The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 427

Chapter 427 Confiscating Treasures

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Lord Qing Zhu’s expression was a bit pale, overruling his happiness at seeing that Xia Jingyu had come back alive. “Black Snow,” he said. “This place is already safe. Could you please put Yi Yu down?”

Qin Xianer, who stood to one side, was shocked. She looked at Xia Jingyu with mixed feelings.

After Su Yu regained his senses, he realized he was still holding Xia Jingyu in his arms. After withdrawing his thunder ring, Su Yu released his hands naturally. His eyes were crystal clear, and he did not have any indecent thoughts.

Xia Jingyu’s face was slightly red. After glancing around the area, her expression turned serious, and she greeted, “I am Yi Yu. Greetings to the North Star Sword Saint, Elder Zhao Wuji, the Undead Phoenix Master, Elder Qiu Ningshui, and Alliance Master Long, Elder Long Juexin.”

North Star Sword Saint? Undead Phoenix Master? thought Su Yu.

Su Yu had heard of those two people before. They were supremely strong martial artists who stood at the peak of the north continent. The North Star Sword Saint came from one of the generations of the Hundred Territories Alliance. The Undead Phoenix Master was the previous Phoenix Cabinet’s Master; she was the Master of the current Cabinet’s Master!

That yellow-faced person wielding a sword was naturally the North Star Sword Saint, Zhao Wuji. And that middle-aged married woman who stood beside Xianer was naturally the Undead Phoenix Master, Qiu Ningshui!

The last person who looked slightly familiar must have been the Heavenly Law Alliance Master! His aura was the strongest among everyone. The feeling of danger that he gave Su Yu was more frightening than that of Zhao Wuji or Qiu Ningshui.

Zhao Wuji could not help laughing. “This little doll can recognize us with one look. Looks like the rumors of Lord Yi Yu being knowledgeable and well-read on everything in the universe were true!”

Among the three of them, the expression of the Heavenly Law Alliance Master, Long Juexin, was the most indifferent.

After shooting a kind glance toward Xia Jingyu, Qiu Ningshui’s gaze landed on Su Yu.

“This place is not a place for us to talk,” said Zhao Wuji, withdrawing his smile and donning a strict expression. “Both of you will follow us. We have some questions for you.”

The group of them went to a secret room. Zhao Wuji, Qiu Ningshui, and Long Juexin exchanged looks. They then started talking.

“It would be better for the Alliance Master to do the questioning,” said Zhao Wuji.

Long Juexin had a strict expression. After his gaze lingered around Su Yu and Xia Jingyu, he said in a serious voice, “I heard that both of you encountered strange situations in the Dragon Abyss. As this matter concerns the safety of the Zhenlong continent, please tell us what you know.”

Su Yu nodded his head. He then detailed how he came across Xia Jingyu, how he escaped from the Black-Faced Asura, how he met Sheng Ge afterward, and how they allowed Sheng Ge to escape in the end. However, he kept the matter of the Cosmos Thunder Sword to himself.

After hearing that the Heavenly Ghost had broken the seal and escaped, the three of them wore unpleasant expressions.

“Back when the Heavenly Ghost entered from Jiuzhou,” said Zhao Wuji, “the crack was closed shortly after, causing the Heavenly Ghost to be stuck within it. Hence, the elders of the human race took great effort to seal her within the Dragon Abyss. Since she has now escaped, I am afraid that it will endanger the continent.” His eyebrows twitched.

After thinking for a long time, Long Juexin said, “That might not be the case. This Heavenly Ghost has been fatally injured by Elder Jiu. Hence, for a short amount of time, it will be unable to do anything evil, and for the time being, there will not be a great danger!”

After hearing what was said, the expressions of the three of them were still as unpleasant as before.

Zhao Wuji nodded seriously. “It seems there is no need for us to continue going toward the Dragon Abyss. We only need to pass on this message to all the forces of the continent so that they may take precautions.”

The three of them exchanged looks and nodded their heads at the same time.

“This matter has come to an end,” Long Juexin said. “All of you can leave.”

Zhao Wuji and Qiu Ningshui, as well as Su Yu and his companions, stood up in succession.

“Black Snow Devil King will stay!” Long Juexin said expressionlessly.


A flash went through Su Yu’s mind. Moments ago, during their short conversation, Long Juexin had treated him with indistinct coldness.

Zhao Wuji’s eyes flashed, and he gestured. “All the juniors shall take their leave.”

Qiu Ningshui also sat down again calmly.

Long Juexin frowned. “You two. I have some private matters to discuss with Black Snow Devil King. Please leave as well.”

Zhao Wuji laughed and stood his ground steadfastly. “Hehe. Alliance Master, both of us also have some private matters to discuss with Black Snow Devil King.”

Long Juexin’s forehead wrinkled with a frown of impatience, and he glanced at both of them. “All right. It seems we are all thinking about the same thing.” His expression became strict. “Black Snow Devil King, you have massacred the north continent, resulting in a bloodbath. This has disrupted the peace! What do you have to say for yourself?”

His methods were quite aggressive. Now, he wanted the Black Snow Devil King to surrender.

Su Yu was stunned. However, he remained calm. “Every injustice has its perpetrator. Was there any wrong in killing the people I killed?”

Su Yu’s attitude caused Long Juexin’s expression to darken. An invisible aura placed pressure on Su Yu like a giant mountain. “Unrepentant!”

At once, Su Yu felt the mountainous pressure on him. However, his body had been transformed by the Bright Earth Milk and vital energy, and his body was approaching that of a Half God. Hence, Long Juexin’s aura was unable to do anything to Su Yu.

Su Yu put down his cup of tea casually and said apathetically, “I admire the fact that the Heavenly Law Alliance has benefited mankind throughout the ages. However, this is a score between a few forces and me. Hence, why is the Heavenly Law Alliance asking me about the score? For 10,000 years, the forces on the continent have tried to destroy one another. In terms of the number of people who have been injured or have died because of that, is it a mere million? Why do I not see all of you blaming those forces? Instead, all of you are blaming me. Could it be that a force massacring living things is not a crime and that I, myself, taking revenge is a crime?”

Su Yu’s eyes glowed brilliantly. He looked at the three of them and continued, “Elders, if you have anything to say, please say it bluntly. This strategy of flexing your authoritative muscles will not prove very useful against me.”

The Heavenly Law Alliance had never interfered with matters between human beings. Why would they make things difficult for Su Yu and destroy their own unblemished reputation as a result? Using power to pressure Su Yu was not just a means to humble him; there was something else to it.

Zhao Wuji’s eyes glowed with surprise. After which, he exchanged looks with the other two, and his expression was filled with praise. “Not only are Black Snow Devil King’s abilities shocking, but you are also extremely smart. I have underestimated you!”

Long Juexin gave a hum. “Originally, we did not want to talk in a roundabout way. We might as well not hold back! Black Snow Devil King, the Heavenly Law Alliance doesn’t care about you massacring people. However, the treasures that you have snatched away from the Yue clan’s wedding cannot remain under your control! Short Distance Wings. The remnant of the legendary-level cultivation technique. The high-grade divine artifact, Death Horn! And, moreover, the Tu clan’s 10,000 Soldier Spiritual Liquid. These items do not belong to you! In order to prevent you from harming the continent and plunging the people into utter misery, please hand all these treasures over to us for safekeeping!”

The item that was the most important to them was, naturally, the high-grade divine artifact, Death Horn. The three of them looked at Su Yu with expressions that implied they regarded him as a great enemy.

Su Yu wore a mocking smile. “I have put in a lot of effort and have taken huge risks to kill my enemies to obtain all those items. In reward for my efforts, you wish to take all the items back and justify this by saying that it is for the sake of the continent’s safety? Haha!”

Long Juexin made a noise in his throat. “No need to be so sarcastic! Our consciences are clear, and we are doing this for the sake of the continent! Moreover, you have acquired the token of the Dragon Abyss of the Nine Underworlds. That should be enough!”

Su Yu touched his Dantian secretly. There was still a Vital Energy Crystal that would allow him to activate the Cosmos Thunder Sword once. He sneered.

“What a joke!” scoffed Su Yu. “When those treasures were in the hands of the Eight Great Ancient Clans, why didn’t you confiscate them then? Why is it that when the treasures became mine, all of you suddenly remembered that they might harm the continent? Such sanctimonious words might be enough to deceive an inexperienced child. However, they are useless against me.”

The three of them were stunned. Su Yu’s way of thinking was definitely not equivalent to that of a young man!

“Do the three of you still have anything for me?” he asked. “If not, I shall take my leave.” Su Yu stood up coldly!


Long Juexin banged the table with his palm and stood up. “Insolent! I have talked to you nicely. However, you are very stubborn, and I am forced to use my power!”

Su Yu’s gaze turned cold. “Is that so? You can go ahead and try!”