The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Kill To Be A Hero

Xia Linxuan was anxious, "This is not good. It is said that the diabolic sword takes a huge toll on the wielder's soul energy; Su Yu will not last for long!"

For every person that Su Yu killed, his face would get paler. So far, he had used the diabolic sword three times; the toll on his soul must have been unimaginable!

However, there was only one objective in Su Yu's mind: Kill!


The fifth person, extinguished!

The sixth person, extinguished!

The onlookers gasped, and they were so frightened that words could not describe it. A mere Level Four had actually managed to kill six Level Five bodyguards consecutively! Just how frightening was the son-in-law that the Duke of Xianyu had found?

Among the 10 green shirted bodyguards, only four of them were left! Among the four of them, one of them was at Level Five Upper Tier, while the other three at were Level Five Lower Tier.

However, Su Yu's face was as pale as paper. He had started to feel great pain from overusing his soul. Then, he became unable to use the diabolic sword again!

The three green shirted bodyguards at Level Five Lower Tier firmly swallowed their saliva, but with fear in their mind.

The face of the commander of the green shirted bodyguard was filled with cold sweat. "Attack! He exhausted his soul and is now unable to use the secret technique of the soul!"

The three bodyguards bit their teeth and launched their attack outrageously. Even though Su Yu had exhausted his soul energy, he still had the energy to go all out!

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" As Su Yu roared, purple thunderbolt wrapped around his fists and he launched his attack.

The seventh person, extinguished!

Taking advantage of the fact that he was stationary, Su Yu's back was hit with an attack, causing him to vomit out a mouthful of blood!

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" While falling, the brave and heroic Su Yu launched a counterattack.

The eighth person, extinguished! The ninth bodyguard took advantage of Su Yu's openings and struck his chest fiercely.

Su Yu suffered a horrendous injury, and he vomited out another mouthful of blood!

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" Su Yu was like a trapped beast. Even in that hopeless situation, his instinct to kill was still very strong!

The ninth person, extinguished!

"Die, you little bastard!" The eyes of the last bodyguard, the Level Five Upper Tier commander became scarlet and he launched a fierce attack!

An explosive sound could be heard in the air; the power of the fierce and violet palm attack was many times stronger than that of someone at Level Five Lower Tier!

A very strong vital energy could be felt within his palms. His attack then landed on Su Yu's abdomen brazenly! Su Yu vomited a mouthful of blood big enough to cover half of the sky.

Among the attacks that he had received, that attack was the strongest. The injury that Su Yu suffered was the most deadly compared to the rest.

Su Yu was sent flying heavily to the floor. His body rolled a few times and broke several wooden chairs before he stopped. His mouth was full of blood; he had broken three ribs and his body felt as though it was being torn apart.

"Boohoo, Brother Su Yu" Xianer was grief-stricken and her eyes were full of hatred.

This was the first time that she, who was pure, felt hatred towards humans. Why must her father be under the assault of bad guys, and why must Brother Su Yu be besieged?

While trembling, Su Yu caressed her head. He then stood up unsteadily with his face covered with blood and revealed a smile with the intent of encouraging her, "Xianer stay strong Don't cry I will protect you"

"Is he a monster? How can he still be alive after that attack?" The commander of the bodyguards started to tremble in fear.

Normally, when a Level Four is hit by a Level Five Lower Tier once, he would be out cold. However, Su Yu had already taken on at least four of these hits. Moreover, the last hit was very powerful, inflicted by a Level Five Upper Tier. Even so, Su Yu was still not dead yet!

Exactly how strong was Su Yu's body? As the First Prince looked at Su Yu's bloody face, his heart started to feel a thread of fear. Su Yu must not be left alive!

"Attack! Kill him! He is already at his limit!"

The eyes of the green shirted commander shone brightly, bit his teeth and threw himself towards Su Yu, "Kneel down now and accept your death!"

A very powerful attack was coming!

Su Yu's expression was solemn. He protected Xianer with one hand, while he raised his other hand high up. In the sky, he revealed a mystical and unusual finger!

That finger caused the air to boil and the wind to spring up! That finger also gave off a powerful vibe as though the mountains had collapsed, the earth had cracked and the rivers started to flow backwards! It was as though Su Yu had merged with nature, and his finger started to trace a mystical pattern.

"The Heavenly Finger!" Su Yu came to realize the elderly man's picturesque scene. His cold eyes were filled with arrogance, and he struck his finger downwards!

Suddenly, the Level Five Upper Tier bodyguard was hit with an invisible attack!

A huge cut appeared, so deep that the bone could be seen in his chest, caused blood to gush out from his wound

"How... How can this be" With his eyes filled with surprise and dissatisfaction, the commander collapsed onto the ground.

The First Prince and the onlookers were all gasping with astonishment!

"The Holy Decree! It is actually The Holy Decree!"

"The people who are rumored to be able to comprehend the Holy Decree are those who possess abilities to become the Holy King. Can it be that the Duke of Xianyu's son-in-law is a Holy Decree comprehender?"

"Wow Prodigy of Souls, the Holy Decree comprehender, the Duke of Xianyu's son-in-law has hidden them very deeply! Is this exceptional demon student going to die just like this?"

The First Prince was astonished but also full of murderous intentions!

Moreover, he regretted his recklessness to eliminate the Duke of Xianyu. Who would have guessed that his son-in-law was actually able to comprehend The Holy Decree!

If one day Su Yu achieved the realm of The Holy King, even if he had taken the emperor's throne, his whole clan would definitely be killed!

Su Yu could not be allowed to live!

"You traitor! How dare you! You shall not be left alive!" Even with the frightening vibe of the Level Five Peak First Prince, it was still difficult to send a chill down Su Yu's spine.

"Fiery Stamp!" The Level Five Peak First Prince launched a one-shot sure kill attack.

His palms were wrapped with boundless raging flames, giving off a very powerful and frightening vibe.

The frightening vital energy spread across his whole body. With a momentum that could topple the mountains, overturn the seas and was impossible to block, the attack headed towards Su Yu.

For that attack, Xianer was also in its range!

"Brother Su Yu, leave me alone and run for your life" Life was like a rollercoaster. It was as if in one night, Xianer had grown up; her expression was full of grief and as she struggled, she lightly pushed Su Yu away.

The First Prince's target was the Xianyu prefecture and Su Yu was only caught in their crossfire.

"Sorry Brother Su Yu, I cannot be your bride anymore" Although Xianer's face was full of tears, she tried to force a smile. However, it felt very cold and distressing.

She turned her petite body around and used it to shield Su Yu! She outrageously blocked the First Prince's one-shot sure kill attack!

In Su Yu's eyes, Xianer's small and weak body gradually became engulfed by the raging flames.

This scene with her smile and sorrowful face seemed so sad it was as though leaves were falling from the trees during late autumn, and it became their last farewell.

"No!" Su Yu roared.

His pupils immediately turned crystalline. "Space-time manipulation!" Su Yu yelled and his body entered a space with a faster time flow.

The world outside of his space seemed to have frozen. The world froze at Xianer's last moment, right before she was completely engulfed by the raging flames, where her face had a sad expression, even though she was forcing a smile.

Su Yu's silhouette was like electricity. In the eyes of the people outside his space, Su Yu's speed not only increased by 50 percent; it had increased to a level that defied common sense and he dashed towards Xianer.

In imminent peril, Su Yu rushed to Xianer and embraced her. After which, he used his body to block the one-shot sure kill attack!

"If I die, you will not have a good life either!" Su Yu's eyes shone brightly. He raised his finger high up to the sky and struck it downwards!

"The Heavenly Finger!"


When everyone else came back to their senses, they discovered that in that instant, Su Yu had turned into a shadow, used his body to shield Xianer and was fighting a deathmatch against the First Prince!


The First Prince was taken by surprise. He shrieked miserably and covered his face!

Looking at him, at the right half of his face, starting from his eye all the way to chin, there was a cut so deep that the bone could be seen!

Without a doubt, his right eye was crippled. His face was also completely disfigured!

However, Su Yu was hit by the one-shot sure kill attack. The raging flames had burned through his abdomen, creating a hole with blood streaming down.

Before that attack, Su Yu was already heavily injured. That attack left him barely conscious and on the verge of death.

"No! Brother Su Yu!" Xianer was left dumbfounded. After which, she felt that Su Yu's life was about to end and her heart started to quiver.

With a pure and innocent heart, that was the first time that she had felt a heart wrenching pain. This pain was similar to when her mother had passed away, when she with filled with deep sorrow as though her soul had been controlled.

"No! Brother Su no! I don't want you to die" Xianer covered Su Yu's abdomen, with her face full of tears and grief.

Su Yu was on the verge of death. When he saw Xianer's face full of tears, he squeezed out his last bit of energy and caressed her head, "Don't cry My fiance should not be crying"

The onlookers were silent. The tragic battle and the last farewell before Su Yu died had caused their souls to quiver. Just like this, the Royal Family's fight for power was incredibly cruel!

The First Prince's face was in extreme pain and had completely triggered his fierce and cruel character. He roared repeatedly, "I will kill you!"

With hatred in his eyes, the First Prince dashed towards Su Yu to kill him!

"Su Yu! My eyes were not wrong to have chosen you as my son-in-law!" The Duke of Xianyu's eyes were filled with vigor and he laughed

After defeating Bai Qixiong with one hand, the Duke of Xianyu took out a bright white light! Looking at it, it seemed to be a token.

However, it was actually an illusory body that was formed by the condensation of vital energy!

The bright white light plunged into the space between Su Yu's eyebrows. When the white light dissipated, a token with the word "Holy" imprinted on it appeared clearly on his forehead.

The onlookers gasped with astonishment and blurted out, "Holy Order!"

"The token that deemed one eligible to participate in the Holy Meet? One can only participate in the Holy Meet if he has the Order!"

"It is rumored that anyone who carried this token would be under the protection of the Holy King. Before the Holy Meet ends, if anyone laid their hands on those who possessed the token, they would pay a heavy price for it!"

30 years ago, there was an exceptional genius. The monarch of the Royal Family then was fearful of him and they secretly got rid of him.

After some time, the Holy King found out about that incident and he became extremely angry!

The monarch of the dynasty, and anyone who was related to him, were all eliminated and not a single one of them was left alive!

The members of the Royal Family were actually the descendants of the Holy King. However, in order to maintain order, due to their strict rules, the Holy King actually killed his own descendants without any hesitation. From then on, no one else, or even the Royal Family, dared to plot anything against any geniuses that were taking part in the Holy Meet!

As expected, the First Prince was boiling with rage to kill Su Yu. However, that "Holy" Order had made his expression change to that of astonishment, causing him to freeze on his tracks and not move another step!

If their battle happened at a deserted place, it would not matter if he killed Su Yu. However, all of the dynasty's most influential officials were on sight witnessing the battle. If he were to kill Su Yu, it would be as good as offending the Holy King!

Many years ago, the monarch of a generation was killed. Compared to that, what would happen to him, a mere prince?

With his eyes full of fear, the First Prince spoke to the Duke of Xianyu furiously, "You! The only token to allow one to participate in the Holy Meet, you actually gave it to him!"

The Duke of Xianyu laughly loudly, "Yu-er is my son-in-law. For the safety of my daughter, he is willing to give up his life. It is just a mere token; what's wrong with giving it to him?"

It turned out that from the very start, the Duke of Xianyu had doubts regarding Su Yu. He was worried that Su Yu might not be faithful to his daughter, and hence did not give him the token.

However, Su Yu was willing to sacrifice himself to save the Duke of Xianyu's daughter. This had completely won the trust of the Duke of Xianyu and in imminent peril, the Duke of Xianyu gave this life saving token to Su Yu as a present.

As long as Su Yu had the token, the First Prince would be afraid to lay his hands on Su Yu! Moreover, the token contained a kind of mysterious power that could heal Su Yu's injuries.

"Hmph! It doesn't mean that I cannot kill him, it means I cannot kill your daughter!" The First Prince was filled with murderous intent and he outrageously dashed towards Xianer!

Suddenly, a heavy and cold hum could be heard.

The First Prince spit out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying backwards! His face was full of fear. If just a hum alone could fatally injure him, then just how strong was his attacker?

As though he was a ghost, a wrinkled old man standing with his hands clasped behind his back appeared in front of Xianer.

His eyes were cold and heartless, "Kill her? You are not worthy!"

"Level Seven of the Martial Path!"Bai Qixiong's body started to tremble in fear, and he gasped.