The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 425

Chapter 425 The Passage Between Two Worlds

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With a grab of her small hands, the Vital Energy Crystals of the Dantian of Su Yu, who was being transported, shuddered at once as if they were being pulled by something. They were then dragged out, along with Su Yu himself, from the transportation!

Su Yu’s expression changed greatly. The methods of the Fairy Realm had exceeded his expectations!

His heart shook vigorously. If he were forced by Sheng Ge to stay behind, he knew what would befall him! In particular, looking at those furious eyes of Sheng Ge, Su Yu’s heart felt cold.

However, at that moment, atop the seal, the strange laughter of the unkempt old man could be heard. “Interesting. I was preparing to watch a good show. However, I did not expect these two small kids to be able to deceive you.”

After his speech, his hands grabbed downward.

Two long hands made of green light passed through the seal. One grabbed Su Yu and Xia Jingyu and pulled both of them out of the Dragon Abyss!

Sheng Ge flared up. “Where do you think you are going?”

The unkempt old man blew a mouthful of air toward the bottom of the seal abruptly. That sword light which was slanting to one side tilted to a certain angle and attacked Sheng Ge.

Sheng Ge was taken by surprise. After giving a furious roar, her whole body became filled with ghost energy, and the ghost energy became black armor on her body.

The sword light’s attack resulted in vigorous sparks on the armor. As for Sheng Ge, she was crazily inserting vital energy into the armor! Her armor refused to budge for three breaths’ time. After which, with a cracking sound, the armor broke into pieces.

Sheng Ge gave a horrible shriek. A charred black bloodstain was left behind on her chest, and she was sent flying. Her expression was pale, and the ghost energy on her whole body dimmed. The divine light in her eyes became slightly dimmer, and her whole body was still filled with thunder and lightning. Destroying her body had indeed caused her to suffer heavy losses!

As her body fell into the darkness, her sharply contrasted eyes glared at Su Yu persistently, carrying infinite hatred. Su Yu had used her Vital Energy Crystal and the Thunder Sword, which she had snatched back, to injure her fatally at the very end!

From beginning to the end, Su Yu had made a fool out of her. Thinking about that, Sheng Ge’s hatred ran bone-deep! Her great plan to escape, which she had prepared for 1,000 years, was ruined because of Su Yu.

As Su Yu was glared at by that those eyes, a chill ran down his spine. However, as expected, Sheng Ge would forever be trapped in the abyss, and he did not need to worry about it.

Seeing that both of them had come out and that the seal had started to restore itself, Su Yu heaved a long sigh of relief. During the days when he had been under her control, he had constantly been on edge. Finally, he felt he had could see the light again, as if a heavy burden had been lifted off his chest.

At that moment, the unkempt old man’s laughter stopped. When he lowered his head and looked at the Dragon Abyss which was below him, his expression gradually turned serious.

Su Yu also felt a lump of demonic aura coming from the bottom of the Dragon Abyss, and it soared quickly!


A universe-shaking dragon’s roar caused the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds to shake vigorously! The waves of the ocean surrounding the island moved about vigorously and beat against the shore! The whole Zhenlong continent could hear this dragon roar. It pierced through the clouds in the sky!

Click, bang

At the bottom of the Dragon Abyss, the fog swept around the area violently. From the black pool, a giant tail covered in scales struck the horizon ruthlessly. The Dragon Abyss’ seal broke as a result!

A petite figure was swept out of the Dragon Abyss by this shocking power and into the outside world! Sheng Ge was first stunned, then elated! Both her hands started to weave signs. Her body turned blurry, and she appeared 1,000 feet away just as a palm came from the unkempt old man and landed in the position where she had previously stood.

His palm struck the air, and his expression turned grave. “Little ghost, don’t ask for death!”

In the Dragon Abyss, no one had taken issue with her. However, by escaping to the outside, the strong martial artists of Fairy Realm of the Zhenlong continent would definitely not sit by and watch a Heavenly Ghost run amok on the continent.

Sheng Ge gave a cold hum. “Thanks to all of you, I have been sealed for countless ages. I will settle this score with all of you another time!”

Her figure turned fuzzy, and she prepared to leave. Before she left, she grinned devilishly at Su Yu. “Black Snow Devil King, I will remember you. In the Zhenlong continent, no one can rescue you!”

After leaving behind a voice which reverberated across the universe, Sheng Ge escaped on the spot with a seriously injured body.

The unkempt old man’s expression turned grave. Although he wanted to pursue her, the Dragon Abyss was the most pressing matter at the moment! He bit the tip of his tongue, spit out a few mouthfuls of blood and covered the seal. The broken seal was restored at an extremely fast speed, and in no time, it was restored.

The unkempt old man glared at the bottomless Dragon Abyss persistently, his eyes filled with gloominess. It was a long time before he looked toward the Cosmos Thunder Sword on Su Yu’s hands and sighed profoundly.

“The Spell’s Eyes has indeed been removed,” he said. “This is bad.”

Spell’s Eyes? Su Yu was shocked. He looked at the Cosmos Thunder Sword with a stupefied look.

“The Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds is a crack in the world of the Zhenlong continent,” said the old man. “Originally, it led to another world! Ages ago, it was a passage used by citizens of the Zhenlong continent to enter that world. That is, until the disaster that descended ages ago, when this passage was occupied forcefully by a Demonic Dragon! In order to prevent this Demonic Dragon from entering the Zhenlong continent, there were three strong martial artists of the Fairy Realm, including me, who manufactured a Thunder Sword which gathered the vital energy of the universe and acted as the Spell’s Eyes to seal that passage. Now, the Spell’s Eyes has been removed, allowing that Demonic Dragon to move slightly. Just now, the seal was broken by that Demonic Dragon.”

Su Yu was shocked. The Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds was once a passage that linked two worlds together? The news was a bit unimaginable.

Thinking about that Dragon Sealing Well, which was 100,000 feet wide, and that giant claw mark that had been left behind, Su Yu understood. Could that well be the crack that was the passage to another world?

“That Demonic Dragon’s body was too big,” said the old man. “Logically, it should be unable to pass through the crack. However, after so many years, while inside the Dragon Abyss, it opened very small cracks. That black pool was one of them. Hence, a few parts of its body could appear in the Dragon Abyss via those small cracks!” The unkempt old man’s expression turned grave. “The Dragon Abyss cannot be entered anymore in the future. This area is already an ominous place.”

Su Yu the grabbed the Cosmos Thunder Sword and started to think. Would he have to hand over the Cosmos Thunder Sword? This unkempt old man had no reason to allow Su Yu to keep such a treasure, which was close to being a so-called spiritual artifact!

“All right,” said the old man. “You have no right to possess this sword. Please hand it over.” The unkempt old man lifted his finger to recall back the sword. The Cosmos Thunder Sword then flew to his hand involuntarily. “Also, if both of you have any other matters to attend to, please leave quickly. This place might become dangerous again.”

Su Yu pondered for a long time. “Elder,” he said, “could you lend me this sword to protect myself for a period of time?”

“Oh?” said the unkempt old man. He was a bit surprised. However, he immediately understood Su Yu’s intentions. Su Yu wanted to use it to prevent that Heavenly Ghost from taking revenge on him! He should have rejected Su Yu on the spot. However, strangely, the unkempt old man started to think, and his eyes glowed with a thoughtful expression.

After a long time, he looked at Su Yu and muttered, “This sword is an item from Jiuzhou. Its grade is way higher than a divine artifact. Logically, you have no right to touch it. However, if you promise me one thing, I will allow it.”

Su Yu was shocked but wore a calm expression. “I am merely an Immortal Level Four junior,” he said. “I don’t know which part of me is worthy of being valued by you, elder. However, if elder has some conditions, please go ahead and tell me.”

The unkempt old man wore an expression of appreciation. “No need to belittle yourself. I have heard of your achievements. Among your generation, there are few people who are stronger than you. The matter that I am going to mention shall be entrusted to you!”