The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 421

Chapter 421 Fighting Against A Half God With All His Might

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Sheng Ge, trapped in the dragon’s stomach, was shocked and furious. “Impossible! How did you know that Zuo Li sought refuge with me?”

Zuo Li’s expression turned ghastly pale. He stammered with fright, “Itit wasn’t me! I never revealed myself!”

The expression of the White-Faced Asura named Bai Luo changed greatly. He flew in front of Sheng Ge with a rustling sound. “Black Face, protect the Lord!”

The Black-Faced Asura, Hei Luo, was an indifferent soul and extremely loyal. He grunted in response and flew beside White Face. Two of them, two strong martial artists of Half Gods, stood on the left and right of Sheng Ge respectively to protect her and buy time for her to break out of the thunder dragon.


However, the White-Faced Asura gave a horrible shriek! A halberd suddenly pierced through his neck and sliced his head off in one swift stroke! The White-Faced Asura’s body went limp, and he fell onto the ground with a thump!

Sheng Ge’s face contorted with fury. “Hei Luo! You have betrayed me!”

It was, indeed, the Black-Faced Asura, Hei Luo, who held the bloody halberd in his hands. No one would have expected that Hei Luo, who had always been loyal, would be a traitor!

Hei Luo glanced at Sheng Ge expressionlessly. “Lord, you should have expected this day to come. Your dreams and feelings when you looked up into the starry sky How could you? I don’t know, and I don’t understand. How could the outside be worth all this? To the extent that you would abandon the Gui clan?”

Sheng Ge clenched her teeth. “You will die for this!”

Her mind flashed. She sought to take control of Hei Luo with her Heavenly Ghost Mind Planting Technique, but the thunder dragon’s layer of power had isolated her, and she was unable to do so.

“Lord, it’s useless,” Hei Luo said indifferently. “This is a sealing spell specially prepared for you. It can trap you for a joss stick’s time. And a joss stick’s time is enough for Lei Mo to activate the Cosmos Thunder Sword and kill you!”

Sheng Ge’s pupils shrank. She was filled with endless hatred. “Zuo Li, Su Yu, Yin Yu! Help me buy a joss stick’s time!”

Although she still nearly certain her plan would work, but she could not deny that was in the danger of being killed!

Zuo Li hesitated. Even if he surrendered, Lei Mo would never forgive him. All he could do was place his hopes in Sheng Ge. His eyes flashed. He gave a light shout and took out a Golden Buddha Statue!

Lei Mo’s face went rigid. “You actually hid a second Furious Golden Buddha Statue? Asura! Stop him quickly!”

Hei Luo glared at Zuo Li. Forcefully gathering ghost energy into his halberd, he swept it once around. A thirty-foot ghost’s face appeared in midair, emitting a terrifying whistling sound.

Zuo Li had prepared for this long ago. A golden charm fell from his sleeves. It bore Sanskrit words with Buddha qualities! After Zuo Li crushed it, the sounds of the Buddha could be heard, and the Buddha’s halo illuminated everything! The ghost gave a horrible shriek and dispersed amidst the sounds of the Buddha and the Buddha’s halo.

The Furious Golden Buddha cracked, and a ray of Buddha’s halo enshrouded Su Yu and the others.


At that moment, a sharp noise broke the silence. Hei Luo, the halberd in his hands, attacked the layer of light with a ferocity that could shake the world!

Excessive ghostly energy overflowed with the strike. The whole layer of light shook violently and barely managed to withstand the attack.

Su Yu was impressed. The Buddha’s halo’s defense was truly mighty. Even though Hei Luo had the abilities of a Half God, he couldn’t affect it!


Hei Luo remained stoic. He waved his halberd and attacked again. He wielded formidable powera huge amount of ghost energy that transformed into a cloud of snakes so innumerable that they blotted out the sky. Their fanged mouths nibbled at the layer of light.

As the layer of light shook, it gradually became dimmer.

“Not good!” said Zuo Li, looking uncertain. “We cannot last longer than a joss stick’s time like this!”

Sheng Ge’s eyes flashed. “Zuo Li, Su Yu, Yi Yu! The three of you will keep the Black-Faced Asura busy! Buy me more time!”

Without hesitation, the three of them exited the light membrane.

Su Yu laughed bitterly within his mind. What could he do? Surrendering to Lei Mo wasn’t an option; he would never forgive him. And Yi Yu was still under Sheng Ge’s control. In a cruel twist of fate, he and Yi Yu could only avoid disaster if the Heavenly Ghost freed herself.

As for what was going to happen afterward and how he would ultimately escape from the Heavenly Ghost, he would cross that bridge when he came to it.

Su Yu pretended to accept the order, attacking alongside Yi Yu. After hesitating for some time, Zuo Li forced himself to take up a position beside Su Yu. With that, three of them attacked the Black-Faced Asura.

Zuo Li was at the level of a Human King. Su Yu and Yi Yu, however, were at the level of Half Gods.

“Hei Luo! Kill them immediately!” Lei Mo called out. “Do not let them disturb meI need to control the Thunder Sword again, and I need around half a joss stick’s time!”

Hei Luo nodded apathetically: “I understand.”

Whistle, whistle

The halberd in Hei Luo’s hands emitted a strange whistling sound. Layers of black ghost energy rushed crazily from the halberd. When he waved it, the whole sky was filled with ghost energy.

Zuo Li took out a wand about the length of a finger. After he inserted spiritual energy into the wand, it grew vigorously. In the blink of an eye, it became ten feet long.

The trick gave Su Yu pause. What kind of divine artifact was that?

“Attack!” Zuo Li shouted. “I will launch the main attack while the two of you stall him!” His sleeves trembled, and he extended his hand to the sky with the wand!

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu flew to either side and launched a pincer attack.

“Thousand Thunder Finger!”

Su Yu brought both his hands together. Three ten-foot rings of purple thunder surrounded his arms. Their sparkling radiance looked like an illusion. The power of 1,000 bolts of lightning was contained within those rings.

This realization astounded Su Yu. Thousand Thunder Finger It had reached Stage Two Top Class! While at the Lower Class, he could only exhibit a single thunder ring. But now that Sheng Ge had sorted out his body, Thousand Thunder Finger had jumped straight to Top Class! This trick of the Fairy Realm was astonishing!

Su Yu was delighted. His confidence shot up. He gave a loud shout, controlled the three thunder rings, and attacked.

For once, Zuo Li was hopeful again. “Lightning techniques!” he said. “Very good! We have hopes of keeping the Black-Faced Asura busy for a joss stick’s time!”

As for Xia Jingyu, she let loose a war cry, opened her mouth, and spat out a mouthful of energy. A hazy fog appeared. In an instant, the universe’s water vapor appeared on the bodies of Su Yu and Zuo Li.

“An immortal-level cultivation technique of Stage Three!” Zuo Li gasped.

Su Yu was dumbstruck. How had this girl honed her immortal-level cultivation technique to such a level?

“Hmm” muttered Hei Luo. His halberd, filled with thick ghost energy, swept once round around the area.

The air in the immediate surroundings shook as if the spiritual energy of the very universe was thrown into disorder. Su Yu watched with a sober, determined expression.


Zuo Li’s wandwhich was illuminating the Buddha’s halowas sent flying from his grasp. A black arc of light passed through the wand and attacked Zuo Li’s chest! He was saved only by Xia Jingyu’s water waves, which shook and dispersed an attack that would have surely been a killing blow.

The remaining power from the attack forced Zuo Li to retreat a few steps. Twin trails of blood streamed from the corners of his mouth.

Zuo Li’s face was ghastly pale. Perhaps he realized just how close he had come to death in the face of that attack. “Thank you, Lord Yi Yu,” he said.

As for Xia Jingyu, the water vapor that filled her body dispersed when hit by Hei Luo’s black arc. She had used a substitute that she created with water to avoid the attack.

Lastly came Su Yu’s three thunder rings. The first thunder ring was blasted away, and thunder arcs splashed about everywhere. The second thunder ring paused for some time before also being dispersed by the halberd. As for the third thunder ring, it burst open and dispersed more than half of the halberd’s ghost energy!

A thunderbolt attacked Hei Luo via the halberd. He shook violently as lightning flowed throughout his body. His inch-long white hair caught fire and began to burn!

His cold, ever stoic face morphed into an expression of disbelief. He shook his body, hastily shedding the burning layer of white hair.

When Hei Luo looked at Su Yu again, his eyes showed not only disbelief but fear.

“Humph!” the Black-Faced Asura grunted, his fear quickly turning to anger. His stoic face revealed murderous intents. “All of you are courting death!”