The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Seeing Jingyu For The First Time

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Biting her lip, Xianer cut a fruit off and carefully placed it in a jade box.

Xianer clenched her little fists, her expression insistent and serious. “Brother Black Snow, I am Qin Xianer! I have an important use for the Dragon Abyss Fruit, so I’m sorry I have to accept this. I will definitely repay the favor in the future!”

Su Yu gained a lovable expression. “All right, I’ll be waiting.”

Xianer gave a large, cute smile, then placed the jade box in her right pocket.

Su Yu said, “Why do you not put the two Dragon Abyss Fruits together?”

Xianer looked up, saying mysteriously, “It’s a secret.”

Long Feiyu witnessed this scene, and his expression became unfriendly. He was the person who was helping Xianer break through to Heaven Master, but he had been interrupted by Su Yu!

“Black Snow Devil King,” said Long Feiyu, “it is not so easy to find Dragon Abyss Fruits. Your luck will not always be this good! Xianer, let’s go!”

Qin Xianer mischievously stuck out her tongue. “I’ll see you again, Brother Black Snow.”

Waving his hand, Su Yu watched the two of them leave before hiding in the fog.

Using his Soul Eyes, Su Yu searched over hundreds of miles. Two hours passed without him finding another fruit. It looked like he had, indeed, been very lucky to have found the fruit when he first descended.

Suddenly, Su Yu spotted another Dragon Abyss Fruit growing in a crevice in the right-hand wall up ahead. Su Yu prepared to step forward, but a red-robed female figure flew over. She had a slender figure and a gentle aura, even though there was a veil of vapor in front of her face that could not be seen through even with the Soul Eyes. But she must have been an exceptional beauty.

The lady had an elated look, grabbing toward the Dragon Abyss Fruit. But at this moment, Su Yu’s expression changed.

“Stop!” Su Yu said.

With a low grunt, Su Yu’s figure sliced the air as he charged toward the other party. The lady had not guarded herself against anyone behind her. She was extremely cautious now that the other party was charging toward her. Subconsciously, a water sword materialized in her left hand, slicing toward her attacker.

It was an unprepared attack from the water sword, but its power was equivalent to a Heaven Master’s! Su Yu was secretly surprised that an Immortal Realm Level Four Peak would casually release such an unimaginably powerful attack!

Other than the person in front of him, it was the first time he had seen an Immortal Realm Level Four matching a Heaven Master. But Su Yu disregarded her, grabbing toward her arm. The lady struck in fury, pointing the sword at his chest.


Even though the water sword connected, there was no tactile response in her hand. Instead, the water sword crumbled! What a powerful physical body!

The lady squinted, her heart sinking. This was bad!

Seizing the opportunity, Su Yu grabbed her arm and, with a shrug, pulled her toward his chest. The power and speed of the pull separated her hand from the Dragon Abyss Fruit. Her body also collided with Su Yu’s chest.

She felt a mixture of shame and anger. “You”


A faint explosion reverberated around his ear, and a noxious vapor spread toward them!

Looking over, a small black worm was crawling out of the crevice. It shot out an air current through its pores, dissolving the stone in an instant! The Dragon Abyss Fruit was also caught in the vapor, unfortunately turning to pulp.

This scene made the lady dazed. Suddenly, the chest pressed against her drew back before letting out a calm voice. “This place is dangerous, you cannot be careless.”

Her face turned red. Her attacker was not been lusting over the Dragon Abyss Fruit after all. He was not trying to harm her; instead, he had sensed the danger and had saved her!

Coming to her senses, the lady chased after him. “Is your chest okay?” she asked. Her tone was hurried and apologetic.

Su Yu touched his chest, shaking his head. “I’m fine.”

Other than some minor pain, he was not harmed. A Human King level physical body was scary indeed! Su Yu finally understood why a Heaven Master was so minuscule compared to a Human King. He also finally understood how lucky he had been to be able to escape from Lord Shen Ying.

The lady looked over carefully. Indeed, only his robe was sliced open. Other than that, there seemed to be no injuries.

Just as she was taking a breath, a figure flew over from far away, his body dressed in an elegant black robe.

“Yi Yu, what happened?” Lord Qing Zhu was searching for a Dragon Abyss Fruit on the other side and had come over upon hearing the commotion.

Xia Jingyu said, “An extremely powerful poisonous bug. It was him who saved me.”

Him? Lord Qing Zhu observed Su Yu, stepping in front of Xia Jingyu and cupping his fists as he said, “I am Lord Qing Zhu of the Empire of Darkness. This is Lord Yi Yu. May I ask for your name?” To meet a stranger in a dangerous place like the Dragon Abyss was suspicious indeed.

Yi Yu? Su Yu’s heart shook! Xia Jingyu had been recommended to the headquarters of the Empire to attend the selection for the name of Yi Yu. Was the person before him really Yi Yu?

Su Yu stared at Lord Yi Yu. Her figure was completely different from that of young Xia Jingyu three years ago. Back then, Xia Jingyu had only been 14. The person before him was a 17-year-old youth. The difference was stark. But with a person of the empire beside her, how could Su Yu take the initiative and ask her? Exposing his identity as Su Yu would have disastrous consequences.

“Black Snow Devil King,” Su Yu replied succinctly. “Is there anything else? If there is nothing, farewell!”

Suppressing the urge to ask if she was Xia Jingyu, Su Yu decisively chose to leave.

“Wait! You are the Black Snow Devil King?” Both of them were equally shocked. The rumored Black Snow Devil King had brought about bloodshed spanning a million miles.

Xia Jingyu studied this man. His eyes were blind but somehow more sensitive than the average person, having been able to pursue the young master of the Yue clan over a million miles without losing him. Given his Immortal Realm Level Four Peak abilities, it was natural that he would come here.

Xia Jingyu opened her mouth and extended a friendly invitation. “Follow us. As you said, the Dragon Abyss is a dangerous place. It is good if we can take care of each other.”

Su Yu froze. He had a bad impression of the Seven Lords of Darkness because of what had happened with Ling Xiaotian. But this Lord Yi Yu knew to return her favors with gratitude.

He had not accepted or rejected the offer when Lord Qing Zhu creased his brows and took out a broken Dragon Abyss Fruit.

“So, it is the Black Snow Devil King who saved Yi Yu. I have nothing to repay you other than this Dragon Abyss Fruit, so take it!” He casually tossed it over before taking a step back. “Let’s go, Yi Yu. The Black Snow Devil king would have a way to survive, our worries are unwarranted.”

Even though he said this in the open, he secretly spoke into Yi Yu’s mind, “Yi Yu! You are still young and do not know of the perils of this world. This Black Snow Devil King massacred everyone for a million miles. He cannot be trusted! Wouldn’t inviting him into our party be asking for trouble?”

But Lord Qing Zhu had other thoughts in his heart. It was enough for him to protect Yi Yu. There was no need for a second man to appear!

As for Su Yu causing trouble when he joined the party, he had not even considered that. How could a person fighting to achieve Heaven Master pose any trouble to a Human King? He could end his life with the flick of a finger.

Su Yu was adept at looking into the hearts of people. He knew full well the disdain hidden deep in the other party’s eyes. He did not have the intention of banding together with him, much less staying and humiliating himself.

“Lord Qing Zhu is right, you should be more careful. You need not worry about me, goodbye.” Su Yu cupped his fist. As for the broken Dragon Abyss Fruit, Su Yu flicked his finger and sent it flying back. “I am not interested in a broken object, Lord Qing Zhu. You can save it for yourself.”

Su Yu did not turn back, flickering as he left. After he left, Lord Qing Zhu felt a bit humiliated. He grabbed the Dragon Abyss Fruit.

“A little full of himself, isn’t he?” Lord Qing Zhu commented. “A Dragon Abyss Fruit is incredibly rare. He feigned his composure and was needlessly stubborn over his arrogance, which overruled his good judgment! He needs to spend much time recovering from the loss of rejecting the fruit.”

But Xia Jingyu looked at him with a cold gaze. “I do not think that a person with a complete Dragon Abyss Fruit rejecting a broken one can be considered arrogance.”

Lord Qing Zhu’s expression turned rigid. “A complete Dragon Abyss Fruit? Him?”

Xia Jingyu waved her hand, gathering the water vapor from the surroundings. The remnants of aura in the air fused into the vapors, making it clear.

Seeing this, Lord Qing Zhu was embarrassed. “I see”

The other party had a complete fruit, but he had thrown a broken one over with the intention of diverting a beggar. But in comparison, he seemed like the beggar! His actions reflected poorly on him.

“Also” Xia Jingyu calmly said, “if he had wanted to harm me, he would have succeeded before you arrived. He is very powerful. In fact, even you might not be able to deal with him.”

In other words, Lord Qing Zhu had looked like a hero with the eyes of a villain. If Su Yu had wanted to attack, it would have been too late for Lord Qing Zhu to rush over.

Lord Qing Zhu chuckled. “Is that so?”

Xia Jingyu did not bother to explain even if she knew that Lord Qing Zhu was upset at this injustice. She continued her search without expression.

Su Yu chose the other direction, concentrating on his search for the Dragon Abyss Fruit.