The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Counterattack

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Xia Jingyu sat cross-legged as she closed her eyes and treated her injuries. Su Yu also recuperated beside her as he cultivated the spell and mantra. This mantra was not difficult. It was not long before he managed to understand it.

Sheng Ge did not let Su Yu offer his blood essence to hone the sword but instead opted to have him control it using the spell. It looked like this woman held the Cosmos Thunder Sword in high regard. She would take it away from Su Yu once it had served its purpose.

Su Yu’s body contained two crystals of vital energy, meaning he could activate the Cosmos Thunder Sword twice. Secretly, Su Yu thought that if there was a suitable opportunity, he might even be able to take the sword for himself!

Sheng Ge was currently recuperating. A few moments later, she lifted her brows, softly muttering, “This is weird. Why has my vital energy depleted so much? Could it be that the young man, unable to control it upon borrowing it, leaked too much into the surroundings?”

Looking at Su Yu suspiciously, Sheng Ge laughed at herself. She took out a crystalline elixir and forced it into her mouth. She rapidly regained the vital energy she had lost.

“It looks like I need to seize this opportunity and quickly return to Jiuzhou,” she said. “If I stay in this Void World, which does not contain any vital energy, I won’t have enough vital energy elixirs left to sustain myself.”


Half a day later.

“Try it,” Sheng Ge said calmly. “Control the Thunder Sword with the spell.”

Su Yu formed seals with both hands. The Cosmos Thunder Sword shook uncontrollably under the spell. Under his guidance, the Cosmos Thunder Sword slowly floated. Even though it seemed a little forced, it appeared he could control the Thunder Sword.

Sheng Ge’s face lit up with happiness and excitement. “Success! Wonderful!” She lifted her head to look at the exit of the Dragon Abyss, where a faint restriction spell could be seen. “Humph! The Void World Senior that sealed me back then by the King of Darkness and that cow-nosed man. I will definitely have my revenge! Remember, you must time this accurately! This restriction spell is extremely powerful. Even a Fairy Realm cannot do anything against it. It can only be blasted open by the Cosmos Thunder Sword when it is weakened. I’ll finally see the light of day when an opening appears!”

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu nodded respectfully. “Yes!”

Sheng Ge nodded, telling them in a serious tone, “You must pretend that nothing is happening down here. Do not make the cow-nosed man suspicious! I have not taken away your storage bags, nor let an ounce of ghost energy infiltrate your bodies. I even used the weakest Mind Planting Technique on you. This was all to make that cow-nosed man lower his guard and weaken the restriction spell.”

The two of them nodded respectfully.

Sheng Ge took out a weird seal from her pocket and placed it on her forehead. Her body vanished. She was clearly in front of them, but it felt like nothing but thin air.

Su Yu was shocked. He could only make out a faint transparent outline even when he used his Soul Eyes! What seal was that? It was powerful!

“All right! Set off and wait for my orders!” Sheng Ge’s voice came from a transparent spot in front of them.

Su Yu did not wait as he took to the skies with Xia Jingyu, heading straight for the entrance of the Dragon Abyss. A strange glow shone from deep within his eyes.

If he really released the Heavenly Ghost into the Zhenlong Continent, the outcome would be disastrous, especially considering her abilities! Furthermore, his life and death would depend on her whims. Whether or not he could free himself from her would depend on this final gamble!

The black pool of water in the center of the Messy Rock Ruins rippled. If Su Yu had still been there, he would definitely notice that the weird pool of black water was hiding a mysterious, powerful creature.

At this moment, the water in the pool was moving even though there was no wind. Two whispers spread from within. This was followed by a light laugh before the voices scattered.

Sheng Ge seemed to have noticed something. She looked down, doubt surfacing between her brows. But they had already arrived at the exit of the Dragon Abyss. She had no time to care. Her expression was serious.

Su Yu also secretly heaved a sigh of relief, his expression collected as he walked to the entrance and took out the token of the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds together with Xia Jingyu. He sent a bolt of spirit energy into the token.


Atop the Dragon Abyss, an unkempt old man flew over happily. He did not immediately release the restriction of the Dragon Abyss. Instead, he first took out a mirror and reflecting it on the body of Su Yu and Xia Jingyu.

“Looks like there is no problem,” he said. “The two of you have some ability for managing to escape from the Asuras.”

Su Yu did not think too much about this. “You praise us too much,” he said. “We were merely lucky. How could we realistically escape from a Half God? Please release the restriction and allow us to come out.”

The unkempt elder let out a drunken burp. “That That is, of course! When I release a portion of the restrictive spell, inject spirit energy into the token of the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds again. That way, you can use its space powers to slip past the restrictive spell and return to the outside world.”

Su Yu was excited. “Please do so, elder.”

The unkempt elder nonchalantly spilled a mouthful of wine onto the restrictive spell. The restrictive spell shook, its seals moving as it turned from one zhang thick to merely an inch in thickness, thinning by 90 percent.

Sheng Ge held her breath, visibly excited. She secretly projected her thoughts into Su Yu. Excellent! This is the time! Use one of the vital energy crystals and unleash the Cosmos Thunder Sword to break the restrictive spell!


A flash glowed on Su Yu’s hands as a light-green longsword appeared in his palm. Su Yu raised his arms high, the vital energy crystal in his Dantian turning into a massive amount of vital energy welling out of his body and into the Cosmos Thunder Sword.

At that moment, an unprecedented sword aura exploded! The entire Dragon Abyss shuddered. It looked like the abyss was about to collapse! Only when a person of the Fairy Realm was using the Thunder Sword could it display such power. This power was far stronger than when it was being used by Lei Mo. This alarming attack would definitely destroy the restriction spell!

But just as Su Yu was about to strike the restriction spell, he suddenly turned around, slicing down at Sheng Ge!

The unexpected scene caused Sheng Ge to freeze in disbelief. When she came to her senses, she let out a cold laugh. “I long knew that there was something wrong with you! What deep schemes, to fool me till now! Humph! Yi Yu, attack him!”

As she was speaking, she turned into an afterimage and struck toward Su Yu, fighting for the Cosmos Thunder Sword.

Yi Yu was being controlled, and at this moment, she was directly beside Su Yu. Upon hearing the order, she immediately materialized a water sword and sliced down mercilessly.

But she was not slicing toward Su Yu. Instead, she too was attacking Sheng Ge!

Suddenly under fire from both of them, Sheng Ge was astounded. “How could it be? Even you are betraying me! Could the Heavenly Ghost Mind Planting Technique be ineffective against both of you?”

Xia Jingyu regained her expression, anxiously saying, “Black Snow, you need not hold back. I will activate the token of the Dragon Abyss of Nine Underworlds for you!”

She took both their tokens in her hands, activating them at the same time. Space power rippled around the both of them, enveloping them within.

With Xia Jingyu’s sudden attack, Sheng Ge was momentarily distracted. This gave Su Yu an opportunity!


The sword glowed as a 100-zhang sword aura brought about lightning, and the piercing glow of the blade sliced down on Sheng Ge’s petite figure.

Sheng Ge felt a mixture of shock and fury. “You two deserve death!” With a furious roar, she did not dare take the attack head-on, instead choosing to retreat speedily. But even while in retreat, her expression was cold. “Those who betray me must die!”