The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 411

Chapter 411 White Faced Asura

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Su Yu had an apathetic expression. “When you were preparing your illusionary techniques, of course!”

At the time, the Rakshasa had focused its attention on dealing with the other three fighters. When Su Yu woke up from the illusionary technique, the first thing he did was secretly create his clone. His clone then carried the Will-O’-the-Wisp of the Netherworld with it and approached secretly.

Now, Su Yu had succeeded. As the ghost roared ferociously, it was burned into ashes.


A defeated groan could be heard.

Su Yu walked to the site of the creature’s destruction. When he waved his big sleeves, the ashes dispersed, revealing a grayish-black colored crystal of the size of an egg.

“A Black Crystal?” Su Yu was shocked.

Just like the human being’s Dantian, which allowed them to train and gather spiritual energy, ghosts naturally had something similar. For them, it was the Black Crystal.

This Black Crystal contained the energy that the ghost had accumulated from its training. Its inside was pitch-black. Could it be the dragon breath of the Demonic Dragon?

When Su Yu felt the Black Crystal carefully, he realized that its aura was the same as the Dragon Abyss Fruit’s aura, except it was five times purer!

This Black Crystal was comparable to five complete Dragon Abyss Fruits! Moreover, Su Yu realized that there was a weak, pure soul energy within the Black Crystal.

Ghosts were formed when soul energy mingled with evil energy from outside. However, because some parts of the soul energy were special, it could not be contaminated and was sealed within the Black Crystal by the ghosts. This part of soul energy had lost its owner’s consciousness. It was not contaminated by the evil energy. Hence, it was the purest part of the soul.

If the soul energy could be forged into an elixir, it would be beneficial for strengthening Su Yu’s soul energy. His technique Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air was currently stuck at Stage One Upper Class. This Black Crystal might be a critical object to overcome that major obstacle. It was a pity that he had too few Black Crystals.


In the Banished Abyss, at an ancient palace with strong defenses.

Two black-clothed men stood together, one in front and one behind. The left eye of the man in front was blind. A long scar stretched along the left half of his face.

As for the man behind him, his head lacked a large section of fleshas if something had nibbled it off long ago. He was lucky to have survived such a wound.

The two of them looked toward one side of a spiritual pool beneath their feet. The pool reflected a scene of Su Yu killing the ghost.

“Hehe!” the scarred man laughed. “This group of people has come at the correct time. They are in time to become the blood sacrifice for the Demonic Dragon. It is held only once every 100 years. Moreover, it is already nearing the end. However, because it is the end, it is even more frightening!”

The man with the missing flesh said coldly, “The life and death of outsiders is none of our business. It’s just that this little brat is a bit terrifying! If my observations are not wrong, he should be proficient in body techniques and thunder techniques. He is also a Prodigy of Souls, and apart from that, the level of maturity in his soul is commendable. If he died just like that, it would be a pity.”

The man in front hummed lightly. “How is it a pity? Could it be that you are showing sympathy for outsiders? Why have we been sealed within the Abyss of the Demonic Dragon for generations? Isn’t it thanks to them?”

The man with the missing flesh shook his head coldly. “Sympathy? Why would I entertain such lackluster feelings? I am only thinking that if this person died at the ghost’s hands, it would be a pity. Why not?”

The man in front seemed to understand. “Are you saying?”

The man behind nodded calmly.

“All right, go ahead and do it,” the scarred man instructed. “Be careful of the ghosts.”

“You worry too much,” said the man with the missing flesh. “As long as it is not that Heavenly Ghost. Even if the White Asura descends”

“Then please, go ahead.”

After waiting for the man with the missing flesh to leave, the remaining right eye of the scarred man glowed with a ferocious light. “Humph! After I have created my Cosmos Thunder Sword successfully, will there still be a place for you in the Banished Abyss? Do you really think that by being proficient in ghost controlling techniques, you are on equal footing with me? When the day comes when the Cosmos Thunder Sword is completed, even if that Heavenly Ghost comes, it will be annihilated and turned into dust!”

As the man muttered to himself, a black thunderbolt flowed around his body.


Su Yu left the place with the Rakshasa’s ashes immediately. He proceeded along a roundabout route, found a hole under a withered tree, and hid inside.

Su Yu held the Will-O’-the-Wisp of the Netherworld and called for his clone. With a flash of his eyes, his five fingers sucked in a portion of the Will-O’-the-Wisp of the Netherworld and inserted it into his clone.


His clone flickered violently, as if it were about to be burned alive!

“Activate that remnant of the legendary-level cultivation technique!”

His clone sat down with its legs crossed and used its hands to weave a sign that looked profound and extraordinary.

A bright red aura revolved around his clone’s body. The portion of Will-O’-the-Wisp of the Netherworld that had entered his clone’s body was absorbed quietly. Finally, there was an additional portion of dark green color on his clone’s bright red body.

“As expected,” said Su Yu. “Although the remnant of the legendary-level cultivation technique clearly had no particular way for its user to swallow raging flames, it contained a will for its user to command the raging flames in the world. It is similar to the Buddhist Saint’s Eight Characters, where it could command the spiritual energy in the universe to form a heavenly sound. With that, controlling the raging flames to strengthen the body will not be a difficult thing to do.”

Su Yu felt relieved and proceeded to strengthen his clone in an orderly manner.

After an hour, a bright green figure appeared in front of Su Yu. Its body was half transparent. The raging flames were inside its body, and no heat could be felt in the slightest. Hence, it looked no different from a normal spiritual clone.

“Huh,” said Su Yu. “That remnant of the legendary-level cultivation technique has allowed my clone to have extensive control of the raging flames.”

Su Yu rubbed his chin. He was impressed. Even he was unable to feel the fire aura from his clone. This was completely different from before, when his clone’s whole body had a high temperature.

Su Yu laughed nonchalantly. “With this, perhaps I may be able to give my enemy a surprise during a critical moment.”

Su Yu then dispelled his clone. After thinking for some time, he prepared to look for the rest of the group and join up with them.

With the Black Crystal, which could take the place of five complete Dragon Abyss Fruits, he could give one or two complete Dragon Abyss Fruits to Xianer so that she could meet the target of ten complete Dragon Abyss Fruits.

As for Qing Zhu and Yi Yu, Su Yu had no plans to take any more risks by entering the Banished Abyss for their sake.

When faced with a dangerous situation, Qing Zhu had shown his true colors; he had no intentions of taking action to rescue Su Yu. Since Qing Zhu had broken the promise, why should Su Yu risk his neck to help them? And although Su Yu had positive impressions of Yi Yu, it was not to the extent that he would risk his life for her.

Su Yu’s eyes flashed and he sat down again. He opened his Soul Eyes, saw through the trees, saw through the dense fog, and looked ten miles away.

A figure came forward stealthily. It was Long Feiyu.

“It’s him!”

Su Yu was slightly stunned. He did not think Long Feiyu had any intentions of saving him. Having experienced such danger previously, Su Yu absolutely could have died at the hands of the ghost. If Long Feiyu had wanted to abandon him, this was a better excuse than he ever could have hoped for.

At the very moment, a small, yellowish-brown dog lay in Long Feiyu’s palm. It was no bigger than his palm, and it smelled the air continuously and barked in the direction of Su Yu from time to time.

Long Feiyu sneered and headed straight for Su Yu.

“As expected! I knew you would not die so easily!” Long Feiyu grinned hideously as he quickly approached.

Su Yu stood up slowly. It looked like he could not stay for long and he needed to join up with the rest of them.

Although he was not afraid to fight Long Feiyu, their current location was dangerous and unpredictable. Hence, he was as good as being in a weak state, which was no different than death.

However, at the moment when Su Yu was about to stand up, an aura suddenly descended that made him tremble. It arrived without warning, and Su Yu squatted down hurriedly to hide his aura. This kind of frightening aura belonged to Half Gods!

So, it was true. Half Gods really existed in the Dragon Abyss!

Studying it carefully, Su Yu saw that it was a humanoid ghost. Its whole body was covered with white hair and on its back was a pair of black wings.

It had a purple face as well as long, sharp, protruding fangs. Its eyes glowed with a bloody light, and its hands held a spiked mace that was ten feet long! This thing looked cold-hearted and threatening.

Suddenly, the white-haired ghost turned its head back subconsciously and looked two miles awayin the direction of Su Yu.

Su Yu was shocked. He withdrew his Soul Eyes hurriedly.

Could this be the White Asura? Su Yu thought, becoming vigilant.

The bloody eyes of the White Asura glowed, showing a trace of hesitation. It then withdrew its gaze and headed toward Long Feiyu.

Bark, bark

The small dog on Long Feiyu’s palm barked frantically. It was fearful and terrified.

Long Feiyu was stunned. His face turned somber, and he immediately headed toward the back of a giant rock.


At that moment, a fierce wind arrived. A 20-foot tall ghost with its whole body filled with white hair drifted across the sky. Its wings were strong and powerful, generating fierce winds and producing whistling sounds that filled the sky.

Long Feiyu gasped in fear and awe. A Half God!

At once, Long Feiyu was filled with remorse and hatred. Hoping to take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of Su Yu, he had taken a great risk by coming back to look for him. However, he had not expected to come across a White Asura!

“I am already here,” announced the White Asura. “There is no need for you to hide.”

The White Asura lowered its head, laughed grimly, and swung its spiked mace down from the sky.

Rumble, bang

The giant rock was split into two halves in an instant, revealing Long Feiyu’s body behind it.

“Hehe!” laughed the White Asura. “A cultivation base of Human King, which contains pure spiritual energy. Tut-tut. What suitable material for the blood sacrifice. Your spiritual energy is a lot stronger than those impure human beings in the abyss!”

The White Asura grabbed with its five fingers.

Long Feiyu was astonished, but his reaction was not slow. He shot two powerful palm prints effortlessly and drew a long whip from his waist. When he extended the whip, it moved forward at lightning speed and wrapped around a giant rock thousands of feet away. Using the giant rock for support, Long Feiyu flung himself into the sky and quickly entered a flying state. At the same time, the long whip in his palm changed into a fragmentary shadow and attacked the White Asura.

In just a short instant, he completed everything. Yet the White Asura only remained silent. It sneered. In its hands, the spiked maceat least 3,000 poundswas as light as a feather. With a minor swing of the spiked mace, the two palm prints were annihilated. At the same time, with a casual reach, it grabbed the whip.

“This middle-grade divine artifact is adequate,” commented the White Asura. “Its wielder, however, is pathetic.”

The White Asura sneered and pulled the whip.


Long Feiyu, who had flown tens of thousands of feet away, was pulled back even faster than he had escaped! He fell directly into the White Asura’s palm.

“Be a willing blood sacrifice,” the White Asura said. It gave a cold hum, then knocked Long Feiyu out on the spot.

After pausing for some time, the White Asura looked in the direction of Su Yu. It hesitated a moment. Then it flapped its wings and flew to the withered tree where Su Yu hid.

The White Asura stared at the old tree beneath it for some time. Then, with a snap of its fingers, the tree exploded.

A lump of warm aura lingered within the tree.

“That feeling just now” said the White Asura. “I know it was not an illusion!” I paused, then said, “Forget it. Whoever it was, he shall be unable to escape from the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds.”


With a flash of a white figure, the White Asura disappeared without a trace.

After a long time, the soil beneath the old tree moved. A head cautiously poked out of the ground.

After using his Soul Eyes to survey his surroundings, Su Yu felt relieved, although he was far from relaxed.

What is the blood sacrifice? wondered Su Yu. And where are the others? Did more than one of them come out here?

Su Yu’s heart sank abruptly. What if Xianer and her group came across the White Asura as well?

Bark, bark

The soft barking could be heard beneath Su Yu’s feet. It was the spiritual dog Long Feiyu had left behind when he had been captured. Su Yu quickly stored the spiritual dog on his person and headed toward the Messy Rocks Ruins with a flash.

At the Messy Rocks Ruins.

Qing Zhu’s face was ghastly pale. He was escaping while carrying Xia Jingyu and Qin Xianer with him. Behind them, a Black-Faced White Asura gave chase with a hideous grin. Its hands held a halberd, and it was filled with thick murderous intents.