The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 409

Chapter 409 A Ferocious Ghost Appears

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Everyone nodded and headed toward the Banished Abyss as a team.

A more accurate term than “abyss” would have been to call it a basin. The place continued downward gradually with pleasant plants and trees. It was far from being comparable to the Messy Rocks Ruins. Of course, the Demonic Dragon’s aura became thicker here.

Xia Jingyu’s beautiful face turned slightly pale, as she had exhausted a great amount of her physical strength and spiritual energy. Qing Zhu and Long Feiyu were still in good shape. However, they wore unusual expressions. Only Su Yu and Xianer, who had swallowed the earth energy channel’s spiritual liquid, were calm and at ease.

At that moment, they arrived at the peak of a mountain slope.

“This mountain slope is the location where the two areas meet,” said Su Yu, consulting his map. “The Banished Abyss is below the mountain slope. The deeper we go, the steeper it gets. The Banished Abyss is extremely hugeabout ten times bigger than the Messy Rock Ruins. We cannot go too deep inside!”

Everyone nodded slightly.

“I have found a complete Dragon Abyss Fruit!” Su Yu said speechlessly and pointed toward the side of a rock at the mountain slope at a complete Dragon Abyss Fruit.

Everyone was elated. A complete Dragon Abyss Fruit! Qing Zhu and Long Feiyu protected Su Yu on both sides, and the three of them then tiptoed over rather than flying over recklessly. They then harvested the Dragon Abyss Fruit carefully.

Having obtained a complete Dragon Abyss Fruit, everyone became more energetic. There really were many more Dragon Abyss Fruits in the Banished Abyss compared to the Messy Rocks Ruins!

Su Yu used his Soul Eyes to examine the area and said in shock, “There are two fruits in front!”

There, two Dragon Abyss Fruits grew under a big tree! The three of them were delighted and obtained the fruits successfully.

After two hours, all the Dragon Abyss Fruits within a 100-mile vicinity had been picked. Su Yu had three complete and twelve incomplete Dragon Abyss Fruits, which totaled up to nine complete Dragon Abyss Fruits. As for Qin Xianer, she had two complete and ten incomplete Dragon Abyss Fruits, which totaled up to seven complete Dragon Abyss Fruits. Xia Jingyu had two complete and six incomplete Dragon Abyss Fruits, which totaled up to three complete Dragon Abyss Fruits.

In just a 100-mile vicinity, the number of Dragon Abyss Fruits they had found was many times what had been found in the Messy Rocks Ruins! However, they were still a long way away from the ten fruit requirement.

“We only lack a small portion,” said Lord Qing Zhu. “If we gave up just like this, it would be a pity. Shall we risk it again and go 50 miles deeper?”

Lord Qing Zhu was a bit anxious, as Xia Jingyu still lacked many Dragon Abyss Fruits. Su Yu lacked one Dragon Abyss Fruit, Qin Xianer lacked three, and Xia Jingyu lacked seven.

Long Feiyu clenched his teeth. “I am fine with it. However, once we attain ten fruits, we must turn back immediately!” Looking ahead into the darkness, Long Feiyu felt extremely fearful.

Lord Qing Zhu’s expression changed slightly and his gaze fell on Su Yu. “Black Snow Devil King, could you help us?”

The Black Snow Devil King only lacked one Dragon Abyss Fruit. If he left after finding the last fruit for himself while they continued to search for seven more, they might be unable to find them within the 50-mile vicinity without his help. Staying in such a dangerous place for too long was already an extremely dangerous thing to do.

Su Yu did not give it a second thought. “I’m sorry. I do not have a duty to endanger my life for the both of you.”

Their agreement was to team up and look for the Dragon Abyss Fruits. Since he had reached his target, he could naturally leave anytime he wanted, and it would not be counted as committing a breach of faith.

Lord Qing Zhu’s face filled with anxiety. After thinking for some time, he took out a bottle of spiritual liquid from his chest. The bottle contained a weak, green-colored raging flame, which looked like a light in a lamp that could extinguish any moment. However, the raging flame gave off an aura which made Su Yu’s eyelids twitch ferociously.

“This is the Will-O’-the-Wisp of the Netherworld,” said Lord Qing Zhu. “To someone who specializes in fire-based cultivation techniques, this is a rare treasure. If you use it to train, the power of your cultivation techniques will increase greatly. Its worth is no less than a middle-grade divine artifact. If Brother Black Snow is willing to help us, then I will bestow this item to him.”

Su Yu was enticed. His clone’s remnant of a legendary-level cultivation technique only contained a few words, and it could only exhibit a certain amount of power. If it were combined with the Will-O’-the-Wisp of the Netherworld

“It’s a pity that I specialize in ice techniques,” Su Yu was expressionless as he released cold energy. “To me, fire-based rare treasures are useless.”

The cold energy was extremely strong, and it caused a great amount of the air surrounding them to become icy in an instant.

Lord Qing Zhu revealed a conflicted expression.

At that moment, Xia Jingyu opened her mouth. “I have ten middle-grade divine artifacts with me, and you can choose any one that you want from them.”


With impressive sleight of hand, Xia Jingyu took out ten middle-grade divine artifacts from the void.

Su Yu gasped. A space divine artifact! Yun Yazi had said before that there were less than five people on the continent who possessed such a divine artifact!

Everyone was shocked that she actually had ten divine artifacts with her and that all of them were middle-grade divine artifacts! Although they were normal middle-grade divine artifacts and not first-rate middle-grade divine artifacts like the palace garrison divine artifact, it was really extraordinary for one person to possess ten of them.

Lord Qing Zhu’s eyes were burning as he said with a bitter expression, “Yi Yu, over the past year, all the divine artifacts of the other lords were plundered by you, right?”

Yi Yu’s level of comprehension was equivalent to that of a demon. No matter how difficult a cultivation technique was, within half a year, she was sure to comprehend it thoroughly. Hence, a number of strong martial artists had requested for her to comprehend their cultivation techniques.

In the beginning, Yi Yu had helped them for free, as she belonged to the same faction. However, this practice had resulted in meaningless troubles. Many strong martial artists swarmed around her and requested that she help them, never taking her training into consideration.

For some time, Yi Yu was unable to obtain a moment’s peace. She had no choice but to start charging for her time. Her terms were a middle-grade divine artifact for the comprehension of a complete immortal level cultivation technique, and a low-grade divine artifact for the comprehension of a remnant of an immortal-level cultivation technique.

Before she knew it, she had managed to accumulate ten frightening middle-grade divine artifacts! Apart from the King of Darkness, no one could compete with her in terms of the number of middle-grade divine artifacts they possessed!

Su Yu was shocked and had already started to choose. After some time, his gaze fixed onto a Cosmos Circle. It was completely scarlet in color, and it emitted an extremely high temperature. Indistinct, raging flames burned within the Cosmos Circle.

“I want this, as well as the Will-O’-the-Wisp of the Netherworld,” said Su Yu. “Also, give me the Will-O’-the-Wisp of the Netherworld first. You can give me the divine artifact later, after we have completed the task at hand.”

Su Yu had chosen those items as they were extremely suited for his clone to use.

Xia Jingyu looked at Su Yu profoundly and had a smile that was indifferent to fame or gain. “No problem!”

Lord Qing Zhu, however, was stunned. He realized at once that he had been fooled. It seemed that Su Yu really did need fire-based items!

A bottle of Will-O’-the-Wisp of the Netherworld would have actually been more than enough. However, one more middle-grade divine artifact had been extorted from them. But since it had come to this, there was nothing he could do.

“Take it!” said Lord Qing Zhu, tossing the bottle.

After catching the Will-O’-the-Wisp of the Netherworld, Su Yu was extremely satisfied.

After the group of them discussed matters for some time, they entered the 50-mile vicinity in front of them quietly.

In no time, Su Yu managed to find enough Dragon Abyss Fruits, and after one hour, Xianer only lacked one and Xia Jingyu lacked five.

Suddenly, Su Yu’s pupils shrank. “There are two Dragon Abyss Fruits in front. Wait One of them looks strange!”

As everyone followed Su Yu, they arrived below a banyan tree. Two fruits hung on a shrub. One was purple while the other was pitch-black.

“A Demonic Dragon Abyss Fruit!” Lord Qing Zhu said, and he, Long Feiyu, and Xia Jingyu grew speechless.

Demonic Dragon Abyss Fruit? thought Su Yu.

Xia Jingyu’s beautiful eyes stared at the Demonic Dragon Abyss Fruit. She could not conceal her happiness. She then explained softly, “The Dragon Abyss Fruits are formed due to the Demonic Dragon’s dragon breath. The more concentrated the breath is, the better the quality of the Dragon Abyss Fruit! However, there is a certain kind of Dragon Abyss Fruit that contains pure dragon breath of the Demonic Dragon. It is pitch-black in color and is known as the Demonic Dragon Abyss Fruit! The energy contained in one is equivalent to ten times of that of a normal Dragon Abyss Fruit! The one in front of us looks like it has been partially eaten by something, but it is certainly equivalent to five complete Dragon Abyss Fruits!”

With that, Xia Jingyu would have obtained all the Dragon Abyss Fruits that she needed. Being able to leave earlier was something they all desired. Without hesitation, the group walked over quietly with the intention to obtain the fruit.

But Long Feiyu’s expression suddenly changed. He used his arm to cover his chest subconsciously.


It felt as if there were something ferociously attacking his arm, causing him to stagger, fall, and somersault a few times.

“Be careful! There’s something here!” Long Feiyu said in astonishment, sweeping all of them. He was not clear what had attacked him, when it had attacked, or what direction it had come from!

Before Su Yu or Lord Qing Zhu had time to think, they fell down and were sent somersaulting twice away from the Demonic Dragon Abyss Fruit. They were both surprised and bewildered.

An enemy? thought Su Yu, looking around. But where is the enemy?

Lord Qing Zhu did not manage to find the enemy. Even Su Yu, with the use of his Soul Eyes to see through everything, could not find the source of the attacks.


Lord Qing Zhu let our a horrible shriek, grasping desperately at his neck. His face contorted in pain.

Su Yu’s eyes went wide. What is going on?

With a flash of his eyes, Su Yu’s gaze fixed on the Demonic Dragon Abyss Fruit and focused his Soul Eyes there. At that moment, the black Demonic Dragon Abyss Fruit changed before Su Yu’s eyes.

It transformed from a fruit to the face of a baby. The shape was distinctly human, but the facial features were a strange combination of a bat and a dog. Its nose was long and pointed. Two long, sharp fangs protruded from the corners of its mouth. Black fur covered the head. Su Yu was certain it was a ferocious ghost!

Its pale, yellow eyeballs glowed, and a hideous, human-like grin spread across its horrible face. To make matters worse, it was looking directly at Su Yu, as if it had sensed his eyes on it. It appeared surprised that someone had discovered its existence!

The ferocious ghost regained its senses. Its eyes were filled with bloodthirsty savagery, and noxious saliva dripped from its mouth. Then those deep, yellow eyes shifted and began to glow with a green light.

At that moment, Su Yu felt dizzy. Illusions appeared in front of him.

Su Yu realized at once the seriousness of his situation. If he were pulled into an illusion right here, right now, it would surely be the same as death.