The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 407

Chapter 407 Strange Training

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After half a day, Su Yu opened the map and he wore a helpless expression.

“After half a day, I have only managed to find five incomplete Dragon Abyss Fruits!”

Even though he was using his Soul Eyes, it was still very difficult, and the challenge had exceeded Su Yu’s expectations. According to the rumors, he required 100 Dragon Abyss Fruits. By swallowing all 100 fruits consecutively, he could then make a breakthrough to Heaven Master.

Looking at the situation, the rumor was obviously not true. If looking for the Dragon Abyss Fruits was already so difficult, what about others? If one could return with any fruits, he could consider himself lucky.

There must be some secrets to making a breakthrough to Heaven Master. However, it was a pity that he had no one he could rely on. He lacked vital information.

Su Yu opened the map and pondered for some time. After which, he looked toward the west. “I have more or less swept past the eastern region, and I am only left with the region near the Banished Abyss.”

Although the region near the Banished Abyss was dangerous, given his current situation, Su Yu did not really have much choice. After all, he only had three days’ time to look for the Dragon Abyss Fruits and return.

Having made up his mind, Su Yu prepared to leave. Suddenly, he noticed a lump of a black ripple.


Filled with surprise, Su Yu traveled at lightning speed to a dead pond that was 100 feet wide. The pond was black in color and was quiet and calm.

Su Yu stood on one side of the pond and rubbed his chin. “The abyss is sealed throughout the year. As a result, there is no rain. So how did water accumulate here?”

Su Yu’s eyes flashed and his Soul Eyes examined the bottom of the pond. Although the water was black in color, it was actually extremely clear without any impurities in the slightest.


However, after 20 feet, Su Yu’s soul energy was reflected back at him! Without thinking, Su Yu retreated 100 meters, and his eyes were filled with surprise. “What is with this black pond?”

It was his first time the Soul Eyes had ever been reflected forcefully. Suddenly, Su Yu’s eyes turned serious and he wore a delightful expression. A waist-high plant had grown at the side of the black pond. A total purplish-black fruit was hanging on the plant.

“A complete Dragon Abyss Fruit!” Su Yu gasped.

However, his eyes swept past the area for some time, and he became even more serious. “This black pond is strange!”

Among the Dragon Abyss Fruits in the Messy Rocks Ruins, either eight or nine out of ten fruits had been nibbled on to various extents. Complete fruits could only be found in secret places.

Yet this Dragon Abyss Fruit had grown out in the open alongside a spacious pond. How had it not been discovered by ferocious beings? There must have been something in the black pond that could scare off the ferocious beings. Thinking about that, Su Yu retreated even more.

Staring at the Dragon Abyss Fruit, Su Yu considered his options. If his eyes were not blind, he could use Space Transportation to obtain the fruit easily. However, at the moment

With a flash of his eyes, Su Yu released spiritual energy from his body and created a figure. Second Grade Clone Technique. He could only rely on his clone.

His clone had already started to learn fire techniques. Although that fire-based remnant of a legendary-level cultivation technique only contained a few words, after comprehending it, his clone naturally had heat energy with him. Hence, his clone looked a bit red.

His clone bent down and crept on the floor. Relying on the strength of his arms and waist, he crept toward the Dragon Abyss Fruit quietly like a cheetah on the hunt.

Although it was just a distance of 1,000 feet away, his clone had already crept for half a tea’s time! Finally, his clone arrived at the bottom of the Dragon Abyss Fruit. He held the Cosmos Jade Shovel with one of his hands and stared at the black pond for some time. After which, his right hand moved as fast as lightning and started to shovel out the fruit firmly. Together with the whole plant, the fruit was shoveled out as well.

After which, he threw the plant back along with the shovel. Su Yu had already made preparations. He took out a big jade box, leaped halfway through the sky, and caught everything in the box accurately.

Without any time to look at it, one of his hands grabbed the jade box and his other hand grabbed the Cosmos Jade Shovel. He then exhibited the Short Distance Wings and escaped hundreds of thousands of feet away in an instant!


The moment he escaped, a black wave tens of thousands of feet high appeared from the black pond behind him! Su Yu’s clone disappeared in the blink of an eye without a trace.

At the place where he had stood previously, a long, black shadow swept by. Its speed was so fast that it was unimaginable! Feeling a pain in his head, Su Yu knew that his clone had been killed!


Suddenly, a roar that could raise the dead erupted from deep inside the black pond. It was as if Su Yu had angered a frightening, giant being.

When Su Yu heard the roar, his whole body shook. The spiritual energy within him became dull and his blood vessels froze. As such, he lost the support of Short Distance Wings and fell from the sky.

He was 1,000 feet in the sky. If he fell, wouldn’t he crash into the ground and become mincemeat?

Su Yu’s expression changed greatly. He used both his hands to cover his chest, balanced his legs, adjusted his falling posture, and used his back to land on the ground.


A loud sound could be heard. After landing on the ground and rolling many times, Su Yu finally managed to land on the ground alive! Although his clothes were slightly torn and his blood energy put him in extreme pain, the good thing was that he had no injuries!

Su Yu looked toward the black pond with fear. His back felt chilly. Exactly what kind of creature existed in that black pond? If he came across a Human King, he could fight him. But as for that frightening creature, Su Yu could not even think of any ideas. There seemed to be no light of hope against such a monster. Even if it was a Human King, it would be impossible for Su Yu to fight it thanks to the way it caused his spiritual energy to become dull and his blood vessels to freeze with just a roar.

The roar resounded across a long distance of the abyss for a long time.

Su Yu checked for injuries and made up his mind immediately. “There has been too much activity here. I cannot stay here for long!”

However, when he was about to move, two figures passed through the layers of clouds and headed toward him with vigilance.

“Brother Black Snow, we meet again.” Qin Xianer’s eyes turned bright and she walked over smilingly.

Long Feiyu was extremely surprised and looked around the area furtively. Finally, he fixed his eyes on Su Yu and looked at Su Yu’s chest.

Su Yu swept his eyes past Xianer. Each of her pockets contained a jade box as before. Within half a day, she had not gotten a single Dragon Abyss Fruit.

“Seems like you haven’t manage to get many fruits either.” Long Feiyu said indifferently after confirming that Su Yu did not have excessive Dragon Abyss Fruits. After which, he frowned and considered. There had been a frightening roar a moment ago, and he wondered whether he should ask Su Yu about it.


The layers of clouds moved. From another direction, two figures converged. Lord Qing Zhu and Lord Yi Yu! The two of them became vigilant at once. After looking around, their gazes fell on Long Feiyu. His Human King’s aura appeared indistinctly, causing them to feel cold.

Long Feiyu took precaution at once and was extremely careful.

“Lords of Darkness?” Long Feiyu cried out in alarm as his pupils shrank, noticing the symbol on their cloaks.

Lord Qing Zhu secretly protected Xia Jingyu behind him and his eyes became narrower. “And your Excellency is?”

If there were only Long Feiyu alone, he would not have needed to be so vigilant. However, Black Snow Devil King looked like he was with them.

“Long Feiyu of the Heavenly Law Alliance.”

Lord Qing Zhu repeated the words “Heavenly Law Alliance” in a soft voice and felt that the voice sounded a bit familiar. “The Long family of the Heavenly Law Alliance?” he said, a bit shocked. “Could it be that the Long familythe master of that warship since ancient times?”

Fear glowed in his eyes. Even as a Lord of Darkness, he was fearful of the Long family name.

Long Feiyu wore a prideful smile. “That’s right!”

After the two of them looked at each other for some time, Lord Qing Zhu smiled gently. “It must be fate for us to meet Brother Long here. I am Qing Zhu. This is Yi Yu. May I know what happened just now? There was such great activity!”

Lord Qing Zhu? Long Feiyu’s eyelids twitched slightly, and he was a bit fearful. He then shot a glance toward Su Yu and said, “When I came, he was here.”

Black Snow Devil King? Qing Zhu frowned. He did not have good impressions of Su Yu. His gaze passed through Su Yu and landed on the water surface where great waves were still splashing about and had not quietened down yet. As he looked at the water’s surface, he felt extremely surprised and bewildered.

After glancing at Su Yu, Qing Zhu had no plans of questioning him.

“Brother Long, I’m sure that your gains from the Dragon Abyss are not small.” Lord Qing Zhu looked as if he spoke randomly and his gaze landed on Long Feiyu and Qin Xianer.

Lord Qing Zhu smiled, looking relaxed, as though his gains were great.

Long Feiyu questioned in reply, “Oh? Could it be that Lord Qing Zhu’s gains are huge?”

“Merely average,” Lord Qing Zhu said, a bit hesitant.

The two of them were testing one another.

Qin Xianer, however, did not realize that both of them were testing one another secretly. She raised her small head and asked bluntly, “Brother Black Snow, how many have you found?”

Su Yu smiled. A black light glowed on his chest. Three incomplete Dragon Abyss Fruits were sealed within a jade box.

“This half is prepared for you.” Su Yu forced the jade box onto Xianer’s chest.

Xianer was shocked and declined hurriedly. “I cannot take Brother Black Snow’s Dragon Abyss Fruits anymore. You also need them to train.”

She still felt sorry for accepting one complete Dragon Abyss Fruit.

Su Yu smiled lovingly and forced the jade box onto Xianer’s chest without listening to her. “Don’t you have an important use for them?”

Xianer stared blankly. She bit her lips and accepted the gift with reservations. “Brother Black Snow, I will definitely repay you in the future. These Dragon Abyss Fruits are exceedingly important to me.”

What person did not feel that they were importantthese treasure that could help one make a breakthrough to Heaven Master?

“Half? You mean you found six more?” Lord Qing Zhu gasped coldly. He pretended to be calm, questioning him with a smile, but he could not help but look at Su Yu with increased respect.

Long Feiyu’s gaze narrowed. Su Yu nodded his head slightly and walked in the direction of the Banished Abyss.

“Brother Black Snow, please wait a moment!” After hesitating for some time, Lord Qing Zhu stopped him unwillingly.

Su Yu turned back and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Lord Qing Zhu forced a smile. “Brother Black Snow, Yi Yu and I have come across many ferocious beings of the realm of Heaven Masters. Could I know if Brother Black Snow has come across them as well?”

He had obviously come across them. However, he had discerned their presence in advance and circled around them completely.

“Why don’t you say what’s really on your mind?” Su Yu said, laughing apathetically. “There is limited time.”

Having been exposed, Lord Qing Zhu was a bit embarrassed. “What I meant was that the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds has unfathomable dangers. Even the Messy Rocks Ruins contains unknown dangers. Since all of us are people in training, shall we combine our strength and work together?”

Long Feiyu’s eyes glowed. He became silent.

But to everyone’s surprise, Su Yu graciously declined straight away. “I am used to working alone,” he said, “and I am not good at working with others. If this is a matter that Lord Qing Zhu wishes to discuss with me, I can only say that it is a pity.”

Seeing that Su Yu had such an attitude, Lord Qing Zhu felt a bit resentful. If it were in a normal situation, would he speak so humbly? However, Lord Qing Zhu also understood that he did not speak the truth straightforward, which caused Su Yu to be dissatisfied.

Lord Qing Zhu forced a smile. “Oh, Brother Black Snow, to tell you the truth, the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds this time around is a bit strange! According to my information, although there are very few Dragon Abyss Fruits within the Messy Rocks Ruins, they should not be as scarce as this!”

Long Feiyu’s eyes flashed and he nodded his head. As expected, they had not managed to find any Dragon Abyss Fruits either!

After looking around secretly, Long Feiyu’s gaze turned serious, and he said in a low voice, “Training in the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds this time around is indeed very strange”