The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 420

Chapter 420 Twists And Turns

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Sheng Ge’s voice reverberated through the air, making its way into Lei Mo’s ears, causing his body to shudder. His face fell. “No warning. She’s so fast!” He turned to his subordinate. “Zuo Li, set up a protection spell for me. No matter what, fight for every last second of time you can buy me! All I need is the last spell flag before I can control the Cosmos Thunder Sword and kill this ghost!”

Zuo Li immediately took out a wooden figurine with gold accents. It was a Buddhist treasure. After he crushed it, a huge ball of Buddha’s halo enveloped both of them.

Lei Mo felt slightly more at ease. “Buddha’s power is extremely effective in neutralizing ghosts,” he said. “I know it’s hard on you to sacrifice the Furious Golden Buddha Statue that has been passed down for generations. After this is done, you shall inherit whatever Tun Gui had!”

Zuo Li’s face showed traces of excitement. “Thank you, City Master!”

This Buddha statue had been handed down by a predecessor. Crushing it invoked the Buddha’s power within to take on the form of a defensive shield. Even a Half God would be hard-pressed to destroy it.

Even though Sheng Ge was at the level of Fairy Realm, Buddha’s power was a strong counter to evil ghosts. She would be unable to break through its defense.

The Abyss City was silent. No one dared to even breathe after losing their defensive barrier and now facing the sudden descent of the Heavenly Ghost.

Sheng Ge let out a devious laugh. “Do you need me to invite you out?”

Extending her tiny palm, Sheng Ge struck down violently.

The surrounding spirit energy erupted. Even the breath of the Demonic Dragon gathered at this moment, turning into a giant palm print about half the size of the Abyss City.

Sheng Ge pressed her hand down toward the ground, and the earth shook violently. More than half of the buildings came crashing down instantly, and a mile-wide fissure appeared in the earth. An alarming heat sprang forth from the fissure, melting the surrounding ground into molten rock.

Sheng Ge waved her hands, producing a wild wind and spreading the molten rock to either side, shielding herself from any injuries.

A moment later, an extremely powerful sword aura charged into the sky, harboring a horrifying power of lightning. The Demonic Dragon’s breath was repelled wherever the sword aura passed. It was as if the dragon’s breath feared the aura. Lightning was, after all, a natural counter to evil energy.

Sheng Ge raised her brows. She brought her hands together, and spirit energy came from two directions in the sky, trapping the lightning sword aura.

She grasped with both hands, and the lightning sword aura shattered into flares of crackling electricity. It seemed even she was afraid of the power of the lightning.

One could now see the hidden volcano through the crack on the ground, rumbling with lava. A 100-zhang sword was enveloped by lightning, releasing an unparalleled glow of sword aura!

Lei Mo grew frantic upon being exposed. He did his best to quicken his seals. The ninth spell flag buzzed and trembled, continuously releasing a black fog. It was about to succeed!

Sheng Ge’s face hardened. She waved downward with her sleeves. A withering power turned into sharp arrows that rained down! The veil of the Buddha’s halo faltered beneath the onslaught. It was about to crumble!

Zuo Li’s eyes went wide. He opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood essence as he manically began transferring spirit energy into the Buddha’s halo in an attempt to hold it. “Not good!” he shouted. “This Heavenly Ghost is more powerful than I ever imagined!”

At that moment, the Buddha’s halo expanded and transformed into a huge Buddha statue standing ten zhang tall. The arrows rained down, causing the Buddha’s statue to tremble. Its entire body was covered in finger-sized cracks.


The Buddha’s statue ultimately could not hold up. It shattered with a boom, causing the falling arrows to dissipate.

Zuo Li’s face turned pale. The veil of Buddha’s halo was gone!

But at that moment, Lei Mo laughed loudly into the sky. “Haha! It’s complete!”

The last spell flag was brought to life. At the critical moment, he had succeeded!

“Cosmos Thunder Sword, rise!” Lei Mo commanded. He let out a maniacal laugh, putting both his arms together, utilizing the mantra to control the spell. The nine spell flags released thick, black energy, enveloping the sword.


Under the effects of the spell, the Thunder Sword, which not been cleansed, was being controlled!

The 100-zhang sword let out the roars of lightning, shaking uncontrollably as it slowly rose from the ancient volcano. Its destructive glow transformed into an alarming sword aura charging toward the sky!

The white glow pierced through the clouds, shooting toward the heavens! The entire Dragon Abyss rocked like a stormy sea. Countless Rakshasas had fear written on their faces and began digging deep into the ground to hide. The sky, full of Demonic Dragon breaths, became even more unstable.

Against the sword aura charging toward her, Sheng Ge finally looked uncertain. She had ultimately arrived late! She did not dare take this attack head-on. She waved her sleeves, taking everyone with her as she rushed to dodge the sword aura.

Su Yu was shocked. He had only once seen this sort of power from a sword, back when the youth with closed eyes had used his ancient sword from the Heavenly Ancient Tower.

This sword did not belong on the Zhenlong Continent! That sort of power was enough to kill a Half God. If this sword were ever unleashed at full power, even Sheng Ge would be reduced to ashes.

“Haha!” Lei Mo let out an insolent laugh. “Heaven is helping me! I have spent 100 years and have finally been rewarded! Heavenly Ghost, I’ll pay my offerings to this sword with you!”

Lei Mo’s confidence was boosted now that he was wielding this Thunder Sword. The next step after killing the Heavenly Ghost would be to unify the Dragon Abyss.

But strangely, Sheng Ge was only cautious initially. She now let out a faint smile.

“Is that so?” she said.

Lei Mo’s heart skipped a beat! Was there something wrong? Why didn’t she fear the sword?

Suddenly, Lei Mo felt an immense pressure in his chest followed by a sharp, horrible pain. He looked down. A palm had pierced through his chest without warning, digging out his heart!

Lei Mo turned his head in disbelief and looked into the eyes of his subordinate.

“ZuoLi?” stammered Lei Mo. “You? Why?”

The person that had launched a sneak attack on him was his subordinate Zuo Li!

Zuo Li’s expression was merciless. He let out a cold laugh as he squeezed, crushing Lei Mo’s heart. “Tsk, tsk. Which option do you think I would choose? To be the top of the Dragon Abyss or to leave this world and head to the outside world?”

After saying this, Zuo Li took to the skies. There he kneeled before Sheng Ge, offering her a black scroll.

“Paying my respects to Lord Sheng Ge,” he said, “this is the method to controlling the spell. I had already stolen it from Lei Mo, as per your orders.”

Lei Mo, life somehow still clinging to his body, looked up in disbelief. “The crystal” he groaned. “It was stolen by you”

Zuo Li let out a cold laugh. “I was Lord Sheng Ge’s subordinate even before you first discovered the Cosmos Thunder Sword and began to forge it! As for the divine crystal of the Origins of Five Elements Crystal Haha! If I did not frame Tun Gui and get rid of him, how could I have had the chance to strike you at the most critical moment and give you the killing blow? After all, Tun Gui is a wily old fox. He is incredibly crafty. It was too dangerous to have him around.”

Lei Mo’s vision turned dark. Before he died, he finally understood. In the end, the spy was the person he trusted the most!

Sheng Ge glanced downward. Only now did she acknowledge Zuo Li. “Eh. You did well. Stand behind me. I do not want to break my promise to you.”

Zuo Li was elated. He could finally leave this place! But the staggering Lei Mo suddenly turned energetic again. Quick as lightning, his dying body pointed at the Cosmos Thunder Sword. At that moment, the Dragon Abyss rumbled. A 100-zhang thunder dragon shot out from the Cosmos Thunder Sword.

The suddenness of his action caught Sheng Ge off guard. Before she could react, the thunder dragon speedily devoured her with the power of lightning! She was immediately swallowed into the belly of the thunder dragon, surrounded by lightning!

“Damn it! You have two hearts!” Sheng Ge cried out from within the dragon.

She was furious, evil energy charging into the skies from her tiny frame as she tried desperately to defend herself from being destroyed by the lightning within the dragon’s body. But the power of the lightning, coupled with its innate ability to counter ghosts, caused Sheng Ge to be trapped within the dragon. It would take a long time for her to free herself!

“Haha!” Lei Mo grabbed his chest, bellowing with cold laughter. “Heavenly Ghost! Did you think I wouldn’t detect that Zuo Li was a traitor? I knew the first day he allied himself with me! I have tolerated him until now to make you numb with carelessness, finally giving me this chance!”