The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 408

Chapter 408 Banished Abyss

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After the two who had gone through the trials in the past confirmed with each other, everyone felt chills run down their spines.

“According to my guess, there was an unexpected change that happened in the Dragon Abyss,” said Lord Qing Zhu. “By banding together, we can first help each other and ensure our safety. On the other hand” He lifted his head to look at Su Yu. “On the other hand, we can use Brother Black Snow’s abilities to find more Dragon Abyss Fruits.”

After saying this much, it was clear that he had an inkling of Su Yu’s strange ability to find the Dragon Abyss Fruits. To find a complete Dragon Abyss Fruit and save Xia Jingyu from a poisonous worm In half a day, the four of them had gained nothing, yet Su Yu had managed to find five more fruits! This could not be attributed to luck.

Long Feiyu had long guessed this. Recalling back, Gang Dalei had ordered them to enter the Dragon Abyss first, but he had left the Black Snow Devil King alone. It seemed as if they had exchanged some secretsfor example, where the Dragon Abyss Fruits were concentrated at.

Xianer’s eyes shined, laughing as she said, “Really? Is Brother Black Snow going to come with us?”

Su Yu creased his brows. His identity was a sensitive topic, not ideal for forming teams. But based on their words, there was indeed something strange going on in the Dragon Abyss. The risk of going alone was too high. If it he encountered a Human King level creature, Su Yu knew he could not defeat it, though should be able to escape. But it was a Half God, he would definitely be killed.

After thinking for a moment, Su Yu nodded and said, “Fine, but on two conditions. First, I want to know: Are there any secrets about the Dragon Abyss Fruits not known to outsiders? Please tell me truthfully! Second, I’ll take 60 percent of the Dragon Abyss Fruits found. The rest can be split amongst you at your own discretion.”

“This” Qing Zhu said.

Long Feiyu hesitated. “The first condition can be easily satisfied, but the second aren’t you going a little overboard? The main responsibility of protecting the group will be taken by the two of us Human Kings. You only need to search for the fruits. This allocation is not very appealing.”

Su Yu did not hold back. “Then you can find someone else.”

Qing Zhu had anger in his heart. This Black Snow Devil King was too arrogant!

But unexpectedly, Long Feiyu nodded in approval after a moment’s hesitation. “I approve of his allocation.”

Qing Zhu was shocked, secretly observing the relationship between Black Snow and Long Feiyu. They did not appear to be partners, but then why would Long Feiyu agree? What was his motive?

“Fine! I’ll accept your conditions.” Qing Zhu moaned as he nodded to agree.

Su Yu’s expression relaxed slightly. “Then you can tell me the secret to the Dragon Abyss Fruits. Considering the rarity of the Dragon Abyss Fruits, the difficulty of obtaining 100 complete Dragon Abyss Fruits is too high. I cannot believe that you gathered so many Dragon Abyss Fruits before you achieved your breakthrough.”

Qing Zhu laughed. “It is as you suspect. The rumors about 100 Dragon Abyss Fruits making you breakthrough are false. In reality, it is useless to directly consume the Dragon Abyss Fruits. Your body would be destroyed by the dragon breath in the fruit. It is a highly poisonous substance!”

So, that was it. Su Yu’s heart secretly shuddered. It was good that he’d had his doubts and had not abruptly consumed the fruit.

“If you wish to achieve a breakthrough with the Dragon Abyss Fruit, you need to satisfy two conditions,” continued Qing Zhu. “First, you need to have ten Dragon Abyss Fruitsten complete fruits! Second, you need a Half God level alchemist to sense the heavens, as well as the support of other ingredients to cultivate the Dragon Abyss Elixir. Only then can you safely consume it and achieve a breakthrough. The rumor of 100 Dragon Abyss Fruits was merely word of mouth and exaggeration. It should be due to the fact that there were illusions of 100 Dragon Abyss Fruits during the process of cultivating the elixir, creating a misunderstanding.”

Of course! Now, Su Yu understood. When it came to the cultivation of the Dragon Abyss Fruits, those in the know would naturally not be willing to disclose it to the public, while those who didn’t know only had wild guesses.

“If Brother Black Snow is willing to shell out another ten percent to us,” said Lord Qing Zhu with a gleam in his eyes, “the Empire of Darkness is willing to cultivate the elixir for you without expecting any returns.”

Long Feiyu groaned. “It is better to hand this over to the Heavenly Law Alliance. The alchemist in the alliance is extremely trustworthy, and his rate of failure is extremely low.”

Even if they used the same process, the standard of the alchemist might lead to the failure of the cultivation, wasting the ingredients and halting the breakthrough. To this, Su Yu replied without thinking. “We shall discuss this later. The mission now is to find Dragon Abyss Fruits.”

The two of them looked at Su Yu, silently nodding their heads.

Qing Zhu spoke in Yi Yu’s mind, saying, Yi Yu, we will have to tolerate this and use his abilities Yi Yu, why are you looking at that girl?

He suddenly noticed that Xia Jingyu was staring at Qin Xianer, her expression complicated. There was surprise in her face as well as an unexplainable emotion.

Nothing, Xia Jingyu nonchalantly replied, though she heaved a secret sigh in her heart. She just looks like someone I know.

She was unable to be immediately reunited with Qin Xianer, especially with Qing Zhu beside her. Only the king knew about the connection between her and Shenyue Island. She did not want to implicate Shenyue Island.

Qin Xianer did not notice Xia Jingyu’s gaze. Her face filled with surprise at Su Yu’s response. “That’s great, Brother Black Snow. I’ll guide you. Let me be your eyes!”

Su Yu smiled, rubbing her forehead.


They combined their efforts, the rest chasing away dangerous objects while Su Yu scouted for Dragon Abyss Fruits. Within half a day, they had found ten fruits! Su Yu took six of the fruits, totaling one complete fruit and eight broken ones.

“Some of the Dragon Abyss Fruits are broken more than others,”Xia Jingyu said, looking at the three Dragon Abyss Fruits in her hands as she raised her brows. “Deducting what you have from the ideal situation, it would seem that you have half the required Dragon Abyss Fruits.”

In this situation, it would be extremely difficult to gather a set of Dragon Abyss Fruits required to cultivate the Dragon Abyss Elixir. Even Su Yu creased his brows. The total number of Dragon Abyss Fruits they had was only enough for one person.

“Brother Black Snow,” said Lord Qing Zhu, “did we miss anything? Shall we go back and scout again?”

Lord Qing Zhu was deeply worried. They had paid a huge price to obtain a token to the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds from the Heavenly Law Alliance. Returning like this would be a huge loss for them.

Su Yu shook his head. “The Dragon Abyss Fruits in the Messy Rocks Ruins are already in our hands. If there are still any more, it would be in the Banished Abyss.”

“The Banished Abyss?”

All four of them took on significant expressions.

Long Feiyu’s tone was grave as he said, “The creatures are not the scariest things in Banished Abyss It is the people! Over 10,000 years, the Heavenly Law Alliance had captured many evil people and sealed them into the Dragon Abyss. No one knows how many people are still aliveor what they are capable of! All we know is that there are Human King level fighters amongst them.”

“The number of Human Kings who have perished after entering the Banished Abyss is not just a single digit!”

Even Human Kings had died there? Qing Zhu, Xia Jingyu, and Su Yu all felt chills in their hearts. It was rumored that over 90 percent who perished here died in the Banished Abyss. It was an extremely dangerous place. Did they have no choice but to go?

“We can only try,” Su Yu said soberly.

He needed to breakthrough to Heaven Master.

The rest of them looked at each other, agreeing.

“But we can only go in 100 miles deep! Any deeper and the risk would be too high!”