The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 419

Chapter 419 Modifying His Body

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Despite the fact that Su Yu and Xia Jingyu were present, the White-Faced Asura named Bai Luo and the Black-Faced Asura named Hei Luo did not even try to hold their conversation secretly. It seemed that they were confident in the effectiveness of Sheng Ge’s Heavenly Ghost Ming Planting.

After some time Su Yu was brought into the vast palace.

“Hei Luo, please take your leave,” said Sheng Ge, waving her hand dismissively. “Please take care of the matter as I have instructed immediately.”

After dismissing Hei Luo, Sheng Ge walked over and placed one of her hands on Su Yu’s wrist. She slowly closed her eyes.

After some time, she opened them again. She was filled with surprise. “You hurled back an accusation against the Heavenly Wrath?” she said. “Wow. A junior like you, actually injured by the Heavenly Wrath! That explains what happened to your eyes.”

She paused, then added, “You contain a bit of the bloodline of ghosts like us. Moreover, it is the rare Bloodline of the Evil Ghost that can swallow life forces and cultivation bases. Very peculiar! If you are really part of my Gui clan, I might be able to pass on the Gui clan’s sacred item, Hundred Ghosts Secret Scroll, to you A pity that you are just a tool I need to use. You are not worth the time or effort.”

Sheng Ge cast aside her curiosity and said indifferently, “Apart from lightning techniques, you have also taken on fire techniques and ice techniques. Moreover, your body has gone through some training. You have learned a lot, but nothing outstanding. You have managed to hone your fire and ice techniques to their Origins. However, I need to use your lightning techniques, which are only slightly inferior. Seems like I need to spend some time and effort to sort out what, exactly, you have learnedto be certain you can control that extremely valuable lightning treasure.”

After thinking for some time, the Heavenly Ghost pointed one of her fingers at the space between Su Yu’s eyebrows. A bit of pure, majestic energy entered Su Yu’s body. His limbs spasmed, and his bones trembled.

“First,” said Sheng Ge, “I must deal with the energy within your body, which is in great disorder.”

Squeak, squeak

Under the excessive amount of energy, Su Yu’s whole body became racked with extreme pain. His soul moved about vigorously, and he groaned in pain. His bones audibly cracked. His flesh wriggled and shrank continuously.

Meanwhile, the three kinds of energies within himice, fire, and lightningcompressed his flesh, bones, and internal organs. Black blood mixed with toxic impurities were expelled via his pores. The process went on for two hours until, finally, there were no impurities left to squeeze out.

Sheng Ge withdrew her finger. Her tiny, doll-like face went pale. It was obvious that it was very taxing to sort out the energies. With a flick of her fingers, the impurities squeezed from Su Yu’s body flew away, revealing bright, clean, pure white skin.

His body, which looked like it had no muscles, was actually filled with lumps of savage energy, filled with ice, fire, and lightning. His green internal energy channels had undergone some changes as well. They carried a glint of gold that was unlike anything present in a normal human being!

Sheng Ge wiped the droplets of sweat from her forehead and nodded in satisfaction. “For this rare chance that comes once every 10,000 years, I am ready to risk everything! After the energies have mixed together in your body, you will be able to unleash your potential power: the combination of three elements into one. Given the strength of your body, this will be more than enough for you to go head to head with martial artists at the peak of Human King. More importantly, your body will not be destroyed by that valuable lightning treasure.”

After finishing, Sheng Ge pointed one of her fingers at Su Yu’s Dantian and inserted her Fairy Realm’s energy into it. The energy circled around the Dantian continuously, then transformed into two crystals the size of soybeans, one on each end.

Sheng Ge’s expression became even paler. Her small body swayed a bit. Her face, however, was filled with satisfaction.

“In order to unleash the power of the lightning treasure,” she said, “you require the vital energy of the Fairy Realm. Even with the aid of my energy, you can only unleash its power twice! I have inserted all my vital energy into your body. If you are unable to break the seal the first time or an accident occurs, the second time will make it a surefire plan.”

Sheng Ge raised her head and studied Su Yu. Even though his face was pale due to the pain, he was still conscious. Sheng Ge could not help but be slightly surprised.

“What commendable willpower,” she said. “Even though I have inserted energy into your Dantian continuously, you are still able to remain conscious.” Sheng Ge withdrew her gaze and waved her hands. “Both of you will stand to one side and not move.”

Then she sat down with her legs crossed to recover.

After half a day, Sheng Ge woke and spat out a mouthful of foul energy. Her expression became ruddy again, displaying her liveliness and loveliness.

“Lord, the preparations are done!” Hei Luo’s voice called from outside the palace.

Sheng Ge’s eyes glowed. “Good. Let’s set off. I have been sealed for 1,000 years, and it is time for me to leave this place. I might even be able to take advantage of this opportunity to leave Zhenlong Continent and return to Jiuzhou.”

Filled with anticipation, Sheng Ge waved her hands. A group of people appeared in the skies above the big palace from the void!

At that moment, the White-Faced Asura, who was in charge of watching the Dragon Sealing Well, flew over and said respectfully, “Lord, the Demonic Dragon’s offering ceremony is about to begin. Please give me your orders.”

Sheng Ge shot a glance toward the Dragon Sealing Well. She was filled with hatred but also a bit of fear.

“Humph!” she said. “I have served that Demonic Dragon for 1,000 years. The offering ceremony that is held once every 100 years is used to trade for the vital energy of Jiuzhou. At the very moment, I have hopes of returning to Jiuzhou. Why must I still bother about that Demonic Dragon? Just leave that Demonic Dragon alone!”

The White-Faced Asura’s expression hardened. “But we have caught these human beings to offer them”

“I’ll leave it up to both of you to deal with them,” Sheng Ge said, waving her hands. She was in a daze. “Bai Luo, Hei Luo, come with me. Since you two have been loyal to me for many years, I have decided to bring you out of the Dragon Abyss as well! If there is a chance, I might even bring both of you to Jiuzhou.”

After hearing this, both of them were elated. “Thank you, Lord!”

The White-Faced Asura looked downward at the thousands of Rakshasas and felt uneasy. He hesitated. “Lord,” he said, “how about those clansmen of ours? Without us to take charge of them, they might be completely massacred by the human beings of the Abyss City within decades.”

Sheng Ge’s expression turned cold. “Do I look like I care about that trash? They are merely Rakshasas. There are more than enough of such low-grade ghosts! If you wish to stay with them, go ahead!”

“I would dare not do so!” the White-Faced Asura said hastily, hoping it hadn’t made a terrible mistake.

Hei Luo looked at him profoundly and stood silently at Sheng Ge’s back. His display of loyalty was in direct contrast to Bai Luo’s impertinence.

Sheng Ge gave a cold hum. Her sleeves trembled, and the group of them disappeared like mist.

Thousands of Rakshasas were left behind and were at a loss. In their state of anxiety, they quickly fell into chaos. As for the human prisoners who came from the surface, no one dealt with them.


At the Abyss City, at the underground volcano, Lei Mo turned his ten fingers continuously, producing a steady flow of illusions. He tried to weave the signs quickly. His face wore a ghastly pale expression, and his whole body was dripping with sweat from the effort. Behind him was his trusted subordinate, Zuo Li, who wore an anxious expression.

Nine small black banners disappeared and reappeared atop the Thunder Sword. The spell allowed Lei Mo to temporarily control the Cosmos Thunder Sword without refining it. Although he could only unleash half of its power at present, it would be more than enough to fatally injure the Heavenly Ghost and force her to retreat.

At the moment, there were already eight small black banners which emitted black energy that enshrouded the Thunder Sword. The final state of the spell was all that remained!

Rumble, rumble

At that moment, a frightening aura descended from the skies above the Abyss City!

The energy was so astonishing that a number of strong martial artists in the city fainted on the spot. Even Human Kings with commendable abilities were sent flying thousands of feet away, and their gazes to the sky with fright.

Sheng Ge stood within a mass of torrential black clouds. She sneered down at the city with her hands clasped behind her back, a contemptuous smile on her lips.

“I have come,” she said. “Abyss City Master, are you not going to come out to welcome me?”