The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Heavenly Ghost Mind Planting

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Su Yu did not appear worried, but his heart was beating extremely fast. With a flash in his mind, he used his Soul Eyes to examine the little girl. Strangely, although the little girl was very close to him, there was nothing in front of him!

For a split-second, the little girl’s sharply contrasted eyes glowed with a green light, then disappeared.

A faint aura entered Su Yu’s soul abruptly, causing him to feel pain. A secret technique of the soul! Su Yu was shocked.

Buzz, buzz

The Nine-Dragon Cauldron felt that a soul from the outside world had entered, so it shook slightly to suppress the inconspicuous aura.

“I am Lord Yi Yu,” said Xia Jingyu. She smiled charmingly, oblivious to any danger. She descended, squatted down, and caressed the little girl’s head. “Little girl, you look adorable. What is your name?”

Su Yu’s eyes widened. How could Lord Yi Yu be so reckless?

That tiny bit of aura which entered his body Su Yu suddenly realized what it was. It was most likely some kind of secret technique of the soul that caused one to have hallucinations. Lord Yi Yu was being controlled!

In spite of his trepidation, Su Yu’s expression did not change.

He smiled and descended, laughing as he said, “I am Black Snow Devil King. Little girl, why are you here alone? Aren’t you afraid of the danger?”

Sheng Ge grinned, and two slanted dimples appeared. Her sharply contrasted eyes swept past Su Yu and Xia Jingyu. However, her gaze stopped at Su Yu for some time. Suspicion flashed in her eyes, then disappeared straight away.

“Big brother and big sister,” Sheng Ge said sweetly, “could both of you give me all of your treasures?”

Xia Jingyu laughed gently and did not reject her. “Of course.” She took out her hairpin and passed it to her. Various kinds of divine artifacts and many different kinds of items that she had collected were all inside the hairpina divine artifact.

“A space divine artifact? Haha!” Sheng Ge laughed profoundly. “Big sister’s identity is not simple.”

That proved it. Lord Yi Yu really had been controlled!

With a flash of his eyes, Su Yu took out two items. One item was the Cosmos Mirror, a space divine artifact to store items. The other item was Yun Yazi’s jade box.

Sheng Ge examined Su Yu, and Su Yu felt like his entire body had been seen through. Except for the palm print and the Nine-Dragon Cauldron within his soul, his whole body had been examined from the inside out.

“Perhaps I am a bit too skeptical,” said Sheng Ge.

She withdrew her smile. Her expression turned grave, and she revealed a matured look that did not jibe with her age.

She casually examined the Cosmos Mirror and the jade box. She then became slightly surprised. “Interesting. I have been suppressed for 1,000 years, and Zhenlong continent has already regained its former prosperity. This must be the case if two juniors actually possess divine artifacts that can store items. With that in mind, surely the Void Fairy Senior will soon activate the Yin-Yang Wheel, a fairy artifact, to create a disturbance in the darkness.”

After pondering for some time, Sheng Ge flicked their items back and said leisurely, “This place has been sealed for 1,000 years and its resources have been used up. I only return these items to prevent that old bastard from getting suspicious. The will be mine sooner or later. The same goes for your lives.”

Sheng Ge didn’t expect an answer; she was talking to herself. Then her eyes flashed, and she commanded, “Follow me.”

Yi Yu and Su Yu followed her. Su Yu pretended he had lost his will to resist.

As Su Yu walked, he kept his eyes trained forward, looking at nothing in particular. He did not dare to even glance at Sheng Ge’s back as she walked. With a level as high as the Fairy Realm, she could sense even the weakest gaze. If she found out he was only pretending to be controlled, the consequences would be unimaginable!

As for Lord Yi Yu, she followed Sheng Ge involuntarily. If there came an opportunity, Su Yu would help her to regain her senses.


Even though Tun Gui had waited for some time, he did not notice any movements in the Abyss City. Hence, he could not help but be suspicious.

Beep, beep

The jade pendant opened up with a communication again, and Lei Mo’s cold hum could be heard. “I have found them,” he said. “1,500 miles to the northwest. Tun Gui, recovering the crystal of the Origin of the Five Elements is a matter of life and death for the Abyss City. You know the consequences if you fail to get it back!”

Having been threatened, Tun Gui was furious. Tun Gui may have been slightly to blame for not supervising his men more carefully, but this matter was not his fault. Hong Mo was to blame. Still, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for Lei Mo to harbor this sort of hostility toward him.

Tun Gui put away his jade pendant, ascertained which direction was northwest, and flew that way.


At the Abyss City.

In front of the 10,000 Miles Cloud Passing Border, Lei Mo put down his jade pendant. His palms were trembling slightly, and his forehead was filled with cold sweat.

His trusted subordinate who was behind him was ghastly pale: “City Master, misdirecting him to make him come across the Heavenly Ghost can indeed get rid of him. However, if the Heavenly Ghost shows herself, there is a possibility of her coming for us. If that really happens, we will need all the help we can get, so why did you send him to die?”

Lei Mo’s eyes were glowing with ruthlessness. “Humph! If the Heavenly Ghost wants to harm us in a situation where the great spell protecting the city is gone, what’s the use of having more than one Half God? Letting Tun Gui go over in advance will help us buy some time.”

His trusted subordinate was shocked. “Lord, could it be that you are going to refine the Cosmos Thunder Sword now? That requires two days. I don’t think we can make it in time to deal with the Heavenly Ghost.”

Lei Mo took a deep breath and sneered. “I have made preparations for that! Ever since the day I unexpectedly discovered the Thunder Sword in the underground volcanorefined by the earth’s fire for over 10,000 yearsI have been making preparations. I have placed a set of spells on the Thunder Sword. As long as the sword’s embryo is formed, even without refining it, I can still activate it and unleash 50 percent of its power! With such power, although it will lack sufficient energy to kill the Heavenly Ghost, injuring her is more than sufficient!”

His trusted subordinate was wild with joy. “Thanks to City Master’s great blessing, the Abyss City will be saved.”

Back then, Lei Mo had been merely an unknown evil person in the Abyss City. Then he unexpectedly discovered an underground volcano, as well as that mysterious Thunder Sword.

With the help of the thunder sword’s energy, he trained continuously. As a result, he managed to acquire the name “Lei Mo.” He was proficient in lightning techniques, and he frightened all of the Dragon Abyss.

After 100 years to the very day, the thunder embryo of the Thunder Sword was finally formed. If he could use it, he would be able to unleash unstoppable power!


Above the Dragon Abyss.

Gang Dalei held a green bristle of grass in his mouth and lay in front of a wooden hut. He stayed in front of a stove, looking bored, while he warmed up a kettle of wine.

“Old bastard, how long are you going to hide for?” he mumbled. “Ever since I have followed you, I have never enjoyed a day where 10,000 people respected me. Instead, I must hide in the Dragon Abyss, an extremely remote place. Could it be that you have been playing tricks on me all this time? Are you really that strong?”

Atop a big rock, the sloppy old man burped. He then cast a sidelong glance at Gang Dalei and laughed. “If you want to know whether I am strong, how about you go down and ask that little ghost?”

Gang Dalei’s expression turned serious. He then turned back and looked at the entrance of the Dragon Abyss fearfully. “Old bastard, would she really come out? That year, she almost broke the seal, and I was the one who ruthlessly gave her a punch. If this woman really escapes Old man, you would be unable to suppress her. Isn’t that right?”

The sloppy old man made a long face and mumbled, “Do I need to be scared of that little ghost?” After pausing for some time, the sloppy old man seemed a bit unconfident. “In my prime, my little finger would be more than enough to do the truck!”

Gang Dalei’s expression was a bit unnatural, and he rubbed his nose. “Old man, you must hang in there. It is not too late for you to prepare your coffin for yourself after we have left the Zhenlong continent.”

“Little brat!” The sloppy old man gave grunted furiously. “If not for this Zhenlong continent being unsuitable for me to recover, I would not be scared of that little ghost!” The old man certainly acted as if he had once been an extremely powerful strong martial artist. “However, what we should be worried about is not that little ghost. Instead, we should be worried about those ferocious criminals in the Dragon Abyss. I hope that they are not stupid enough to touch something. That is the most dangerous thing.”


Within the Abyss, Sheng Ge was expressionless and her small face was stern. She lowered her head and pondered. It looked like she was thinking about something.

Suddenly, she raised her head, turned back, and looked behind her. From the distant horizon, a scarred figure flew over.

Sheng Ge was stunned and she sneered at the figure. “Idiot!”

Tun Gui saw Su Yu and Xia Jingyu from afar and became eager. Just as he was about to go over, he noticed the adorable little girl standing between them.

Tun Gui was stunned. Why did the information not mention that a small girl was with them? However, after he saw the other party’s face clearly, Tun Gui felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He stammered, nearly speechlessly in astonishment, “Heavenly Ghost Sheng Ge!”

He wanted to escape, but seeing the devious smile on Sheng Ge’s face, he knew better than to try to escape! He gritted his teeth and forced himself to fly over.


“Greetings to Lord Heavenly Ghost from Tun Gui of the Abyss City!” he said as he landed in front of her. “Lei Mo has abandoned me, and I am willing to serve you.”

Tun Gui sought refuge with her!

Sheng Ge laughed. “You are smart, I’ll give you that. Firstly, you did not run away. Secondly, you quickly realized that you had been betrayed by the person who hid behind the mirror.”

Tun Gui was furious. He could not believe that Lei Mo would discover the existence of the Heavenly Ghost in the 10,000 Miles Cloud Passing Border and keep the information from him to trap him like this! Lei Mo had hoped to send Tun Gui to his death!

“Thank you, Lord Heavenly Ghost, for praising me,” Tun Gui said, concocting plan. “Since he is so cruel, there is no reason for me to be loyal.”

However, Sheng Ge withdrew her smile. “Who said that I would take you in? Don’t compare me with the inferior Gui clan.”

Tun Gui’s expression became stern. His gaze then swept past Su Yu and Xia Jingyu quickly, and he said, “Lord Heavenly Ghost, please hear me out. I will listen to your instructions and serve you! Not only I am someone from the Abyss, but I am the Deputy City Master. I am sure I will be of some use to you.”

To his surprise, Sheng Ge sneered. “Are you trying to say that you are more useful than these two? The truth is, they are far more useful than you.”

Seeing that she had made up her mind to kill him, Tun Gui bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood, creating a dense mist. He had already made some preparations up his sleeves. A shuttle-shaped divine artifact slipped from on sleeve.

After touching the blood, the divine artifact trembled and gave off a dazzling green light.

“Move!” Tun Gui shouted as he grabbed the green light with one hand.

The divine artifact moved at an extremely frightening speed and took him 10,000 miles away in an instant.

Sheng Ge sneered. “You wish to escape?” She looked at Su Yu and Xia Jingyu. “Both of you will wait here. I need an hour’s time.”

After her speech, her small, nimble body disappeared from her position as if she had teleported.

When she appeared again, her figure was blurry. She materialized directly in front of Tun Gui.

“I have suddenly realized that you are not completely useless,” said Sheng Ge looked. It looked like she was deep in through. “At the very least, you have managed to prove something.”

She put her five fingers together and pressed them toward the ground. The spiritual energy of the universe surged crazily and gathered in the sky to form a giant palm 1,000 feet wide. Even its veins were clearly visible; it looked exactly like a real palm.

As soon as the palm pressed down, the divine artifact in Tun Gui’s hands exploded into pieces. Tun Gui was sent flying. Blood splashed out from his chest like rain.

“No” he cried.

His plea ceased abruptly as the giant palm pressed downward heartlessly and crushed his body on the spot.


Su Yu maintained a calm expression. He stayed motionless as a puppet, like Xia Jingyu, but he felt extremely uneasy and struggled to keep up this act. The temptation to flee was strong. An hour was more than enough time for them to put a great deal of distance between them and Sheng Ge.

Xia Jingyu was in trouble, but Su Yu was not controlled by Sheng Ge. She might not be able to find him, but the risk was great. Should he run or quietly observe the situation and bide his time?

Minutes passed by, and Su Yu suffered, stewing in his indecision. It was only after half a tea’s time until he made up his mind and stopped moving.

After an hour, Su Yu heard a whistle and felt a gentle breeze. Sheng Ge was standing behind Su Yu’s back. She wore a mocking smile. “It seems I really am too skeptical. After all, it would be quite strange for a mere junior to be able to resist my Heavenly Ghost Mind Planting Technique.”

So, she was still wary about Su Yu. As Su Yu had expected, she had needed only an instant to get rid of Tun Gui. The rest of the hour had been to tempt Su Yu into making a move. She had waited and observed what he would do, to determine whether he had retained his consciousness.

Sheng Ge heaved a sigh of relief and laughed. “In that case, it’s time for both of you to participate in my plan. That world-destroying divine artifact shall temporarily be under your control, big brotherone who possesses lightning techniques!”

Sheng Ge laughed loudly. With a shake of her sleeves, she generated a gust of fierce wind that ushered them away.