist mainly at the Messy Rocks Ruins. I suggest that all of you do not leave that area, or else all of you will be unable to return!”

Gang Dalei pointed. Naturally, Long Feiyu was included as well. It was rumored that not even one out of 100 people returned from the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds alive. But most of them did not listen to the advice. They left the Messy Rocks Ruins, entered dangerous areas recklessly, and met with accidents.

Long Feiyu wore a serious experience. Even a confident person like him dared not disregard Gang Dalei’s warnings.

“Senior Gang,” said Long Feiyu, “with my abilities, I can only protect one person and that is it.”

Long Feiyu took a glance at Su Yu. It was clear that he had anticipated that Gang Dalei would force him to take care of Su Yu throughout the journey.

Su Yu did not even turn to him. “Take care of yourself first.”

With Su Yu’s abilities, as long as he did not come across any challenges that were extremely great, he would not be in danger. As for Xianer, it was unknown whether her Death Phoenix Body could handle the dangers within the abyss.

“Humph! Do I need you to worry for my brother? Both of you can go first!” Gang Dalei waved his hands and kept Su Yu with him. After waiting for both of them to leave, Gang Dalei took out a map secretly and forced it into Su Yu’s palm. “Brother Black Snow, I can only help you this much. I wish you all the best.”

After his speech, the light shadow dispersed.

Su Yu lowered his head and took a look. It was a complete map of the abyss. The location labeled “Messy Rocks Ruins” took up less than one-tenth of the map. However, a region labeled “Banished Abyss” was actually nine times bigger than the Messy Rocks Ruins!

Looking at it, the so-called “training” in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds only consisted of training at one corner of the abyss. It was not even worthy enough to be counted as entering the abyss.

“Oh, what is this?” Su Yu said.

He noticed that at the corner of the map, there was a blood-red colored mark. It was labeled “Dragon Sealing Well!” On the map, it was only an extremely small marknot even one-ten-thousandth of the abyss. However, it was located at the center of the map and it looked like there was a special meaning to it.

With that map with him, Su Yu would be able to determine his location would not feel so unfamiliar within the abyss. Su Yu thanked Gang Dalei in his heart. After which, he triggered the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds and entered the Dragon Abyss with a flash.

The moment he entered, a shockingly foul air rushed toward him at once. The foul air carried sinister erosional energy which tried to seep into Su Yu’s body. The dragon breath of the Demonic Dragon!

Su Yu was careful. When a lump of warm energy got rid of the dragon breath which had entered his body, Su Yu felt slightly relieved.

Still, there is a limit to how much dragon breath the earth energy channel’s spiritual liquid could absorb and get rid of, thought Su Yu. I must get out of here within three days.

Su Yu lowered his head and took a look. The abyss was like a bottomless pit. Filled with vigilance, Su Yu descended carefully.


In the skies above the abyss.


A man and a woman appeared. One of them wore a black cloak and had an elegant character. The other wore a red cloak and looked like a celestial beauty.

“Yi Yu, this is the abyss.” Lord Qing Zhu said. “A lump of unusually evil energy exists inside. This evil energy will contaminate our spiritual energy and physical strength. Hence, we only have one day’s time! Our development is dependent on how many Dragon Abyss Fruits we can find within one day.”

Xia Jingyu nodded lightly. “I understand.”

With a flash of a brilliant light, the two figures descended into the Dragon Abyss.


After two hours, Su Yu was still descending.

It was unknown how deep he had gone into the abyss. He only felt that the deeper he went, the darker it became. The good thing was that due to the see-through effects of his Soul Eyes, the darkness was not really an issue.

After passing through the layers of clouds, Su Yu discovered a layer of land abruptly.

“A solid surface at last!” said Su Yu. But after seeing the land, Su Yu’s pupils dilated. “This is”

As Su Yu was in a state of wonder as he gazed down from a commanding position. Beneath his feet was a 1,000-mile-long scratch mark!

Su Yu was shocked. 1,000 miles long? What unmatched, ferocious being could leave a claw mark is that?

And at the bottommost portion was a set of ruins. It looked as if, ages ago, these ruins had been a flourishing city hidden from the rest of the world. However, the city had been destroyed by the ferocious being with the claws. It looked a bit like the Heaven’s Palm Prints that Su Yu had seen before. However, those were done by human beings, and the one in front of him was done by an unknown living thing.

Filled with surprise, Su Yu drifted across the top of the ruins and looked around the whole area. The ruins were overlaid onto one another and piles of rocks could be seen within a 100,000-mile vicinity.

Suddenly, Su Yu’s sharp eyes discovered a short, small shrub of the size of a small leg. It grew at the top of a magnificent building. The shrubbery was black in color, and it was extremely unusual. However, there was a purple-colored fruit hanging at the top of the branches. The fruit was shaped like a dragon and looked extremely lifelike.

“Could this be the Dragon Abyss Fruit?” Su Yu could not believe his eyes. It was very lucky that he discovered a Dragon Abyss Fruit immediately after coming down.


However, without waiting for Su Yu to take action, a hazy figure threw itself onto the Dragon Abyss Fruit, used a pair of jade scissors to cut the fruit down from the branches, and placed it into a jade box.

“Long Feiyu!” Su Yu said, frowning.

They had descended all the way down from the same place. Hence, they were in the same region.

“Xianer, I have found it!” Long Feiyu said, delighted. “Xianer’s luck is extremely good! Last time, a group of ten of us took half a day to find our first Dragon Abyss Fruit. However, you managed to find it right after coming down for a short moment.”

Xianer walked over. When she opened the jade box, she raised her eyebrows indifferently. “Why is only half of it left?”

When she observed carefully, she realized that the Dragon Abyss Fruit looked as if it had been nibbled by something, and only half of it was left!

Long Feiyu laughed. “To the living things within the Dragon Abyss, the Dragon Abyss Fruit is considered a rare spiritual fruit of the universe. It is not easy to even find a scrap of it. Among the Dragon Abyss Fruits found in all the previous sessions, nine out of ten fruits were incomplete.”

So that was it. Xianer understood, and she placed the fruit into her left small pocket extremely carefully.

Su Yu felt that being beaten to the Dragon Abyss Fruit was a pity. However, as the Dragon Abyss Fruit was given to Xianer, he did not have many complaints.

At that moment, Long Feiyu noticed that there was someone on the other side of the darkness.

“Black Snow Devil King?” After becoming aware that it was him, Long Feiyu laughed mockingly: “What a pity. Senior Gang is unable to accompany you as your guard this time. With no one to help you, I can’t wait to see how many Dragon Abyss Fruits you can find.”

Long Feiyu could rely on his familiarity with the abyss and his understanding of the Messy Rocks Ruins. Hence, with that, Long Feiyu naturally had an advantage over Su Yu.

Su Yu did not reply. He opened his Soul Eyes slowly. In his eyes, the Messy Rocks Ruins, which appeared complicated to the naked eye, appeared entirely transparent to him; he could see through everything.

Suddenly, Su Yu’s pupils shrank slightly and drifted to the ruins that Long Feiyu and Xianer were standing on. That place was actually a collapsed building that had once been an imperial palace. And the only Dragon Abyss Fruit that had grown there had been picked.

“Still refusing to give up?” Long Feiyu was shocked, and he swept his eyes past the shrubbery again. When he confirmed that there wasn’t a second fruit, he said mockingly. “If there is really another fruit, do you think that I will wait for you to snatch it away from me?”

However, Su Yu continued flying over like before. But he did not stop at the peak of the imperial palace. Instead, he entered a crevice in the wall that had been formed when the imperial palace collapsed.

Long Feiyu’s eyes moved. It drifted downward and looked in the direction where Su Yu was heading. His pupils shrank. In the deepest part of the crevice, a shrub that was as tall as half a person had grown secretly!

Two dragon-shaped fruits were hanging on the shrub! Moreover, they were in the most complete state!

“Seems like my luck is pretty good!” Long Feiyu said. His eyes were glowing with excitement, and he headed over to obtain the fruits.

However, all of a sudden, a pair of 10,000-foot wings appeared on Su Yu’s back. With a ferocious flap of the wings, Su Yu headed into the deepest part of the crevice like an arrow released from a bowstring.

“Stop!” Long Feiyu shouted furiously with a low voice. “Without a divine artifact, if you touch this kind of spiritual fruit with your bare hands, it will only turn into ashes!”

However, the voice ceased abruptly. Because Su Yu had taken out a small, broken jade shovel straightaway and dug out the whole shrub together with its fruits. The Cosmos Jade Shovela broken divine artifact that he had previously obtained from the Ancient Xianyun templefinally came in handy again.

Long Feiyu’s mouth twitched! What a reckless waste of the products of nature! After which, although it was unknown whether his eyes were gloomy or clear, his eyes started to glow with murderous intents. Su Yu had ignored his warnings and refined the Short Distance Wings, one of the congratulatory gifts. In addition, he had actually dared to snatch his items away from him in front of everyone!

If it were still the past, he would have unleashed his murderous intents and turned Su Yu into dust. However, they were in Gang Dalei’s territory, and he could not take action recklessly.

Su Yu turned and ordered cruelly, “Get out of my way.”

The muscles in Long Feiyu’s cheeks twitched slightly, but he got out of the way slowly. Su Yu passed by him expressionlessly, flew to the peak of the imperial palace, and came before Xianer.

“I will give you one of it.”

Xianer was overwhelmed by the unexpected favor. “You are giving it to me?”

She knew how precious the Dragon Abyss Fruit was. Even though the Black Snow Devil King had obtained two fruits, he was bestowing one upon her!

There was an instant when Xianer wanted to ask the Black Snow Devil King whether he knew Su Yu, as both of them gave her similar and familiar feelings.