The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Heart Oath Scroll

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Su Yu was secretly shocked. He thought for a moment before he said, “Please speak your mind, elder. I’ll definitely do it if it is within my abilities.”

“Haha! You need not be too nervous,” said the unkempt old man. “Even though there is a certain amount of difficulty in this task, it should be possible for you to complete. The Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion will descend onto the Zhenlong Continent in a few days’ time. My request is that you enter the pavilion and help my disciple obtain a treasure.”

Su Yu creased his brows. What was the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?


The old man took out a drop of blood essence and forced it into the Cosmos Thunder Sword, then tossed the Cosmos Thunder Sword to Su Yu with a flick of his wrist.

“Take this sword to defend yourself,” he said. “There is my blood essence within it. Unless I personally draw the blood essence out, you will be unable to refine this sword. After you bring the treasure I seek back to me, I will not only draw out the blood essence but will also help you refine this sword.”

Su Yu was elated. He gripped the Cosmos Thunder Sword with a gleam in his eyes. “Are you not afraid that I may run away with this sword?”

The old man laughed, taking out a wine gourd from his shoulder. He shook the gourd. What came out the gourd was not wine but an ancient scroll. On the scroll were faint and foreign words.

A space divine artifact! Su Yu realized, surprised.

“Heart Oath Scroll!” Xia Jingyu exclaimed, her expression turning rigid. Her face was laced with curiosity. “The Heart Oath Scroll only existed 10,000 years ago. It long ago vanished off the face of the continent. To think that I can see it with my own eyes in the elder’s hands.”

The sloppy old man was a little surprised. “Lass, you sure know a lot. There are not more than 100 people on the continent who understand the Heart Oath Scholl! You are correct. This is the Heart Oath Scroll. Once you make an oath upon this scroll and inject a shred of blood essence, you can only fulfill your promise. Otherwise, the scroll can use the blood essence you left behind and kill you from a million miles away.”

Su Yu was shocked that such a strange item existed. But this was reasonable. They had just met this sloppy old man. Su Yu would have been wary if the old man had given him the Cosmos Thunder Sword without taking any precautions.

“If I lack the ability and am unable to complete my oath, do I suffer the same punishment?” Su Yu asked, lifting his eyebrows slightly.

The old man chuckled. “No. If you cannot fulfill your oath due to something beyond your control or because it is too difficult, I shall naturally destroy the Heart Oath Scroll. So no matter whether you succeed or not, the sword will be yours. So, are there any more questions?”

Su Yu put aside his doubts. He forced a drop of blood essence onto the scroll and made an oath before it. The ancient scroll glowed with a green light, absorbing the blood essence.

“All right,” said the old man. “There are still two months before the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion descends. If you are willing, you are free to remain on the island. I cannot stay with you, as I have other matters to attend to. But you must report back here in two months.”

Su Yu cupped his hands in respect. “I, too, have other matters to attend to. I will definitely come back in two months to meet up with you. Elder, might I ask, where are the other two who came with us?” He was concerned about Xianer’s whereabouts.

The sloppy old man pointed to the west. “The people of the Heavenly Law Alliance took them away. They should be somewhere to the west.”

Su Yu and Xia Jingyu cupped their fists in gratitude, slicing the air as they left.


After they were gone, a faint, glowing figure flickered over to the old man. It was Gang Dalei.

“You old thing!” he said. “That Cosmos Thunder Sword is something you prepared for yourself to fight off the crisis. Why did you give it to the Black Snow Demon King so willingly?”

The old man let out a laugh. “If I can get the treasure from the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion, is giving away the Cosmos Thunder Sword really a big deal?”

Gang Dalei thought for a moment. “Old bastard, I do not know what you are planning. You seem to be paying special attention to that Black Snow Demon King! If you had not instructed me to do so, I would never have so readily given him the Bright Earth Milk that I use to hone my body.”

The sloppy old man laughed but did not say a word. An odd glow flashed in his eyes.


In the Dragon Abyss.

Demon energy charged into the sky from the Dragon Sealing Well. Suddenly, a large demonic claw swept past, sweeping away the humans that were being presented as a sacrifice around the ancient well.

Deep within the Dragon Abyss, the whispers of two ladies sounded once again.

“Hehe! Sister Tian Xuan!” a mocking voice said. “To think that you would strike for that little imp, helping her escape the Void Cavity. You really surprised me. This act does not fit the persona of the merciless Tian Xuan.”

A moment later, a cold tone floated through the air, saying, “I naturally have my considerations for releasing her!”

“Sister Tian Xuan, must you still hide it from me?” said the first voice. “You are doing it for the mysterious lady called Yi Yu, aren’t you? Otherwise, the small Demonic Dragon that was conjured by the scale of the Demonic Dragon could have killed an ordinary Fairy Realm fighter. How could it only have knocked Yi Yu unconscious? Furthermore, it was defeated by that youth with such little effort! If it was not for you, they would have been turned to ash!”

The cold voice harbored some surprise, its tone dropping as it said, “You think too much!”

“Hehe! it looks like I am spot on! A lady that had caught the attention of Mo Tianxuan, I truly am curious! Let me think about it. She is adept in many techniques, and her level of perception is phenomenal. These kinds of qualities are normally associated with an ancient bloodline. Such ancient bloodlines are incredibly rare in Jiuzhou. It would not be so easy for you to claim her as your own.”

Mo Tianxuan coldly replied, “Hehe. She is merely a citizen of the Void World. How could she have an ancient bloodline? Furthermore, she is in the Void World. I do not have the ability to bring her into Jiuzhou.”

“That’s why you would help that little imp leave the cavity! Now that she has entered the Void World, that little imp will constantly be thinking about returning to Jiuzhou. I would think that she would not miss the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion two months from now. Then wouldn’t it be easy for you since you can order your disciples to track down that person from the Void World through that little imp?”

Mo Tianxuan’s tone grew frosty. “Qing Luan, you know too much!”

“Hehe” Qing Luan let out a faint laugh but did not dare speak anymore.

The ancient well regained its silence.


Su Yu and Yi Yu stopped at an uninhabited island on the vast ocean.

“It looks like the Heavenly Law Alliance had passed by this area,” Su Yu said.

Xia Jingyu swept her gaze toward Su Yu, a glint flickering in her eyes. She said a moment later, “To think that Sir Black Snow would be able to counter the Heavenly Ghost’s Mind Planting Technique. I really believed you were being controlled by her. I was prepared to take the Cosmos Thunder Sword from you at the critical moment. I did not think that you were so sneaky, striking so aggressively toward that Heavenly Ghost. It was truly shocking.”

Su Yu tilted his head and laughed. “Miss Yi Yu, you were the one who really surprised me. I was merely lucky that I managed to hold on to my consciousness. But Miss Yi Yu, you so effortlessly dispelled the technique and seized the opportunity, pretending to be controlled. I am truly in awe!”

Back then, Yi Yu had pretended to be inflicted by the technique without any hesitation. Su Yu had merely imitated her, thinking she really was under the Heavenly Ghost’s control. If she hadn’t taken the lead, he would have had no idea that the soul attack was a mind controlling technique.

Seeing as how Su Yu was covering up and did not disclose how he avoided the Mind Planting Technique, she did not question him any further. She chuckled as she said, “I had my guard up after realizing she was the Heavenly Ghost. It is lucky that I have some understanding of her Mind Planting Technique and could immediately put up an act. The situation was dire, and the Heavenly Ghost was just beside us. I did not have time to inform you. Please do not hold it against me.”

Su Yu let out a carefree laugh. “Why would I be blaming you when I should be thanking you? The only unfortunate thing is that you still lacked about five Dragon Abyss Fruits. I was not able to fulfill our promise.”

Unexpectedly, Yi Yu let out a mysterious smile. A green glow shone from her waist. Suddenly, 40 Dragon Abyss Fruits filled the area in front of them!

Su Yu was shocked. “When did you?”

“It was the White-Faced Asura that was killed! When it died, I stealthily took the storage bag he had. You were all focused on the traitorous Black-Faced Asura. No one noticed what I did. After searching, I found nearly 30 complete Dragon Abyss Fruits.”

Those ghosts loved to consume Dragon Abyss Fruits. It was not unusual that Asuras would carry large amounts of Dragon Abyss Fruits with them.

“So, that’s it I need not worry then.” Su Yu gave a subtle a sigh of relief at this lady’s wits and intelligence.

The air above them swelled in the midst of their conversation. An immense battleship 100,000 miles in length abruptly blotted out the sky, turning their surroundings dark.

Xia Jingyu gasped. “The battleship of the Heavenly Law Alliance! According to the rumors, it is the divine ship that can save the continent. It is also the last fort of the human race. Inever imagined it to be this magnificent. It lives up to its name as an ancient presence!”

Su Yu was also shocked. Such a giant battleship might be better called a continent. At the very least, it was not smaller than Shenyue Island.


A vast, heavy sound came from the bottom of the battleship, and a thick metal door opened, revealing a blinding white light that enveloped the two of them.

It was a ripple of space, and they were being absorbed!

Heaven and earth spiraled, and when Su Yu’s feet hit the ground once again, he could not find his balance. He staggered and fell. Su Yu crouched, his strong physical body exerting force to stabilize himself.

At the same time, a feminine squeal came from beside him. It was Xia Jingyu, unable to find her center of balance as she fell down. Su Yu extended his right arm and grabbed her waist. Then without hesitation, he let out a ring of lightning that surrounded them, guarding them against any outside attacks.

“Oh?” came a faint mutter. “It looks like his physical strength is not bad, to have enough energy to help someone else. His experience in battle is also rather rich.”

Su Yu looked over cautiously. It was a middle-aged man. He had a longsword etched with stars behind him. It released an arrogant sword aura and was extremely sharp. At this moment, the man was observing Su Yu with a little admiration.

When Su Yu observed the surroundings once again, he suddenly realized that Qin Xianer and Lord Qing Zhu were also present. There were also two strangers. One was a familiar man of about fifty years of age. The other was a middle-aged lady, her aura unique.

What made Su Yu surprised was that the three of themthe sword-bearing middle-aged man includedwere all at the Half God level! Furthermore, they were above-average Half God level fighters. The aura they released was incredibly close to Sheng Ge’s!

Su Yu did not doubt that the Black-Faced Asura in the Dragon Abyss wouldn’t have stood a chance in front of these three people.